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					                       For All Incoming Wilson Freshmen

                            Summer Reading 2010-2011
Over the summer of 2010, all incoming Wilson Freshmen must read at least two books: one of
these must come from the list below; one may be of your own choosing. When you return to
school in September, you will be tested on the books you have read.

To complete Summer Reading, do the following:

   1. Begin by selecting a title or titles from the list below. After you have chosen a title or
      titles, find your summer reading books at the public library or at a bookstore.
   2. This is a required, for-credit, assignment—Be prepared for a test on your Summer
      Reading. Your Summer Reading grade will be based on the test given and will equal
      one-half letter grade, five percentage points, of your first quarter grade.

Incoming Freshmen Summer Reading List

These books can be found at the Multnomah County Public Library and at local bookstores.
Save time by using the Multnomah County Public Library website
Place a hold on the books you want and have them sent to your nearest library.

For information about any of the books listed, use the Internet. Good places to find book
reviews and book descriptions are the websites for Amazon, Powell’s, and the Multnomah
County Library.

Richard Adams—Watership Down

Robert Cormier – I Am the Cheese

William Goldman – The Princess Bride

John Gunther – Death Be Not Proud

Betty Greene – Summer of My German Soldier

Thor Heyerdahl – Kon-Tiki

Ursula LeGuin – A Wizard of the Earth

Bernard Malamud – The Natural

Walter Dean Meyers – Fallen Angels

Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes

Lucy Maud Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables

Robert Newton Peck – A Day No Pigs Would Die

Jules Verne – Journey to the Center of the Earth
he Earth

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