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					           Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion
                                7th International Triennial Conference

                        A New Context for Higher Education

                                             May 22 – 26, 2011
                                         The University of the South
                                          Sewanee, Tennessee, USA

Registration and Information Form

       Please download this application as either an MSWord or PDF file to either fill out by hand or fill
       in by computer, and send by fax to +1-212-986-5039 or by email attachment to, or by mail to:

                                      CUAC Triennial 2011
                   Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC)
                                       815 Second Avenue
                                   New York, NY 10017, USA

                                 Registration Deadline is March 15, 2011

1. General Information

Name and Title:
College / University:
Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Phone number (with country code and area code):
Fax number:
How should we use to contact you? (Email, phone, fax, airmail) Email
Province/Diocese/Church of your College or University in the Anglican Communion:
Are you the official delegate of your institution? Yes
       If ―Yes‖, what is the name, address and email of your institution?
Or are you an individual Registrant? No
Will you be bringing materials for presentation at the Participants’ Fair? No

                  815 Second Avenue • New York, NY 10017-4594 • USA                                          1
     Tel: +1-212-716-6148 • Fax: +1-212-986-5039 • email: •
Do you wish to contribute a 30 minute ―Participant Presentation‖ during the Conference? No
        The actual presentation should take 15 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for discussion. You may also
        bring a longer prepared paper or CD for distribution – but not to be read during your presentation.
        See the information box at end of this Registration.

Will you be accompanied by a spouse/partner/colleague/assistant? No
        If ―Yes‖, what is their name, and contact information?
        This person should also register separately.

Are you requesting a Travel Scholarship? No
        If ―Yes‖, please specify the amount needed (in US Dollars) and provide an explanation:
        Travel Scholarships are only available for active dues-paying members of CUAC.

2. Accommodation Details:

All accommodation is on campus at the University of the South, and will generally be in St. Luke’s Hall
– a newly renovated and very comfortable student residence. It consists largely of single rooms, which
have two beds in each. We will be using those rooms as single rooms. Two such rooms share a
common bathroom. If a delegate wishes to share his/her single room (as with a spouse or colleague),
there is simply the room cost for the night ($50.US) included in the Conference Fee. So for those so
sharing, their cost will be reduced at time of Registration.
There are a few accommodations available for single rooms (single or double beds) with private baths,
for a slightly higher fee. Some accommodation is also available for mobility-handicapped persons.
All residence accommodations are non-smoking only.
Room Choices (please choose one):
(   ) single standard room for single occupancy, with shared bathroom

(   ) single standard room for double occupancy ($100. less from the Conference Fee)

        Name of second occupant:

(   ) single room with private bathroom (if available) Cost $100 extra

(   ) single or (   ) double room for mobility handicapped persons.

Which nights of the Conference are you staying?
Sunday, May 22 (      )    Monday May 23 (        )    Tuesday, May 24 (      )    Wednesday, May 25 (        )

Will you need accommodation in Atlanta before or after the Conference? No
        We suggest the Comfort Inn at the Atlanta Airport, which has a free shuttle service to and from
        the airport.

        On Sunday morning, May 22, a bus will leave from this hotel at 10AM (ET) to travel to St. Paul's
        Episcopal Church, 294 Peyton Road SW Atlanta for a Eucharist Service at 11:15 AM, and then a
        parish lunch at 12:30 PM. The bus will then leave directly for University of the South at 2 PM
        (ET). A bus will also leave from the Atlanta airport at the same time.

                  815 Second Avenue • New York, NY 10017-4594 • USA                                               2
     Tel: +1-212-716-6148 • Fax: +1-212-986-5039 • email: •
       You can book accommodation for the Comfort Inn & Suites Airport South [College Park, GA, USA, Tel:(1)
       (404) 684-9898 Fax: (1) (404) 684-9594] by emailing them at Rooms
       can be reserved at the group rate of $79 USD+tax through to 4/30/11. Double occupancy is allowed.

3. Registration Fee
(please choose one)
       1 single Registration                                                         $500.00 USD
       1 single Registration with spouse/colleague sharing room                      $400.00 USD
       1 single Registration for a second colleague of the same institution          $450.00 USD
       1 single Registration for a third colleague of the same institution           $400.00 USD
Are you one of several Registrants from the same institution? No
       Discounts apply to multiple registrations.

4. Form of Payment

Payment is to be made in USD, and does not include air travel nor accommodation in Atlanta on
Saturday, May 21 (if needed).

Since security cannot be guaranteed on the Internet, it is wise to FAX or mail us this
information, +1-212- 986-5039.

I will be paying by (please choose one):
   Check or Money Order
       Please make the check/money order payable to Colleges and Universities of the Anglican
       Communion (CUAC) and mail to:

       815 Second Avenue
       New York, NY 10017, USA

   Bank Transfer
       Please call or email us to receive details. Fax number is preferred.

   Credit Card (please choose one):
           VISA            MasterCard       American Express
       Name on Card:
       Billing Address:
       Card Number:
       CVV or CVC Code (on reverse of card)
       Expiration Date:
       Signature or initials, and date:

                 815 Second Avenue • New York, NY 10017-4594 • USA                                             3
    Tel: +1-212-716-6148 • Fax: +1-212-986-5039 • email: •
5. Special Needs

Please specify any dietary or other needs you may have:

6. Expected Travel Arrangements

Expected time, date, mode, airline, and place of
      Arrival in Atlanta:
      Departure from Atlanta:

Do you need any other assistance for this trip? No

Date and Initial / Signature:

                    Thank you for registering for CUAC Triennial Conference!

        15 minutes for your presentation, with a 15 minute discussion. Some sessions may run

        Topics may include: Sustainability; Chaplaincies; Leadership; Education, Race and Culture.

Please describe your chosen topic:

Visas are generally required for visits to the USA—even as a tourist. It is also useful to know that US law
presumes every visitor (Visa Applicant) may be intending to stay in the U.S. permanently. Therefore applicants for
visitor visas have to show that they are visiting for a short stay only. This is done by obtaining a non-immigrant
visa at their nearest U.S. consular office. University of the South and CUAC will send you a Letter of Invitation
after you register which will help your Visa Application process. Citizens of almost all countries, save a few
involved in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), must conform to the following expectations for Visitor Visas (B-1 or
      The purpose of your trip is to attend this CUAC international meeting to which you have been invited
          (Letter of Invitation will specify this).
      Your stay in the US is for a specific, limited period (Letter of Invitation will specify the dates, plus a few
          days for pleasure…).You may need to show a confirmed airline reservation for the same period of time
      There is evidence of funds to cover expenses while in the United States (such as your return airline ticket,
          plus confirmation in your Letter of Invitation that your expenses at the Conference, including
          accommodations, have been paid).
      You have evidence of compelling social and economic ties in your home country. Your Letter of Invitation
          will specify that you are the designated delegate (can include spouse) of your institution, which is an
          active member of CUAC.
      That you have a residence and a position outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties, that will insure
          your return to your home country at the end of your visit (a letter of appointment to your college/university
          position would do, or simply an official letter or Identity Card from your institution indicating current
          appointment.) Some consular officers may also ask about family and property ties in your home country.

        Delegates are reminded that when traveling abroad, they should apply for health care insurance
        for their travels. International conferences, including CUAC, are not able to assume healthcare
        and emergency responsibility for their delegates. When delegates book their travel, we advise
        them to arrange for medical insurance coverage. It can often be obtained through the actual
        credit card purchases of air fare tickets. It should cover both accident and illness abroad, and – if
        possible – medical evacuation and body repatriation.
                  815 Second Avenue • New York, NY 10017-4594 • USA                                                       4
     Tel: +1-212-716-6148 • Fax: +1-212-986-5039 • email: •