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									Dressing For Success

 tips for both men and women

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                            (True or False)
• You should wear enough perfume/cologne that the interviewer
  acknowledges that it is you that smells good___________________

• You should not get your hair cut because you are not

• Today it does not matter what you wear to an interview as long as
  you are comfortable_________________

• If you have a body piercing you should leave it in. It is better the
  interviewer know up front that you have one________________

• Make-up should be used to hi-light your eyes and
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Attention to Details is Crucial
 clean and polished conservative dress
 minimal or no cologne or perfume
 minimal jewelry
 no visible body piercing beyond
  conservative ear piercing for women
 no gum, candy, or other objects in your
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    Personal Hygiene/Appearance
   well-groomed hairstyle
   your facial hair should be neatly trimmed
   cleaned and trimmed fingernails
   well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
   no body odor
   make-up should be minimal
   pantyhose should be flawless (no runs)

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          Dress for Success
• the standard job interviewing attire for
  women is a conservative dark navy or gray
  skirted wool blend suit.
• job experts and employers seem split on
  the notion of pants suits, so a skirted suit
  is usually a safer choice.

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             Dress Attire
• skirt length should be a little below the
  knee and never shorter than above the
  knee -- no night club attire here.
• conservative colors -- such as beige or
  brown -- are also acceptable. Red is a
  power color.
• blouses should be cotton or silk and
  should be white, or some other light color.
• shoes should be low-heeled.
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   Appearance is Everything
• make-up should be minimal
• lipstick and nail polish conservative tones
• pantyhose should be flawless (no runs)
  and conservative in color
• you should opt for a briefcase rather than
  a purse

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Conservative Examples

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Season Colors

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          Dress for Success
• the standard job interviewing attire for men
  is a conservative dark navy or gray two-
  piece business suit
• a white long-sleeved button-down dress
• a conservative silk tie (that matches the
  colors in your suit)
• polished dress shoes
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    If you do not own a suit
• then you should wear a conservative
  sports coat
• nicely pressed dress slacks
• white long-sleeved button-down shirt
• a conservative silk tie
• and nicely polished dress shoes

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Some Dress for Success

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Conservative Colors

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• check your attire in the rest room just
  before your interview for a final check of
  your appearance

• ANY QUESTIONS ????????

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   After this PPT would you still answer the questions the same

• Would you still wear perfume/cologne?
( refer to slide three)_______________________________________________

• Would you get a hair cut just to look well
  groomed and neat? ( refer to slide three)

• What would you wear to an interview?
(refer to slides five and ten)_________________________________________

• Should you leave a body piercing in?
(refer to slide three) ______________________________________________

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• Put together two interview outfits.
• Practice demo interviews as well as
  walking and feeling good in these clothes.
• Have your parents or your WBL
  Coordinator give you tips on your outfits so
  you are dressed for success.
• Go to the library and take out one of the
  books on the Additional Resources slide.
  Research proper dress attire further.
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            Additional Resources
•   Dress to Impress: How a Navy Blazer Changed My Life! (Paperback)
    by Joyce Nelson Shellhart (Author), Lana Beck (Illustrator) "Developing a sense of
    clothing style does not have to involve hours of study or years of
    experience..." (more)

•   The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation
    (2nd Edition) (Paperback) by Susan Bixler (Author), Nancy Nix-Rice (Author)
    Key Phrases: Second Edition, The New Professional Image, Casual Friday (more...)

•   Your Executive Image: How to Look Your Best & Project Success for Men and
    Women (Paperback) by Victoria A. Seitz (Author)

•   5 Steps to Professional Presence: How to Project Confidence, Competence,
    and Credibility at Work (Paperback) by Susan Bixler (Author), Lisa Scherrer Dugan
    (Author) "At the first company picnic she attended, Linda was determined to initiate
    conversation and make good first impressions..." (more)

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Dressing for Success has
 Successful Outcomes

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