Panasonic HDC SD10K SD Full HD Camcorder Black by lacy89lacy89


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									  Panasonic HDC-SD10K SD Full HD Camcorder - Black

The Panasonic HDCSD10 features a 16x optical zoom. You can zoom close to catch dynamic shots of
distant objects. And because the zoom is optical, there's limited image degradation. Also, Panasonic's
Advanced O.I.S. helps prevent blurring - typically a big concern when shooting with a zoom. This
combination of optical zoom and Advanced O.I.S. gives you the ability to take fantastic zoom shots.
You get all the beauty and minimal blurring. There's nothing more disappointing than shooting a
once-in-a-lifetime event on video, only to discover that the images are blurry or poorly exposed
because of backlighting.

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