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					  Gorilla Plate

The Gorilla Plate is used in both of Zacutos Gorilla Kits (Striker and Target Shooter) and must be used
with the Z-Finder Pro. The Z-Finder V2 will also work with this plate! You must also purchase a frame
to mount your V2 onto the Gorilla Plate. The Gorilla plate attaches to your camera using the standard
tripod screw hole. You can also mount your tripod plate underneath the Gorilla plate so you can quickly
go from handheld to tripod use. For mounting the Gorilla plate to the tripod, it has (2) 1/4 20 screw
holes and a locking pin hole. The Z-Finder frame attaches to the Gorilla plate using two thumb screws.
The thumb screws and slider are not included with the Gorilla Plate; they are included with the Z-Finder
Frames. The frame can be removed by loosening the thumb screws and pulling up on the frame.

Note: The tapped holes on the bottom of the Gorilla plate are offset from the center of the lens. This is
only a concern if you are using the Gorilla plate with other rigs that need the matte box in line with the
lens/mounting screw hole.

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