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List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Craig, rather than take Craig to Sheffield, as he felt Craig had suffered enough - plus, 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 Weatherfield was closer to Angela’s prison 2000-present than Sheffield. The following is a list of fictional characters Since moving in, Keith started dating that appeared in the ITV soap opera CoronaAudrey Roberts, who is his opposite in many tion Street, departing between 2000 and the ways. Keith is always watching the pennies, present. and has recently started doing a paper round Contents: Top - 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K to earn some extra money. His hobbies inLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ clude taxidermy. Keith is widowed, his wife having died between 2003 and 2005. Angela had telephoned her mother on Christmas Day 2002, and visited her in September 2003, but she Keith Appleyard had died by the time Keith arrived in 2005. After he and Audrey ended things as they Keith Appleyard were so different, Keith became enemies with Coronation Street Charlie Stubbs. Charlie billed Keith for reIan Redford Portrayed by pairing a leak on the roof but Keith refused to pay what Charlie wanted as he felt Charlie 4 April 2005 First had overcharged. In revenge, Charlie reappearance moved the roof tiles and said he would only Last appearance 30 July 2006 replace them when Keith paid his bill. Keith rang the police but the police said they Profile couldn’t help as it wasn’t a police matter. Paper deliverer/ Occupation Keith was delighted when he saw Charlie Taxidermist putting the tiles back, thinking that he had Bournemouth Residence won but Charlie told him that he had bought the house from Keith’s landlord. Keith was horrified and said that the landlord would Keith Appleyard was played by Ian Redford. have told him but Charlie told him that he Keith is Angela Harris’s father. When she and asked Keith’s landlord to let him do that. her family lived in Sheffield, she witnessed a Charlie’s girlfriend, Tracy Barlow, was demurder. Keith persuaded Angela to tell the lighted. Especially as Charlie also said that truth and testify against the criminals at the he wanted Keith and Craig out as he intentrial, which resulted in their move to ded to live there himself. Weatherfield under the witness protection Keith decided that he and Craig would scheme. They were also given a new name move to Sheffield but Craig didn’t want to Nelson - but didn’t use it for long. leave as he lives in Coronation Street and his Keith first appeared in 2005 to help Angirlfriend, Rosie, lives there too. Initially gela after her husband Tommy died. He Keith agreed to stay but after an angina atstayed in Weatherfield to look after his tack, he was told by the doctor that it was a grandchildren Katy and Craig after Angela warning and things had to change. So Keith was arrested for Tommy’s murder. Katy (the told Craig that they were moving to real killer) committed suicide as she couldn’t Bournemouth with Keith’s sister, Marjorie. handle the guilt, and Angela was imprisoned Craig was determined that he wouldn’t leave for helping Katy cover up the crime. Keith the street but Keith and Sally finally permoved to Coronation Street to look after suaded him and they left the street. Coronation Street past characters



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Keith later returned to the street when Craig ran away from Bournemouth and refused to return there.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Occupation 7 October, 2000 Student Spain Ramone Quinn 2007-2008 6 April 2007 29 September 2008

Warren Baldwin
Warren Baldwin Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Occupation Residence 31 December 1986 Footballer Spain Danny Young 2004-2005, 2006 13 July 2004 22 November 2006


Warren Baldwin was played by Danny Young. Warren is the youngest member of the Baldwin family. He is the younger brother of Jamie and son of Danny and Frankie. He turned up on the cobbles to live with his parents and due to the fact that he was rejected from his football club. He was later in the doghouse after his family members found out about this. Candice Stowe later found out that he was not really a footballer and that Warren had been telling fibs to impress her, resulting in Candice dumping him. Later Warren joined Weatherfield County FC, and Candice decided she wanted to date him after all. In August 2005, Warren left Coronation Street to play football and start a new life in Spain, leaving Candice behind after they split up. He made a surprise return to Weatherfield on 20 November 2006 when he was back in England for trials with Port Vale, which he failed. Warren moved away to Spain again, and in early December 2006 his mother went to visit him to see if he had heard from father Danny. She also revealed her affair with Jamie to him, a revelation which resulted in Warren stopping talking with his mother.

Finlay Bryant, portrayed by Ramone Quinn is the son of Teresa Bryant, ex-wife of Jerry Morton. In April 2007, Jerry discovered that Teresa had gone on holiday, leaving their daughter Kayleigh and her half-brother Finlay on their own. Jerry took the children back home with him, so Finlay remained with the rest of the Mortons at No 6 Coronation Street. In June 2008, Teresa briefly conned Lloyd Mullaney into thinking Finlay was his son so that she could get money out of him. On 26 April 2008 it was announced that the character would depart later in the year with the rest of the Morton family.[1] In September 2008, Finlay departed for a new life in Spain with his stepfather and Kayleigh.

Jesse Chadwick
Jesse Chadwick Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Profile Occupation Children’s entertainer John Thomson 2008, 2009— 15 December 2008

Finlay Bryant
Finlay Bryant Coronation Street

Jesse Chadwick, (aka General Custard), is portrayed by John Thomson, A children’s entertainer, Jesse’s first appearance was on 15 December 2008. The actor joined for a guest three episode stint. Making his final appearance on 17 December. He and Eileen Grimshaw doubled up as entertainers, as Jessie’s wife had left him. Both taking a shine to each other, though a relationship wasn’t able to


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form with his short stay. Coronation Street producers hope to lure the actor back for a longer stint in 2009. So it was confirmed on January 21, 2009 that John will return to Coronation Street in late 2009. [2]

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Profile Occupation Residence Taxicab driver police custody

Andrea Clayton
Andrea Clayton Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Caroline O’Neill 1985-1986, 2000, 2001 4 January 1985 7 November 2001

Andrea Clayton was played by Caroline O’Neill from 1985 and 2000-01, Andrea first arrived on the street, studying her A-levels, she lived next door to Terry Duckworth, whom she started dating behind her parents’ backs. When Andrea discovered that she was pregnant but refused to let Terry have anything to do with the baby, even though Terry wanted to stand by her and the child. Her mother decided it was best for her to look after the baby whilst Andrea went to university. When Terry’s mother, Vera decided to get involved with the child, the Claytons fled Weatherfield, but the word that the child had been born soon reached Terry. Andrea returned to the Duckworth’s doorstep in November 2000, explaining that Terry’s son, whom they had named Paul, would die if he didn’t have a kidney transplant. Terry was supposed to donate a kidney to his son but ran away so Vera donated a kidney in Terry’s place and saved his life. Andrea returned briefly in 2001, along with Paul, who left with her but returned to the street in 2007 until 2008.

Ronnie Clayton
Veronica Clayton Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Emma Stansfield 2005-2006 3 October 2005 11 June 2006

Veronica "Ronnie" Clayton was played by Emma Stansfield. Ronnie, as she likes to be known, first appeared on the show in late October 2005. She was formerly married to gangster Jimmy Clayton and worked for his cab firm. In an attempt to escape his bullying nature, she left him and starting working under Steve McDonald at Streetcars. Steve and Ronnie started a relationship, but Ronnie’s presence put the entire Streetcars workforce under risk from the vengeful Jimmy. Ronnie refused to back down and go back to him, with Steve supporting her. Jimmy was eventually able to trick Ronnie into driving out to a deserted farm. He held her at gunpoint, and she agreed to give their marriage another try when he nearly killed her and Steve. Lloyd Mullaney rescued them, but Ronnie was then distant with Steve since the ordeal. She moved out of his house and into a flat of her own to show her independence. on 31 May 2006 After having a row with Steve, Ronnie called Steve on her mobile while driving, and not concentrating on the road, ran over an elderly man and killed him. Instead of calling an ambulance, Ronnie drove away. The next day Ronnie saw in the paper the news about the dead man and felt even more guilty. She tried to blame Steve for the accident, but was eventually caught and arrested. Sarah Manners was originally offered the part of Ronnie, but turned it down because of her other work offers. Emma Stansfield was only contracted until Christmas 2005, but had her contract extended for another 12 months because her character initially proved popular. She was axed by new producer Steve Frost.

Gordon Clegg
Gordon Clegg Coronation Street Portrayed by Bill Kenwright (1968 1995) Geoffrey Leesley (2002)


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First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Residence 20 May 1950 Wimbledon 15 April 1968 10 June 2002

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)

Marcus Dent
Marcus Dent Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Residence 29 May 1978 London Charlie Condou 2007-2008 7 September 2007 5 September 2008

Gordon Clegg (né Preston) is the son of Betty Williams. For most of Gordon’s life he believed Betty’s sister Maggie Cooke was his mother. It was revealed in 1974 that Gordon was in fact the product of a love affair between Betty and Ted Farrell, a married sailor and was subsequently raised by his aunt Maggie and her husband, Les. Betty and Gordon still frequently keep in touch and visit each other on occasion. Betty visited Gordon for Christmas 2008.

Diggory Compton
Diggory Compton Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Baker Eric Potts 2005-2006 9 May 2005 17 July 2006

Diggory Compton was played by actor Eric Potts. Diggory was the local baker, owning the bakery near the street. He tried wooing Liz McDonald by inviting her to a Christmas dinner party in 2005, however she ended up meeting her future drummer husband Vernon Tomlin at the event. He left Weatherfield when his business failed. Diggory’s daughter, Molly visited him in 2008 after falling out with her fiance Tyrone Dobbs. On January 5 2009, Molly received a call from the hospital that Diggory’s appendix had burst. Several days later, It was revealed Diggory would recover but would ultimately miss the wedding due to being hospitalised for a week.


Marcus Dent was played by Charlie Condou, he was initially a sonographer at Weatherfield General Hospital, introduced when Violet Wilson went for a scan. He gave his number to Sean Tully who was also present at the scan. The two started dating but Sean was unsure how the relationship should progress. Sean tricked Marcus into revealing the sex of the baby to him after he wanted to know and Violet didn’t. This led to a rough patch in the relationship, but was overcome and the couple remained together happily. Marcus and Sean delivered Violet and Sean’s son when Violet went into labour in The Rovers on 22 February 2008. He was by the side of Maria Connor as she gave birth to her stillborn baby in April 2008. Marcus quit his sonographer job to try to find more fulfilling employment. He and Sean planned to move into their own flat, but Sean briefly lost his job at Underworld putting their plans on hold. On 27 August 2008, Eileen Grimshaw received a call from Todd saying that he had seen Marcus in a nightclub in London, in the company of another man. Eileen subsequently told Sean who initially dismissed it but became increasingly more paranoid and angry. Marcus was set to leave the show in September as part of a love triangle. When Marcus discovered that Sean made a pass at Tom Kerrigan, he punched Tom after he suspected that Sean had slept with him. Marcus later told Sean that he was fed up of Sean’s jealousy and called a cab to take him to London. Sean pleaded with Marcus but he said an emotional goodbye to Eileen, Maria and Liam and left for London, leaving Sean devastated. When he left he promised to keep in

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touch with Eileen and Maria as he had been through so much with them.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
"unclean" it appeared, Harry agreed to clean it for a few pints of beer and £10. Having made such a good job of it, landlord Fred Elliott took him on full-time. Soon Harry became potman and cellarman. He also cleaned at Underworld for Mike Baldwin, saving businessman Preston King from a heart attack at one point. He clashed with Frankie Baldwin when her husband Danny took over as a shareholder in Underworld, she teased him and labeled him ’Half Mast’ referring to his surname. Harry eventually left the street to drive around the sights of Europe. He offered Eileen Grimshaw the chance to come with him, but she declined. During his time on the street he told Janice Battersby, that he had lost his daughter to leukemia at 21.

Vikram Desai
Vikram Desai Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Residence Shop owner India Chris Bisson 21 February 1999 25 September 2002

Vikram Desai was played by Chris Bisson. Vikram is Dev’s cousin and he used to own the shop with Dev and worked with Sunita. During his time in Coronation Street he dated Leanne Battersby and Maria Sutherland. In 2002 he was forced to smuggle drugs in from abroad then again, but this time he asked Steve and Karen McDonald if they wanted a free holiday and they accepted. When they came back Steve discovered powder at the bottom of his suitcase and inside was drugs, and found out that Vikram had done it. Karen was horrified as well as Steve and he dumped the drugs in the canal and told Vikram to leave Weatherfield for good, and if he comes back Steve said he will kill him. He now lives in India.

Geena Gregory
Geena Gregory Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Jennifer James 30 April 2000 25 September 2002

Harry Flagg
Harry Flagg Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Cleaner Iain Rogerson 13 January 2003 17 May 2004

Harry Flagg was played by actor Iain Rogerson. Harry worked at Manchester Airport for over 20 years as a cleaner, including a long stint in the VIP suite. Having visited the Rovers Return and commented on how

Geena Gregory was a character in the soap opera Coronation Street, played by Jennifer James. Geena arrived when her mate Vinny Sorrell needed help in the Rover’s Return. She was well qualified for the job, and her stunning good looks and cheeky banter made her popular with the customers. She was maid of honour at her friend Linda Sykes’s wedding to Mike Baldwin as she knew all about her affair with his son Mark, but remained loyal to Linda and said nothing. Her love life was rocky. Dev Alahan proposed to her but her mother, Jill, was determined to put a stop to it and set him up with Karen McDonald. Her plan failed and Geena broke off their engagement when she discovered he had cheated on her with his employee Deirdre Rachid during Christmas 2001. She was soon snapped up by handsome ex-jailbird, Joe Carter, and the two enjoyed a fun relationship until a jealous Dev goaded him into beating him up.


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Joe was scared of going back to prison and admitted he loved Geena. By this time, she had completely fallen for him and agreed to talk to Dev. He then told Joe to end his relationship with Geena publicly and he would drop the charges against him. He did so and Geena was left shattered and humiliated by two men who claimed to love her so fled the street after saying her goodbyes to her friend, Shelley Unwin.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Angela Hawthorne (previously Wilton, Cole, Priestly and Trench) was played by Diane Fletcher. She was Derek Wilton’s former wife, who later married Norris Cole. On 5 August 2007 Angela’s son, Neville arrived in the Kabin to break the news of her death to Norris.

Neville Hawthorne
Neville Hawthorne Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Mark Chatterton 20 October 1986 8 August 2007

Nathan Harding
Nathan Harding Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Mechanic Ray Fearon 1 April 2005 19 July 2006

Neville Hawthorne played by Mark Chatterton, is the son of Angela Hawthorne. He first appeared in October 1986 when his thenstepfather, Derek Wilton was seeing Mavis Riley. Neville made his most recent appearance at Angela’s funeral in 2007.

Nathan Harding (sometimes Cooper) was played by Ray Fearon. He first appeared in 2005 when Kevin Webster was looking for a new mechanic, following the death of Tommy Harris. Nathan left after breaking up with his girlfriend Frankie Baldwin largely to do with the fact her ex-husband, Danny was still in the picture. In his final scene he punched Danny as he left the cobbles. He had previously romanced factory machinist Joanne Jackson and Tracy Barlow,he also enjoyed a brief flirtation with hairdresser Maria Sutherland in the Rovers. His fiery temperament was revealed when he almost blinded Ashley Peacock when they argued over their women while giving him boxing lessons.

Jessie Jackson
Jessie Jackson Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Stewardess Nailah Cumberbatch 20 April 2005 27 January 2006

Angela Hawthorne
Angela Hawthorne Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of death 4 August 2007 Diane Fletcher 28 October 1994 16 September 2005

Jessie Jackson was played by actress Nailah Cumberbatch. She arrived at Underworld with her "twin sister" Joanne to replace departing machinist Sonia Marshall and was the more outgoing one of the two. In 2006, Danny Baldwin sacked Jessie after he caught her dancing on the tables , and she subsequently sought employment as a stewardess and left the street. Her "twin sister" was later revealed to be her cousin.

Joanne Jackson
Joanne Jackson


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Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Occupation 5 January 1987 Machinist Zaraah Abrahams 2005-2007 20 April 2005 20 July 2007

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
brought over from Liberia at the age of 8, and that her "twin sister" is in fact her cousin, and was soon arrested as immigration officers raided the Factory. In June 2007, Joanne was released from Immigration Detention and resumed her job at underworld for around two weeks, until Carla Connor, the majority owner of underworld, fired her claiming that the factory is over-staffed and that Joanne was the most recent employee, regardless of the fact she had worked at the factory for over three years previously. Joanne later blackmailed Carla and Liam by threatening to take them to a tribunal for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment.

Joanne Jackson was played by the actress Zaraah Abrahams. Joanne arrived at Underworld with her "twin sister" Jessie and proceeded to cause much amusement by claiming to be identical despite the obvious difference in appearance. Joanne was the shyer of the two and lacks confidence where men are concerned. Her crush, and subsequent date, with Nathan Harding came to nothing after she was left feeling stupid and embarrassed about having a make over for someone who wasn’t really interested in her. Following his nasty break up with Leanne Battersby, Jamie Baldwin was keen to ask Joanne out on a date. After a disastrous date the two realised that they did enjoy each others company and shared a kiss. This was followed by the promise to see each other again (unfortunately this was ruined by Jamie’s problems with his alcoholic mother, Carol and they decided against starting a new romance so soon after his break up with Leanne). She was also gutted when Jessie was sacked from Underworld and left to become an air hostess. When Kelly Crabtree took Joanne under her wing, Kelly’s obsessed "friend" Becky Grainger threatened her, scaring Joanne half to death. When Kelly was set up for stealing at the factory by unhinged Becky, Joanne was the only person who believed Kelly was innocent and was instrumental in convincing the other factory workers that it was Becky, not Kelly who was to blame. For most of 2006, Joanne dated Adam Barlow. However, she kissed her new factory boss, Liam Connor (who, incidentally, Adam sold his half of the factory to) and had a fling with him, despite Kelly being sure that Liam fancied her, she soon dumped Adam with a text message. In April 2007 she revealed to Hayley Cropper that she was an illegal immigrant,

Penny King
Penny King Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Clothing company owner Pauline Fleming 8 August 2003 17 April 2006

Penny King was played by actress Pauline Fleming. She was the wife of local businessman Preston King, who often did business with factory owner Mike Baldwin. When Preston died Penny became close to Mike and a relationship ensued, but Mike’s Alzheimer’s crept in and Mike kicked her out of his flat. During her time on the Street, Fred Elliott took a shine to her and proposed to her but she turned him down. Penny’s final appearance was at Mike’s funeral. Jamie Baldwin worked for her clothing company King’s Robes up until late December 2006.

William "Billy" Mallett
Billy Mallett Coronation Street Portrayed by Lewis Ablett


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First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth 25 December 1998 25 December 1998 1 October 2000

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
subsequently ended. He was seduced by Shelley’s mother, Bev, during his time at the Rovers. He spotted a money making opportunity by persuading Mike Baldwin’s wealthy girlfriend Penny King to invest in his restaurant, of which he was the chef. However, the business floundered, as did his relationship with Tracy, whom he was dating at the time. Ciaran proved his courage when he and Charlie Stubbs ran into a burning building to save Sunita and her husband Dev Alahan. Dev’s ex-fiancee, Maya, had set fire to the shop with him and Sunita inside. Ciaran carried Dev into the street over his shoulder while Charlie followed with Sunita. He left Coronation Street on 22 July 2005 after Bev made a drunken pass at him and he told Shelley that he couldn’t stand by and watch while Charlie abused her.

William "Billy" Mallett was born on Christmas Day 1998 to Gary and Judy Mallett.

Sonia Marshall
Sonia Marshall Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Machinist Tina Gambe 30 January 2004 18 April 2005

Clarissa Mason
Clarissa Mason Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Alexandra Boyd 19 May 2008 24 September 2008

Sonia Marshall was played by Tina Gambe. Sonia worked at Mike Baldwin’s factory from 2003 to 2005, She had a brief romance with resident Martin Platt, their relationship ended and she decided to become a Red Coat at a holiday camp and left the street for good. Her last episode aired on 20 March 2005.

Ciaran McCarthy
Ciaran McCarthy Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Barman/Chef Keith Duffy 5 February 2003 22 July 2005

Ciaran McCarthy was played by Keith Duffy. Ciaran was a friend of Peter Barlow’s while he was in the navy. He later moved to the Street and became barman at the Rovers Return. During his time on the street, Ciaran made an unsuccessful play for Shelley Unwin and was involved in romantic entanglements with Sunita Parekh, Bev Unwin, and Tracy Barlow. He got engaged to Sunita but was arrested on their wedding day and the relationship

Clarissa Mason, played by Alexandra Boyd first appeared in May 2008 as Harry Mason’s separated wife. He refused to help her, as she had just told him that she had lost her drivers license due to speeding, so she left. She returned on 23 May, when Harry hired Lloyd Mullaney to drive her around for a while. She returned to the street on 2 July, to cause some more trouble for Harry. She later began to expect more from Lloyd, and even insisted on him buying her a drink in the Rovers Return on 11 July 2008. On 23 July 2008, Clarissa agreed on a divorce settlement. Clarissa reacted when Harry struck up a close friendship with Liz McDonald, but Harry tried to reassure Clarissa that nothing was going on between him and Liz. On 28 July 2008, Clarissa caught Harry and Liz at his house, kissing and expressing feelings for each other. She decided that she wanted Harry back, and he ended his relationship with Liz. On 30 July 2008, Clarissa offered a reluctant Harry chance to move back in with


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her, and told him to cancel their divorce. Later that day, she ended up in a brawl with Liz, after Liz threw Clarissa out of the Rovers Return, after Clarissa offended Liz about looking old, and then threw her drink over her. She was only allowed back into the Rovers after she apologised. Clarissa and Harry reappeared on the street in September 2008 just as Harry and Liz resumed their fling, soon developing into an affair. When Clarissa discovered the truth from Liz, they both teamed up to exact their revenge on the philandering bookie. Liz invited Harry into the back room of the Rovers with the promise of sex, as she stripped Harry to his underwear Clarissa entered the room with her camera phone and took the incriminating photos of Harry. She later agreed to take Harry back as long as he promises never to set foot in Weatherfield again, and left Dan in charge of the bookies. Alexandra Boyd revealed that she was "shocked" to discover her axing from the show after reading this in the newspaper.[3]

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
part of a feud with Chesney’s mum Cilla Battersby-Brown. She returned the dog to Chesney. The two went on to share a kiss in August 2008. Kayleigh was devastated to learn that her mother had been poisoning her father and ordered her to leave along with her siblings Darryl and Mel the following month. In April 2008, Kayleigh and the rest of the Mortons were axed from the show by producer Kim Crowther, departing in Autumn 2008.[1] In September 2008, Kayleigh was last seen waving out of a taxi window as she departed Weatherfield for a new life in Spain with her father and Finlay.

Jodie Morton
Jodie Morton Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth December 1978 London Samantha Seager 2007 29 January 2007 11 November 2007

Kayleigh Morton
Kayleigh Morton Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Occupation Residence 1994 Student Spain Jessica Barden 2007-2008 18 March 2007 29 September 2008


Kayleigh Morton, played by Jessica Barden, arrived on Coronation Street on 18 March 2007 with her dad Jerry, granddad Wilf and siblings Jodie, Mel and Darryl. Shortly after arriving, she announced that she wanted to return to live with her mother Teresa Bryant, and Jerry reluctantly agreed. Teresa later went away on holiday and left Kayleigh alone to look after her six year old half-brother Finlay whilst she was away. As a result, Kayleigh and Finlay both came to live with Jerry. Kayleigh was furious when she discovered Jodie had stolen Chesney’s dog Schmeical as

Jodie Morton was played by Samantha Seager. Jodie was the new owner of Diggory Compton’s old bakery, along with her father Jerry. Jodie and her grandfather, Wilf, arrived on Coronation Street, in January 2007, to ask Charlie Stubbs why the re-fit on the bakery was taking so long. She found out he had been murdered, and asked Jason Grimshaw to continue with the re-fit. She also called Dev Alahan "cheesey" when he attempted to flirt with her. Jodie enjoyed recurring brawls with rival chippie worker, Cilla BattersbyBrown. Cilla said that Jodie had the body of her father, Jerry Morton, and the face of ’Jabba The Hut’. Cilla also called an exterminator and lied that "Jerry’s Kebabs" was infested with rats. Jodie then retaliated by calling Cilla a liar and a ’fat face cow’. As part of the ongoing feud, Jodie took Chesney’s dog Schmeichel and kept him in the family’s garden shed later letting him go. Jodie had a brief romance with Lloyd Mullaney. On July 14, 2007, it was announced that she was to leave Coronation Street. She left the Street


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on 11 November 2007, after feeling that father Jerry had taken her for granted too many times and went to stay with a friend in London. [4]

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Residence 22 January 1972 London 15 December 1997 5 February 2003

Phil Nail
Phil Nail Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Reflexologist Clive Russell 15 August 2005 27 March 2006

Phil Nail,played by Scottish actor Clive Russell[5], was a reflexologist, and he worked at the Medical Centre on Rosamund Street. He quickly began a relationship with receptionist Gail Platt. Phil was very interested in the Platt family’s experience with Richard Hillman because he was undertaking a Criminology course. Gail trusted Phil; she even allowed him to record interviews with her children about their experiences with Richard. Gail’s son David Platt did not like Phil, and he began a campaign to stop the relationship between Phil and his mother. One such example was when Phil’s hand was badly injured when David intentionally slammed it with a car bootlid. Another was where Phil pinned David up against a wall and threatened him Eventually Phil left the street after Gail discovered that Phil had hit David. Phil was a suspect when Gail began receiving a series of hoax letters claiming to be from the deceased Richard in 2006. The culprit was later revealed to have been David.

Geoffrey ’Spider’ Nugent was played by actor Martin Hancock. The character was very interested in the environment and green issues. Whilst on the street he had a relationship with Toyah Battersby. He appeared in the show on and off between 1997 and 2003, making his most recent appearance in February 2003 when he visited his aunt Emily Bishop when she was recovering at home from injuries suffered in an attack by Richard Hillman.

Daniel Osbourne
Daniel Osbourne Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Book appearances Profile Date of birth Occupation 4 January 1995 Student Dominic Holmes 1995-1996, 2007 4 January 1995 8 June 2007 Coronation Street: The Complete Saga

Spider Nugent
Spider Nugent Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration Martin Hancock 1997-1998, 1999, 2000-2001, 2003

Daniel Albert Osbourne was originally portrayed by Lewis Harney in 1996. Upon his return in 2007, the character was portrayed by Dominic Holmes. His parents, Denise Osbourne and Ken Barlow, only dated for a short time, with Daniel being the product of this relationship. He was born on 4 January 1995. Daniel made a return to the programme in May 2007 when he agreed to meet his father. The boy’s interests include heavy metal and football. He and Ken got on


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well, although Daniel began to resent Ken’s presence after he began staying with him and Denise.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Occupation Florist

Matt Ramsden
Matt Ramsden Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Doctor Stephen Beckett 22 November 2000 17 July 2006

Matthew "Matt" Ramsden and his alcoholic wife Charlie moved to Coronation Street when the new medical centre on Rosamund Street opened its doors. Matt is the biological father of Joshua Peacock, after having a drunken one-night stand with Ashley’s wife Maxine. Matt left Weatherfield when Joshua was only a week old. Maxine was murdered in 2003, leaving Ashley to raise Josh. In 2006, he reappeared with a new partner seeking access to his estranged son. Ashley went to court to stop Matt seeing Josh, but at the last minute, decided to grant Matt limited visitation rights so that the judge would not make the decision. On Matt’s first visit, Ashley’s wife Claire Peacock went into labour, and Matt helped her deliver her baby son on the living room couch. Matt has not been seen since but has been referred to subsequently, often visiting Joshua and taking him out, off-screen.

Lucy Richards was a florist whom Peter Barlow met while buying a bouquet for Shelley Unwin, Instantly attracted to her, an affair began. Lucy, unknown to Peter, hired Tracy Barlow at the shop, revealing later to Tracy that she was pregnant. When an unknowing Tracy told Peter her employer was pregnant, Peter realised the child was his. Peter married Lucy while he was engaged to Shelley, promising Lucy it was over with the Rover’s landlady; however Lucy kicked him out when she found out the truth. Her son Simon was born in early July 2003 but at first Lucy didn’t want Peter to be involved with him. The final showdown came in the Rover’s, with Shelley meeting Lucy, who went on to show her her wedding photos. Lucy tricked him into thinking they had a future together, but in front of the pub regulars she announced she was moving to Australia with son Simon. Peter resigned himself to fact he would never know his son, and left the Street soon after. On October 24 2008, Peter rang his father Ken from Portsmouth to inform him that Lucy had died. Peter returned to Weatherfield a few days later, with son Simon revealing that Lucy’s dying wish was for the five year old to be with his father.

Archie Shuttleworth
Archie Shuttleworth Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Roy Hudd 13 November 2002 23 October 2006

Lucy Richards
Lucy Richards Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Date of birth Date of death 1974 2 October 2008 Katy Carmichael 2002-2003 13 November 2002 15 September 2003



Archie Shuttleworth, played by actor Roy Hudd, was an occasional character on the street. He is the local undertaker who dated Blanche Hunt for a while, and helped close friend Audrey Roberts when she was in turmoil over son-in-law Richard Hillman. Archie


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makes reappearances for funerals on the street.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Date of death Occupation 2 January 2002 Mechanic

Roger Stiles
Roger Stiles Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Plumber Andrew Dunn 1 January 2007 8 October 2008

Roger Stiles, played by actor Andrew Dunn, is a plumber who went round to fix Janice Battersby’s heating in 2007 when her boiler broke down. After a couple of "dates" in the Rovers Return Inn, he invited Janice to go to France with him for three months and she accepted. Janice returned alone in March and he returned two months later. In 2007, he invested £10,000 in Janice’s stepdaughter Leanne’s restaurant. Janice and Roger began living together because Roger was strugged to pay his rent, due to his loan to Leanne (which she eventually paid back). He saved the Barlows’ kitchen roof when it was leaking in May 2008 and struck up a friendship with Ken. In early August 2008, he, Janice, Bill Webster and Audrey Roberts all embarked on a booze cruise to France together, which ended in a minor car accident and whiplash for Roger. It was announced in September 2008 that Roger would be leaving the soap the following month.[6] In October 2008, Roger found out about Janice’s Lottery scam after she was arrested by the police. Angry and ashamed that she had done such a thing, he packed up his van and left her.

Dennis Stringer was played by Charles Dale. Dennis was introduced in 2000 and developed from a biker friend of Les BattersbyBrown into the partner of Eileen Grimshaw. In 2002 Dennis and Janice Battersby formed a relationship and left their respective partners to live together. Following this Les attempted suicide by gassing himself in his car. Dennis prevented the suicide, but while driving Les to hospital, died in a car crash, also in which at that time Janice Battersby’s daughter Toyah Battersby was in a relationship with mechanic and stripper Sam Kingston. Toyah also gave a reading at his funeral.

Patrick Tussell
Patrick Tussell Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Taxi driver Trevor Dwyer-Lynch 7 April 2003 3 January 2005

Dennis Stringer
Dennis Stringer Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Charles Dale 7 February 2000 2 January 2002

Patrick Tussell was played by actor and football coach Trevor Dwyer-Lynch. Patrick was a cab driver for local taxi firm "Streetcars", and friend of Eileen Grimshaw from when they were in a group in which Eileen was singer. Patrick frequently served as a comic foil for Les Battersby and boss Steve McDonald. Patrick made his final appearance in January 2005, while on crutches after an off-screen incident where his own car ran him over due to the handbrake being left off.

Bev Unwin
Bev Unwin Coronation Street Portrayed by Susie Blake


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First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Residence Barmaid at the Rovers Return Peak District 24 March 2003 22 December 2006

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
Residence Newcastle upon Tyne

Beverley "Bev" Unwin was played by Susie Blake. Manageress of the Rovers, Bev used to own a pub with her husband, until he died. Bev had two daughters Shelley and Sharon Unwin, who died in March 2003. After her death, Bev moved into the Rovers Return where she worked as barmaid alongside her daughter Shelley who was pub manageress. While there she had a fling with Ciaran McCarthy. Bev also spent some time working at The Weatherfield Arms. She was engaged to Fred Elliott, and was due to marry him in early October 2006 but he died on their wedding day before the ceremony whilst visiting Audrey Roberts. Bev never got over losing Fred before they married, and after controversially splitting his ashes into two halves, presenting Ashley with his share in an instant-gravy jar, she began to hit the bottle, quite often helping herself to drinks at the bar of the Rovers. When the McDonalds bought the pub, she moved in with Claire and Ashley, but relationships were strained between them. Bev finally agreed to move away from Weatherfield and join daughter Shelley at her pub in the Peak District. She moved during Christmas 2006, having scattered Fred’s ashes with Ashley.

Emma Watts
Emma Watts Coronation Street Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Policewoman Angela Lonsdale 10 April 2000 7 April 2003

Emma Watts (née Taylor) was played by Angela Lonsdale, who first appeared on 10 April 2000. Emma Watts was married to Norman (Curly) Watts on 24 December 2000 at the All Saints Church. They had one child named Benjamin born 26 December 2001 and lived at No. 7 Coronation Street. At the beginning she was credited as Sgt Emma Taylor, a police sergeant who helped solve the case when DC Simon Cavanagh was stalking Colette Graham and Curly Watts. On 12 October 2000, the police, including her, surrounded the Freshco’s supermarket as a siege developed inside. When eventually they burst in, Emma shot the main gunman, Dean Sykes - who died in an ambulance on the way to hospital. Due to her licence to kill, a trial wasn’t undergone (Dean had, in fact fired a shot and Emma had responded). Curly Watts took her out for a night on the beach, asked her out to dinner, they started a relationship, and eventually they married. Curly proposed to Emma on a bateau mouche in Paris and they married on Christmas Eve, 2000. Although their honeymoon to New York was delayed because Curly’s daughter, Alice, couldn’t return to Raquel when planned. Emma became pregnant shortly after their marriage and gave birth to baby Ben on Boxing Day 2001. Emma started working with partner Mick, who was dating Janice Battersby. Les was very jealous and they spent a lot of time winding each other up. Mick and Emma stopped Les in his taxi on a minor offence and after Les insulted Mick, Mick beat Les very badly but Emma promised to back him up even though Les did not really deserve the attack. When Curly found out, this caused a lot of tension and the two split up temporarily. Emma was feeling very guilty and planned to confess the truth to her superiors but at the last minute, testified and backed up Mick at Les’s trial, causing Les to be imprisoned for 3 months. Near the end of Les’s incarceration, Emma was put forward for promotion to Inspector in Newcastle. That would mean moving and Curly was afraid he’d never see Ben. He swallowed his principles and, in order to reconcile and be able to live in peace, away from Les, they put Number 7 on the market and moved to Newcastle. The pair drove off


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into the night, Curly just managing to wave a final goodbye out the back window.

List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)
In the days leading up to her departure, she began to suggest to Sean Tully that they take a break together, although it was apparent that she was just trying to wrangle a free holiday out of him (especially as she had just lost her job at the Rovers and had no intention of paying the rent she owed to Eileen). Sean returned from the holiday alone, explaining that Lauren, as expected, had abandoned him immediately upon leaving the plane once they’d arrived in Spain. She has now bagged herself a rich boyfriend and has no intention of returning.

Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson Coronation Street Portrayed by Duration First appearance Last appearance Profile Occupation Residence Barmaid Tenerife Lucy Evans 2007-2008 26 November 2007 16 April 2008


Lauren Wilson was played by Lucy Evans. She entered the show as Violet Wilson’s younger sister, she had previously been working in Aya Napia in a bar called ’Manunition’, it was clear from the outset that straight-laced Violet did not get along with her wild younger sibling. Lauren became barmaid at the Rovers, and moved in as lodger with Eileen Grimshaw. Lauren had a relationship with Darryl Morton, but it was clear to everyone but Darryl that she was using him for money and free nights out on the town. Eventually Darryl stood up to her when she suggested he steal from his dad when he was out of money. Lauren immediately dumped him. When Lauren was brought into the show the producers initially had high hopes for the character. However plans were scuppered when Lauren proved to be an extremely unlikeable character both in the viewers and the critic’s eyes. As a result she was dropped from the show less than six months after her first appearance.

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