Believe in Belize Paradise: A Look at Your Own Personal Vacation Haven by sanctuarybelize


									   Believe in Belize Paradise: A Look at
   Your Own Personal Vacation Haven

If you are feeling stressed, tired and burnt out, we recommend you retreat to a piece of
heaven called Belize.

You will find Belize paradise on earth.

Belize paradise is in the middle of the blue waters of the Caribbean sea, warm and inviting.
Belize paradise consists of hundreds of preserved parks and sanctuaries. Belize paradise is the
ability to look back in time of the Mayan civilization and it is here proof can found in its
ruins. Belize paradise is the lush wild forest and its wildlife to explore.

Welcome to your heaven, welcome to Belize.

How would you enjoy this piece of paradise? Let us show you the way.

How to Enjoy Belize Paradise # 1: Swim in the warm, clear and blue waters of the Caribbean
ocean. The waters here are always warm and the weather always having the perfect tropical
breeze. It is always swimming season here.

How to Enjoy Belize Paradise # 2: Beach bums unite. Grab a magazine, a frozen margarita,
your shades, a bottle of sun block and good music and you are all set to settle in Belize's
white sands. The sun is always up here, the view clear and the ambiance always happy and

How to Enjoy Belize Paradise # 3: Adventure-seekers and history buffs can enjoy the Mayan
ruins. Be awed at the preserved greatness of the magnificent Mayan civilization. Going here
is like being in a time machine, taking you back to thousands of years ago. The Mayan sites
to visit are Altun Ha and Lamanai.

How to Enjoy Belize paradise # 4: Are you a bird lover? Belize is a bird watcher's
playground. There are many parks and wildlife sanctuaries to visit. Bring your binoculars and
what you get in return is admiration as you will be able to see more than 500 species of
beautiful birds roaming around Belize's preserved parks. The best bird park to visit and one
of the biggest is called the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Enjoy Belize Paradise # 5: If you are into snorkeling, this is the perfect place for you.
Colorful fishes abound the magnificent coral reef formations. Dolphins lazily swim in the
ocean with turtles that freely roam the waters. The best spot to visit here are Caye Caulkner
and Northern Cayes.

Belize is paradise and you will discover that it can be your paradise. The country’s main
source of income is tourism so you can be assured that the country is truly tourist-friendly.
The people of Belize are hospitable and loving and we know you will not only have a good
time, but you might get to make a few new friends too.

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