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2   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                        t: +44 1782 733726

Welcome to Keele                                4    Accommodation
Campus Map                                      6    Your home from home                                      19
                                                     Halls of Residence                                       19
What to do when you                                  Full-time UK postgraduates                               20
receive this booklet                                 International students                                   20
Finance form and direct debit form              8    Family accommodation                                     20
University accommodation                        9    Accommodation off campus                                 21
Airport collection service                      9    Advice and legal matters                                 21
Making your own way to Keele                    9
                                                     Money Matters
What to do before                                    How much will I need to live on?                         22
leaving for Keele                                    Part-time work                                           22
Accommodation                                   12   Other expenses                                           23
Visa and immigration                            12   Family                                                   23
Insurance                                       12   Sources of funding                                       23
Arrangements for paying your tuition and             Scholarships and bursaries                               23
accommodation fees                              12   Hardship funding                                         23
Arrangements for arrival at Keele               13   International students and banking                       24
Recording your emergency
contact details with Keele                      13   Student Life
Informing your family of Keele’s                     Your Keele Card                                          25
emergency contact numbers                       13   Eating and shopping on campus                            25
                                                     Pubs and bars                                            26
What to do on                                        Work opportunities – earn while you learn                26
arrival at Keele                                     Child care on campus                                     27
Accommodation                                   14   Keele University Students’ Union (KUSU)                  27
Enrolment                                       14   Sports Clubs                                             28
Induction                                       15   Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)                     29
Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations   15   Religious matters                                        29
Payment of tuition and residence fees           16   The local area – Staffordshire
Email account                                   17   and the North Midlands                                   29
Research Institute attendance                   17   Transport                                                30
Registration with the Health Centre             17   Shopping                                                 30
Registration of vehicles and                         On campus…                                               32
purchase of parking permits                     17   In town...                                               32
Council Tax exemption                           18   Further afield...                                        33
Registration with the police
(international students)                        18
t: +44 1782 733726                     Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11        3

Sport                                                  Health
Keele University Athletic Union (KUAU)            36   Using National Health Service (NHS) facilities          44
Facilities                                        36   Help with health costs                                  44
                                                       Keele Medical Practice – The Health Centre              44
Information for                                        Accidents and emergencies                               45
international students                                 Dental treatment                                        45
International Student Support                     38   Mental health, stress and counselling                   45
Immigration and Visa requirements                      Absence for health reasons                              45
for International Students                        38   Health and Safety                                       45
Police registration and other registrations
for international students                        39   Where to go
Chinese Students’ Registration                    39   for help and advice
Legal advice                                      39   The Centre for Learning and Student Support             46
Health care advice for international students     40   Academic Guidance                                       46
Students studying for six months                       Out-of-hours assistance for students
or less from EEA countries                        40   living on campus                                        47
International Students from non-EEA                    Welcoming Diversity                                     47
countries studying for six months or less         40   Disability Services                                     47
                                                       Counselling                                             47
Information for                                        Independent Advice Unit
exchange students                                      (Top Floor) Students’ Union Building                    48
The Centre for International Exchange                  Nightline                                               49
and Development                                   41   Situations affecting your study                         49
English Language Unit                             41
                                                       Admin: what you need
Resources for Study                                    to know and who to ask
Library Services                                       Non-teaching staff – how they can help you              50
Resources                                         42   Graduate School                                         50
Studying                                          42   Centre for International Exchange and
Opening hours and Catalogue                       42   Development (CIED)                                      51
Help                                              42   Income Office – Finance and IT Directorate              51
Information Technology Services                   43
Careers Service                                   43   Useful contacts
Jobshop and Voluntary Experience Project          43   and information                                         52

                                                       FAQs                                                    54
4   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   t: +44 1782 733726

    Welcome to
    Keele University
     A very warm welcome to Keele University!
t: +44 1782 733726               Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   5

We are delighted that you will be coming to join
us, and hope that through your research degree
programme at Keele you will contribute to your
subject, develop your own personal skills, and have
a stimulating and enjoyable time.

Keele is a campus-based University with many       Please read the Handbook carefully, there are
opportunities to meet those studying other         details of some basic information on the rules
subjects; develop inter and cross-disciplinary     and regulations governing research students and
links and encounter researchers from many          their supervision; and there are key sections for
different intellectual fields. We hope you will    international students about visa and immigration
take advantage of the opportunities available.     matters within the Handbook. Details of your
                                                   enrolment and induction programme can
Starting a new degree involves some bureaucracy,
                                                   be found in the Graduate School Leaflet.
especially if you are coming from overseas,
and this Handbook is designed to help you          Please make sure that you complete
have a smooth start to your research. There        all the necessary forms as quickly
are two key things to do before starting your      as possible and on time.
research degree programme, and these are:
                                                   If there is anything you don’t understand,
• enrolment                                        please just ask us – we will do our best to
• induction                                        answer your questions as quickly and clearly
                                                   as we can. You should either consult the
There are things to do now, things that must be
                                                   staff in the Graduate School or talk to your
done before you depart to come to Keele, and
                                                   postgraduate research director (PGR director)
matters to be dealt with upon arrival. This book
                                                   – the member of your Research Institute who
will guide you through these tasks and questions
                                                   will act as your main institutional contact.
and is divided into sections that cover what
                                                   Names and contact details for all these
to do now (page 8), what to do before leaving
                                                   people can be found on page 52 and 53.
(page 12), and what to do on arrival (page 14).
                                                   We look forward to meeting you
                                                   at Keele shortly and wish you well
                                                   for your future studies.
     6          Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                                                                       t: +44 1782 733726
                 D                                E                            F                             G                     H                         J                 K
                  From M6 (Junc. 16),                                                                                                                                                 From
                   Crewe / Chester                                                                                                                                                    Newc
                                                                                                                                                                                      and M
                                                                                                                                                                       no vehicular
                                                      Teaching/Admin. buildings

                                                      Bus Stop

         9       All-weather                          Restaurant
                                                      Letter Box

      8               Sports Centre

                                                                                                                                 Barnes                                                  2
      7                                                                                                                                       32


                                                                                   Chancellor’s Building
                                                                                                                                           Darwin Building              Innovation
                                                   MACKAY                                                                                                                 Centres
                 COLIN REEVES                      BUILDING                                                                                                        30
                                         24                                                  2                                                         1
      5                                                                                                      5
                         Media    23
                         Building                                     20
                                                                 21                                                               Tawney Building
                                                      22                                         Hornbeam
                                                                                                   Bdg.           CHAPEL
     LENNARD JONES                                                        18                                                                               STUDENTS’
         LABS                                                                                                                                      8         UNION
                                         17                                                                                7
      4                                                                                               Walter
                                                                                                   Moberley Bdg.
          To                                            16                                            10 Moser Bdg.
    The Hawthorns,
    and Holly Cross

                         BUILDING (16)                        DOROTHY
                                                               HODGKIN              WILLIAM SMITH
                                                             BUILDING (18)          BUILDING (15)

     2                                                                                              CLOCK                          KEELE
               Lindsay                                                                              HOUSE                          HALL                                                 Sta
                                               THEATRE 2                                                                                       12
     C                   D                                 E                        F                                             H                          J

                                              Taylor House
                t: +44 1782 733726                                         Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11            7

                                                                    Buildings & Facilities
                                                          10                                                       Lennard-Jones Labs. (17-E4)
m                                                                   Art Gallery (2-F5)
wcastle-under-Lyme,                 Main Entrance                   Barnes Hall (H7)                               Library (11-G3)
 M6 (Junc 15)                                                       Chancellor’s Building (2-F5)                   Lindsay Hall (D2)
                                                                    Chapel (7-G4)                                  Mackay Building (25-E5)
                                                                    Clinical Education Centre (Hospital map)       Mackay Institute (22-E5)
                                                                    Clock House (14-G1)                            Management Centre (37-inset)
                              Medical School
                                                                    Colin Reeves Building (24-E5)                  Media Building (23-D5)
                                                                    Comus Restaurant (2-F5)                        Med IC 3 & 4 (27,28-L7)
                                                               9    Darwin Building (1-J5)                         Medical School (28-L9)
                                 28                                 Dorothy Hodgkin Building (18-F4)               Medical School (see Hospital map)
                                                                    Hawthorns Hall (in Keele village)              Moser Building (10-G4)
                                                                    Health Centre (33-L2)                          Oaks (35-A3)
                                                                    Holly Cross (34-B3)                            Reception (1-J5)
                                                                    Hornbeam Building (19-F4)                      Science Learning Centre (21-F5)
                                                           8        Horwood Hall (L3)                              Sports Centre (3-E7)
                                                                    Horwood housing (L2)                           Students’ Union (8-H4)
                                                                    Hospital Campus (see Hospital map)             Tawney Building (5-G5)
                          P&D                                       Huxley Building (16-E3)                        Walter Moberly Building (6-G4)
                                                                    Keele Hall (12-H1)                             Westminster Theatre (2-F5)
 28                                                                 Keele Management Centre (37-inset)             William Smith Building (15-F4)

        Innovation                                                  Academic Schools, Departments,
          Centres                                          7        Course Administration Centres, and Services
                                                                    Academic Services (D.A.S.) (5-G5)              Guidance (6-G4)
                                                                    Accommodation Office (1-J5)                    Life Sciences (16-E3)
               Observatory                                          American Studies (2-F5)                        Management School (1-J5)
                                                                    Audio-Visual Services (2-F5)                   Marketing Office (1-J5)
                                                                    Careers Service (6-G4)                         Mathematics and Computing (24-E5)
                                                                    Chancellor’s Build. Reception (2-F5)           Media, Communications & Culture (23-D5)
                                                                    Chemistry (17-E4)                              Medical School (see Hospital maps)
                                                                    Computer Centre (11-G3)                        Postgraduate (Hospital Campus-65)
                                                                    Computing and Mathematics (24-E5)              Undergrad. Yrs 1 & 2 (28-K7)
                                                                    Commercial & Facilities Management             Undergrad. Clinical Yrs 3-5
                                                                    Directorate (Reception) (1-J5)                 (Hosp. campus-78-9)
                                                                    Continuing & Prof. Educ. (26-D6)               Primary Care Sciences (28-K7)
                                                                    Criminology (2-F5)                             Medicines Management (19-F4)
                                                                    Day Nursery & Playgroup (32-H7)                Modern Languages (6-G4)
                                                                    Dentist (33-L2)                                Music (14-G1)
                                                                    Disability Services (6-G4)                     Muslim prayer room (46-G8)
                                                                    Earth Sciences & Geography (15-F4)             Nursing & Midwifery (Hospital campus-79)
                                                                    Economic & Mngmt Studies (1-J5)                Occ. Health and Safety (18-F4)
                                                                    Education (2-F5)                               Pharmacy (19-F4 , 22-E5)
                                                           4        English (2-F5)                                 Philosophy (SPIRE) (2-F5)
                                                                    English Language Unit (6-G4)                   Physics & Astrophysics (17-E4)
                                                                    Examination Office (5-G5)                      Planning & Secretariat (12-H1)
                                                                    Finance Directorate (5-G5)                     Politics, International Relations
                                                                    Forensics (17-E4)                              and Philosophy (SPIRE) (2-F5)
                                                                    Foundation Year Admin. (24-E5)                 Post Office (in 8-H4)
                                                           3        Graphic Services (23-D5)                       Post Room (20-F5)
               Horwood                                                                                             Primary Care Sciences (28-L9)
                                                                    Hartshill Campus (see Hospital map)
                 Hall                                                                                              Psychology (18-F4)
                                                                    Health & Rehabilitation (25-E5)
                                                                    Health Centre (33-L2)                          Public Policy and Professional Practice,
                                                                    Health Library (Hospital campus-79)            School of (2-F5)
                                                                    History (2-F5)                                 Secretary & Registrar (12-H1)
          33                                              2         Hospital Campus (see Hospital map)             Security (1-J5)
               Health Centre
                                                                    Humanities (School of) (2-F5)                  Sociology and Criminology (2-F5)
Staff                                                               Human Resources (18-F4)                        Sociological Review (2-F5)
Flats                                                                                                              SPIRE (2-F5)
                                                                    Information Technology Services (11-G3)
                                                                    International Exchange & Lang. (CIEL) (6-G4)   Students’ Union (8-H4)
                                                                    International Relations (SPIRE) (2-F5)         Student Accom. Services (1-J5)
                                                                    International Student Support (6-G4)           Student Counselling (27-E6)
                                                           1                                                       Student Finance & Bursaries (27-E6)
                                                                    Keele Hall Restaurant (12-H1)
                                                                    KUDIS-Imaging/Illustration Service (15-F4)     Student Support Office (6-G4)
                      L         0                 100 metres
                                                                    Law (2-F5)                                     Undergraduate Office (5-G5)
                                                                    Learning Support & Academic                    Vice-Chancellor’s Office (12-H1)
8   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                t: +44 1782 733726

What to do when you
receive this booklet
This section is all about the                  Finance form (compulsory)
return of information so that                  Direct debit form (optional)
                                               We enclose a pro-forma invoice for your first
we can prepare for your arrival
                                               year’s tuition fees, together with a leaflet about
at Keele. There are several                    Payment of Postgraduate Student Fees 2010/11.
documents alongside this booklet               It is important that you fully understand how
which we’d like you to return                  and when to pay, and that you do so on time.

to us. There is a return envelope              The completed Finance Form will tell us
provided for the return of all                 who will be paying the fees and where we
                                               should send invoices. You should complete
the relevant forms. Please ensure              it and return it to us within two weeks
these forms are returned within                of receipt. (If you have received a formal
two weeks of receipt.                          funding offer from the University you do not
                                               need to complete and return this form).
                                               If you are responsible for your fees and
                                               wish to pay instalments by direct debit,
                                               you will also need to complete and return
                                               the enclosed direct debit form.
                                               If you have a sponsor for all or part of your
                                               fees you must also enclose a copy of the
                                               award letter from your sponsor setting out
                                               details of the payments they will make.
                                               If you have problems completing these forms
                                               please contact the Graduate School Office
                                               where we will be able to offer assistance.
                                               For more information on Money
                                               matters refer to page 22.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   9

University accommodation                              Making your own way to Keele
(Compulsory if you have received an                   If you do not use the Airport Collection
offer of University accommodation)                    Service (details on the enclosed booking form),
If you have applied for University accommodation      you will have to make your own way to Keele
(available only for full-time students) you should    University. Here is some useful information.
receive a formal offer of accommodation
separately from this pack. If you wish to accept      By air
this offer you have to complete and return the        Arriving at Manchester Airport:
accommodation form, which you received with           Manchester Airport is nearest to
your accommodation offer letter, together with        Keele, about 35 miles away.
the appropriate deposit. Your offer letter has the
                                                      Taxis from Manchester Airport
date by which your acceptance and deposit must
be returned. The terms and conditions under           If there is more than one person, the easiest
which accommodation is offered and accepted           way to get to Keele is to share a taxi. This
will be included with the offer. You must read        will cost about £40 between you.
these terms and conditions before accepting           National Express Coaches from
your offer of a place. There is further information   Manchester Airport
about accommodation in the Student Handbook.          National Express Coach services run from the
                                                      airport to Stoke-on-Trent. Information and tickets
For further information on University
                                                      are available from the Tourist Information Desks
accommodation refer to page 19.
                                                      in Terminals 1 and 2 at the airport. You will need
For more details see:
                                                      to ask for a ticket to Stoke-on-Trent (Hanley Bus
                                                      Station). There are eight daily services to Stoke-
                                                      on-Trent. The journey takes about one hour
Airport collection service (optional)                 and costs about £6 (less with a discount card).
Keele provides an airport collection service          You can then get a bus or taxi from Hanley Bus
from Heathrow and Manchester airports on 20           Station to the University, bus service number 25.
September 2010. The enclosed form gives details       The buses run every 10-20 minutes and the journey
of this. If you want to use this service please       takes about 40 minutes. Taxi fares should be about
complete and return section with details of           £10 and the journey should take 20 minutes.
your arrival. Although this is primarily provided
for international students, UK students are           Train Services from Manchester Airport
welcome to use the same service if convenient.        Train services go to Stoke-on-Trent station (the
                                                      nearest to Keele). The journey takes approximately
If you need further assistance                        one hour and fifteen minutes. You will need to
with this service please contact the                  take a train to Manchester Piccadilly Station and
International Support Office                          change trains there. The fare will be about £14.
Tel: + 44 1782 73 3801 or
10   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                      t: +44 1782 733726

 After you get to Stoke-on-Trent Station, you         From Euston Station, you should take a train
 can then get a bus or taxi to the University, bus    with destination ‘Manchester Piccadilly’, this
 service number 25. Buses leave from opposite the     should stop at Stoke-on-Trent. The journey
 station every 10-15 minutes during the day and       normally takes about two hours and the cost
 the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Or       is approximately £55 or cheaper depending on
 you can get a taxi from outside the station direct   time of travel (later) and booking (earlier).
 to the University, which will cost about £10.00,
                                                      After you get to Stoke-on-Trent Station, you
 and the journey should take 15-20 minutes.
                                                      can then get a bus or taxi to the University, bus
 Arriving at Heathrow Airport                         service number 25. Buses leave from opposite
 National Express Coaches                             the station every 10-15 minutes during the day
 from Heathrow Airport                                and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.
 If you do not use the coaches provided by the        Or you can get a taxi from outside the station
 University, the easiest route from Heathrow to       direct to the University, which will cost about £10
 Keele is by National Express Coach. There is a       and the journey should take only 15-20 minutes.
 National Express Coach Service from Heathrow
                                                      Arriving at Birmingham International Airport:
 Central Bus Station to Stoke-on-Trent (Hanley
 Bus Station). There are eleven services each         There is no University Collection Service
 day. You will have to change coaches en route.       from Birmingham International Airport.
 Information and tickets are available from the       National Express Coaches from
 National Express Desk at Heathrow Central Bus        Birmingham International Airport
 Station. The journey takes about four to six hours   Coach services run from the airport terminal
 and costs about £34 (less with a discount card).     building to Stoke-on-Trent (Hanley Bus
                                                      Station, £9). Information and tickets for both
 From Hanley Bus Station you can get a bus
                                                      journeys are available from the National
 or taxi to the University (bus 25). The buses
                                                      Express Desk at the main Terminal Building.
 run every 10-15 minutes until 6.30pm, then
 every 30 minutes after that until midnight           For details of Hanley Bus Station to
 and the journey from Hanley takes about 50           Keele, see Heathrow Information.
 minutes. Taxi fares should be about £10 and
                                                      Train Services from Birmingham
 the journey should take only 20 minutes.             International Airport
 Train Services from Heathrow Airport                 Trains from Birmingham International Railway
 You can also go to central London on a fast          Station to Stoke-on-Trent take approximately
 train to Paddington or you can travel on the         one hour twenty minutes and cost about £17.
 Underground, taking the Piccadilly Line to           Other airports:
 Leicester Square; changing to the Northern
                                                      These are the main airports we would expect you
 Line and getting off at Euston. (This avoids a
                                                      to arrive at. However, if you plan to arrive at a
 long walk if you change at Green Park). If you
                                                      different UK airport, please see the International
 take the train to Paddington you will need
                                                      Student Support website for travel details:
 to use the Underground to get to Euston.
t: +44 1782 733726               Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   11

By Eurostar/Eurolines:                            Train:
Details can be found on the International         A Young Person’s Railcard will save you a third
Student Support website, at:                      on all standard class train tickets for a year. It                   currently costs £26 and can be bought at any
international/preparing2come/index.html           railway station. You must provide proof of your
                                                  age (your passport will do fine), together with
By car                                            two passport-sized photographs of yourself. If
However you arrive, you need to find the M6       you are a full-time student over 25 years old you
motorway. Keele is between Junctions 15 and 16    are still entitled to a Young Person’s Railcard,
on the M6, and is just west of Stoke-on-Trent     but your application form must be signed or
which is between Manchester and Birmingham.       stamped by somebody at the University.
From Junction 15 or 16 you should head for
                                                  Useful websites and telephone numbers
Newcastle-under-Lyme. The signs and maps          Keele University International Student Support:
often just call it ‘Newcastle’ but there is
another Newcastle (upon-Tyne, in the north
of England) so be careful. From Newcastle
                                                  Tel: 01782 583 801 (01782 733 801)
follows signs for the A525 to Whitchurch;
this road goes past the University.               Local bus information:
Use our postcode ST5 5BG in
or to find where we are.
                                                  Tel: 0870 608 2 608
Travel discounts                                  Rail enquiries:
If you think that you are likely to do some
travelling while you are in England, then it is   Tel: 08457 484 950
well worth buying a discount card. Please note
                                                  National Express Coaches:
that you may not be able to get one of these
until you have enrolled at the University.
                                                  Tel: 08705 808 080
                                                  Maps and Directions:
A student Discount Coach Card will give you,
up to 30% discount on many National Express
Coaches (the major national coach company         Heathrow Airport:
in the UK). The card can be bought at any
National Express Booking Office, including the    Manchester Airport:
ones at airports. In order to buy the card you
will need proof of attendance at the University
which could be either your ordinary student       Birmingham International Airport:
registration card or your International Student
Identity Card (ISIC). Cards are not expensive
(about £10 for a year) but deals do change
regularly so it is best to check on the web.
12   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                      t: +44 1782 733726

What to do before
leaving for keele
 Accommodation                                        Insurance – possessions,
 If you have applied for University accommodation     travel, medical
 then you should receive an offer from our Student    You may wish to take out insurance to cover your
 Accommodation Lettings Service. All students         possessions while at Keele. Many students use
 who apply for accommodation by 30 July 2010          Endsleigh insurance, and you can find details on
 are given priority for accommodation. Although       their website In addition,
 we cannot guarantee places for students who          international students will probably be required
 apply after this date we will make every effort      to take out travel insurance, and may wish to
 to find a place. Alternatively there is plenty of    arrange for medical insurance (refer to the Health
 accommodation for rent locally, in Newcastle-        section of the Handbook for details about NHS
 under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent. See the Student       cover for international students on page 40). If
 Essentials Handbook for further details.             relevant (EEA countries and those with reciprocal
                                                      health agreements) you should arrange to obtain
 Visa and immigration                                 from your country of origin a European Health
 International students need to ensure that they      Insurance Card (EHIC) and bring it with you.
 have obtained the appropriate visa and have the
 necessary documents to satisfy UK immigration        Arrangements for paying your tuition
 officials. In order to obtain a visa you will need   and accommodation fees
 a formal letter from Keele confirming that you       You are required to pay your tuition and
 have the unconditional offer of a place at the       accommodation fees by the due dates set out in
 University (visa letter). If you have not already    the leaflet Payment of Postgraduate Student Fees
 received your visa letter, and know that you will    2010/11. Many students, particularly international
 need one, please contact us and we will send one.    students, will find it most convenient to pay
 You may have received it with this Handbook.         their fees in advance before enrolling at Keele.
 For further information on visa issues and other     Details of how to do this are in the payment
 useful information for international students it     of fees leaflet. Please follow the guidance
 is recommended that you look at the following        carefully, particularly noting the reference
 website:             numbers which must accompany payments. All
 international/preparing2come/immigration.html        students are required to pay their fees in full
                                                      or the first instalment by 29 October 2010.
 If you have any problems with Immigration on
 arrival in the UK please phone the Graduate
 School at Keele University on +44 1782 733726
 during office hours (9am-5pm) or Security on +
 44 1782 733004 outside normal office hours.
t: +44 1782 733726                 Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   13

Please be aware that reminder notices for overdue   Informing your family of Keele’s
fees will be emailed to your Keele email address.   emergency contact numbers
You MUST access your Keele email account on         Please pass this information to someone
a regular basis to ensure that you have no fees     at home before you leave.
outstanding. Should you have any problems
accessing your Keele email account then please      If there is an emergency back home and you
contact your Research Institute for assistance.     need to be contacted but do not have an
                                                    external line set up with the telephone provider,
Arrangements for arrival at Keele                   you can be contacted in one of four ways:
Most research students will be starting their       1. The number for incoming calls to many rooms
programmes in September. If you are in University      is 01782 73 plus the four-digit extension of
accommodation you will be expected to arrive           the room. For international calls the number
on 25 September 2010, unless you are taking            is +44 1782 73 plus the four-digit extension.
part in the Postgraduate Induction Week for            You will need to pass on the number of your
International students, in which case you will         extension once you have it. (This can be
be expected to arrive on 20 September 2010.            used at any time, not just in emergencies.)
All students are expected to be available           2. If it is Monday to Friday between 9am
at Keele from 27 September 2010 to start               and 5pm, the Student Support office can
                                                       be contacted on +44 1782 73 3995.
their research degree programmes and to
participate in the induction programme.             3. After 5pm or weekends the Resident Tutor will
                                                       be on duty and can be contacted direct on the
Students starting their research degrees               relevant Hall number. When you are at Keele,
at other times need to keep the Graduate               please pass on this number to those back home
School informed of their intentions so that         4. After 5pm or weekends you can call Security
arrangements can be made for their arrival.            on +44 1782 73 3004 and they will connect
                                                       you or pass on the message immediately.
Recording your emergency contact
details with Keele
Before you leave for Keele you should record
your emergency contact details (usually next
of kin) through the Keele website. This means
that if any emergency arises on your journey
to Keele or in the first few days, we already
know who to contact. Log on to www.keele. and submit your details.
14   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                t: +44 1782 733726

 What to do on
 arrival at keele
 This section covers the following:             When you first arrive at Keele you will want to
                                                find your accommodation and settle down, and
 Accommodation                                  then explore the campus and local area. However,
                                                there are also various formalities which need to be
                                                completed in the first few days, and this section
 Induction                                      sets out those procedures (with dates, times and
 Charter, Statutes,                             venues for September starters). Please try to
                                                attend the relevant sessions at the appropriate
 Ordinances and Regulations
                                                times as this helps everything to run smoothly.
 Payment of tuition
 and residence fees                             Accommodation
                                                If you are in University accommodation
 Email account                                  you need to find out which room you have
 Research Institute attendance                  been allocated and collect your room key.
                                                If you arrive on Monday 20 September 2010
 Registration with                              (international students), please go directly to
 the Health Centre                              the Darwin Building Reception, where you
 Registration of vehicles and                   can collect your accommodation key there
 purchase of parking permits                    (10am-8pm). Students arriving on Saturday
                                                26 September 2010 should collect their
 Council Tax exemption                          keys from the Student Accommodation
 Registration with the police                   Lettings Service in the Darwin Building.
 (international students)                       Students arriving at all other times should
                                                go to the Student Accommodation Centre
 With this Handbook you                         in Darwin Building. If you arrive late, the
 should have received a campus                  24-hour reception (also in Darwin Building)
                                                will be able to let you have your key.
 map, which will help you to
 find your way around.                          Enrolment
                                                September starters
                                                All new students are required formally to
                                                enrol with the University. It is essential that
                                                you enrol at the start of your course.
t: +44 1782 733726                  Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   15

For students starting their course in September,     Charter, Statutes,
enrolment will take place on Monday 27               Ordinances and Regulations
September 2010. Please refer to the Graduate         When you accepted the offer of a place to
School Leaflet for information on the Programme.     study at Keele University you were required to
Non-September starters                               confirm that you agree to abide by the Charter,
Students starting at any other time should           Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations in force
enrol in the Graduate School on the first            at any time. You are required to re-confirm this
day of attendance. You must enrol within             agreement each time you sign an enrolment or
four weeks of the start of your course at            re-registration form (annually). The purpose of
the latest, otherwise it will be assumed             this summary is to enable you to find out what
that you are not taking up your place.               you are signing up to, and to signpost you towards
                                                     the key provisions as they relate to your research
At enrolment you will be asked to check              degree programme. In effect, they form the terms
and sign an enrolment form giving details of         and conditions of our offer and registration,
your course and personal details. By signing         together with any additional conditions of
the form you are agreeing to keep to the             entry set out in the offer letter itself.
University’s rules as set out in the charter,
statutes, ordinances and regulations. A copy of      In addition we ask all research students to read
these rules is available on the web: www.keele.      and adhere by the University Code of Practice,                 a copy of this is available on the Graduate
                                                     School Website:
At enrolment we will give you your
temporary Keele card and instructions                Web addresses
on how to get your full Keele card.                  The full text of the Charter, Statutes,
                                                     Ordinances and Regulations can be
Note: Irrespective of when your course starts        found at the following address:
during the year, in future years you will be
required to re-register at the start of each new     governance/acts/index.htm
academic year. This will be done in August/
September. This does not necessarily mean that       The academic regulations are section 1 of
a new year’s fees will be due at that time – they    6 items which will generally be of interest
will be due on the anniversary of your start date.   to students. All 6 sections can be found
                                                     at the following address in a slightly easier
Induction                                            to follow format:
All new research students are required to            depts/aa/regulationshandbook/
attend Graduate School induction programmes
                                                     They include academic regulations, financial
which will take place on 28 September 2010.
                                                     matters, student support, learning support,
This is an opportunity to learn about the
                                                     codes of practice, and other matters, as
services and resources available to you and
                                                     well as a number of annexes which provide
also meet both new and current research
                                                     additional guidance for students.
students. Please refer to the Graduate School
Leaflet for information on the programme.
16   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                          t: +44 1782 733726

 Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations            • 8 General regulations for university
 These documents provide the framework which                examinations and assessments – this will
 governs the University’s activities. The Charter           relate in particular to assessment for your
 and Statutes cannot be amended, and Ordinances             research training modules. It will not apply
 are only rarely amended with the approval of               to the assessment of your thesis which
 the University Court which meets once a year.              is covered by Regulation 2D or 2C
                                                          • 10 Leave of absence – if a situation arises where
 In general, Regulations will be of most interest to        you need to take a break from your studies
 students, and they can be changed fairly easily          • 11 Residence on campus – if applicable
 and frequently with the approval of the relevant         • 14 Charging and payment of fees – you
 university committees. Normally once a new or              need to be aware of the payment dates
 amended Regulation has been approved it comes              and the sanctions which will be applied if
 into force immediately for all students. However,          you fail to pay fees by the due dates
 if an amendment would disadvantage a current             • 15 Library – access, borrowing and conduct
 student academically, it will not normally be
                                                          • 20 Student discipline – code of behaviour
 applied to those students, and instead they will           and procedures to be used in relation
 operate under the Regulations in force at the time         to students who breach the code
 they started the course. Students will be informed
                                                          • 2 General disciplinary matters – disciplinary
 of any major relevant changes in the Regulations.          offences in relation to firearms and
 Academic Regulations                                       weapons, Data Protection Act, use
 This is a list of the Regulations which, as a research     of software and datasets, Computer
 student, you might find most appropriate to read           Misuse Act, health and safety
 before committing yourself to them at enrolment.         • 26 Complaints procedures – to be used
                                                            after the informal procedures within your
 • 2D Research degrees – this sets out the                  Research Institute have been exhausted
   key requirements related to a research
   degree (PhD, MD, MPhil) and should be                  Payment of tuition
   read in conjunction with the PGR Code of               and residence fees
   Practice to which the Regulation refers                If you have completed and returned the
 • 2C Courses leading to a university                     direct debit form for payment of tuition and
    doctorate by taught study and research –              residence fees, or if you have already paid in
   for those on Professional Doctorate                    advance, then you need do nothing further.
   courses (EdD, DBA, DMedEth)
 • 2A Modular postgraduate courses – although             If you need to pay fees after arrival at Keele, you
   these exclude students under 2C and 2D,                may do so during the Postgraduate Induction
   some of the provisions will apply with                 Week for international students. At any other
   respect to postgraduate research training              time, you will need to go to the Income Office in
   modules taken as part of the research                  the Finance Department, Tawney Building. Fees
   degree programme. See also regulation 8                must be paid by 29 October 2010, with cheques
                                                          payable to Keele University. (See also the leaflet
                                                          on Payment of Postgraduate Student Fees 2010/11.)
t: +44 1782 733726                    Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   17

Email account                                          There is a timetable for registration with the
You should make sure at the earliest                   Health Centre (at the Health Centre), based
opportunity that you log on to the computer to         on the first letter of your surname, as follows
access your email account. Your user name and          for students starting in September 2010:
password are included in your pre-arrival pack.
                                                       Monday 27 September
The University will contact you by email,              9am-5.45pm            Surnames A-L
using the Keele account, and it is your                Tuesday 28 September
responsibility to check your emails regularly.         9am-5.45pm            Surnames A-L
Failure to do so will not be accepted as an            Wednesday 29 September
excuse for failure to act on any matter.
                                                       9am-5.45pm            Surnames M-Z
Research Institute attendance                          Thursday 30 September
You will receive additional information from           9am-5.45pm            Surnames M-Z
your Research Institute (RI) which will tell you       Friday 1 October
when you are expected to report to them.
                                                       9am-4.45pm            Surnames M-Z
Please make sure you note the time and venue,
and attend accordingly. For students starting in       Students starting at times other than
September this is likely to be during the week         September may register at any time.
of 27 September 2010 when most RIs will have           For further details about the Health
arranged a welcome introductory programme.             Centre and about health matters
                                                       more generally refer to page 44.
Register with the Health Centre
In order to register with the National Health          Registration of vehicles and
Service and receive treatment, you must be
                                                       purchase of parking permits
registered with a general medical practice near
                                                       If you have a car and wish to bring it on to campus
where you live. If you are not already registered
                                                       regularly you need to register your vehicle and pay
with a local practice you should register with
                                                       for a parking permit within 10 days of the start of
the general medical practice at the University
                                                       your course. Vehicles are registered at Reception
Health Centre within the first week of arriving
                                                       in Chancellor’s Building Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
at Keele, or as soon as possible thereafter. All
new patients will have a short interview during        Permits for 2010/11 cost £50 for a car (motorcycles
registration. Registration is particularly important   are exempt) for a full academic year. Students
if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If you   registering a vehicle halfway through the year
are currently undergoing treatment, it would be        pay £25 for the remainder of the academic
advisable to ask your own doctor to write to Dr        year. Alternatively, if you visit occasionally, you
Evan O’Byrne at the University’s Medical Office.       may use the pay and display parking facilities.
                                                       Any car not displaying a permit or a parking
                                                       ticket may lead to a fine or wheel clamp.
18   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                          t: +44 1782 733726

 Council Tax exemption                                    Registration with the police
 Full-time students are not normally required             (international students only)
 to pay any Council Tax. Each year (about                 ‘Relevant foreign nationals’ admitted as students
 November) Keele supplies a list of all full-time         for more than six months (or who are later
 students to the local councils (Newcastle-               granted an extension of stay which brings your
 under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire).              total stay in the UK to over six months) will
 If your name is on this list then the Council            be required to register with the police. Also
 should not seek any further evidence from                people who are not ‘relevant foreign nationals’
 you that you are a full-time student.                    can be required to register if an immigration
                                                          officer considers it to be necessary.
 Students who are not on the list (because, say,
 they start late in the year) or whose residence          If you are required to register with the police you
 does not fall within the jurisdiction of these           will have a stamp on the visa in your passport
 councils, will require a student status letter for the   stating this. This stamp can be put there when
 purposes of Council Tax exemption. To request            you obtain your visa/entry clearance conditions
 a letter, contact the Graduate School. You will          in your own country before travelling to the UK,
 need to produce your Keele card to collect this.         or on arrival in the UK, or when you apply in the
                                                          UK to extend or vary your leave to remain.
 Note that Council Tax is a property tax not a
 personal tax and if you are resident in a house          If you have this stamp you must register with
 with someone who does not have student status            the police within seven days of your arrival
 (e.g. an employed or registered unemployed               in the UK. You will need two passport-sized
 person) you may be liable for payment of a               photographs and a fee of £34 plus your letter
 proportion of the Council Tax for that property.         of admission from Keele University. Details
                                                          of dates when police will be on campus for
                                                          this purpose will be given to new students
                                                          on arrival. For more information, including
                                                          nationalities that normally have to register, see:
t: +44 1782 733726                      Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   19

Your home from home                                      All rooms have a phone for you to ring internal
Campus accommodation is spread across five               University numbers, including other student
Halls of Residence and provides a variety of room        rooms, for free. You can also make and receive
types and choice of occupancy periods. There are         external calls but there is a charge for this
kitchen facilities in each block. In addition, there’s   service. There are also public phones in most
lots of affordable private accommodation in              Halls of Residence and elsewhere on campus.
Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding area.           Televisions
Accommodation on campus – what                           There are TV rooms in most Halls of Residence
is available and when will I hear?                       if you live on campus and Sky Digital TV in
If you’re a new postgraduate student holding             various bars. You can also bring your own or
an offer of a place here you should have                 buy or rent a set while you’re here and you can
received an accommodation application                    also watch television via your PC. But please
form from the relevant Admissions Office.                be warned – you will require a TV licence.
For students arriving in September, the                  See for more information
allocation process starts in July.                       Wired network connection is available in all
Exchange, study abroad and Erasmus students              student bedrooms on campus, it is known
can download specific information and the                as the HallsNet Service. You can find out
application form from:             more at
Or contact                        To connect to this service you’ll need a
or tel +00 44 (0) 1782 733048.                           straight through ethernet cable – you can
University accommodation is only                         bring one from home, but if you’re not sure
available to full-time students.                         what cable to get you can buy them from
                                                         the IT Service Desk or the campus store.
Halls of Residence
Halls are a terrific place to live in your first
year. All rooms have a bed, wardrobe, desk,
chair and bedside cabinet and are centrally
heated. Launderettes with washing machines
and tumble dryers are available in each
Hall of Residence. They are accessible 24/7
with your Keele card. Charges apply.
20   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                        t: +44 1782 733726

 Connect your computer to the wired network            Where to go for help?
 socket in your study bedroom, it is the port          Help and support is available from
 next to the telephone socket, open a web              a team of Residential Managers and
 browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox,          student Resident Tutors in each Hall.
 Safari, and type in, all     For more details see:
 the information you need to connect is there          studyatkeele/accommodation
 for you, but if you can’t open that web page          Email:
 or you need further assistance contact the IT
 Service Desk, based in the Library building, or       Guaranteed rooms
 telephone 33838 from your study bedroom               Full-time UK postgraduates
 telephone or 01782 733838 from a mobile phone.        We give priority to full-time postgraduate
 We provide a daily network limit of 1Gb per           students if they complete and return
 day. Once you have used this limit you will be        accommodation application forms by 31 July
 disconnected from the internet, but you will          2010 in the year they intend to start their
 still be able to access all of Keele websites and     studies. If you are starting full-time postgraduate
 email. We regret that you will be unable to use       studies at a time other than September,
 your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 on our network         you can apply for accommodation but we
 or use certain gaming services or internet phone      cannot guarantee places will be available.
 services. It is possible to download music or films   Postgraduates normally live in separate
 legally from iTunes or another online service,        blocks to undergraduates.
 but please ensure that you only download from
 legitimate sources and not using Filesharing or       International students
 torrent software. Remember everything that            International students are guaranteed
 you do on the internet is traceable. Everything!      accommodation for the duration of their
 Once connected to HallsNet you will be                course provided an application is received
 able to download a TV package – this                  by the deadline. This does not guarantee a
 enables you to watch most free-to-view                room of a particular type or location.
 digital TV on your computer, don’t forget
 you’ll need a TV Licence. More information
                                                       Family accommodation
                                                       We regret we are unable to offer family
 is available from
                                                       accommodation for students. If your family is
 IT Services also look after the telephone service     accompanying you we advise that you arrange
 in your study bedroom. You can make calls             suitable accommodation in the area before
 to University departments and your friends            arrival. Our Student Accommodation Lettings
 in other rooms free of charge, you can also           Service may be able to make temporary
 receive calls from outside the University, you        arrangements for you. We do have a few small
 will need to advise friends and family of your        flats suitable for single parents with one child.
 telephone number which is available on a label
                                                       If you’re an international student and would
 in your study bedroom. To make external calls
                                                       like a family member to visit, you can apply
 you can purchase a Freewire Top-Up Card from
                                                       for a visa by writing a letter of invitation. Our
 the Students’ Union, or you can register your
                                                       International Student Support Officer or the
 debit/credit card with
                                                       Independent Advice Unit can help with this.
t: +44 1782 733726                 Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   21

General queries                                     Liberty Court
Our Student Accommodation Lettings Service,         This privately owned student flat complex
located in the Darwin Building, can help with       has regular bus connections to campus.
general issues regarding accommodation; i.e.
                                                    You can contact Liberty Court on 01782
room availability; requests to change rooms etc.
                                                    287259 or by email: libertycourt-stoke@
Student Accommodation Services             see:
Darwin Building, Keele University,                  residence/stoke-on-trent/liberty-court/36
Staffordshire ST5 5BG.
                                                    Advice and legal matters
Tel: 01782 734152 or 733065                         If you have any concerns about off-campus
Email:                     housing before you arrive, the Student
Web:                              Accommodation Lettings or the Student’
studyatkeele/accommodation                          Unions’ Independent Advice Unit can help.
Accommodation off campus                            A highly recommended ‘Living Off Campus’ pack
A wide range of student accommodation               is available from the Independent Advice Unit.
is available from private landlords                 The Unit can also advise you on legal matters
locally. For further information please go to       relating to off-campus accommodation.
                                                    You can contact them on 01782 734800 or
or contact our Student Accommodation                34800 (internal) or by email: independent.advice.
Lettings for help and advice.              See:
If you’re thinking of living off campus             You can also contact the Student
we advise coming to Keele a week or                 Accommodation Lettings on 01782 734152 or
two early to make arrangements. Please              733065 or email:
contact Student Accommodation Lettings
who may be able to help with temporary
accommodation on campus while you search.
In addition to paying rent, you should budget
for utility costs, including gas and electricity.
Most private accommodation is available in
the form of shared student houses, bedsits
or individual flats. There is some ‘Halls’ style
accommodation at Liberty Court in Stoke-on-
Trent, which Keele students sometimes use.
22       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                  t: +44 1782 733726

     Money Matters
     How much will I need to live on?                  Discounts available with the National
     Living expenses will, of course, vary according   Union of Students membership card
     to your anticipated standard of living and        You can purchase a National Union of Students
     whether you have family responsibilities.         (NUS) membership card online before coming
     The following estimates will, however, give       to Keele. Log onto You’ll
     you some idea of how much to budget.              need to upload a photograph. Normal cards
                                                       cost £10, for an extra £1 your NUS Extra card
     Undergraduate students should expect              will incorporate the ISIC (International Student
     to spend about £700 per month in living           Identity Card) which offers worldwide discounts.
     expenses, including accommodation.                Once you’ve ordered the card it will be sent
     Postgraduate students should expect to pay        to the Students’ Union and you can collect it
     around £7,400 to £9,200 annual living costs       from there. (If you are not able to purchase
     (accommodation plus about £80 per week for        online before you come to Keele, there will be a
     52 weeks). Remember that in most cases you’ll     limited number of £10 NUS Extra cards available
     need to finance yourself for a full 12 months.    to buy at the Welcome Fair and Society sign-
                                                       up. To guarantee you get a card, we suggest
     International students requiring a visa to        you order one online before you come.
     enter the UK or extending a visa whilst in the
     UK need to have a certain amount of money         There are two types of card:
     in their bank accounts for themselves and         • The NUS Democracy Card is free and
     any dependants. For further information             gives proof of your student status for
     visit:                      entry into other student venues
                                                       • The NUS Extra Card costs £10 for a year and
     Part-time work                                      entitles you to discounts at many shops and
     Many students undertake some part-time              restaurants locally and nationally, as well as
     work to help fund their period of study. The        cinemas, theatres, museums and other outlets.
     Students’ Union can help in finding work on         The card additionally gains holders entry
     campus or locally through the Job Shop run by       to most other student venues nationally
     the Independent Advice Unit. Please see the
     Jobshop section on page 28 for more details.
t: +44 1782 733726                  Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   23

Other expenses                                       Look out for Money Doctors sessions after
If you live in a University Hall of Residence,       enrolment to help you manage your income.
a basic level of insurance cover is provided         For further details see:
by Endsleigh Insurance Services. Students  
are provided with £4,000 of ‘core cover’             Enquiries:
with the option to extend the level of cover,
for an additional premium, if required.              Scholarships and bursaries
If you intend to live in the private rented          You may be entitled to a scholarship or bursary
sector and your belongings are not already           to help with fees or living expenses. You can find
covered by a policy at home, you may wish            information at:
to take out additional insurance cover.              New studentship opportunities become
                                                     available throughout the year and are posted
Family                                               to the web, often with fairly short application
If you will be accompanied by your family you’ll     periods, so it is worth checking it regularly at:
have additional costs for housing and food in
particular. Overall we estimate that postgraduates   choosingaresearchdegree/studentships
should allow an extra £4,500 for a partner and
£2,300 for each child. This does not include         Erasmus students will have been provided with
childcare, which would mean additional costs.        details of their grants by their home institution.
                                                     Unfortunately there is no financial support for
Sources of Funding                                   incoming Study Abroad students. Particular
The Student Funding Office offers advice on:         arrangements exist for certain exchange students.
• Government funding for UK
                                                     Hardship Funding
  postgraduate students
                                                     We regret that there is no substantial central
• Other sources of funding for students,             funding available for international students with
  including help with funding applications
                                                     temporary or long-term financial problems.
• General budgeting advice
• Payments to the University                         The Student Funding Office is located in
• Bursaries and scholarships                         42 The Covert, beside the entrance to the
                                                     Leisure Centre and is open Monday to Friday
We also administer US and Canadian                   from 9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm.
student loans, Professional and Career
Development Loans, the University Hardship           Tel: 01782 734087/733996 or 34087/33996 (internal).
Fund and the Access to Learning Fund.
24       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                    t: +44 1782 733726

     Part-time work and income tax                      Please bring with you the following
     It is possible to work part-time to help finance   documents to open a bank account:
     your time here. The Jobshop in the Students’       • Passport as identification.
     Union Building can help you find casual or
                                                        • If you are from a country outside of the
     part-time work – see page 28. International          European Union you must also provide
     students with visas allowing them to work            a valid visa (not applicable for students
     should remember the weekly time limit of             staying for less than 6 months and entering
     20 hours during term. For up-to-date advice          the country as Student Visitors).
     about paying income tax contact the Jobshop        • Proof of your address.
     on the top floor of the Students’ Union
                                                        • Your original letter of acceptance from the
     Building on 01782 734800 or 34800 (internal).        University to confirm your overseas address
     Banks                                                and a further letter confirming your campus
     There are cash points located centrally on           address – you can request these from the
     campus. Money can also be withdrawn free of          relevant office, either SCI (Student and Course
                                                          Information), the Graduate School for research
     charge from the Post Office in the Students’
                                                          students or CIED (Centre for International
     Union, and branches of major UK banks can
                                                          Exchange and Development) for exchange,
     be found in nearby Newcastle-under-Lyme.
                                                          Erasmus and Study Abroad students
     International Students and Banking                 If you are bringing money into the country in
     Most international students will be able to open   the form of a banker’s draft it’s more convenient
     a ‘basic’ bank account in the UK. The bank will    if this is in pounds sterling (£) and is issued by a
     need to see your visa (and/or passport) and        bank which has a branch/office in the UK, for
     proof that you are enrolled as a student.          example Deutsche Bank, Credit Lyonnaise.
     Please check that you can transfer money           If you are from the USA please remember that
     into your British bank account from abroad.        most US banks are state-based and often do
                                                        not have representation outside the States. You
                                                        may otherwise find that your banker’s draft can
                                                        take up to four weeks to clear and you will not
                                                        be able to access your money very quickly.
                                                        If you bring a credit card with you please
                                                        make sure that you can use it in the UK. If
                                                        there are multinational banks in your country
                                                        check you can use their ATMs in the UK.
t: +44 1782 733726                 Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   25

Student Life
Keele is well known for the                         Eating and shopping on campus
quality of its student life. We                     You’ll find a good variety of places to eat
                                                    on campus together with a range of shops
regularly obtain high scores in the                 for food, stationery and everyday needs.
government’s National Student
                                                    The campus shopping complex has a newsagent,
Survey and independent polls.                       bookshop, and a well-stocked convenience store.
With our green, friendly campus
                                                    The Students’ Union also has a shop and
and strong sense of community,                      organises a weekly fresh produce market.
it’s easy to see why.
Your Keele Card                                     eatingdrinkingkeele
You’ll be given an all-important Keele Card
when you enrol. It acts as your main form of
identification, in some cases it gives you access
to your accommodation, and entitles you to
discounts on campus and in some local clothing
stores, music stores and nightclubs. You will
also need your Keele Card to gain entry to
the Students’ Union for evening events.
You can load your Keele Card with cash credit
and use it as a discount card in the campus
convenience store, cafés and restaurants.
For enquiries and replacements go to
the Reception Desk in the Chancellor’s
Building next to Le Café.
Keele Card Administration
Tel: 01782 734014 or 34014 (internal)
26      Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                           t: +44 1782 733726

     Place/restaurant                                        Opening times (semester) Opening times (vacation)
     Le Café                               Monday-Friday     8am-5pm                      8am-5pm
     (Chancellor’s Building)               Saturday          CLOSED                       CLOSED
                                           Sunday            CLOSED                       CLOSED
     Vite & Eat                            Monday-Friday     8am-4.30pm                   8am-4pm
     (Chancellor’s Building)               Saturday          8.30am-2.30pm                CLOSED
     Sandwiches & drinks to take away      Sunday            CLOSED                       CLOSED
     Comus Restaurant                      Monday-Friday     8.30am-7pm                   CLOSED
     (Chancellor’s Building)               Saturday-Sun      CLOSED                       CLOSED
     Restaurant food, carvery and
     salad bar, also Meal Plan meals.
     The Kiln (Students’ Union)            Monday-Friday     9am-5pm                      CLOSED
     Great value hot food                  and at weekends   and from 9pm-2am             CLOSED
                                           at busy periods   9am-close                    CLOSED

     Harvey’s (Students’ Union)            Monday-Friday     8am-4pm                 9am-4pm
     Jacket potatoes, pizzas, salad bar,                     and 9pm until 2am       CLOSED
     sandwiches and light lunches          Saturday-Sunday   2pm-4pm at busy periods
     ST5 Take-a-Way                        Monday-Friday     12.30pm-9pm                  CLOSED
                                           Saturday          2pm-9pm                      CLOSED
                                           Sunday            4pm-9pm                      CLOSED
     Hawthorns                             Sunday Carvery    12 noon-2pm                  CLOSED
     Lindsays Bar & Shop                   Monday-Friday     10am-11pm                    CLOSED
                                           Saturday          12 noon-11pm                 CLOSED
                                           Sunday            12 noon-10.30pm              CLOSED
     Le Café                               Monday-Friday     8.45am-4pm                   11am-2pm
     (undergraduate                        Saturday          CLOSED                       CLOSED
     Medical School)                       Sunday            CLOSED                       CLOSED
     KPA Clubhouse                         Monday-Friday     12 noon-2.30pm               12 noon-2.30pm
     (for postgraduate students)                             6pm-8pm                      6pm-8pm
     behind the KUSU building

 The University offers a very economical Meal                Work opportunities –
 Plan and you can pay in advance for two meals               earn while you learn
 a day (breakfast and dinner) in the Comus                   There are part-time work opportunities
 restaurant. Please ask in the restaurant for                both on campus and locally. The Students’
 details or find the details on our website.                 Union’s Jobshop is based in the Independent
                                                             Advice Unit on the building’s top floor. It
 Pubs and bars                                               advertises on and off-campus vacancies and
 There are many good bars on campus as
                                                             deals with student staff vacancies within the
 well as cafés selling non-alcohol drinks.
                                                             Students’ Union’s various departments.
 There is also a Common Room in each Hall
 of Residence, where students can hang out
 in a strictly ‘no-alcohol’ environment.
t: +44 1782 733726                  Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   27

The Jobshop also provides advice on employment       There is a rich and varied musical life on
rights, employment law, working in the UK            campus, see:
and can help with information about tax and          mu/performance.htm and the ‘What’s
National Insurance. Please note, if you’re an        On’ pages on the University website.
international student, with permission to work
                                                     Newcastle Players
in the UK, please be aware of the 20-hour per
week limit for part-time work during semesters,
and the fact that you cannot work if you have        North Staffordshire Symphony Orchestra
entered the country as a Student Visitor.  
You can find vacancies on a display                  Keele University Students’ Union (KUSU)
board within the Jobshop or from the                 The Students’ Union is a representative
website:                        organisation for students here. It supports
Students’ Union’s Jobshop:                           and champions student activities and
Telephone/fax: 01782 734800                          offers a broad range of services such
Email:                      as the Independent Advice Unit.
                                                     KUSU has a proud history of service provision,
Childcare on campus                                  campaigning and representing students at Keele
There is a well-equipped, purpose-built nursery
                                                     University, including International Students.
for the children of students and staff.
                                                     Services include:
The Day Nursery
                                                     Societies, including dance, drama, student
Tel: 01782 733394 (or 33394 from an internal line)
                                                     radio and more. There are over 50 societies
                                                     to choose from ranging from an African-
                                                     Caribbean Society to a Rock Gospel Choir.
                                                     Tel: 01782 733704 or 33704 (internal)
Getting involved – join a club or society
                                                     Check out
There are a great many interesting clubs             societies for more detail
and societies at Keele, all of which
contribute enormously to the University’s            Shop, offering sandwiches, snacks,
strong sense of community.                           clothing, stationery, oriental foods and a
                                                     great deal more at affordable prices.
Joining a club, society or sports team
is a fantastic way to meet new people                Post Office, where you can buy international
and settle into student life.                        phone cards, send packages and parcels, tax
                                                     your car and find help with a range of services.
You can also go off campus and make a positive       The Post Office also contains a Bureau de
impact on the community by joining the               Change and offers some free banking facilities.
Voluntary Experience Project. Alternatively you      It recently reached no less than the national
can get involved with the community through a        finals for the Best Post Office Award.
local drama group, orchestra or sports team.
Tel: 01782 733704 or 33704 (internal)
28   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                      t: +44 1782 733726

 Print Shop, inexpensive photocopying,               You’ll have ample opportunity to participate
 printing and binding services.                      in the music scene and we actively encourage
                                                     students to run their own events, from talent
 Reception, the place to collect your registered
                                                     shows to popular cultural events, such as the
 parcels and send and receive faxes. You can
                                                     Showcase Showdown and charity events, including
 also buy tickets for Union events and, for
                                                     Oxjam. There’s also a diverse programme of
 those thriftiest of thrill seekers amongst
                                                     International Cultural Events (ICE) each semester.
 you, discounted tickets for Alton Towers.
                                                     Welcome Weeks signal the start of the academic
 The Jobshop, located on the top floor, exists to
                                                     year – two weeks of some of the biggest events
 help you find work both on and off-campus.
                                                     in the social calendar. The Welcome Fair is the
 The Voluntary Experience (VE@Keele) – is an         perfect opportunity to make new friends, find
 exciting project designed to develop and enhance    out everything you need to know about the
 links between Keele and the local community.        Union and its services, join societies and pick
 By working in partnership with students             up free gifts and information from both local
 and voluntary organisations, which provide          and national companies and organisations.
 services across the region, it offers a wonderful   There will be a shorter repeat session in January
 opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and     for new students arriving at that stage.
 to make a positive difference to other people’s
                                                     KUSU is fully accessible to all. There is extensive
 lives. See for more information.
                                                     wi-fi access, a lift to all floors from the food court
 Catering, including Harvey’s for healthy eating     area. There are toilets for people with disabilities
 options, and The Kiln for all-day meals and fast    and baby-changing facilities throughout the
 food. Barista is a smart, licensed coffee lounge    building. Keys are available from Reception.
 and a great place to meet your friends. And don’t
                                                     Tel: 01782 733700 or 33700 (internal).
 miss ‘Outback’, KUSU’s landscaped outdoor
 living space where you can eat, drink and relax.
 Bars – include Barista, The Lounge, Sam’s and K2    Sports Clubs
 with great entertainment seven nights a week.       There are excellent facilities for indoor
                                                     and outdoor sport and fitness activities
 The Travel Shop, located on the top                 here. For further details on the Sports
 floor, provides a holiday, flight and travel        Centre and what it has to offer: www.keele.
 information and booking service.          
 Tel: 01782 715215 or see
                                                     The Athletic Union has over 40 different clubs
 KUSU offers a fantastic and varied programme        and encourages everyone to try something. The
 of entertainment, with club nights on Mondays,      strong emphasis is on having fun and keeping
 Wednesdays and Fridays. KUSU provides               fit as well as competition. Many of the clubs
 comedy nights, open mic, Battle of the              compete in the British Universities and Colleges
 Bands, quizzes and, as one of the UK’s leading      Sports Association (BUCS) which gives the
 student venues, a regular series of live gigs.      traditional Wednesday afternoon of sport.
t: +44 1782 733726                  Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   29

Students arriving in September can join the          Religious Matters
Athletic Union (AU) at the Sports Fair held in the   Keele is a harmonious, multicultural community
Sports Centre on the first Sunday, Monday and        and there’s an ecumenical Chapel and an Islamic
Tuesday of the academic year. There’s normally       Centre on campus. Members of different
a Welcome Back Fair later in the year around         faiths can also find places of worship in
November/December but opportunities to               neighbouring towns and cities. The chaplains
join throughout the year. All the clubs will be      are happy to advise on places and communities
present. If you can’t attend the fair you can        of worship for people of any religion.
join for the same price at a later date in the
AU Office. A small AU membership fee pays            Keele Chapel: provides a focus for Christian
for personal insurance and transport costs.          worship in a variety of styles. The Chapel is
Contact the AU Office – 01782 733638                 interdenominational (Anglican, Catholic and Free
or 33638 (internal)              Church). It also includes The Space, a quiet/prayer
For a list of sports clubs see: www.kusu/net/au      room available for individuals of any faith or none.
                                                     Chapel Office
Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)                 Tel: 01782 733393 or 33393 (internal)
The KPA serves as the focal point for the
social life and welfare needs of postgraduate
students during their time at Keele. It              You can also find a list of local places of
provides entertainment, catering, study              worship at
facilities and a welfare referral service.
                                                     Islamic worship: An Islamic Centre with worship
The KPA has a committee of elected officers          facilities is located in Barnes Hall of Residence.
who organise social events for postgraduates
and also provides support and guidance. The          The local area – Staffordshire
KPA runs a hugely popular clubhouse (near            and the North Midlands
Horwood Hall) with a real-ale bar, reasonably-       This section should help you find your way
priced food and other social facilities.             around and give you a flavour of what there is
                                                     to see and do in this always interesting region.
The Chair of the KPA represents postgraduates on
important University committees such as Council,
Senate, and the Learning and Teaching Committee.
Tel: 01782 584228 or 4228 (internal)
30   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                      t: +44 1782 733726

 The Number 25 bus connects the University
 with the nearest towns, shops and further           worth knowing…
 transportation. It takes you to Newcastle-under-    Stoke-on-Trent isn’t a single town but a city
 Lyme (usually just called ‘Newcastle’) where you    consisting of six towns in one large area:
 can take further buses or coaches. It then goes
 on past Stoke-on-Trent train station and on to
                                                     Stoke, Hanley, Longton,
 Hanley, the main shopping area in Stoke-on-Trent.   Burslem, Fenton, Tunstall
                                                     • These towns were granted city status in 1910.
 Buses run every 10 to 15 minutes during
 the day though less frequently in                   • It has a Premier League football
 the evenings and on Sundays.                          club, Stoke City FC.
 In addition, the First and Arriva (number 85)       City website:
 buses also run through the campus every
                                                     The area is often referred to as
 hour during the day, less frequently in the
                                                     ‘The Potteries’ for its traditional role as
 evenings, and on Sundays. This service also
                                                     the centre of the UK ceramic industry.
 connects the University with Crewe and
 Chester as well as Newcastle and Hanley.            Although Stoke-on-Trent comprises six towns it is
                                                     sometimes referred to as
 You can find timetables for both services in the    ‘The Five Towns’. Thanks to Arnold Bennett’s
 Travel Shop in the Students’ Union, together with   novel Anna of the Five Towns, one or
 advice on buying season tickets and bus passes.     other of them tends to get left out!
 Hanley has a National Express coach
 station and the 25 Bus will take you to
                                                     You’ll find most of the things you’ll need for your
 and from there. There is also an office in
                                                     first few days at Keele in the shops on campus.
 Newcastle-under-Lyme bus station.
                                                     There’s also fresh fruit and vegetables and other
 To book a taxi try Sid’s on 01782 713999            fresh produce stalls outside the Students’ Union
 or ABC Supreme on 01782 632222.                     every Tuesday during term time, though you may
                                                     wish to explore the local shopping centres too.
                                                     Newcastle has a good selection of shops, run
                                                     both by independent or family traders and
                                                     the large retail chains. There’s also a regular
                                                     Farmers’ Market on the last Friday of each
                                                     month where you can buy local produce. The
                                                     town’s markets are also an inexpensive source
                                                     of pots and pans, bedlinen, crockery and
                                                     clothing. Wilkinsons also stocks a wide range
                                                     of household items at reasonable prices.
                                                     Newcastle retains its original medieval street-
                                                     plan and the market area is locally known
                                                     as ‘The Stones’. The main shopping streets
                                                     are the High Street and Iron Market and the
                                                     Roebuck Centre is a popular shopping mall.
t: +44 1782 733726                 Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   31

For Halal food the best option is Shelton,
between Hanley and Stoke-on-Trent, where              Newcastle-under-
you will find excellent grocers’ shops within       Lyme, worth knowing…
five minutes walk of the 25 bus stop just           Main shopping streets: The pedestrianised
after Stoke-on-Trent railway station.               High Street and Iron Market and the
For pharmaceutical needs there are a number         Roebuck Shopping Centre.
of chemists’ shops in Newcastle, including          Market days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays –
Boots and Superdrug, both in the market             Farmers’ Market the last Friday in the month.
area of the town. Specsavers is good for eye-
testing and glasses. You’ll find a list of local    Restaurants: You’ll find Thai, Chinese, Italian
chemists on the Independent Advice Unit             and Indian as well as traditional English fare.
website at                  Traditional Pubs: The Old Brown Jug, The Bulls
Clothes shopping                                    Head, The George and Dragon, The Black Friar.
The main large clothing stores are in Hanley,       Chain pubs include Wetherspoons and Yates’s.
the main shopping centre within Stoke-on-
Trent. The Potteries Centre is a large and          Contemporary bars and wine bars: There are
popular shopping mall with branches of all the      plenty to choose from and more are opening all
major chain stores together with lots more          the time as Newcastle makes a name for itself
individual shops. There is a popular John Lewis     as a major centre for a good night out. Borough
store at Cheadle in Cheshire – on the way to        website:
Manchester from Congleton on the A34.               Staffordshire County Magazine:
                                                    ‘If Newcastle is a bustling market town by day,
Electrical goods
                                                    by night it is positively buzzing. With scores of
You can purchase electrical items at Boots          pubs within the town centre and just beyond,
and cheaply at Argos in Newcastle but for           the town attracts tens of thousands of revellers
larger electrical items you may find a better       every weekend. Add to that the restaurants
selection at Festival Park near Hanley.             and the Vue Cinema right in the heart of
There is much to see and much to do in nearby       town and it is little wonder people flood in
towns and in the attractive countryside which is    from far and wide to enjoy a night out.’
never very far away. Up-to-date information is      Although very close to Stoke-on-Trent,
available from local tourist information offices    Newcastle-under-Lyme is a separate and older
and the 24-Hour Reception on campus.                borough and proud of its own identity.
Tourist information
                                                    ‘It’s near Stoke-on-Trent but not
Newcastle’s Tourist Information Centre is located   part of it, you understand…’
in the town centre library, and is open Monday
to Friday, and on Saturday mornings. The staff
there are always extremely helpful and will          Recent gigs...
be delighted to advise you. There is always a
good display of posters and leaflets advertising     Subways, Enter Shikari, Dirty Pretty
forthcoming events in the centre. You can also       Things, One Night Only, The Rifles,
borrow books, CDs and DVDs. Tel: 01782 297313        Less Than Jake, Young Knives,
                                                     Trivium and Pendulum
32   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                     t: +44 1782 733726

 On campus…                                               Cinemas –
 Keele offers one of the best student                contact details…
 entertainment programmes in                         Vue Cinema, Newcastle:
 the country, including:                             Tel: 08712 240240 or see
 • Three club nights each week in the       for details
   KUSU to cater for all tastes.                     Odeon, Festival Park, Hanley
 • Live gigs from established and                    Tel: 08712 244007
   emerging bands such as The Pigeon       
   Detectives and Scouting for Girls.
                                                     Film Theatre
 • Open mic, Battle of the Bands,
                                                     (Staffordshire University campus)
   comedy, cultural and quiz nights.
                                                     Tel: 01782 411188.
 The University runs a classical concert   
 series throughout the year and there are
 opportunities to sing or perform yourself           Swimming, bowling, dry ski-ing...
 in choirs, orchestras and big bands.                Festival Park has a large leisure area including a
                                                     bowling alley, dry ski-slope and the giant Water
 Full details of events are shown on the             World swimming complex with white-knuckle
 KUSU website:                     water slides, chutes, bubble-pools and other
                                                     attractions: See
 In town...
                                                     Theatres and concert halls
 Cinemas                                             The New Victoria Theatre, voted Britain’s ‘most
 Very close to campus, as you enter Newcastle
                                                     welcoming theatre’, just outside Newcastle
 from the direction of Keele, you can’t miss
                                                     town centre on the way to Stoke-on-Trent,
 the large eight-screen Vue Cinema.
                                                     is the main venue for the area. There is a
 There’s also a ten-screen Odeon at Festival Park    varied programme of local and touring theatre
 near Hanley – telephone 0870 5050007 for details.   including Shakespeare in the early summer and
                                                     pantomimes at Christmas. There are also jazz,
 Both cinema complexes offer student                 classical, folk and world music concerts. Call
 discounts on production of a valid NUS card.        01782 717962 or see
 For ‘art-house’ cinema and independent films        In Stoke-on-Trent, the Regent Theatre
 The Film Theatre on the campus of Staffordshire     is a major regional venue. It stages West
 University offers a varied and interesting          End plays and musicals as well as the
 programme. Seats are reasonably priced and          traditional Christmas pantomime.
 can be booked by phone in advance.
                                                     In Hanley, the Victoria Hall provides mainly
                                                     ‘one night’ events – orchestras, stand-up
                                                     comedians and touring groups etc.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   33

       Theatres –                                     Further afield...
contact details…                                      Keele is close to the M6 and major rail
                                                      connections. Manchester, Liverpool, Chester,
The New Victoria Theatre, Newcastle                   Birmingham, and Nottingham are only an hour
‘Britain’s most welcoming theatre’:                   away. The bright lights of London are less than a
Call 01782 717962 or see                              two-hour train journey away. There are frequent                              train and coach services from Stoke-on-Trent and
The Regent Theatre, Hanley                            Crewe. You can book in advance for cheap tickets.
Victoria Hall, Hanley
For both theatres ring 01782 213800.                  There are plenty of things to see and do in the
See also                    North West of England and the Midlands.
                                                      Historic Chester and Shrewsbury are within
Live Music                                            easy reach by car or public transport
As well as top notch gigs in the Students’ Union      and the incomparable Stratford-upon-
there’s the Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent’s nationally   Avon (William Shakespeare’s birthplace),
acclaimed live venue and nightclub. It caters well    is also within easy travelling distance.
to all tastes – indie and alternative as well as
pop and rock. See:            The Potteries
                                                      The area around Stoke-on-Trent is traditionally
Days out                                              known as ‘The Potteries’ because of the major
Traveling anywhere in the country from Keele          pottery and china manufacturing that developed
is easy if you make use of local bus and train        here from the 17th and 18th centuries. Many
services and the National Express coaches. There’s    of the great ceramic companies are household
also much to see and do close by. This is by no       names – Wedgwood, Minton, Spode.
means a comprehensive list, simply a flavour
of what is available right on your doorstep!          The ceramic industry has sadly declined
                                                      in recent decades but a number of major
                                                      outlets are still open and most offer factory
                                                      tours and demonstrations together with the
                                                      opportunity to visit their ‘seconds’ shops
                                                      where you can buy rejects at reduced prices.
                                                      Stoke-on-Trent’s Art Gallery and Museum has
                                                      a fascinating collection and the Gladstone
                                                      Pottery Museum, Etruria Mills and the
                                                      Wedgwood factory are all well worth a visit.
34       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                          t: +44 1782 733726

                                                              The Peak District
          Visitor attractions –                               One of the UK’s most attractive National
     museums, galleries                                       Parks covering most of Derbyshire and parts
     and pottery tours…                                       of Staffordshire, the Peak District is an area
     Wedgwood pottery: Boasts an audio tour of                of great beauty, and ideal for walking.
     the factory and visual displays, with interesting
                                                              Attractions include an incredible abundance
     background material and history of the area.
                                                              of historic houses, many famous from
     Tel: 01782 204218 or see
                                                              feature films and TV period dramas:
     Stoke-on-Trent City Council manages four                 Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Hardwick
     award-winning museums:                    Hall, Kedleston Hall.
                                                              Picturesque towns: Bakewell, Ashbourne, Buxton
     The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery: The
                                                              Scenic beauty: The Manifold Valley, Dovedale,
     region’s main museum and gallery with general
                                                              Castleton and the Blue John Caverns.
     history (including a full-scale Spitfire fighter plane
                                                              Historic villages: Monyash, Youlgrave,
     invented by a local engineer) and superb exhibition
                                                              Eyam, the famous ‘plague’ village.
     documenting the development of the ceramic
                                                              Cycling and walking: Major off-road cycle routes…
     industry. Local and touring art collections. Well
                                                              the High Peak Trail, Monsal Trail, The Tissington
     worth a visit. Admission free. Tel: 01782 232323.
                                                              Trail... see www.peakdistrictinformation.
     Gladstone Pottery Museum: A fascinating                  com/outdoors/cycletrails.php
     renovated pottery of the kind that produced              see and
     ordinary household pottery. With distinctive             other sites for walking information.
     bottle kilns and displays it is a unique                 Sailing, fishing etc:
     working museum. Tel: 01782 319232.                       Rudyard Lake is one of the most scenic in
     Etruria Industrial Museum: A scheduled ancient           the country. See
     monument with working steam engine.                      …and much more.
     Ford Green Hall: Half-timbered 17th century              For tourist information ring Bakewell,
     house with period garden. Best visited                   Tel: 01629 813227 or see
     when there are special events on.
                                                              Alton Towers – the UK’s
     Newcastle-under-Lyme has its own Borough
                                                              best-known theme park
     Museum and Art Gallery in the attractive
                                                              Famous for its spectacular rides set in acres of
     Brampton Park just outside the town centre.
                                                              lush grounds, Alton Towers is easily accessible by
     It has permanent displays on local history and
                                                              car or bus. There is a bus service from Newcastle
     regular art exhibitions. Tel: 01782 619705.
                                                              daily in the summer – details available from
                                                              the Tourist Information Office in town. Tel:
                                                              08705 204060 or see
                                                              You can buy discounted tickets for Alton
                                                              Towers from the KUSU Box Office.
t: +44 1782 733726                 Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   35

Little Moreton Hall                                 Nantwich
A well-known and charming Elizabethan moated        An historic Cheshire market town with regular
manor house, the finest example of its kind,        music festivals, an international cheese festival,
made with timber in a style typical of the          cosy pubs and a wealth of places to eat and drink.
area. It has an attractive garden, a moat and a
restaurant/café. On the A34 towards Congleton.      Trentham Gardens… shopping, gardens,
Tel: 01260 272018.         monkey forest, Aerial Extreme ride...
                                                    Trentham, just south of Newcastle, is the UK’s
Shugborough Hall                                    largest garden restoration project and one of
The 18th-century home of the Earls of Lichfield     the region’s top attractions. There’s an Italian
it also houses the Staffordshire County             Garden, a retail park, a monkey forest where you
Museum. Shugborough has art, gold from a            can wander freely among 140 Barbary macaques
captured Spanish treasure ship, and beautiful       and, for the bold, the Aerial Extreme tree-top
rooms in a lovely riverside setting, a Georgian     adventure course. See
farmstead with rare breeds of livestock and a
working flour mill.

The cathedral town of Lichfield, birth-
place of Dr Johnson, is well worth a visit.
For tourist information tel: 01543 308209
or see

Leek – gateway to the Moorlands
The attractive hilltop town of Leek is the
gateway to the spectacular Staffordshire
Moorlands and the rocky outcrops known as
The Roaches. A former mill-town it is now an
important antiques centre with a tremendous
selection of quality bars, cafés and restaurants.
It also hosts a major arts festival each May.
36   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                       t: +44 1782 733726

 From gentle country walks to                          Eight outdoor tennis and netball courts are
                                                       also offered with an indoor tennis court
 competitive sports, keeping active
                                                       available in one of our sports halls.
 is easy. Keele Leisure Centre and
                                                       The newly refurbished artificial surface pitches
 Athletics Union offer sports
                                                       host both football and hockey. The flood-
 facilities for all students. These                    lit pitches are extremely popular during the
 are affordable, with low rates for                    evenings. The area consists of three seven-
 students, conveniently situated on                    a-side sized pitches or one full sized pitch.
                                                       These are available for use during the day.
 campus and offer excellent in and
 outdoor facilities.                                   The all-weather training area is floodlit
                                                       during the evenings for general use.
 Keele University Athletic Union (KUAU)                Two enormous sports halls with viewing areas
 KUAU is the body that runs over 35 sports clubs,
                                                       are capable of hosting up to four badminton
 creating over 50 teams (Team Keele) catering for
                                                       courts each, volleyball, five-a-side football,
 all abilities, from novices to elite sportspeople.
                                                       tennis, roller hockey, trampoline, archery,
 As members of the British Universities and
                                                       netball and basketball. One sports hall offers
 College Sports (BUCS) KUAU competes
                                                       a traditional solid wood floor while the other
 against other universities every Wednesday
                                                       a synthetic surface. These halls come alive
 and provides the opportunity to simply be
                                                       when filled with students, particularly on
 part of a team. There’s no obligation to play
                                                       Wednesday afternoons with AU matches,
 for any club and you can fit practice sessions
                                                       whether you are a spectator or participant.
 around your course timetable and deadlines.
                                                       The squash courts are one of the leisure centre’s
 Facilities                                            most popular facilities. A 40-minute session here
 All facilities are a short walk from the main Halls   makes for a tremendous cardio-vascular workout.
 of Residence. There are beautiful surroundings        Courts are available throughout the day and all
 and extensive grounds including 12 sports             standards of play are welcome. The courts include
 pitches for football, lacrosse, cricket and           two superior, glass-backed competition courts.
 rugby. The pitches are kept in top condition
 throughout the year. They are mainly used             The up-tempo room has 11 spinning bikes and
 by the AU clubs on Wednesdays but you can             a thrilling atmosphere created by disco lighting
 also use them for individual bookings.                and enthusiastic instructors. Whether it’s weight
                                                       loss, toning or general fitness this room is for you.
                                                       Spinning classes are available throughout the week
                                                       offering afternoon and evening workout times.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11    37

Fitness centre                                        Gymnasium
The fitness centre comprises 18 cardio-vascular       This is a sizeable area that hosts many of
machines, 20 resistance machines, a large free        our fitness classes and is also used for
weights area and the revolutionary Technogym          basketball, badminton and table tennis.
Kinesis room. The stations offer unlimited
variations from the most simple bicep curl to         Bouldering wall
sport-specific multi-plane movements. The             The wall provides many routes at various
room has a relaxing oriental feel with balance        difficulty levels. Perfect for beginners
boards, exercise balls and a large floor area ideal   through to experienced climbers the
for flexibility exercises. We also use the latest     wall is fantastic for training.
plasma technology with a touch screen to guide
you through your personal exercise programme.         Drop-in sessions
A gym instructor will accompany you on your           Our flexible drop-in sessions are ideal if you’d like
first visit to the fitness suite to provide a full    to meet new people and socialise. Badminton
induction. Our instructors are always there           and tennis are available during the week.
to answer your questions and help with your
training needs. They have a wealth of knowledge
                                                      A full programme runs throughout term time.
and experiences so don’t hesitate to ask.
                                                      Some of the most popular exercise classes include
Dance studio                                          salsa aerobics, line dancing, spinning, kick-boxing,
With its sprung floor the dance studio is perfect     pilates, yoga, belly dancing and many more.
for smaller groups and one-on-one sessions.
Typically used for martial arts and fitness classes
this is a well-used area within the centre.
38   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                       t: +44 1782 733726

 Information for
 international students
 If this is your first time studying                   If you don’t need a student visa…
 abroad, then you may wonder                           Even if you are from a country where you don’t
                                                       need a visa to enter the UK, you must apply for
 what to expect. Don’t worry!                          ‘entry clearance’ before travelling if you intend to
 Keele staff and students will help                    stay in the UK for more than six months. You can
 you at every stage – during the                       do this at your nearest British Embassy or High
                                                       Commission. There are two exceptions to this rule:
 application process, your arrival,
 throughout your studies and even                      1. You come from the European Economic
                                                          Area (EEA = EU plus Norway, Iceland
 after you’ve graduated.                                  and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland
 International Student Support                         2. You are a British National (Overseas), or another
 Keele’s International Student Support                    type of British national who does not have
 Officer is available to discuss anything of              the right of abode in the UK, even if you want
 concern and will advise you or direct you                to come for more than six months. However,
                                                          there are many good reasons to obtain entry
 to the most appropriate source of help.
                                                          clearance, even though it is not compulsory for
 You can find the Student Support                         you. For further details visit:
 Office in the Walter Moberly Building,                Please be aware that immigration
 ground floor, Room WM0.17.                            requirements have been going through
 Office hours are Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm.           rapid changes so you should always check
 Tel: 01782 733801 (or 33801 from an internal line).   websites for the latest information.

 You can also find lots of information and advice at   If you do need a student visa...         Students from a country not in the EEA (= EU
                                                       plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), many
 Immigration and visa requirements                     Commonwealth countries, Japan or the US
 for international students                            will need a visa to gain entry into the United
 We will provide you with the                          Kingdom. You will get a visa by applying to
 documentation and advice you need to                  your local British Embassy, High Commission or
 get a new visa or extend an old one.                  Consulate. The type of visa you need is called
                                                       ‘Tier 4 (General)’ which covers students and
 Please also see: www.ukba.homeoffice.                 the application form should be downloadable                               if you search for ‘tier 4 application form’.
 And our own website:
t: +44 1782 733726                    Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   39

• If you have a passport from some                     Police registration and other
  Commonwealth countries you will still need           registrations for international students
  a visa for the UK. Input your information            Please check your visa to see whether
  at to see if you do
                                                       it’s necessary to register with the police
• If you are living in a country that doesn’t need     when you arrive in the UK. If this is the
  visas for the UK but you are not a citizen           case you’ll be able to do so at Keele soon
  of that country you may still need a visa
                                                       after arrival if you come in September. We
• If you need a visa and intend to travel in and       will provide details when you arrive.
  out of the UK during your period of study
  you should get a ‘multiple entry visa’. (UK          If you have any questions after arrival please
  visas are usually valid for multiple entries         contact: Ms Carole Madden
  to the UK until the expiry date shown                Immigration and Nationality Department
  on the visa.) See:                Staffordshire Police HQ
• There are three basic conditions for                 Cannock Road, Stafford, ST17 0QG
  getting a visa: having sufficient funds to
                                                       Tel: 01785 235281
  cover your stay; joining a full-time course
  at Keele University; intention to leave the          Fax: 01785 226056
  UK after completion of the studies                   You have to notify the UK Border Agency of any
• A ‘student’ visa is better for most students than    changes of address, visa extensions and other
  a ‘student visitor’ visa which has restrictions on   changes of circumstances within seven days in
  work etc. Your visa will be on a biometric card      order to update your certificate of registration.
  you need to bring to the UK with your passport
Visa period                                            Chinese student registration
                                                       Some countries prefer their citizens to register
The UK Home Office has introduced charges
                                                       with their embassies or consulates. For
for applications to extend your stay in the
                                                       instance, Chinese students at Keele are required
UK (currently £357 by post, £565 in person).
                                                       to register with the Chinese Consulate in
You should therefore try to get permission to
                                                       Manchester. Please see their website at
stay for a period that will cover your whole
course. Your letter from Keele will indicate
                                                       Or call them on 0161 224 7443.
the expected end date of your course, and
you will normally be given a visa, which
                                                       Legal advice
expires four months after the expected end
                                                       You can obtain legal advice on campus from
date. In most cases this will not be sufficient
                                                       the Independent Advice Unit on the top
time to enable you to attend the relevant
                                                       floor of the Students’ Union building.
graduation ceremony, and you will probably
need to request a visiting visa at that time.          Tel: 01782 734800 or 34800 (internal)
You should note that if you are admitted
to the UK as a student you are permitted
to work, but if you are admitted to the UK
as a visitor you are not permitted to work.
You should ensure that your visa or passport
is stamped Student and not Visitor.
40   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                         t: +44 1782 733726

 Health care advice                                      International students from non-EEA
 for international students                              countries studying for six months or less
 Health care in the UK is provided by the National       If you’re not from an EEA country and are studying
 Health Service (NHS) and you are entitled to the        for six months or less (or have only six months
 same service as a British citizen if you are studying   left) you will not be entitled to free medical
 here with six months or longer left on your course.     treatment. You should take out private medical
 You’ll need to register with the NHS at your            insurance before leaving your country and claim
 nearest doctor during your first few days at Keele.     for treatment on your return or simply pay
                                                         for treatment and medication when required.
 There is no charge for a consultation but if you
                                                         You may also take out insurance on arrival or
 are over 19 years of age there is a small standard
                                                         have details included in your Fresher’s Pack.
 fee for each item of medicine prescribed by
 the doctor. This standard prescription charge           If hospital treatment is necessary you will incur
 can be more expensive than buying brand                 greater costs than if you were seen by a normal
 name drugs such as cough medicine, aspirin,             doctor – known as a General Practitioner or GP.
 plasters and bandages, etc. It is advisable to buy      A consultation with a GP will cost about £20
 such items from a chemist shop – for example            plus the cost of any medication prescribed.
 Boots, one of the main high street retailers.
                                                         Please note – everyone is entitled to free
 If you have an accident you are entitled to free        emergency treatment in a hospital Accident
 consultation in a hospital Accident and Emergency       and Emergency (A&E) department but
 unit and any further hospital treatment required.       the after-care and follow-up treatment
                                                         are not included free of charge.
 Students studying for
                                                         If you’re only in the UK for a short time you may
 six months or less from EEA countries
                                                         want to bring with you any medication you take
 If you are from a country in the European
                                                         regularly. Please bring a doctor’s letter explaining
 Economic Area (EEA*) and are staying here for less
                                                         why you need it and present this letter to
 than six months you’ll also receive free treatment
                                                         Customs and Excise officers at your port of entry.
 on production of the European Health Insurance
 Card. You should obtain this from your home
 country before coming to the UK. You will not be
 charged for consultation but will still have to pay
 for medication. See for details.
 *The EEA covers countries from the
 European Union (EU) plus Norway, Iceland,
 Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   41

Information for
Exchange Students
Each year we exchange 100-120                        English Language Unit
Keele students with a similar                        The English Language Unit (ELU) in the Chancellor’s
                                                     Building helps international students to maximise
number of students from our                          their academic experience at Keele. We also offer
partner universities in other parts                  teacher-training courses for students interested in
of Europe, in North America,                         qualifying to teach English for speakers of other
Australia, Hong Kong, Korea                          languages and run core modules in language
                                                     and study skills for Foundation Year students.
and South Africa.
                                                     Programmes and services include:
The Centre for International Exchange
and Development (CIED) – looks after the             English Language Teacher Training courses
exchange and visiting student programmes             leading to the Trinity College Certificate in
                                                     TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language).
This office handles the administration and
financial management of all exchange,                Language teaching courses for
ERASMUS and visiting student (study abroad)          international students.
programmes. It is the first point of contact
                                                     20-minute one-to-one ‘English Clinics’ with
for students from partner universities in
                                                     a tutor, available to all international students
other countries and those on fee-paying
                                                     on a weekly, sign-up basis. Please refer to
study abroad programmes. We manage their
                                                     the English Language Unit noticeboard.
registration, enrolment and course selection.
                                                     Advice and guidance on self-study
We are also responsible for all Keele students
                                                     for language improvement.
wishing to study at one of our partner
universities on the Study Abroad Scheme              Language materials and resources for loan.
during their second year. Please see
                                                     External English Language examinations, for further details.
                                                     advice and preparation materials.
It is possible to attend a summer school or short
                                                     You can visit the language unit website
programme in another country while studying at
                                                     for more information
Keele. You can find more details on our web pages.
                                                     depts/solcca/elu/index.htm Or email us
We also run a variety of short language              on with any specific
and culture programmes in conjunction                enquiries or concerns you may have.
with the English Language Unit, in particular
for Japanese universities. You can find our
offices on the ground floor of the Walter
Moberly building next to the Chapel.
42   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                       t: +44 1782 733726

 Resources for Study
 Library Services
 Resources                                             Opening hours and catalogue
 You’ll find Keele’s Library Services at the Keele     • The Campus Library is open for 24 hours
 Campus and University Hospital of North                 a day at certain times during the year
 Staffordshire (known as the ‘Hospital Campus’).       • Opening hours are available
 Some Health Faculty students are based there            via the Library website.
 for some or all of their courses. You can use both    • Please remember that opening hours
 libraries. Use your Keele Card to borrow books.         change during University vacations
                                                       • You can find books and renew your loans
 We aim to provide the printed and online
                                                         online at
 information resources you need. There’s off-
 campus access to most of our online resources –       Help
 these include journals and books. The Campus          You’ll find plenty of information on the
 Library’s Short Loan collection contains              Library website, including a list of electronic
 textbooks you can borrow for 24 hours.                journals and help accessing all our online
 If you’re not based on or near the Keele Campus       resources: visit
 it might be smart to sign up for the SCONUL           Both Libraries have an Enquiries Desk
 Access Scheme. The scheme enables you to              and the Campus Library also has
 use other university libraries for reference.         an online Enquiries service.
 Studying                                              New students receive information about
 To work in a group, book one of our Group             the Library during inductions, which are
 Study Rooms, or work in the Group Study Area          usually arranged by your school. Library
 on the Middle Floor – which is where you enter        staff at the Campus Library will be happy
 the campus library building. Alternatively, use the   to help you get started there as part of our
 Silent Study areas on the Ground and Top Floors       “Meet ’n’ Greet” scheme in Semester One.
                                                       For further details, see:
 Other Library facilities include self-
 service machines to borrow and return                 Email: Campus Library –
 books and photocopiers; you can also buy              Health Library:
 some essential stationery items and the
                                                       If you have a question or need some help
 Campus Library is wireless enabled.
                                                       please just ask a member of staff!
 It’s a good idea to wait until you’ve arrived at
 Keele before buying textbooks – you may find
 them in the Library or be able to buy them
 second-hand. Every Friday in the Students’ Union
 Ballroom there is a second-hand book stall.
t: +44 1782 733726                  Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   43

Information Technology services                      Careers service
We’re here to help you with your computing           Whatever your year of study the Careers
and IT requirements. We’ll provide you with          Service can assist you with career choice, work
an IT Account Username and Password along            experience, identifying employers and vacancies,
with a Keele University Student email address.       action planning, making applications, preparing
Please check your emails regularly. It’s important   a CV, interview techniques, psychometric
that you do this as the University will often        testing, postgraduate study... and more.
communicate with you in this way. You’ll need
                                                     You may speak to a Careers Adviser
your IT Username and Password to access the
                                                     at regular drop-in sessions or make
wireless network, connect your computer in your
                                                     a full guidance appointment.
room via the wired network or use a computer
in one of the PC laboratories across campus. So      An Events Calendar, together with latest news
please keep it safe and don’t allow anyone else      and other information, is available on the
to use it. You’ll benefit from Keele’s many online   careers website:
facilities. Some may already be familiar to you.
                                                     Contact details: Tel: 01782 733023, email:
We use e-Vision, a web portal which allows you
                                            The careers service
to view and amend certain data held on the
                                                     is located within the Centre for Learning
University’s student records database. The Keele
                                                     and Student Support, Room WM0.35, the
Learning Environment is an online virtual
                                                     Walter Moberly Building (next to the Chapel).
learning area for your academic material. And, of
                                                     Open Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm.
course, you will have access to our up-to-date
software, file storage and printing facilities.
                                                     Jobshop and voluntary
                                                     experience project
                                                     We can help you look for paid employment or
                                                     volunteering opportunities to help broaden your
                                                     skills and expand your CV. We are based in the
                                                     Independent Advice Unit in the Students’ Union –
                                                     tel: 01782 734803 (internal 34800) or see
                                                     Tel: 01782 733626 (internal 33626).
44       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                       t: +44 1782 733726

 Healthusing a doctor on and off campus
 Finding and
     Using National Health Service                         Keele Medical Practice –
     (NHS) facilities                                      The Health Centre
     In order to use the NHS, you must register with       If you are living on campus you should register
     a doctor (a ‘General Medical Practice’) near          with the University Health Centre (map ref. A9)
     where you live as soon as you move onto campus        in the first week you arrive. All new patients
     or into the Keele area, even if you are currently     will have a short interview about their health.
     registered with a practice elsewhere in the UK.       The health centre has two doctors:
                                                           Dr O’Byrne (male) and Dr Shahab (female), and
     When you first register please take details of
                                                           there are two experienced female nurses.
     any significant past medical history including
     any vaccinations and immunisations.                   If you are living off campus, please see the
                                                           IAU web pages – for a
     Help with health costs                                list of local GP surgeries, and dentists.
     NHS treatment and prescriptions are
     free for anyone up to the age of 19.                  We would recommend that you arrange with
                                                           your doctor at home to have vaccines against
     You can apply to the Prescription Pricing Authority   MMR, poliomyelitis, tetanus, meningitis group
     for a reduction in charges by completing form         C and influenza. If you have not had these
     HC1 available from the University’s Health            they will be offered to you at registration.
     Centre or the Independent Advice Unit. You
     have to declare any savings to do this and            The Health Centre opening
     should complete the form as soon as possible.         times for reception are:

     You’ll probably have been immunised against           Day                                     Times
     poliomyelitis and tetanus already, but, if            Monday, Tuesday,                        8.30am-1pm
     necessary, you can arrange for booster doses or       Wednesday and Friday                    and 2pm-5pm
     a new course at your initial appointment. Many        Thursday                                8.30am-1pm
     postgraduates will also have been vaccinated          Saturday/Sunday                         Closed
     against meningitis group C but, if not, you           If you need an urgent appointment
     may be immunised on arrival depending on              please ring as early as possible.
     the availability of the meningitis vaccine.           If you’re currently undergoing treatment please
                                                           ask your doctor to write with details to the
                                                           University’s medical officer, Dr O’Byrne.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   45

To see a doctor outside of opening hours              You can make an appointment by phoning
or to make an appointment, ring 33189                 33190 from an internal phone or 733190
from an internal phone or 753550 from an              from an external phone during surgery
external phone during surgery hours.                  hours – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.
The surgery provides a minor injury service           In an emergency outside surgery hours please
at the Health Centre during surgery hours.            call NHS direct dental line on 0845 603 1445.
                                                      They will book you an appointment to
You can also contact NHS Direct for                   see a dentist as soon as possible.
medical advice on 0845 4647 or email
Jan Downs on            Mental health, stress and counselling
See                              Health worries, stress or an unpleasant incident
There is also a ‘walk-in’ Medical Centre located      can affect your wellbeing and studies but there
in the Midway, Newcastle-under-Lyme.                  is help at hand. You can get advice on how
                                                      to deal with this in a leaflet from the Student
Accidents and emergencies                             Support Office, your doctor can give you
If you need urgent treatment                          medical advice if it starts to affect your health
for an accident or injury go to                       or you can discuss personal issues with our
the accident unit at the                              confidential Counselling Service – see page 47.
North Staffordshire Hospital,
Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent                             Absence for health reasons
Telephone: 01782 715444                               You will need to notify your Academic School
                                                      of any absences through sickness. If you’re
Dental Treatment
                                                      absent for health reasons for more than
Dental treatment in the UK is
                                                      seven days you’ll need a doctor’s note. Your
free of charge if you are:
                                                      doctor will be able to provide this if you
Under 19 years of age                                 have consulted them about your illness.
Studying full-time
                                                      Health and Safety
Pregnant or have had a baby                           The University follows the UK’s health and
within the last 12 months                             safety laws and there are notices in the Halls of
                                                      Residence highlighting issues to be aware of.
It’s also free for any child under
the age of 16 living with you.                        As a member of the University you are obliged
                                                      to report any health and safety hazards you
Charges for international students will be assessed   see. If you see something dangerous in your
by the dentist when you have an appointment.          Hall please report it to your Housekeeper. If
If you’re a student with a low income you             you see something dangerous in your School
may be able to get financial help.                    please report it to the School’s office.

Keele’s Health Centre dental service should
be able to see you as an NHS patient
whether you live on or off campus.
46   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                  t: +44 1782 733726

 Where to go
 for help and advice
 We aim to support and assist you                 Academic guidance
 during your time here. For more                  You can book an appointment with an Academic
                                                  Adviser, to discuss your concerns, ask questions
 details please contact any of the                and get advice about studying at Keele.
 areas listed in this Handbook or
                                                  Frequently asked questions include:
 look on the relevant pages of the
 university website.                              • Information about studying at Keele
                                                  • Changing courses
 The Students’ Union provides additional
                                                  • Leave of absence requests (some students
 services and would be delighted to help            request a break in their studies – typically
 with any queries you may have. We’ve               one year for undergraduate students)
 included details of the Student Union’s
                                                  • Examination results and
 Independent Advice Unit in this section.           re-assessment opportunities
                                                  • Appeals (if you think a decision
 The Centre for Learning
                                                    by the University is unfair)
 and Student Support
                                                  • Advice about the University’s
 You can get independent help and advice
                                                    academic regulations
 with various questions or problems from
 this office on the ground floor of the Walter    If you’re experiencing difficulty with
 Moberly Building next to the Chapel.             any aspect of your course, please make an
                                                  appointment on 01782 734347 or 34347 (internal)
 The centre is independent of any academic
                                                  or email: See
 School and offers confidential information
 and advice. Staff there can tell you in detail
                                                  lsag for further details.
 about the range of support services available
 throughout the University and there are
 specialist advisers to help international
 students and students with disabilities.
 Call into the office between 10am and 4pm
 Monday or Friday or ring 01782 734247 or
 734105 (34247 or 34105 from an internal line).
t: +44 1782 733726                    Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11    47

Residential Managers and Resident                      Disability Services
Tutors – out-of-hours assistance for                   Our Disability Services can advise you on the
students living on campus                              type of support we can provide to help you in
There are four Residential Managers who provide        your studies. We are able to provide support with
pastoral and welfare support for students living       examination arrangements and help with your
on campus. Additional out-of-hours support             application for the Disabled Students Allowance
is available through teams of Resident Tutors          (DSA). The DSA is available for UK students who
in each Hall of Residence. Resident Tutors are         have a condition that affects their ability to study.
students who are available to help with any issues     See
to do with emergencies, welfare or behaviour           disabilityservices/index.html
relating to accommodation on campus.                   or ring 01782 734105 or 34105 (internal).
Please do not hesitate to let these people
help you where they can. You’ll be able                Counselling
to find their details in your Halls.                   Our Student Counselling Service is free and
Domestic issues including heating and repairs will     confidential to both undergraduate and
be dealt with by the Housekeeper for your Hall of      postgraduate students of any age or background.
Residence. Requests for repairs or maintenance         Each counsellor works to the BACP (British
can be made via email to the Housekeeper.              Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
Details available in your Hall of Residence.           Ethical Framework. We are based at 41 The Covert,
                                                       a house near the road to the Leisure Centre.
Welcoming diversity                                    You can go directly to book an appointment
The University is a harmonious multicultural           (Monday-Friday 9am- 1pm and 2pm-5pm) or
community. We welcome diversity and aim to             telephone 01782 734187 or 34187 (internal).
ensure through our harassment policy and racial        Email:
equality policy that no one feels excluded on
the basis of race, faith or any other reason. If you   Further details of the service and some self-help
do feel harassed for any reason please report to       leaflets in PDF format are available at www.keele.
Student Support and the University will help with
your concerns. Please respect others and treat
them as you would wish to be treated yourself.
48    Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                   t: +44 1782 733726

 Independent Advice Unit (Top Floor)                 Visit for more details.
 Students’ Union Building                            Tel: 01782 734800 or 34800 (internal)
 The Independent Advice Unit (IAU) provides          Email:
 free, confidential, independent, impartial,         Advisers are able to represent students
 non-judgmental advice, information and              at University hearings and the IAU works
 representation to Keele students.                   closely with the Students’ Union Vice-
 We advise on a wide range of topics including:      President Education and Welfare Officer.

 •   Academic advice
 •   Welfare benefits                                  The IAU is a member of ‘Advice UK’ and
 •   Consumer issues                                   UKCISA, the Council for International
 •   Employment                                        Education and subscribes to an electronic
 •   Debt                                              information system provided by the Citizens’
 •   Fees/finance                                      Advice Bureau. Our advisers belong to the
 •   Health                                            National Association of Student Money
 •   Immigration/visas                                 Advisers and adhere to a Code of Practice.
 •   Local information                                 We are licenced by the Office of Fair
 •   Grants                                            Trading to provide debt counselling and
 •   Housing                                           adjustment. Policy details are available on
 •   Loans                                             request or online to members.
 •   Personal matters and more                         The IAU has been awarded the Quality
                                                       Mark by the Community Legal Service
 The Independent Advice Unit is open Monday to
                                                       (CLS) and is listed in the CLS directory.
 Friday from 10am until 4pm (closed 12.30 to 1pm).
 You can see an adviser from 10am to 12 noon           The Jobshop, situated in the IAU,
 for pre-booked appointments, or ‘walk in and          provides information about part-time
 wait’ to see an adviser from 12 noon to 4pm.          employment opportunities both on
                                                       campus and in the local area – see
                                              for more details.
                                                       Tel/fax: 01782 734800
                                                       And for valuable voluntary experience see
                                                       Tel: 01782 733626.
t: +44 1782 733726        Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   49

Nightline is a confidential call line available
from 9pm until 3am in term-time only. You
can use Nightline to discuss any issue or any
aspect of your life with students trained to
listen. Call 01782 733999 or 34999 (internal).

Situations affecting your study
If anything adversely affects your performance
in any examination you must report it to
the academic School or Schools connected
with your course by applying for extenuating
circumstances. You can do this by filling in
an Extenuating Circumstances form which is
available online from:
The form must be signed by your tutor,
course director or module leader before
you hand it in at your School office.
Where possible you should provide independent
evidence alongside your form, for example,
a note from a doctor or counsellor or other
official documentation. This form goes to
the relevant School Board(s) of Examiners.
You can find more details on:
You can also talk to an adviser in Academic
Guidance or the Independent Advice Unit in the
Students’ Union. They can guide you through the
regulations and all your options, including appeals.
50       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                    t: +44 1782 733726

     Admin: what you need
     to know and who to ask
     Your guide to University                          The facilities, activities and events available
                                                       are varied and aimed at all stages, enabling
                                                       you to select development suited to your
     Non-teaching staff –                              individual needs. We provide support
     how they can help you                             and services in the following areas:
     You’ll find yourself dealing with a wide range    • Maintaining the Code of Practice
     of staff during your time here, not only tutors     for research degrees
     and lecturers. This section will give you an      • Provide the central administrative support for
     idea of who they are, what they do and              postgraduate research students and staff
     how they can help during your studies.            • Process all applications for Research Degrees
                                                       • Organise postgraduate research events
     Graduate School
                                                       • Provide free training courses to help
     Our mission is to provide a world-class
                                                         develop and improve postgraduate
     research training and development
                                                         research skills in the following areas:
     environment for postgraduate researchers;
     to enrich their experience at the University        •   Communication Skills
     and to encourage a vibrant community.               •   Personal Effectiveness
                                                         •   Research Practice
     The Graduate School seeks to encourage and
                                                         •   Career Management
     promote progress towards excellence in all our
     postgraduate research degree programmes
     and to ensure that you are able to realise your
     full potential, whatever your eventual career
     path. We work closely with the Research
     Institutes and are involved in the complete
     life cycle of the postgraduate research degree,
     from initial enquiry through to final award.
t: +44 1782 733726    Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   51

Graduate School Office
Keele University
Tel: +44 (0)1782 733726
Fax: +44 (0)1782 734107

Centre for International Exchange
and Development (CIED)
If you are an exchange, Erasmus or Study
Abroad student then your admission, course
registration and course changes etc. are handled
by CIED rather than Academic Registry or the
Student and Course Information Office.

Income Office – Finance
and IT Directorate
The Income Office is responsible for the
invoicing and collection of both tuition and
accommodation fees, as well as miscellaneous
charges which you may need to pay during your
time at University. The Income Office is open
from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and can be
found through Entrance A in the Tawney Building.
Please visit the Income Office webpage
for further information and contact details:
52       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                t: +44 1782 733726

     Useful contacts
     and information
     All addresses are:                             Life Course Studies
     Keele University, Staffordshire                Dr Emma Head (PGR Director)
                                                    Tel: 01782 733898
     ST5 5BG unless otherwise stated.               Email:
     Graduate School                                Environment, Physical Sciences
     Tel: 01782 733726                              & Applied Mathematics
     Email:                  Professor Nye Evans (PGR Director)                     Phone: 01782 733342
     Research Institutes                            Primary Care and Health Sciences
     Humanities                                     Dr Jane Richardson (PGR Director)
     Professor David Maxwell (PGR Director)         Tel: 01782 733926
     Tel: 01782 733197                              Email:
                                                    Science and Technology in Medicine
     Law, Politics and Justice                      Professor Trevor Greenhough (PGR Director)
     Dr Carole Thornley (PGR Director)              Tel: 01782 733405
     Tel: 01782 733608                              Email:
                                                    Research Governance
     Public Policy and Management                   Nicola Leighton
     Dr Carole Thornley (PGR Director)              Tel: 01782 733306
     Tel: 01782 733608                              Email:
t: +44 1782 733726              Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   53

ERASMUS, Exchange and                              Research and Enterprise Services
Study Abroad applicants and students               Dorothy Hodgkin Building
                                                   Tel: 01782 733371
Dr Annette Kratz or Miss Lisa Stoker
Centre for International Exchange                  Email:
and Development (CIED)                             Web:
Walter Moberly Building
Tel: 01782 733048
Fax: 01782 734238
Medical student enquiries
Keele University Medical School,
Keele University Campus
Tel: 01782 733937
Fax: 01782 734637
Nursing enquiries
Keele University School of Nursing and Midwifery
Clinical Education Centre
University Hospital of North
Staffordshire NHS Trust

City General
Newcastle Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 6QG
Tel: 01782 556600
Fax: 01782 556576
Campus Library
Tel: 01782 733535
Fax: 01782 734502
54       Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11                      t: +44 1782 733726

     Accommodation                                        Q. What do I do if I want to change rooms?
     Q. Do I have to bring cutlery,                       A. Visit Student Accommodation Lettings and
     pots and pans with me?                               they will put your name on a waiting list.
     A. Yes
                                                          Q. Where do I wash my clothes
     Q. What equipment is there in                        and how much does it cost?
     the student kitchen?                                 A. There are launderettes in the Halls
     A. It varies across the Halls but there are          of Residence and current costs are £2
     cookers, fridges and basic kitchen equipment.        for washing and £1 for drying.
     Q. Do I have to pay extra for gas and electricity?   Q. I am having difficulties finding the
     A. No. These are included in the                     £450 upfront payment, what do I do?
     rent for Halls of Residence.                         A. Please contact Student Accommodation
                                                          Lettings and they will advise you.
     Q. Do I need insurance for my room?
     A. This is included in the rent but you may wish     Q. Can I smoke in my room?
     to take out extra insurance for your belongings.     A. No.

     Q. If I want a TV in my room, do I need a licence?   Q. If I order an online supermarket delivery,
                                                          can I get it delivered to my room?
     A. Yes. You will need a licence even if you
     use your computer instead of a TV set.               A. Yes, but please make sure that you are available
                                                          to let them into your block to deliver your order.
     Q. I’ve been told I’m sharing a room
     initially, what are shared rooms like?
     A. A single room with bunk beds.
t: +44 1782 733726                   Graduate School Student Handbook 2010/11   55

Academic                                              Q. How do I collect my post?
Q. How will I find out who my supervisor is?          A. You will collect your post in person
A. We will tell you the name of your                  at the Post Room on campus using
supervisor on your offer letter.                      your Keele Card as identification.
                                                      Q. How do I join a sports team?
Q. Where is the nearest railway station?              A. The Keele University Athletics Union will
Can I get to Keele from there?                        be available during Freshers’ Week to tell
A. The nearest station is Stoke-on-Trent, six miles   you about all the sports options on offer.
from Keele. There is a regular bus service (25 bus    The rest of the year you can contact them
via Newcastle-under-Lyme) and it is possible to       through their office in the Leisure Centre or
take a taxi. There is a major station at Crewe,       on 01782 733638. See
some 10 miles to the north and 85 and 85a bus         Q. How do I join a society or club?
service will take you to Keele from there.            A. All clubs and societies will have representatives
Q. How far away are the supermarkets?                 at the Freshers’ Fair during enrolment. You
Can I shop on campus?                                 can also find out about clubs and societies
A. There is a convenience store on campus             from the Keele University Students’ Union
and smaller shops in some of the Halls of             offices in the centre of campus.
Residence. The town of Newcastle-under-
Lyme is 10 minutes away by bus and there
are several large supermarkets there. We also
have a regular fruit and vegetable market on
campus every Tuesday during term time.
                       Graduate School Office,
                Keele University, Staffordshire ST5 5BG
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