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									                                   Grant Writing Resources

Often when you need the most help writing grants, no grant writing course is available. These
resources will help you find online grant writing courses, information about grantwriting
workshops in Virginia, and valuable information about grantwriting placed online. Be aware that
these are generalized grant resources that are not specifically geared to Adult Education and
Literacy programs.

Get Started Now!

      Foundation Center – Short Course. (Asynchronous)

Grant Writing resources in Virginia

      Blue Ridge Community College, A-Z Grantwriting

      Grantwriting USA: This site lists grant writing classes that are held near you. It is
       updated frequently.

      George Mason University: Grantwriting Online

      Nonprofit Management Course Offerings in Virginia: Includes Grantwriting. Check the
       course offerings nearest your community.

      Virginia Service: Courses offered includes grantwriting

Online Courses

You do not have to wait to learn grantwriting skills. Contact these excellent programs and start
an online course now.

      Foundation Center, includes Grantseeking Basics for Individuals, for Nonprofit
       Organizations, and Proposal Writing

      Online Grantwriting Course, with emphasis on fire departments
      Online Grantwriting Courses from Distance

Writing Federal Grants

Writing federal grants is different from writing grants for businesses, corporations, and private

      The Grantsmanship Center

      Grantwriting Tip Sheets, Department of Health and Human Services


These links will lead you to grant writing tips and resources that you can print out.

      How to Write an EL/Civics Grant in Virginia

      How to Write a Winning Proposal and Get Those Grants! University of Virginia

      Writing a Successful Grant Proposal: Minnesota Council of Foundations

      Successful Grantwriting: Getting Started
       Article One of a Continuing Series from The General Code of Public

      Grant Proposal Grant Writing Tips, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The Grant Components

Perhaps you need help in only one component of your grant proposal. The followin individual
explanations about grant components might provide the specific information you seek.

Components of Your Grant Proposal

Needs Statement
      Needs Statement Sample of a Federal Health Grant

      Developing a Needs Statement

      How to write a Statement of Need for Your Proposal

Goals and Objectives

      How to Write Goals and Objectives for Your Grant

      Goals and Objectives and Outcomes Worksheet, PDF

Outcomes Measurement

      Writing Measurable Outcomes, Minnesota State University

      Outcome Measurement Resource Network, United Way

      Basic Guide to Outcomes-Based Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations with Very
       Limited Resources

Evaluation of Your Grant Proposal

      Evaluation

Additional Sections

      Writing Effective Letters of Commitment

      How to Match Grant Funding

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