Medical Law and Ethics AHEA 110 B60 3 credits – 3 lecture Instructor Am

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					                                  Medical Law and Ethics
                                          AHEA 110 B60
                                       3 credits – 3 lecture

       Amy M. DeVore
       Phone: 724.287-8711 ext. 8478
Location: (there is no www.)
       Students can login a week before classes begin, however, courses are NOT available until
       the first day of the semester.

Course Description:
      This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of medical ethics and law. The
      student will gain knowledge of law, medical ethics, and bioethics as they impact current
      healthcare practices. Special emphasis will be placed on laws that impact healthcare
      practice, risk management, contracts, liability and malpractice, informed consent, and
      bioethical issues in healthcare delivery.

        Idziak, Janine M. Ethical Dilemmas in Allied. Dubuque, IO: Simon & Kolz,
               2000. Judson, Karen and Sharon Hicks.
        Law & Ethics for Medical Careers. 4          Ed. Columbus: Glencoe, 2002.

Additional Course Materials:
        HIPAA Project description and rubric for grading.

Chat sessions: (These require students to be online at a specific time)

On-campus sessions:

Internet Student Resources:
    Before classes begin, go to BC3 Online Learning – for the
           System check – check your computer equipment and Internet connection
           Personality test – check your chance of success
           Orientation schedule – all NEW Internet students MUST attend an orientation session.

   The student will:
       A. Illustrate why knowledge of law and ethics is important to healthcare workers.
       B. Apply risk management practices.
       C. Describe the contractual rights and responsibilities of practitioners and patients.
       D. Summarize criteria associated with professional liability and medical malpractice.
       E. Specify federal legislative controls including drug regulations, OSHA standards, workers’
          compensation, and employment laws.
       F. Critically examine bioethical issues of concern to medical professionals.

Course Mechanics/Schedule:
        Each week students must email an assignment based on readings from the two textbooks
        utilized in the class as well as post a Discussion Board entry as directed. In addition students
        must submit a project on HIPAA.

        All assignments must be submitted using the assignment tool. Late assignments will NOT be

        NO makeup work or exams will be allowed. Pay close attention to due dates and do not
        make it habit to wait until the last minute to submit work.

        You can find the assignment outline in the “course information” folder.

Student Evaluation:
      Points are assigned for each posted assignment, Discussion entry, HIPAA project, and 3
      exams examinations.

        Case Studies/ Discussion Board                                          60 points
        Assignments                                              approximately 100 points
        Exams (3 exams)                                                        300 points
        HIPAA project                                                          100 points

        Total                                                                  560 points

Additional information:
       More detailed course information is available online within the course.

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