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                                                                                                               Volume 3 Issue 2
                                                                                                                  October 2005

              DRAWS MORE THAN 3700!!!

More than 3700 employees and their family members enjoyed Family Night at Libertyland on
September 9, 2005. From left to right, various family members enjoying the Sea Dragon, includ-
ing in the back car the daughter and granddaughter of Budget Office staff member Deborah
Becker; Deborah Becker’s granddaughter driving the kiddy car; and various employees’ children
riding the Paratrooper. Turnout this year was an all-time high.

                          DINING SERVICES EXTENDS
                     10% DISCOUNT TO FACULTY AND STAFF
   Dining Services has announced that,          If you don’t have a Tiger Fund$ account    •    Tiger Express in Theater & Communi-
effective August 22, 2005, all faculty and   yet, you can activate one by simply putting   cations Building and Patterson Hall.
staff are eligible for a 10% discount on     cash on your I.D. badge at the Bursar’s Of-
meals purchased at all Tiger Dining loca-    fice in Wilder Tower.                         •   FedEx Institute of Technology
tions.                                                                                        If you have questions regarding the
                                                 Tiger Dining locations include:
   Simply use your Tiger Fund$ card to                                                     discount, you may contact Dining Ser-
pay for your food, and the cashier will      •    The Tiger Den in Jones Hall Annex        vices staff at 678-2295 or 678-3079. We
automatically deduct 10% from the cost                                                     hope you enjoy this great employee dis-
                                             •    The Market Place in the U.C.
of the food.                                                                               count next time you get hungry!
VOLUME 3        ISSUE 2                                                                                                 PAGE 2

                       EMPLOYEE BENEFITS NEWS
     ANNUAL ENROLLMENT                       •   Cancel, change, or transfer cover-           EMPLOYEE BENEFITS FAIR
  AND TRANSFER PERIOD BEGINS                     age between any of the three
                                                                                                    OCTOBER 25th
        OCTOBER 14th                             health insurance plans. NO OPEN
                                                 ENROLLMENT FOR HEALTH INSUR-
    The 2005 Annual Enrollment and               ANCE IS AVAILABLE.
                                                                                           The 2005 Employee Benefits Fair will
Transfer Period is October 14 through        •   Enroll, transfer, or cancel dental     be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on
November 15.                                     insurance.                             Tuesday, October 25, in the Administra-
    Please watch your home and campus                                                   tion Building. The fair will be set up on
mail for more detailed information re-       •   Increase/decrease amount of op-        the first floor, in front of the Benefits
garding changes to your health plans             tional life insurance coverage. Re-    Office, room 167.
and benefits.                                    quest/cancel optional life insurance
    This is the one time of the year that        coverage. A health questionnaire
employees can make changes to insur-             may be required.
                                                                                                SPECTRUM PROJECT
ance programs and other benefits.
    In preparation for the Benefits Annual   •   Enroll in special accidental death &      WILL DELIVER NEW BENEFITS
Enrollment and Transfer Period, you              dismemberment insurance.
should carefully review the benefit plans
                                                                                            SUMMARY ACCESS IN 2006
                                             •   Tax-shelter your dental premium.
in which you are currently enrolled.                                                        The Employee Benefits summary
    You can obtain information on the        •   Enroll in flexible benefits spending   is normally provided at this time of
current cost of coverage and your en-            accounts.
                                                                                        year. It will be delayed in anticipa-
rolled dependents by accessing Em-
                                             •   Change levels or request long term     tion of new features in the
ployee Self Service.
    Open enrollment for health insurance
                                                 disability coverage. A health ques-    HR/Payroll Banner product cur-
                                                 tionnaire may be required.             rently being installed in the Spec-
is not available for employees who did
not enroll upon eligibility.                                                            trum project.
    These changes can be made during                                                       Remember you can still access
the Annual Enrollment and Transfer
                                                                                        your personal benefits information
                                                                                        through Employee Self Service.

          MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS                                                                EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                           OPPORTUNITIES FOR
                  U OF M TELEPHONE DIRECTORY                                               KATRINA EVACUEES
                   UPLOAD WILL BE DONE SOON                                               Please encourage those who have
                                                                                        been displaced due to Hurricane
   All employees should review their Personal Information in the HRS Employee Self      Katrina to consider job openings at the
Service now. Self Service allows you to view and update certain information, e.g.,
                                                                                        U of M .
home address, emergency contact, building name, room number, and work phone
number. Check now to see if your information is current.                                   They can visit our Job Announce-
                                                                                        ments online, call our job hotline at
                SPECTRUM PROJECT: HR/PAYROLL                                            901-678-0678, or call the Employment
                                                                                        Office directly at 901-678-2601.
   If you are having trouble reaching some of the people in Human Resources and
Payroll, it is probably due to the hard work and long hours that so many are devot-       Katrina evacuees who are at least
ing to the Spectrum HR/Payroll project. We apologize for any inconvenience this may     minimally qualified for the job will be
be causing you.                                                                         guaranteed an interview.
  We’re happy to report that much progress is being made on the conversion to the          Full-time, part-time, and temporary
Banner product scheduled for January 2006.                                              job openings with a variety of skill set
                                                                                        requirements are available.
   Please try to attend a preview of Banner HR/Payroll, to be announced in the com-
ing weeks.
VOLUME 3        ISSUE 2                                                                                                    PAGE 3

                     FRIENDLY REMINDERS
         2005 Service                               Service GA’s Timekeeping                    Outstanding Employee
       Award Receptions                           Effective August 2004, a change to             Award Nominations
       The University of Memphis Fac-          the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets        It’s time to nominate one of your co-
ulty and Staff Service Award receptions        out how service graduate assistants must     workers for an Outstanding Employee
will be held in the Michael D. Rose            track the time they work.                    Award. Eligibility criteria include non-
Theatre and Lecture Hall on the follow-
                                                  Timekeepers are reminded to keep          faculty status with at least one year of
ing dates:
                                               time and attendance records for all ser-     service.
• Faculty—Thursday, November 3                 vice G.A.s in their department.
     from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                                               Nominations for Period 2 will be
                                                  NOTE: It is not necessary to keep time    accepted from October 1 through De-
• Staff—Thursday, November 10
                                               and attendance for teaching and/or re-       cember 31, 2005. Visit the Employee
     from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon
                                               search G.A.s.                                Recognition page for details about the
                                                                                            program and how to submit a nomina-
   This year you can preview the list of          Each G.A.’s time must be kept on a
2005 Service Award recipients. Em-             timesheet that is available in Human Re-
ployees are listed by years of service         sources.                                        If you have questions or want more
and division/college.                                                                       information, contact Monica Fleming
                                                  These timesheets are subject to audit
                                                                                            at 678-4096.
                                               by the Compensation Office, but the
                                               timesheets need not be submitted to the
                                               Payroll Office. Simply keep the timesheets
                                               for your records in case you are audited.
                                                  To obtain a copy of the Service G.A.
                                               timesheet, contact Charlotte Jones, Com-
                                               pensation Analyst, Administration Build-
                                               ing, Room176 , extension 2382.

                        FALL TRAINING SCHEDULE
Classroom offerings for the fall include:
•   10/4    9a-12p       Business Writing I
•   10/5    9a-12p       Business Writing II
•   10/13 10a-12p       Balancing Work and Personal Life
•   10/19    9a-12      Editing and Proofreading
•   10/20    9a-12p     Respect & Civility in the Workplace
•   11/17 10a-12p       Stress and the Holidays
•   12/8 10a-12p Stress and the Holidays
Courses designed to help you get started with self-paced training at
your desktop are:
•   10/27    9a-10a     E-training Introduction
•   11/17    9a-10a     E--training Introduction
•   12/15    9a-10a     E-training Introduction

For more information on the above classes, visit our Web site at
VOLUME 3          ISSUE 2                                                                                                 PAGE 4

                          Are You Tired of the High Price
                           of Gas? Consider Carpooling!
    At the September First Friday Faculty     logged into the Spectrum portal before,         After entering the portal, you will see
and Staff forum with President Raines,        and your web browser is set to block         the “Carpool Information” channel
there was a suggestion that the Univer-       pop-up windows, you will need to fol-        block in the right-hand column under
sity of Memphis should encourage car-         low your browser’s instructions to en-       the “Home” tab page. The channel in-
pooling. We are happy to report the           able portal access.                          cludes links for (1) U of M Carpool Regis-
University of Memphis has created a                                                        tration/Edit, (2) Current U of M Carpool
self-service carpool channel in the Spec-                                                  Listings, and (3) MATA - Memphis Area
trum web portal. Any faculty, staff, or                                                    Transit Authority.
student can register as a person inter-
                                                                                              For information on how to move,
ested in carpooling; they can also see
                                                                                           remove, or add the “Carpool Informa-
who else wants to carpool. Mass transit
                                                                                           tion” channel, follow the steps found at
information from MATA is available as
   Access the Spectrum portal via the
                                                                                               If you have general questions about
portal’s URL ( http://
                                                                                           carpooling at the U of M, you may con-
spectrum.memphis.edu ) or by clicking
                                                                                           tact Mary Ann Camp, AVP for Human
on the Spectrum hot link found at the
                                                                                           Resources. If you have any problems
bottom of the left navigation area on
                                                                                           utilizing the “Carpool Information”
the U of M main page ( http://
                                                                                           channel in the portal, contact the ITD
www.memphis.edu ). If you have not
                                                                                           Helpdesk at 678-8888.

   If you are an employee and get hurt           So, unless your injuries are very seri-      If your injuries are serious, you
on the job or anywhere on campus              ous, you should first call or go to the      should be transported by ambulance to
during your work schedule, your injury        Employee Benefits Office, 167 Admini-        a Baptist Memorial Hospital emergency
is most likely going to be covered by the     stration Building.                           room or The Med. The Benefits Office
state’s workers’ compensation insur-                                                       should then be contacted as soon as
                                                 The Benefits staff will give you neces-
ance plan.                                                                                 possible to ensure that your medical
                                              sary forms and guide you through the
                                                                                           needs are properly coordinated.
   Although the Hudson Student                most appropriate process to receive
Health Center sees employees for many         medical care at a Baptist Minor Medical         When in doubt, get medical care at
medical situations, the staff at that loca-   Center.                                      the nearest Baptist Memorial Hospital or
tion are unable to treat employees who                                                     Baptist Minor Medical Center and call
                                                 The Minor Medical center closest to
have incurred injuries on the job. If you                                                  the Benefits Office later. Their phone
                                              the U of M is at Poplar and Holmes,
go there first, you will be referred to the                                                number is 678-3257 or 678-2708.
                                              near East High School.
Employee Benefits Office.

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