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									Website Creation Workflow
This document is intended to facilitate an efficient process as we collaborate to design your website. The following chart illustrates the various phases and
accompanying timelines for a typical, medium sized (6-10 pages) website. In the pages that follow, each phase is discussed individually and areas are provided in
which the client is encouraged to provide written responses to the various questions. Please fill them out in as complete a manner as possible.

Project Phases            Week 1    Week 2                                                 Week 3    Week 4     Week 5      Week 6
Structure &                25% deposit is received
Organization               The following high level questions are answered:
                                 o How many pages in the site and what will be the
                                    purpose for each page?
                                 o What are the color and font schemes?
                                 o Do you have a domain and hosting account?
Content Acquisition        Acquire all graphics and copy (text) to be used in the
                           Generate keywords/phrases that will be targeted for
                            search engine optimization (SEO)
Layout Development                   Create a non-functional mock-up in Photoshop
                                         that includes background colors/graphics,
                                         navigation menus, and other elements that
                                         will be present on all pages (i.e. everything but
                                         the page-specific content)
                                     Obtain client’s written approval that site
                                         appearance is acceptable
Site Creation                        Transform non-functional layout mock-up into functional web pages for display on the internet
                                     Functional pages will be hosted on a private domain so that the client can view progress and collaborate during
                                         implementation of copy, graphics, and other applicable content
                                     Perform SEO optimization
Site Transfer                                                                                                                Payment balance is received
                                                                                                                             Completed web pages are
                                                                                                                                transferred to the client’s
                                                                                                                                domain/hosting account
Phase 1: Structure & Organization
   Fill out this form and email to us at Once we receive it we will provide you with a quote. When you decide to proceed, a
    25% deposit will be required before site creation begins. The deposit should be made out to Aaron Moncur and mailed to 1335 E Ivyglen St Mesa, AZ 85203.
    Payments may also be made for free via PayPal. Send money to
   Please answer the following questions. The answers will dictate the content displayed on your website, so please take the time to answer carefully and
         o How many pages will your site have and what will be the names/purpose for each page?

       o Do you have a color scheme chosen? (please provide the hexadecimal values if available – e.g. #66CCCC; if not available, general colors names will
         suffice). If you don’t have one, don’t worry: we can recommend one.

       o Do you have a font scheme chosen? It’s a good idea to follow web standards when choosing a font. Please choose one of the standard fonts from
         below. If you would prefer another, please suggest it (and realize that non-standard fonts may not be displayed correctly on all monitors). We
         recommend a sans serif font such as Arial or Verdana for most sites.
                  Arial
                  Times New Roman
                  Courier New
                  Georgia
                  Verdana
         o Have you already registered for a domain name and hosting account? If so, please provide the url and hosting company below. If not, we
           recommend; they are very affordable and reliable. We can set up the account for you if you’d like.

Phase 2: Content Acquisition
    In the space below, please provide the copy (the text) you would like to use for each of the pages you listed above. Replace “Page x” with the actual name of
     your page. Press tab in the last row to add new rows if needed.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

    Do you have any graphics in particular that you would like to be used for any of the pages listed above? If so, please email to us at along with descriptions of which graphics are to be used where. If you need custom photography for your site, please let us
     know. We staff a professional photographer that will be happy to work with you in creating custom photos for your website.
    What keywords/keyphrases would you like targeted in your website? This will help us as we optimize your site for the search engines. For example, if your
     site is about how to make fly fishing hooks, your keywords might be “fly fishing hooks”, “fly fishing bait”, “do it yourself fly fishing hooks”, “how to make fly
     fishing hooks”, etc. Try to come up with a list of 5 or 10.

1.                                2.                                3.                               4.                                5.
6.                                7.                                8.                               9.                                10.
Phase 3: Layout Development
   In this phase we will create a non-functional image of what your website’s layout will look like. The “layout” refers to all of the elements that are seen on
    every page throughout the website. The image below is an example of a layout:
   This image is an example of what the layout looks like after content has been added. To see how this particular layout has been integrated into the website
    click here and navigate through a few pages. A layout used consistently throughout a site gives the site a sense of cohesiveness and order.

If there are sites on the web now that you really like and want to emulate, please send us a few links. This is the quickest way for us to converge on a layout
design that you are happy with. The more examples you can provide of existing designs/websites that you like, the better. You don’t absolutely need to give us
a starting point; just keep in mind that if you don’t you will be at the mercy of our creative license  Add your links below, along with any additional instructions
or explanations:

   IMPORTANT: This is the time to catch any changes in the overall appearance you would like changed. Once the image has been transformed into actual web
    pages, going back to change the layout is time-consuming and expensive. Make sure the layout is as you want it before having us move to the next step.

Phase 4: Site Creation
   Once you like the look of the non-functional layout, approval in writing (an email works just fine) will be required. After approval is obtained, we will move
    forward translating the non-functional image into actual web pages that can be viewed and navigated on the internet. Please understand that significant
    layout changes requested after translation into functional web pages will result in an additional cost to you, depending on how extensive the changes are.
   As each web page is created, we will host it on one of our accounts for you to view and critique. This way, you have an active hand as the site is created.
   During this phase, the keywords and phrases you chose above will be implemented into the site. Please note that this does no t guarantee that your site will
    be ranked #1 in the Google rankings. There are companies that specialize solely in Google optimization and charge a lot of money for it. The SEO we will do
    for you will give your site the fundamental structure it needs to be picked up and indexed properly and quickly by Google and other search engines.

Phase 5: Site Transfer
   At this point your website has been completed and is ready to be transferred to your domain name so that users can access it when typing in your url.
    Before the site is transferred, the balance of payment must be made. The same guideline followed when making the deposit apply. Checks should be made
    out to Aaron Moncur and mailed to 1335 E Ivyglen St Mesa, AZ 85203. Payment may also be made for free via PayPal. Send money to
   Once payment is received (if paid by check, the check must first clear), we will transfer all of the files to your hosting account. At this point all transactions
    have been made and you are the proud new owner of your website. Congratulations!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.
p. 480-241-4764

Thank you,


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