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									                                                                                             Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name              Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Richard William Amos   General   Personal   The Manor House Flore Northampton
                                            Masonic Grand Charity
                                            Director - Towcester Masonic Property Co (5 Shares)
James Ashton           General   Personal   Director of St Clair Investments Ltd
                                            Director Northampton Lakes 2 Management Company Ltd.
                                            St Clair Investments Ltd.
                                            Labour Party
                                            St Clair Investments Ltd.
                                            2 Ribble Close Wellingborough
                                            Land at Waterside Way Bedford Road and Old Bedford Road,
                                            Northampton through share holding in St Clair Investments Ltd
                                            Diversity Happens Programme Board
                                            Oakway Junior School
                                            Oakway Infants School
                                            The Victoria Schools, Wellingborough
                                            The Fire Forum & Fire Service Management Committee of the Local
                                            Government Assoc.
                                            E-Fire Steering Group & E Transformation Coordination Group Office
                                            of the Deputy Prime Minister.
                                            Fire & Rescue Services' Practitioners Forums
                                            New Dimension Sounding Board.
                                            Northampton Racial Equality Council
                                            Coeliac UK.
                                            Labour Party
                                            Law Society
John Bailey            General   Personal   Finedon Branch Wellingborough Conservative Association
                                            47 High Street Finedon
                                            Allotments Irthlingborough Road Finedon
                                            Wellingborough Council/ Finedon Parish Council
                                            Finedon Senior Citizens Friendship Committee
                                            Finedon Parochial Charities
                                            Conservative Party
Allan Bailey           General   Personal   Director of Bailey & Sons
                                            Bailey & Sons
                                            3 London Road Wollaston (primary residence) 25 College Street
                                            Wollaston/ 31 Queens Road Wollaston
                                            Councillor and Borough Councillor of Wellingborough.
                                            Member of advisory board for Grendon Hall.
                                            Parish councillor for Wollaston.
                                            Trustee of Sofawise
                                            School Governor - Wellingborough School
                                            Wellingborough Council
                                            Finedon Parish Council
                                            Conservative Party
Sally Beardsworth      General   Personal   Liberal Democrat Party
                                            Northampton Borough Council
                                            Northampton Theatres Trust.
                                            Welfare Rights - management committee member.
                                            Member of the Rotary Club Northampton
Brian Binley           General   Personal   Chairman BCC Marketing Services Ltd
                                            Member of Parliament Northampton South
                                            BCC Marketing Services Ltd Dennington Road Wellingborough.
                                            Northampton South Conservative Assoc
                                            Northampton Town & County Club George Row Northampton
                                            Northampton Conservative Club Billing Road Northampton
                                            1 Berry Close Hackleton Northants (personal address)
                                            BBC Marketing Services Ltd Belgrade Centre Denington Road
                                            Order of the Ancient & Accepted Freemasons
                                            Management Committee of Lowdown (charitable organisation
                                            Member consultancy of Commons
                                            providingof the House services for young people in Northampton)
                                            Treasurer - Cornestone Group of Conservative MPs.
                                            Institute of Directors
                                            Northampton Town FC Ltd (1875 shares)
                                            Northampton Town FC Supporters Trust Ltd (1 share)
George Blackwell       General   Personal   Labour Party Earls Barton Branch
                                            16 White Way Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0HT
                                            Borough Council of Wellingborough
                                            Labour Party Assoc of Labour Councillors
Rosemary Bromwich      General   Personal   DN Bromwich Solicitors Needles Litchborough Towcester (part time)
                                            Needles Litchborough Towcester Northants.
                                            Towcester Town Partnership Board Member for Northamptonshire
                                            County Council.
                                            St John's Tiffield member of board for NCC.

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                                                                                                   Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                  Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Rosemary Bromwich          General   Personal   Sponne School Towcester LEA Governor.
                                                Towcester Conservative Club - President.
                                                Conservative Party member
                                                Member of Northampton County Club George Row Northampton
Julie Brookfield           General   Personal   16 Wentworth Drive Oundle Peterborough PE8 4QF
                                                County Council member of Northamptonshire Police Authority
                                                LEA Governor Prince William School Oundle
                                                Northamptonshire County Council appointed member of Chichelle
                                                Trust Education Foundation
                                                Member Oundle Town Council
                                                Governor Prince William School
                                                Labour Party - Cooperative Party
Robin Brown                General   Personal   Retired
                                                38 High Street Long Buckby Northants
                                                LEA Governor Long Buckby Junior School
                                                Members of East Midlands Regional Assembly
                                                Daventry Masonic Club Company Ltd - Director & Secretary
                                                Member of the Freemasons Grand Charity
                                                Member of the George Row Town & County Club
                                                Northern Fitness Contracts Ltd (in Liquidation) - Director
Mark Bullock               General   Personal   Self employed consultant
                                                Corby Labour Group defrayed my election expenses a the May 2005
                                                and 2001 elections.
                                                One share in corby Trades and Labour Club
                                                Wansbeck Stubbs Road Everdon.
                                                Appointed as an additional governor at Exeter Junior School Corby
                                                by LEA as part of the schools improvement plan following Ofsted's in
                                                July 2006. This position to run up to the amalgamation of Exeter
                                                Infant and Junior schools planned for December 2006.
                                                Member and Vice Chair of the management board of Corby Furniture
                                                Labour Party
                                                Unison member East Midlands political branch and I am not aware of
                                                any county council employee who are a member of the branch.
Albert Campbell            General   Personal   Spire Homes Crown Park Rushden
                                                Raunds CO-OP
                                                Conservative Club Raunds
Patricia Cass              General   Personal   7 London Road Wellingborough Northants
                                                Victim Support Northampton. Victoria Centre Wellingborough.
                                                Northants Racial Equality Council
                                                World Development Movement
Richard Church             General   Personal   I am no longer a shareholder or director of Church's China
                                                (Northampton) Ltd
                                                3 Kingsley Gardens Northampton NN2 7BW
                                                Northgate School
                                                Northampton Borough Council. Member of Northampton Police
                                                Northampton's Citizen's Advice Bureau
                                                The Liberal Democrats. British Humanist Association.
Robert Civil               General   Personal   Toastmaster/Actor
                                                Self employed
                                                Own home 48 Churchill Way 1 bedroom converted into office
                                                48 Churchill Way Kettering
                                                Northamptonshire Councils Assoc
                                                Portfolio holder for Economy - Kettering Borough Council
                                                President Ise Lodge Residents Assoc
Andre Gonzalez De Savage   General   Personal   Company Director Air Training & Performance
                                                Employed by British Airways Plc
                                                R&S Ltd
                                                MC2 Management
                                                OFP Film & Television
                                                Northampton Festival Group
                                                Conservative Party
                                                Simpson Lodge Blanchard Close Northampton
                                                Villa Ashby Wootton Hall Park
                                                Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd - Overview of Tourism &
                                                Vice Chair Wooton & East Hunsbury Parish Council
                                                Chair Planning Transport & Development Committee
                                                Northamptonshire Police Consultative Group
                                                AEEU member
                                                Groundwork Trust
                                                Silverstone Investment Network

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                                                                                                      Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                      Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Andre Gonzalez De Savage       General   Personal   IATA
Melanie (Mel) de Cruz          General   Personal   16 St David's Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 7QL
                                                    Chair of Children Centre Board for Camrose Centre - LEA Rep
                                                    Kings Heath Adventure Club-Kings Heath (member)
                                                    Northamptonshire Race Equality Council - Membership panel
                                                    Enterprise Communities (member) terminated 31.03.06.
                                                    Domestic Violence sub committee on behalf of KH POD.
                                                    Northants. Race Equality Council- Membership panel member.
                                                    KH POD-Treasurer, Domestic Violence sub c'mtte for KHPOD.
                                                    Liberal Democrat Party
Rosemarie (Dr Dickie) Dickie   General   Personal   2 Western View Northampton and 8 Brookfield Road Northampton
                                                    Northampton Police Authority
                                                    The Labour Party
Donald Edwards                 General   Personal   Northampton South Conservative Assoc
                                                    2 Dane Ridge Duston Northampton
                                                    Northampton Borough Council
                                                    Northampton Municipal Charities
                                                    Duston Conservative Club
Brandon Eldred                 General   Personal   Civil Servant
                                                    HM Revenue & Customs
                                                    10 Harrier Park Northampton
                                                    Northampton Borough Council
David Garlick                  General   Personal   Retired employee of Northamptonshire County Council Community
                                                    A volunteer (minimal part time) Age Concern Northampton
                                                    Member RSPB
Brendan Glynane                General   Personal   Glennon Ceramics (Contract Ceramic Tiling) Sole Trader
                                                    112 Euston Road, Northampton
                                                    Member of Northampton Borough Council
                                                    Director of National Flood Forum
Andrew Grant                   General   Personal   Problem solver
                                                    1 Gilbert Scott Court Towcester
                                                    Director of Towcester Partnership V14 South Northants Council.
                                                    Councillor and Cabinet Member South Northants Council.
                                                    East Midland Regional Assembly Scrutiny Board Member.
                                                    Director Towcester Partnership
                                                    Conservative Party
Ulric Gravesende               General   Personal   Retired
                                                    35 Beech Avenue Northampton
                                                    Northampton Municipal General Charities
                                                    Afro Caribean Assoc
                                                    Afro Caribean Assoc. Northampton Municipal General Charities. St
                                                    John's Ambulance
                                                    Labour Party
Eileen Hales                   General   Personal   Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust
                                                    Labour Party
                                                    69 Willow Road Kettering Northamptonshire NN15 7BA
                                                    Advisory Board at the Zone
                                                    Kettering Borough Council
                                                    Kettering Communities Business Exchange
                                                    Unison member
                                                    Association of Labour Councillors
James Harker                   General   Personal   Self employed chartered surveyor engaged in occasional consultancy
                                                    work in and around Northampton.
                                                    Previously a partner in Gotch Saunders Surridge since 2000.
                                                    Renumeration as a County Councillor
                                                    Lyons Yard Wood Street Geddington.
                                                    Ossies in Spencer Parade Northampton.
                                                    Land in Spring Gardens Northampton.
                                                    Land adjacent to J15 of the M1 motorway.
                                                    Northampton & Country Club George Row Northampton.
                                                    Northamptonshire Police Authority.
                                                    EMRA Planning Board Chairman.
                                                    LGA Regeneration & Transport Board Vice Chairman.
                                                    Governor Geddington Primary School.
                                                    Northamptonshire Enterprise Limited
                                                    Northamptonshire Local Area Agreement
                                                    North Nothamptonshire Development Company
                                                    Chief Fire Marshall Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade.
                                                    Treasurer Geddington Samuel Lee Charity.
                                                    Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Stanley Heggs                  General   Personal   Sole Proprietor

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                                                                                             Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                 Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Katharine Hemmings        General   Personal   N/A
Maureen Hill              General   Personal   1 Tanfield Lane Northampton NN1 5DN
                                               Foster Panel
                                               Police Authority
                                               Northampton South Conservative Association
Michael Hill              General   Personal   Retired Civil Servant
                                               Northampton South Conservative Assoc
                                               4 Rushy End East Hunsbury Northampton
                                               NCC Enterprise Solutions Northamptonshire appointee
                                               Northampton Borough Councillor - Overview & Scrutiny/Planning
                                               Vice Chair Workbridge Centre
                                               Chairman of Governors Bridgewater Primary School
                                               Trustee designate of the Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust
                                               Chairman of the NBC Delapre Abbey Consultation Group
Alan Hills                General   Personal   Member of Daventry District Council
                                               Community Portfolio Holder
                                               Member of Daventry Town Council
                                               Member National Trust - Member of Rotary Club Daventry
                                               Executive Comm Member Daventry Constituency Conservative Party.
Brian Hoare               General   Personal   Employed by BCH Marketing Solutions
                                               Northampton Borough Council
                                               Northampton County Council
                                               Governor Stimpson Avenue Primary School
                                               Liberal Democrats
Jane Hollis               General   Personal   34 Boughton Green Road Northampton
                                               LEA Governor of Greenoaks School
                                               Northampton Borough Council
                                               Liberal Democrats
David Hugheston-Roberts   General   Personal   The Corner House 7 Ashpole Spinney Northampton
                                               Observer member of the Board of ACRE
                                               Council appointed governor of new school in Upton
                                               Member Upton Parish Council
                                               Campaign for the Protection of Rural England.
                                               West Hunsbury Conservative Association Chairman.
                                               Nene Flood Prevention Alliance.
Belinda Humfrey           General   Personal   23 acres on Desborough to Braybrooke road. Crossed by the A6
                                               Member of Transport Consortium:
                                               Hospital Education Outreach
                                               Havelock Junior School
                                               Desborough(LEA Governor).
                                               Kettering Grammar School Foundation
                                               Friends of Kettering Museum & Library (KBC Rep)
                                               Kettering Borough Councillor. Desborough Town Councillor
                                               Chair of Desborough Millennium Green Trust
                                               Desborough Civic Society
                                               Desborough Youth Action Group
                                               Desborough Community Transport.
                                               Member Desborough Branch Committtee of Wild Life Trust
                                               Kettering & District Eisteddford Committee.
                                               Explore Northamptonshire (Hon Director of Board)
Bernard (Bunny) Ingram    General   Personal   County Executive Officer
                                               St Johns Ambulance
                                               16 Windmill Avenue Blisworth Northampton
                                               St Johns Ambulance
Patricia Jones            General   Personal   Wellinborough Labour Women's Forum
                                               Wellinborough Labour Party
                                               212 Northampton Road Wellingborough
                                               Hardwick Infants and Hardwick Junior School
                                               Member of Service 6
                                               Labour Party
Ursula Jones              General   Personal   Self employed business and project management consultant
                                               Kettering Conservative Constituency Assoc
                                               Tenant of Boughton Estates Ltd 40 Warkton Kettering
                                               Kettering Old Grammar School Foundation
                                               Latimer Community Arts College Governor
                                               Member & Secretary of Warkton Heritage
                                               St Edmunds Parochial Church Council/ Member of Kettering
                                               Conservative Association
                                               Warkton Parish Council
                                               Borough Councillor-Pipers Hill Ward Kettering Borough
James Kane OBE OL         General   Personal   Retired
                                               Co-operative Party
                                               36 Studfall Avenue Corby

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                                                                                               Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                  Item No   Type       Details of Interest
James Kane OBE OL          General   Personal   Rockingham Triangle Trust.
                                                Chairman - Corby Town Football Club.
                                                Pengreen Family Centre
                                                Corby Borough Council.
                                                Patron of Lakelands Hospice.
                                                North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit.
                                                Co-operative Party.
                                                Labour Party
Joan Kirkbride             General   Personal   67 Furnace Lane Nether Heyford Northampton
                                                Governor of Campion School
                                                Board member St John's Tiffield
                                                Trustee of Bliss Charity School
Joan Kirkbride             General   Personal   Trustee of Harpole School Charity
                                                Trustee of Arnold Charity
                                                Member of Board of St John Tiffield
                                                Member of Northampton Town & County Club George Row
Barry Kirby                General   Personal   Telecommunications Technical Officer
                                                British Telecom PLC
                                                Labour Party
                                                133 Acre Lane Spring Park Northampton NN2 8DF
                                                Member Diabetes UK
                                                Member of Northampton Labour Club
                                                Member of Management Committee of Eastfield Community Action
                                                Labour Party
                                                Member of the Association of Labour Councillors
                                                Communications Workers Union
Christopher (Chris) Lamb   General   Personal   Member of Kettering Welfare Rights Advisory Service.
                                                Burton Latimer United Educational Foundation.
                                                Kettering Borough Council. Burton Latimer Town Council.
                                                Barton Seagrave Parish Council.
                                                Warkton Parish Council.
                                                Royal Horticultural Society.
                                                National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens.
                                                Warkton Village Hall Committee.
                                                Warkton Heritage.
                                                Montagu Hospital Charity.
                                                Latham & Bigley Educational Charity.
                                                Kettering Constituency Conservative Association.
                                                St Edmunds Church,
                                                Warkton Parochial Church Council
                                                Conservative Councillors Association
Jamie Lane                 General   Personal   Building Society Manager
                                                149 Ruskin Road Kingsthorpe Northampton
                                                Northampton Borough Council
Andrew Langley             General   Personal   Managing Director
                                                Juniper Trading Ltd Mayfayre House London Road Wellingborough
                                                Juniper Trading Ltd
                                                Juniper Cottage 1 Nursery Close Little Houghton Northampton
Derek Lawson               General   Personal   Governor the Ferrers Specialist Art College
                                                Police Authority
                                                Conservative Party
Olwen Loud                 General   Personal   N/A
Christopher Malpas         General   Personal   Quality Control Technician
                                                Tamura Keken UK Ltd
                                                Northampton South Conservative Assoc
                                                10 Vernon Walk Northampton
                                                Northampton Borough Council
                                                Northampton REC
                                                Member Conservative Party
                                                Conservative Councillors Assoc
Royston (Roy) Mayhew       General   Personal   Lecturer
                                                Amigos UK
                                                Audit Commission
                                                Improvement & Development Agency
                                                Associatiion of Public Service Excellence
                                                Co-operative Party/ Transport & General Workers Union
                                                12 Skeffington Close Geddington Northants.
                                                Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee
                                                Northamptonshire Councils Association
                                                Midlands Co-operative Society
                                                Market Harborough Building Society
                                                Coventry Building Society
                                                Nationwide Building Society
Royston (Roy) Mayhew       General   Personal   Manchester Oddfellows
                                                Anglian Co-operative Society/ Chesterfield Football Club

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                                                                                                        Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                      Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Royston (Roy) Mayhew           General   Personal   East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee - Forestry Commision
John McGhee                    General   Personal   Looking into opening a nursery unit in Corby.
                                                    ISTC Community Unions. Co-operative
                                                    Spouse is Director of Velvet Glove Care which may at times have
                                                    contact with Northamptonshire County Council. Deal with Care
                                                    Homes - deals with providing teaching staff within 2006/07 will
                                                    update as required.
                                                    21 Benefield Road Brigstock
                                                    Corporate Parenting Board
                                                    Community Union, Governor of Penn Green Centre Corby
                                                    Looking into opening a nursery unit with family member.
                                                    Labour Party. Co-operative,
                                                    Service 6-trustee.
                                                    New Era Security Systems Ltd, Priors Hall Road, North Weldon Ind
                                                    Estate, Corby Northants(May 06).
                                                    Home Delivery Network Ltd Eldon Wall Trading Estate Commercial
                                                    Road Corby (120506)
                                                    Community Union
James McKellar                 General   Personal   Tutor Northampton College
                                                    Eastbridge Management Ltd
                                                    10 Home Close Great Oakley Corby. Property at 10 Chapel Road
                                                    MATFHE Branch Chair
Kenneth (Ken) Melling          General   Personal   Barclys Plc
                                                    69 Upper Harlestone Northampton
                                                    Harlestone Parish Council
                                                    Daventry District Council
                                                    WNDC Daventry Area Planning Committee
                                                    Deputy Chair Daventry Constituency Conservative Assoc
                                                    President Rotary Club of Northampton West
                                                    National Trust
Andrew ( Dr Andy) Mercer       General   Personal   Software Engineer & Company Director
                                                    Compiforce Ltd - Supplier of software & consultancy for parking fines
                                                    & sundry debts.
                                                    9 Kensington Close Rushden Northants
                                                    East Northamptonshire Council
                                                    Rushden Town Council
                                                    East Midlands Regional Assembly
                                                    Rushden Parochial Charities
                                                    Conservative Party
                                                    Conservative Councillor Assoc.
Christopher Millar             General   Personal   Employed by Barclays Bank Plc
                                                    Improvement & Development Agency
                                                    Kettering Constituency Assoc
                                                    23 Grass Slade Brixworth Northants
                                                    Leader Daventry District Council
                                                    West Northamptonshire Development Corporation/ Local
                                                    Government Assoc - Executive
                                                    The Foundation of Thomas Roe Trustees/ Scaldwell Trustees
                                                    Environment Agency Waste Forum
                                                    Energy & Waste Project -EMRA - Chairman
                                                    Chair Northamptonshire Waste Partnership Shadow Board
                                                    UNIFI non active member
Gina Ogden                     General   Personal   Police Authority
                                                    Learning Skills Council
                                                    Northampton Theatres Trust
                                                    Daventry Constituency Conservative Assoc.
Priscilla Padley               General   Personal   Paten & Co (Peterborough) Ltd Non Executive Director
                                                    Wheelwright Cottage Station Road Nassington Peterborough PE8
                                                    Parson Latham Educational Charity Oundle.
                                                    Trustee of Rockingham Forest Trust Drill Hall Oundle
                                                    Magistrate Corby Bench
                                                    Chair of Nassington & Yarwell Conservative Branch
                                                    Corby & East Northants Conservative Association member.
William Leslie (Bill) Parker   General   Personal   Company Secretary
                                                    122 Rockingham Road Kettering
                                                    Governor Bramside Primary School
                                                    Kettering Borough Council
                                                    Rotary Club of Kettering
                                                    Queen of Hearts Nursery School
                                                    Countryside Alliance

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                                                                                                Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Leslie (Les) Patterson   General   Personal   Muir Housing Association
                                              Labour Party
                                              4 Clock Tower Court Northampton
                                              10 Huxloe Rise Northampton
                                              78 Derngate Northampton Trust
                                              Thorplands Community Shop
Ronald Pinnock           General   Personal   57 Park Avenue Rushden Northants
                                              East Northants Council
                                              Rushden Town Council
                                              Conservative Party
Alan Pote                General   Personal   Semi retired
                                              Sole Proprieter
                                              6 Nansen Close Rothwell Northants
                                              Rothwell Conservative Assoc.
                                              Grand Lodge of England
Charles Reichhold        General   Personal   County Councillor and District Councillor
                                              Northamptonshire County Council
                                              East Northamptonshire District Council
                                              Oundle & District Conservative Branch
                                              Corby & East Northamptonshire Conservative Association
                                              Northamptonshire County Council Conservative Group
                                              2 Warren Bridge Oundle Peterborough PE8 4DQ
                                              The Schools Organisation Committee
                                              Supporting People
                                              Oundle & Thrapston Youth Counselling (CHAT)
                                              Volunteer Action Oundle
                                              ENDC representative
                                              EMRAF.Hon.Sec. Fletton House Steering Group
                                              Subscription - paying member Thrapston & Raunds Arca MIND
                                              Oundle & District Conservative Branch Committee
                                              Hon Chairman - Member of Conservative Councillors Association
                                              Member Nene Valley Association
                                              Member Conservative Policy Forum
                                              Petition signatory: Stop the Development Plans for Northamptonshire
Ronald (Ron) Sawbridge   General   Personal   DHL and Exel Plc (now acquired by Deutshe Post AG)
                                              Foster carer for the County Council
                                              Puente Sierra 1 Cartwright Gardens Aynho Northants
                                              Governor Magdalen College School - Vice Chair of Governors
                                              Chair Exel Senior Staff Retirement Assoc
                                              Rotary Club Brackley
                                              Chairman of Aynho Branch of the Daventry Constituency
                                              Conservative Association.
                                              Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration
Robert (Bob) Seery       General   Personal   Part time self employed private consultant
                                              10 St Andrews Close Titchmarsh Northampton NN14 3DS
                                              Member of East Midlands Regional Assembly.
                                              Member of East Midlands Regional LG Association.
                                              Member of North Nothants Development Board. Member
                                              Chairman North Northants Development Joint Planning Committee
                                              Member Rotary Club of Thrapston and Raunds.
                                              Assistant Governor Rotary District 1070
                                              Executive member Corby East Northants Conservative Association.
Judith Shephard          General   Personal   Windbreck Butchers Lane Boughton Northampton
                                              Holcot Old Charity (member)/ Aquarius (Executive Member)
                                              Governor of Moulton School.
                                              Chairman Richard Humfrey Charity.
                                              Friends of 78 Derngate.
                                              Pitsford Liaison Forum Mineral
                                              Boughton Liaison Forum (minerals)
                                              Secretary Boughton Conservatives
                                              RAF Association Member (Life)
                                              Boughton Parish Council member.
Maureen Shram            General   Personal   Labour Party
                                              147 Winstanley Road Wellingborough
                                              Trustee Services 6 Wellingborough which is owned by
                                              Northamptonshire County Council
                                              Associate Governor Warwick Primary School, Wellingborough
                                              President - Racial Equality Council Northamptonshire and
                                              Wellingborough Locality Group (RAW).
                                              The Labour Club Northampton.
                                              Streets for People/Transport 2000.
                                              Friend of the Castle Theatre Wellingborough.
                                              Service 6.
                                              Victoria Centre.

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                                                                                                Declaration of Interest 11/21/2010
Full Name                 Item No   Type       Details of Interest
Maureen Shram             General   Personal   The Kingsway Centre.
                                               Five Wells Credit Union Ltd.
                                               Labour Party
Benjamin (Ben) Smith      General   Personal   Self employed consultant trading as Benjamin Smith Design
                                               Associates. Landscape architecture and environmental planning
                                               Moreton Pinkney Conservative Branch £25.00 in connnection with
                                               election expenses in 2001
                                               Nationwide Building Society
                                               5 acres of land at Orchard House Banbury Road Litchbrorough
                                               owned jointly with spouse
                                               Anglian (northern) Flood Defence
                                               County Council's Network
                                               Litchborough Parish Council
                                               West Northamptonshire Development Corporation
                                               Northamptontonshire Polica Authority
                                               Conservative Party
                                               Royal Horticultural Society
                                               The Lanscape Institute
                                               Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
Winston Strachan          General   Personal   Employee of Black & Decker
                                               The Labour Party
                                               Northampton Borough Council
                                               33 Bowthorpe Northampton
                                               Association of Labour Councillors
                                               Northamptonshire Race Equality Council/ The Labour Party/ The
                                               Association of Labour Councillors
Elizabeth (Liz) Tavener   General   Personal   Northampton South Conservative Assoc.
                                               3 Kenilworth Close Duston Northampton
                                               Governor Duston School
                                               Northampton Borough Council Duston Ward
                                               Duston Parish Council Chairman
                                               Trustee Northampton Municipal Charities
                                               Duston Conservative Assoc
Michael Tye               General   Personal   Marketing Manager Townsends Garage
                                               58 Welllingborough Road Rushden Northants
                                               Service 6 Youth Counselling Service
                                               Connect Communications Union
AllenWalker               General   Personal   17 Porters Close Deanshanger Milton Keynes
Malcolm Waters            General   Personal   7 Torrington Green Wellingborough
                                               Councillor of Borough Council of Wellinborough
                                               Member of Whytewell Masonic Lodge (Wellingborough)
                                               Conservative Association (Chairman) for Wellinborough
Jonathan West             General   Personal   Cardiac Suite Manager
                                               Kettering General Hospital
                                               Labour Party/ Unison/ Co-operative Party
                                               Wellington Works Management Company Ltd
                                               1 Wellington Works Kettering & communal land associated with it
                                               Kettering Borough Council
                                               Co-operative Society
                                               Labour Party
                                               Co-operative Party/ Unison
Terence (Terry) Wire      General   Personal   St James Ward Labour Party
                                               21 Windsor Crescent Northampton
                                               Group Business Manager
                                               Northampton Borough Council
                                               Vice President for the Blind
                                               Wooton VCS Club
                                               Blue Cont Charities
                                               The Labour Party
                                               Fire Brigade Union
John Yates                General   Personal   County & Borough Councillor
                                               Allotment land owned off Apex Lane Semilong Northampton
                                               Land rented at Pitsford Grange for the grazing of horses
                                               Governor Kingsthorpe Community School
                                               Northampton Borough Council
                                               Liberal Democrat Party

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