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									Alejandro Martínez
Digital & Web Experience Designer
Mobile: (011) (521) 55 9199 8721

           Multimedia and Web Design, from concept to implementation
           Web Proyect Management
           Implementation of Internet viral mar keting campaigns • AS 2.0 Flash Programming
           Basic OOP AS 3.0 Development & iPhone Aplications Development with Objective C
           HTML, JS, CSS2, PHP, XML • Design Tools: Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Firewor ks
           Video Edition & Post- Production: After Effects & Premiere
           Basic Maya 3D modelling, animation and effects
           Mac&PC

         Interalia Digital as Web & Multimedia Junior Designer from May 00 to January 01.
            Design and implementation of a virtual shop with its CMS software and many proyects more.
         Arte Binar io as Web & Mult imedia Senior Designer from January 01 to May 01. Mainly
            Bayer Web Pr oyects.
         Kimber ly- Clark de México as Web & Mult imedia Senior Designer from May 01-present.
            Design and Actualization of websites, mainly Child Care Product lines. Viral campaigns
            implementation, promos and multimedia proyects.
         My own site wich has been cited in already 30 top design sites. The actual 2008
            version was published in the Web Design Index 8 catalogue book.

           Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco.
           Laboral Exper ience.
           Freelancing Proyects.
           Several leraning courses: AS, Video, 3D Maya, iPhone Development, AS 2-3.0
           Self lear ning: books, online inestigation and offline & online communities.
           Currently I’m taking the IA B’s Digital Mar ket ing Degree at ITESM.
Currently I have about 500 people in my adress book. They are divided in many gr oups:
     Internet Solutions and Service Providers.
     Design and Mar keting Agencies.
     Development Consulting.
     Adobe Flash Development Communities.
     Marketeers.
     People inside the Design Environment • Mountainnering, Runners, Biking people.

    People w ho wants to make inovators media interactive proyects outside of the mainstream.

      A Flex Des ktop and On line Twitter App.
      Great Campaigns integrating on line and off line experience.
      Mobile Solutions.
      Digital Experiences.

      Media Planning.
      Traditional Marketing.
      Management.
      Phisics for Game Programming.
      PHP6, JQuery, MySQL and Advanced Maya Modeling & Effects.
      Funk Guitar Style Playing.
      Wall Mountain Climbing

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