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									                    Communications Round Table
                          May 30, 2008

What do people consider as communication?
Split between internal and external communication.

Questions asked and comments provided by roundtable participants:
  1. What is the difference between marketing and communications?
   2. What goes into newsletters?
   3. Yes, Yes, Yes, Communication is key to successful chapter. Best practices?
   4. Here to learn more about what others do.
   5. Improvements, content, mechanisms?
   6. Communications is mankind biggest challenge – Here to have an ah ha moment.
   7. Here to learn how to have effective communication to members.
   8. Communication is most important thing we do. Need to do better. We are
      implementing a digital strategy. Not only email blasts.
   9. Marketing external – Communications internal
   10. Shared web site disaster – Found best results are to make it simple.

Internal/External Communication

   1. Internal Communications (from around the table):
          a. Email communications – share examples (group discussion):
          b. 1 email a month about monthly meeting
          c. 1 email once a month constant contact (email service), opt out options for
          d. Members only email communication – perks you get with email includes
             job postings. Answers question “what‟s in it for me”. Second idea Linked-
             In group, apply to chapter
          e. FaceBook idea – what is it? Implement ideas on FaceBook? Has anyone
             done that – IS SIG has done this and is linked in. Mike Franetti??
          f. Current membership does not have way for folks to log in so use email,
             maybe too technical to manage.
          g. Membership emails only 2 times from Portland – not to bombard them.
             Newsletters are electronic – has anyone published paper form?
          h. Emails – new members, renewing members, renewing PMP‟s, new
             PMP‟s. In Portland chapter VP of membership does these.

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                 Communications Round Table
                       May 30, 2008
       i. Mark Langley - Is communications integrated throughout all reps? Yes at
       j. Joint responsibility across members, uses, board – how is it handled?
          President approved message – approved who it goes to – board, members,
          PMP, special persons with interest.
       k. We like to use one person for all communications because it keeps same
          look and feel.
       l. We use mail merge to send out communications.
       m. Mark Langley - Roles of communications and marketing is BRANDING
          role – KEEP BRANDING the same for all roles, communications and
          marketing. Excellent strategy.
       n. Person shared bad experience – invited manager from work and saw web
          site – said it looks like you work out of our basement “I‟m not coming to
          your meeting.”
       o. Digital Strategy – why are people coming to web site, what can be
          improved on? Need to survey and ask what is value to them in web site.
          How to make it look more professional and allow them to get the
          information they are looking for.
       p. If you want to be professional, act and look like it.

2. Internal Communications (from around the table):
       a. Excel pivot table used to identify status of people. Global may be able to
           help with registration – chapters may be able to offer special deal with
           vendor to help with on-line registration.
       b. VP Operations - SharePoint is a good option, but group here has greater
          info than one person. So is there a way to get information between all of
          group and down to person that needs it?
       c. Best practices suggestions – contact VP operations other chapters.
       d. We don‟t support members only section of web site. We do support user
          rights to web sites. Approval of items (content management system) per
          person (e.g., update link on web site only president may have permissions
          to be able to change that link. If president believes change is valid, then
          allowed and decision communicated to web person).
       e. Content management tool. Constant contact software tool. Vertical
          Response software tools. is another one. Another tool is
          Gammadine (spelling?)- will send emails individually.
       f. How many emails do you send to your members every month?
          1,2,4,3, - group mostly said 1,2 and all under 5.

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                     Communications Round Table
                           May 30, 2008
          g. Specific event – Say women‟s only event – is this appropriate? How do
             other chapters handle this?

               Could be appropriate if targeted to women only members? Use Local
               Interest Groups and work communication through them? Keep
               president/board advised.

               The chapter should be sending more relevant emails to their members –
               does your chapter support a women‟s event? If yes, then email is relevant.
               Caution to send emails of events members do not want to attend.

          h. Caution do not have too many databases – Portland had 4-5 databases,
             many problems. Have one database that they are able to update interests
             and things they want to know about, topics, etc online.

Job Postings

   1. Legal question – on PMI website, Monster Jobs, Dice Jobs, is there a question
      about aggregating those job postings.
   2. No we provide links – but want to provide better value and screen jobs and
      prioritize them.
   3. How to „crawl‟ through those jobs and create the link because takes a lot of time
      to make sure job postings are relevant to PMI people?
   4. Use different strategy – use local membership to provide jobs, links and
      membership – REAL PERSON gives better results for someone to actually get a
      job, but still provide link and additionally someone in membership you can
      contact about the job.
   5. One chapter does search automatically and puts an email out automatically, but
      this is not reviewed and it is stated so in email.
   6. Online survey – members need jobs and knowledge – KEEP THEME as per Mark
      Langley – “Access to Knowledge and Networking” is what is most important to
      keep and retain your membership.
   7. If that is what people are looking for – make sure it is clear and accessible on the
      web site.

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                    Communications Round Table
                          May 30, 2008
DEP questions to Mark Langley

   1. Chapter can run PDF report for their member list.
   2. Discussion that download is still old (6 weeks). So when someone new shows up,
      they are still not on member list due to delay from GOC getting their name on list.
   3. NOW when sign up through GOC, components have option to select automatic
      email notification. So designate person in chapter (VP of membership for
      example) and they will get email from GOC in 24 hrs after new person joins PMI
      to notify them when someone moves to Vancouver, joins or renews – someone in
      chapter gets email about this person. Note this is NOT NEW PMP‟s only new
      MEMBERS – This provides opportunity for chapter to send welcome package to
      new members. Issue in Canada about publishing people‟s names for recognizing
      them is large legal issue. How can Canada work with this? No good solution to
      publish names for recognition in local paper, for example. It is legal issue and can
      not do it. Mark understands issue, but adherence to highest law standard is what
      PMI promotes (EU standard is highest).
   4. New and renewed members publication implemented Oct 2007.
   5. Congratulations letter sent from PMI – how to get PDU‟s in the packet.

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