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									                                   PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST

 This private tutor list is comprised of individuals who have called in and offered their services This should not be construed as
 an endorsement by the Poway Unified School District. It is the responsibility of the parent to interview/investigate private tutors.
                               Updated May 2008 by Alternative Programs, (858) 748-0010, Ext. 2723.

   First Name          Last Name           Phone                     email                             Subjects 9-12
                                                                                          Credentialed. IHSA, Algebra 1 thru4,
Michelle            Adam                     
                                                                                          College Algebra, Trig, Statistics
M      t            A
                    Agne              858-451-3881
                                      858 451 3881          @
                                                                C d ti l d out of state. ELL
                                                                                          Credentialed t f t t
Kayte               Allred            858-487-2010                                        Credentialed. Math
                                                                                          PUSD Employee. Math-Algebra,
                                                                                          Geometry, Trig, . Specializing in
Lori                Allshouse         858-449-4356
                                                                                          CAHSEE Math Prep. BS in Electronic
                    American Center                                                       Credentialed.    subjects.
                                                                                          Credentialed All subjects Math up to
Honore Fila                         858-549-4250
                    for Learning                                                          Calculus; Test Prep: SAT, CAHSEE.

                                                                                          Credentialed. PUSD Sub. All subjects.
Sean                Bailey            610-462-3948
                                                                                          Current Sylvan Learning Center Tutor.

                                                                                          Credentialed out of state Math including
Susanna             Ball              858-689-8250              algebra, geometry, trigonometry,
                                                                                          Statistics Chemistry French English

                                                                                          Credentialed. Certificated Ed Therapist,
Leanne              Benjamin          858-484-2261                 Special Ed, All subjects except hight
                                                                                          school math and sciences.

                                                                                          Credentialed. All subjects including
Jeff                Bibler            619-820-4687               English, Reading, Math through Algebra,
                                                                                          and French

                                                                                          Credentialed PUSD Sub. Math & music.
                                                                                          BS Applied Mathematics with
San San             Blain             858-486-4700                  Specialization in Computing from UCLA
                                                                                          M.Ed. Education from UCLA M.M. Music
                                                                                          from SDSU

                                                                                          Credentialed PUSD Sub. Humanities,
Donna               Block             858-354-8734                Language Arts, Literature, Social
                                                                                          Studies, Math, ESL, Science

                                                                                          Credentialed. Physics, Geoscience,
Don                 Boccio            858-385-0089
                                                                                          General Science

           6/13/2008                                                                                                     1 of 8
                                PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD Adult Ed teacher.
Joe                Bolduc            858-752-0193
                                                                                 Mathematics BA in Mathematics
                                                                                 Credentialed. Math & Science. East
Lisa Ann           Boyle             619-562-3210
                                                                                 County Substitute teacher

                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD Teacher. English
Kimberly           Bronson           619-204-4320        Language Arts. Interacy intervention-
                                                                                 struggling readers.
                                                                                     gg g

                                                                                 Credentialed. French, Retired PUSD
Diana              Browning          858-761-1092
                   Buddy System,                                                 Credentialed. All subjects, test
                   The                                                           preparation
                                                                                 Credentialed. Algebra, Algebra 3-4
                                                                                 (Honors), Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus,
                                                                                 (      ), g,                ,         ,
Vicky              Bush              858 484 9144
                                                                                 Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics,
                                                                                 Geology, Oceanography, APS Calculus
                                                                                 Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. English
                                                                                 (including AP), Writing, Literature,
Dorothy            Carlson           760-685-2663
                                                                                 College Apps, Planning and Personal
                                                                                 Statement, SAT

                                                                                 Credentialed. Math, Science. Palomar
Valerie            Chau              858-538-6654            College teacher in Computer Science
                                                                                 and Business

                                                                                 Credentialed. All subjects. PUSD
Bob                Christel          619-287-6805
                                                                                 teacher. SAT prep.

Annette Ferre      Club Z Tutoring   858-449-4494     All subjects. 1-to-1 in-home tutoring.

                                                                                 Credentialed. All Subjcts,
Debra Surber       College Bound          
                                     858-663-3432                                CAHSEE/SAT/ACT test prep, college &
Kristen Solo       Consulting             
                                                                                 course planning.
Carol              DeBruin           858-538-8452                                Credentialed. Math

                                                                                 Credentialed. Math up to Math Analysis,
                   DeGuzman-                 Spanish 1-2. I was a substitute teacher
Deanne                               858-717-6320
                   Cadelina                         m                            with the DODEA School District in Guam
                                                                                 (military school).

Kourosh            Derakshan         858-472-5459                                Mathematics
                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD Teacher. Majored in
                                                                                 Spanish @ SDSU. 25 years teaching
Robert             Easter            858-945-4327
                                                                                 exp, well traveled abroad. Understand
                                                                                 ADD, short-term & long-term issues.
Richard            Farace            858-395-4379                                Credentialed. All subjects
Monica             Fatoohi           858-337-0654           Credentialed. 'PUSD sub. All subjects.

           6/13/2008                                                                                           2 of 8
                                  PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
                                                                               Credentialed. English, CAHSEE prep, all
Ann                Fisher          858-676-3440
                                                                               other subjects
                                                                               Credentialed. All levels of Spanish and
Teresa             Fisher          858-842-1102
                                                                               PUSD inst. Asst. Language Arts, Basic
                                                                               Math-Algebra I, General Subjects, Social
Arlene             Fleckenstein    858-484-8676
                                                                               Studies, CAHSEE prep, GED prep,
                                                                               CHSPE prep.
                                                                               Credentialed. PUSD English Teacher.
Lynne              Floto           858-391-9444   lfloto@powayusd com
                                                                               All English subjects.
                                                                               Credentialed. French Spanish, Reading
Sharon             Frank           619-994-0354
                                                                               comprehension & writing

                                                                               Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calc, Calculus,
Jye                Frohlich        858-486-2117
                                                                               AP Stats, Chemistry, AP Chemistry

Karen              Gil             858-451-1654                                Credentialed. Spanish. PUSD Teacher.

Perri              Gill            858-487-4969                                Credentialed. Math up to Calculus.

Rosalind           Gillett         858-674-6005                                Credentialed. Math, Chemistry, Biology

                                                                               Credentialed out of state. General
Nicole             Godinho         703-403-3083
                                   703 403 3083
                                                                               studies Social Studies English French
                                                                               studies,       Studies, English,
                                                                               Credentialed. Remedial reading and
Sandra             Gonnerman       858-592-0723

                                                                               Credentialed. Math, Algebra, Geometry,
Debbie             Gossman         858-538-6404
                                                                               Algebra 3-4

                                                                               Credentialed. Reading, literature,
                                                                               english, and history. Currently tutoring
Greer              Grant           858-451-6663      for Huntington Learning Center and
                                                                               teaching online courses for National

                                                                               Credentialed. PUSD Sub & Softball
                                                                               Coach. Algebra, Geometry, Calculus,
Chuck              Graves          858-748-5302
                                                                               Computer Science, Reading, History,

                                                                               Credentialed. English-Reading Comp,
                                                                               Literature, Essays, State Tests Prep,
Kristi             Grayson         760-445-7049
                                                                               Research Papers, Communication Skills,
                                                                               Study & Orgranizational Skills

Susie              Harris          858-485-7421                                Credentialed. ESL & English

           6/13/2008                                                                                         3 of 8
                               PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST

                                                                                Credentialed. All subjects. Provides one-
                                                                                2-one customized instruction in student's
Angela            Hart          760-427-0777
                                                                                home. Work with students, teachers,
                                                                                and parents to assure solutions.

                                                                                Credentialed out of state SAT/ACT
Joan              Harwood       858-380-6394
                                                                                English, Italian

                                                                                Credentialed. English, Honors English,
                                                                                AP English, and SAT writing prep.
Vickie            Hoey          858-204-8596
                                                                                Works with both honors and special
                                                                                needs students.

                                                                                Credentialed. Math - All levels up to 2nd
Valerie           Jackson       858-748-0713
                                                                                semester Calculus

Anita             James         858-217-6951          Credentialed. Algebra thru Pre-Calculus

                                                                                Credentialed. Life Science, Biology,
Silvia            Kaloustian    858-213-8678   Oceanography, Zoology, Geoscience,
                                                                                Art. MA in Educations, BA in Art.

                                                                                Credentialed. Algebra, Geometry & Basic
Alan              Kashmola      858-484-1815
Stephanie         Kcomt         858-335-8548              Credentialed. English
                                                                                Credentialed. English & Math up to
                                                                                C d ti l d E li h M th          t
Kristen           Kennedy       619-822-7988
                                                                                Algebra. PUSD teacher.
                                                                                Credentialed. Study Skills, Math,
Angela            Kim           858-485-8740
                                                                                Algebra, Geometry

Min               Kim           858-472-3218         Credentialed. Math, Science
                                                                                Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. All
B b tt
Babette           Ki
                  King          858 344 0115
                                                                                Credentialed. PUSD Sub. Math, Algebra
Evan              Kirstein      614-560-5831
                                                                                & Science
                                                                                Credentialed. Math up to Adv. Calculus;
Soon              Ko            858-414-9141

                                                                                Credentialed. Emphasis on
Shauna            Koelzer       858-513-8400              Mathematics. All subjects up to and
                                                                                including Pre-Calculus. Also, SAT prep.

                                                                                Credentialed. English, Social Sciences,
Elizabeth         Kurzyniec     858-538-0363             Literature, Composition, Government,
                                                                                History, Economics

          6/13/2008                                                                                           4 of 8
                                 PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
                                                                                 Math, Alg, Geom, Pre-Calc, SAT Prep 30
Molly               Larson        858-385-0714
                                                 Mollydenny@aol com              years tutoring experience UC Extension
                                                                                 Credentialed. PUSD Substitute. All
Kelly               Lear          949-697-7539

                                                                                 Credentialed out of state. PUSD Inst.
Ellen               Levitt        760-294-3483
                                                                                 Asst. ELL, Spanish

                                                                                 Credentialed. Math & Computer Science.
Gary                Lindem        858-484-0872
                                                                                 BA Math 1974 SDSU.

Eddie               Lindros       858-748-4103                                   Credentialed. Algebra, Geometry

                                                                                                                ( g
                                                                                 Credentialed out of state. ESL (English
Nancy               Linton        858-676-6746
                                  858 676 6746
                                                                                 as a Second Language)

                                                                                 Credentialed. Spanish. Former PUSD
Susan               Manly         619-871-9656
                                                                                 Spanish Teacher

Vicky               Manriquez     858-538-4194        Credentialed. Spanish & ELL

Roseann             Marttils      858 486 1982
                                  858-486-1982   rmarttils@powayusd com
                                                 Credentialed.     Teacher.
                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD Teacher Spanish
                                                                                 Credentialed. Computers, Math, English,
Joyce               Mate          858-485-0351
                                                                                 Digital Imaging, Photography
                                                                                 Credentialed. PUSD HS Teacher. New
                                                                                 SAT II Prep: critical reading and writing
                                                                                 skills; Literature comp, alaytical essay
Marie               McGowan       858-538-6728
                                                                                 writing, vocab building, homework
                                                                                 assistance, study & organizational skills,
                                                                                 including honors, Humanities, and AP

                                                                                 Credentialed. Language Arts, Social
Bob                 Messinger     858-613-9244                                   Sciences, Pre-Algebra, Computer

                                                                                 Credentialed. Spanish, Psychology,
Christian           Michel        858-735-4227
                                                                                 Writing, Reading, Study/Learning Skills

                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD teacher. Math to
Elizabeth           Miller        760-738-9713
                                                                                 Algebra 3-4
                                                                                 Credentialed PUSD Teacher. All
Kathleen            Miller        858-487-2802   kmiller@powayusd com
                                                                            Credentialed PUSD Teacher. English.
Coleen              Montgomery    858-716-9322 College essay prep, literary analysis
                                                                            essays, and critical reading/thinking skills
Mitra               Moshiri       858-780-8939                                   Credentialed. Chemistry
                                                                                 Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. Algebra
Jayne               Moulton       858-748-0133        1&2, Geometry, Algebra 3&4, Trig, AFA
                                                                                 Chemistry, Physics
            6/13/2008                                                                                          5 of 8
                                PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
Helen              Olmstead      858-487-2642                                  Credentialed. Chemistry, other science.

                                                                               Credentialed. All subjects. Algebra,
David              Ow            517-410-1119              French, ESL. Impact PUSD teacher for

                                                                               Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. Social
Thomas             Palacios      619-300-9232         Eciences (Economics, US Gov., US
                                                                               History World History)
                                                                               Credentialed. Math, SAT & CAHSEE
Johnathon          Park          858-204-1572

                                                                               Credentialed. Current PUSD Substitute.
                                                                               All subjects. I encourage a
Lynn               Parker
                                                                               motivational, understanding, calm, and
                                                                               positive learning environment
                                                                               Credentialed. Palomar College Teacher.
Lindsay            Partaine      858-385-9076

                                                                               PUSD Student Services Assistant, PUSD
Perry Ann          Patterson     858-883-2513
                                                                               Mentor. ELL

                                                                               Credentialed. Language Arts, Social
Victoria           Pride         858-486-0775
                                                                               Science; bilingual, Spanish
                                                                               Credentialed. Calculus, Algebra,
Kevin              Regardie      858-336-5570
Gerri              Repking       858-484-5069                                  Credentialed. Math
                                                                               Credentialed. English, Reading, Writing,
W d
Wendy              Ri h d
                   Richards      858-218-5038
                                 858 218 5038       h l        @h t il
                                                                               French & Study Skills.

Allen              Robinovich    858-243-3627          Credentialed. Math - all subjects

                                                                               Credentialed out of state. Retired
                                                                               Reading Specialist. Reading
                                                                               Comprehension; vocabulary
                                                                               C        h     i        b l
                                                                               development; spelling; writing; Language
Rhoda              Rosenfeld     858-592-6631              Arts; research skills; study &
                                                                               organizational skills; homework & project
                                                                               assistance; test-taking preparation and
                                                                               strategies; new SAT-Critical reading &
                                                                               writing skills; SAT II -Writing; ACT

                                                                               Credentialed. Retired PUSD English
                                                                               teacher. English, Humanities, college
Rita               Rowan         858-485-9781
                                                                               essays, SAT writing section, UC
                                                                               applications, Spanish 1-2.
                                                                               Credentialed. Math, English, Science,
Julia              Ruggieri      858-586-1366
                                                                               Social Studies; PUSD teacher
Shirine            Safinia       858-866-8539      Credentialed. Math & French

           6/13/2008                                                                                        6 of 8
                                    PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
                                                                                   Credentialed. PUSD 9th English teacher
Katie               Sangalang                     @ WHS. English, History, and Science.
                                     x 3248
                                                                                   Some Math

Natalie             Schaeffer        760-747-1126                                  Credentialed. 'ESL; reading

Christine           Schlegelmilch    858-488-4980                                  Credentialed. 'To Calculus

Doreen              Schonfeld        858-592-0254          Credentialed. Chemistry
                                                                                   Credentialed. One-on-one instruction for
Dan                 Schreiber        858-410-2527
                                                                                   all subjects in your home.

                                                                                   Credentialed. 'Algebra, Geometry, Basic
Ann                 Schwartz         858-485-9501
                                                                                   Skills, Math, SAT Review, Psychology

                                                                                   Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. Language
Lacy                Segal            858-405-7731            Arts, Social Studies, Spanish, Special
                                                                                   Ed, second language learners.

                                                                                   Credentialed out of state. French &
                                                                                   German, one-on-one or group. Swiss
Verena              Seisun           858-672-2927
                                                                                   Secondary School Teacher Credentialed
                                                                                   for French & German

                                                                                   Credentialed. English Language, Social
Mina                Shah             858-716-9347      Science & Literature. PUSD substitute
                                                                                   t   h

                                                                                   Credentialed. College consulting:
Behrens,                                                                           facilitating college search & placement,
                    College          858-245-3367
Adrienne J.                                                                        college application preparation. Spanish
Iris                Stein, M.A.      858-674-1807                                  Credentialed out of state. 'English, ESL

Alyson              Stewart          858-484-3432                                  Credentialed. 9th grade English; ESL.

                                                                                   Credentialed. Writing, reading, social
Vincent             Tang             858-513-3735
                                                                                   studies, ESL

                                                                                   Credentialed. PUSD Teacher. College
Barbara             Tomeo            858-401-3975   barbaratomeo@yahoo com

                    Torrey                                                         Credentialed. All subjects, test prep,
Gary Henderson
                    Highlands        858-780-0288    course planning and college admissions
Allison Winkler
                    Tutoring Club                                                  counseling.

Susan               Townsend         858-336-4222         Credentialed. English

            6/13/2008                                                                                            7 of 8
                                 PUSD 9-12 PRIVATE TUTOR LIST
                                                                                  Credentialed. All PUSD class subjects.
                    Tutoring Club of
Steve Eggers                         858-748-8867   Profesional Learning Center, Expert
                                                                                  Credentialed. Teaching @ Miramar
Connie              Tye             858-538-9608
                                                                                  College. All Math subjects.

                                                                                  Credentialed. 'All subjects. Math up to
    g               Vallese         858-486-9282                                  Pre-Calc. Special Ed Credential; MST,
                                                                                  Masters of Science & Teaching

                                                                                  Credentialed. 'Pre-Algebra thru Pre-
Bob                 Wagner          858-603-2716
                                                                                  Calculus, SAT Prep.
Andrew              Walford         858-605-0818       Credentialed. Chemistry & Biology
                                                                                  Credentialed. All subjects including
Anita               Weiser          877 571-2912              @
Jacque              Whitaker        858-484-6616                                  Credentialed. Math - all levels
Corey               Willis          619-838-6613      Credentiald. Spanish
Christina           Winn            858-449-1162                                  Credentialed. English & Social Sciences

Chi-Ann             Yan             858-756-9033          Credentialed. Math, Science, Chinese

                                                                                  Credentialed. Reading, English, Spanish,
Laura               Zeaman          858-829-9091
                                                                                  SAT Prep

            6/13/2008                                                                                           8 of 8

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