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									                                        May 21, 2004

           The Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy (OT) Practice (Board)

                             Spring Grove Hospital Center
                       55 Wade Avenue – Benjamin Rush Building
                                   Conference Room
                   Chairperson: Joyce Carla Farrington, M.Ed., OTR/L
                                       8:30 a.m.

                             GENERAL SESSION MINUTES


Joyce Carla Farrington, M.Ed., OTR/L              Donna Ashman, Executive Director
Cindy McKoin, MOT, OTR/L, BCN                     Marilyn Pinkney, Licensing Coordinator
Thaddeus Meade Felton, Consumer Member
Alfred Tyler, ASCP, Consumer Member
Claudia McInerney, MOT, OTR/L

Debbie Craig, COTA/L
Linda Leimbach, MS, OTR/L

1. Licensure Review and Continuing Education Review.
2. Ms. Farrington called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.
3. Ms. Farrington gave acknowledgement to Alfred Tyler, Consumer Member, for his dedicated
   service to the Board since 1995 and presented him with a gift on behalf of the Board. Ms.
   Farrington announced that the newly appointed consumer member, Pastor Nathaniel Johnson,
   attended the board member orientation training and plans to attend the next scheduled Board
4. Ms. Farrington established the General Session agenda for May 21, 2004 with two added
   agenda items; one item to New Business and the other to Unfinished Business.
5. The General Session Minutes for March 19, 2004 were motioned for approval by Mr. Felton;
   Ms. McKoin seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed.


Ms. Farrington indicated that consideration of the licensure applications would be deferred until
later in the meeting to allow additional time for review.

1. Ms. Farrington suggested having the applicants files reviewed prior to the Board meeting due
   to the abundance of materials per the revised application. Ms. Ashman added that the
   licensure review probably will continue to require additional time since new criteria for
   licensure, including the jurisprudence exam as well as continuing education, was
   implemented effective February, 2004. Ms. Farrington motioned to accept the 28 total list of
   applicants for licensure of which 24 are occupational therapists and 4 are occupational
   therapy assistants. Ms. McInerney seconded the motion. The Board voted unanimously.

    24 Occupational Therapists                                      4 Occupational Therapy Assistants
    Laurilyn G. Bailey                                             Holly Ann Carstens
    Elizabeth Baugher                                              Brenda L. Humphrey
    Jacquelyn Mary Bergemann                                       Erin Hyland
    Erin L. Cidboy                                                 Dina Turk
    Tracey D. Davis
    Caroline S. Delosso
    Sue Ann Dolphin - Reinstatement
    Christine E. Feroli - Reinstatement
    Marie Anne Hitchcock
    Barri S. Hoffrichter - Reinstatement
    Elizabeth A. Hunter
    Susan E. Jacobs
    Alisa M. Jordan
    Rachel L. Karasick
    Christine Kautt
    Erin E. King
    Amy L. Liu
    Angela J. Mahosky
    Elizabeth D. McMickle
    Jennifer Morgan
    Ladane J. Mosely
    Megan L. Reungert
    Tobi Mark Smith
    Michelle M. Wirkner

2. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Interim Board Counsel was not present to give a

3. Ms. Farrington summarized the Council of Boards Meeting from April 13, 2004. Ms.
   Farrington highlighted that the identification badges for all Board members will be proposed
   in a letter to Secretary, Nelson Sabatini. Ms. Farrington will keep the Board apprised as
   more information is given.

     A. Ms. Farrington reported that the budget allowances were approved and a copy was given
        to Ms. Ashman. Ms. Farrington provided an update for the next legislative session.


                                                  REPORTS continued ...

     B. Ms. Farrington provided to the Board, as a reminder, a plan to meet with the legislators
        over the next few months. The Board office will set up a meeting by that time,
        specifically, with Delegates Weldan and Hurson.

     C. Ms. Farrington provided to the Board information on the media release and history of the
        Medicare Part B from Congressman Ben Cardin. Ms. Farrington suggested having this
        media release placed in the Fall 2004 Newsletter. Ms. Farrington will follow up this
        information provided to the Board.

4. Continuing Education – Deborah Craig, COTA/L, Claudia McInerney, MOT, OTR/L,
                          - Cindy McKoin, MOT, OTR/L
   A. Ms. McInerney reported business as usual for the continuing education review. She
      provided the statistics for the continuing education audit with 13 extensions pending to

5. A. Ms. Ashman forwarded the monthly report Fiscal Year 2004 administrative activities for
      review and signoff. Ms. Ashman reported the requested amount for the Budget FY2005
      was approved for $337,000; a bit more than the original requested amount.

     B. Ms. Ashman reported that the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) fee reduction
        of $7 for occupational therapists would be effective for the 2006 renewal. The amount
        currently is $34 and will be reduced to $27. Ms. Ashman recommended placing this
        announcement of the reduced fee in the Fall 2004 Newsletter with the effective date of
        renewal period for 2006.

     C. Ms. Ashman reported the status of on time licensure renewals postmarked May 31st is
        soon approaching, in 10 days, and a deadline of the renewal period is June 30th; i.e., in 30
        days. Currently approximately 60 % of the licensure base as renewed. Ms. Ashman
        stated she would be attending meetings next week with other boards that are in the same

          Ms. McKoin suggested piloting a series of phone calls to the licensees. Ms. Ashman
          responded that the Board office would complete this and provide feedback to the Board at
          the next meeting.

          Ms. Ashman requested that the Board consider conducting a reinstatement review earlier
          than the Board meeting date in July. She explained that the penalty of waiting the three
          weeks combined with the current fee increase may be an excessive penalty for late
          renewal. The Board had discussion. It was agreed that Ms. Farrington would review the
          reinstatements submitted on July 1, 2004.

     D. Ms. Ashman provided the Board with correspondence: Linda Yoder, Certified Massage
        Therapist. The Board had discussion and will continue discussion at the next scheduled
        Board meeting after Ms. McKoin and Ms. Ashman have drafted a reply.


     E. Ms. Ashman provided an updated phone listing to each Board member present.
                                UNFINISHED BUSINESS

1. The Board reviewed the draft summary report from the Annual Board Workshop. Ms.
   Farrington pointed out to the Board members that the summary report will be made available
   to the attendees and should be reviewed for accuracy. She indicated that it could be finalized
   next month, after Board members had time to thoroughly review it. Ms. Ashman was
   directed to obtain information on items pending. Ms. Farrington lastly pointed out that a
   follow-up meeting has not been scheduled, but probably will be in the future.

     Ms. Ashman will develop an action list from the workshop.

2. Ms. Ashman provided the revisions to the Board member position descriptions for Board
   voting. Ms. Craig forwarded her comments on the Board Chair-Vice Chair position
   description in dictating a preference for having the Board members volunteer for committee
   work instead of appointment by the Board Chair. The Board had discussion. Mr. Felton
   made a motion to accept the position description as written; Ms. McInerney seconded the
   motion. Ms. McKoin proposed an amendment with a correction to the Board member
   position #1 under requirements to insert “or limited occupational therapy." The Board voted.
   All in favor, none opposed.

                                                    NEW BUSINESS

1. Ms. McKoin stated that Ms. Leimbach, Ms. Ashman, Mr. Johnson, and herself all attended
   the Board Member training held on April 30, 2004. Ms. McKoin summarized the many
   topics of discussion and an overview of the training process.

2. Ms. Farrington shared follow-up on the support of the National Board for Certification in
   Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) in administering the Jurisprudence Exam. A meeting is
   being scheduled to discuss the possibility.

3. Ms. Ashman announced a meeting at the University of Maryland - Disparities Conference,
   June 8, 2004. The Board members can attend and may register individually.

4. Ms. McInerney brought to the Board's attention that the Washington, District of Columbia,
   Physical Therapy Association held a town meeting on April 14th. The discussion highlighted
   was the physical therapists interest in performing ADL's and test measurements. The
   Physical Therapy Association and AOTA are working together on these issues. There is no
   additional meeting date known at this time. Ms. McInerney will keep the Board apprised of
   this subject matter.



1. Ms Farrington announced the following agenda items will be covered at the next scheduled
   board meeting:
   A. Board Nominations and election of Chairperson & Vice Chairperson --
      Joyce Carla Farrington, M.Ed., OTR/L

     B. NBCOT Board Member Conference follow-up - Linda Leimbach, MS, OTR/L

     C. American Occupational Therapy Association Conference (AOTA) Report -
        Linda Leimbach, MS, OTR/L

                                               EXECUTIVE SESSION

Ms. Farrington announced that the Board would adjourn for the Executive Session, and then
reconvene for the General Session during the afternoon.

                                     UNFINISHED BUSINESS (continued)

1. Legislative Review Committee - Claudia McInerney, MOT, OTR/L


Pursuant to the Maryland State Government Article, Section (a)(13), Annotated Code of
Maryland, Ms. Farrington adjourned the General Session Meeting at 10:35 a.m. and reconvened
at 11:45 a.m.

Pursuant to the Maryland State Government Article, Section (a)(13), Annotated Code of
Maryland, Ms. Farrington adjourned the General Session Meeting at 1:00 p.m.

                                                                  Submitted by:

                                                                  Marilyn Pinkney
                                                                  Marilyn Pinkney, Licensing Coordinator


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