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					                                                       Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
Deadline                 Award Name and Description                      Eligibility Requirements                            Where to Get Applications

February 12, 2007      UWRA Fellowship for Aging               UW students only, must be in middle year(s)       For more information see UWRA Fellowship
                       Research-It will provide a $5,000       of graduate studies, conducting research on       webpage. For nomination cover sheet go to
                       award to support graduate students      topics that deal with aging, must be              http://catalysttools.washington.eud/survey/mhan
                       of outstanding academic merit who       nominated by chair of department--limit of 2      ks/31860 Nomination materials should include the
                       have demonstrated interest in           nominees per department. Contact person:          following: letter of nomination from the department
                       working with the elderly or the study   Marsha Hanks:                                     chair, a statement from the nominee describing the
                       of aging or gerontology. Three                        relevance of the research to the degree program, a
                       fellowships are available in this                                                         statement from the faculty advisor describing the
                       competition.                                                                              significance of the research, the relation of the work
                                                                                                                 to aging studies, the progress made to date, including
                                                                                                                 the anticipated degree completion date, a one-page
                                                                                                                 curriculum vitae.
Mid-February (contact Graduate Opportunities Program- Entering UW graduate students                              Departments may submit 'Graduate Diversity Plan' to
GO-MAP for current    Research assistantships for     underrepresented in area of study.                         the Graduate School's Graduate Opportunities &
year's deadline)      entering underrepresented                                                                  Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP)
                      students.                                                                                  (

February 26, 2007 for Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship- Ph.D. candidate who will complete the degree             Must be nominated by the chair of the department.
nominations           Fellowships to support doctoral       during the next academic year. Requires              Nominations are requested by the Graduate School.
                      dissertation research in the field of nomination. Information on website.                  Contact Marsha Hanks for applications:
                      child development with special                                                   
                      reference to the physically or
                      mentally disabled.

Early March (contact GO-MAP Graduate Diversity                 Awards based on merit, financial need, and        Departments may submit student nominations to The
GO-Map for current   Fellowships (Bank of America,             diversity; available to doctoral students only.   Graduate School's Graduate Opportunities and
year's deadline)     Presidential, and Stroum                                                                    Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP)
                     Dissertation Fellowships)                                                                   (

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                                                     Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
March 01, 2007        UW Ronald E. McNair Fellowship- Nominated students must have successfully           Departments may submit student nominations to The
                      This fellowship is a multi-year     completed a Ronald E. McNair Post-              Graduate School's Graduate Opportunities and
                      commitment, providing stipends of Baccalaureate Program at their                    Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP)
                      $16,500 for the first and last      undergraduate institution, and must have and
                      (dissertation) academic years (nine maintain a 3.4 GPA. Failure to maintain good
                      months), including tuition and      academic standing is cause for termination of
                      health insurance. This must be      future fellowship commitments.
                      matched in the interim by the
                      student's department with three
                      years of support at the same or a
                      higher level. If the department's
                      RA/TA rate at the student's
                      academic level is under $16,500,
                      the Graduate School will subsidize
                      the difference.
March 5, 2007         Flanagan Dissertation               Two awards for one year of support. Merit-      The application cover sheet is available at the
                      Fellowship-For UW graduate          based award for doctoral students only.         Graduate School or by contacting Marsha Hanks at
                      students in the Arts & Humanitites                                        
                      at the dissertation stage.

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                                                     Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
March 9, 2007 & May   GPSS-$250 in travel grants that        Any graduate or professional student            1. Review GPSS funding policies outlined below as
1, 2007               can be used for traveling to an        attending the University of Washington          well as the University of Washington travel
                      academic or professional               Seattle campus is eligible to apply for up to   guidelines.
                      conference that relates to a           $250 in travel grants.                          2. Download the Travel Allocations Application Form
                      student's area of study and will                                                       and fill it out.
                      enhance professional development.                                                      3. Have your departmental travel coordinator fill out
                      Graduate and professional                                                              the travel coordinator section of the application.
                      students can receive GPSS Travel                                                       4. Have a faculty member familiar with your work fill
                      Grants only once during their                                                          out the faculty sponsor statement.
                      graduate career.                                                                       5. Attach your pre-travel approval documentation to
                                                                                                             your application as well as a printout of the
                                                                                                             conference homepage or brochure.
                                                                                                             6. Submit the completed application form along with
                                                                                                             supplemental materials to the GPSS office (HUB
                                                                                                             300, Box 352238) by 6pm on any of the deadline
                                                                                                             dates listed above. Incomplete applications will not
                                                                                                             be considered.

March 26,2007         Huckabay Teaching Fellowships-         Project proposals must be submitted by a        Print application from Huckabay website:
                      One-quarter fellowships for            graduate student and a faculty mentor either
                      graduate students, in collaboration    from the UW or from a nearby community          m Email:
                      with a faculty mentor, focusing on     college, college, or university.
                      issues of teaching and learning.

March 30, 2007        ALCOR-Purpose is to assist in the      Graduate Students in the Psychology             Students apply to their areas for nomination for
                      professional development of            Graduate Department who display both            this funding. Applications must reach the head of
                      graduate students through summer       exceptional merit and economic need. The        the area. Area nominations must reach the Director
                      support. Awarded annually, merit       money is to be used for educational support     of Graduate Training. Nominations and rankings,
                      based. Approximately five to seven     during the upcoming summer quarter.             along with each nominee’s complete application,
                      awards per round. Awarded to four                                                      must be electronically forwarded to Nancy Kenney:
                      or five graduate students in form of                                         
                      a stipend in amounts of $5,000.

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                                                      Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
April 2, 2007         Dissertation Research Award-            Applicants must have their dissertation        Applicants must include the following information in
                      The Melissa Institute is offering       proposal approved by their dissertation        their submission: A two-page cover letter describing
                      four awards at $2,000 each. The         committee prior to their application to The    in detail the proposed research project and a brief
                      awards are available to graduate        Melissa Institute. Applicants must be          explanation of proposed use of funds (e.g., a
                      students from any discipline who        students in an accredited doctoral             budget), curriculum vitae, including any scientific
                      address issues of violence              dissertation program. Candidates may be        publications and presentations with a brief description
                      prevention and/or treatment. The        from any academic discipline.                  of your career plan, letter of recommendation from
                      award must be used to support                                                          your dissertation advisor, no electronic submissions
                      expenses that are directly related to                                                  accepted, a cover sheet [download] Acrobat PDF
                      the dissertation research (e.g.,                                                       format. (Open in Acrobat, click on fields to fill in, then
                      subject fees, computer time,                                                           print). Winners will be required to submit one copy
                      equipment). It may not be used for                                                     of the full proposal and documentation of committee
                      tuition, personal travel or personal                                                   approval.
                      expenses.                                                                              Mail application to:
                                                                                                             The Melissa Institute
                                                                                                             Attn: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Research
                                                                                                             6250 Sunset Drive Suite 204, Miami, Florida 33143
                                                                                                             Phone: 786-662-5210 Fax: 786-662-5211

April 15 2007         Ninth Matin E.P. Seligman Award         Graduate students that have completed a        Candidates should submit six copies of both their
                      Positive Psychology-Will award a        Ph.D. dissertation in any area of research     curriculum vitae and summary of their dissertation
                      cash grant of $1,000 to a scholar       related to Positive Psychology in the last     research. The summary should contain: description
                      who has completed a Ph.D.               three years and who plans to continue          of the problem investigated, explanation of the
                      dissertation in any area of research    research in this area. The dissertation must   methods used to investigate the problem, summary
                      related to Positive Psychology in       have been completed after March 30, 2004       of the findings, discussion of the significance of the
                      the last three years and who plans                                                     findings in relation to Positive Psychology, an outline
                      to continue research in this area.                                                     of how the work might be continued in the future.
                      The dissertation must have been                                                        Materials should be sent to: Communications
                      completed after March 30, 2004.                                                        Department John Templeton Foundation 300
                      Includes travel to the Summit,                                                         Conshohocken State Road, Suite 500 West
                      Washington D.C. and one day's                                                          Conshohocken, PA 19428 Additional information
                      lodging and expenses.                                                                  on the Seligman Award in available at

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                                                     Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
Mid-June, 2007        APF/COGDOP Graduate                    Applicants must be currently enrolled in a    Completed application form, one letter of
                      Research Scholarships in               terminal master's program, the student must   recommendation from the nominee's graduate
                      Psychology-The American                intend to enroll in a PhD program. Must be    research advisor, brief outline of the nominee's thesis
                      Psychological Foundation (APF)         United States citizens nominated by the       or dissertatoin research project, a curriculum vitae
                      and the Council of Graduate            department                                    and a transcriptof all graduate coursework completed
                      Departments of Psychology                                                            by the nominee. All application materials must be
                      (COGDOP) are jointly offering                                                        delivered in one complete package. Please send
                      eleven graduate research                                                             complete applications to: APA Science Directorate
                      scholarships for $1,000 each, one                                                    APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships
                      $2,000 scholarship, one $3,000                                                       750 First Street, NE Washington, DC 2002-4242
                      scholarship. The scholarships will
                      be given directly to the individual
                      graduate students enrolled in an
                      interim master's program or
                      doctoral program. The Purpose is
                      to assist graduate students of
                      psychology with research costs.
August 15 2007        Fredric M. Jablin Dissertation         All doctoral students are eligible. The       Interested parties should send a letter of interest, a
                      Award-Submissions can by on any        dissertation must be completed between        brief biographical note, one substantive dissertation
                      topic or discipline as long as they    August 1, 2005 and August 1, 2007.            chapter, and verification of the dissertatioin defense
                      demonstrate implications for the                                                     date to: J. Thomas Wren, Associate Dean for
                      study of leadership. Recipient(s)                                                    Academic Affairs, Jepson School of Leadership
                      will be honored at the eighth annual                                                 Studies, University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
                      conference of the International                                                      USA. Candidates can also submit materials on a
                      Leadership Association in Chicago.                                                   disc or in Word format to
                      There is also a $1,000 cash prize,                                         
                      complimentary one year
                      membership to the ILA, and
                      complimentary conference
                      registration and travel expenses to
                      the ILA conference.

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                                                       Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
October 31 2007       CSSS Travel Grants- Call for          Graduate and undergraduate students and       Applications should be sent to CSSS, Box 354320,
                      applications, The Center for          postdoctoral researchers working with CSSS    Attn: Nick Ganoulis or emailed to
                      Statistics and the Social Sciences    faculty affiliates, and junior CSSS faculty All applications should be
                      (CSSS) will award a limited number    affiliates.                                   submitted by a CSSS faculty affiliate, including those
                      of travel grants for graduate and                                                   on behalf of students or postdoctoral researchers
                      undergraduate students and                                                          with whom they are working. Application are due by
                      postdoctoral researchers working                                                    October 31, 2007 Application should include: Name
                      with CSSS faculty affiliates, and                                                   of PI, Name of traveler, Name of meeting, Location of
                      junior CSSS faculty affiliates.                                                     meeting, Dates of meeting, Role of traveler, Cost
                      Suggested travel target dates                                                       Estimate, Relation to CSSS mission. Downloadable
                      between January 1, 2008 and June                                                    application forms can be found at
                      30, 2008 are eligible for support.                                        

November 05 2007      The Woodrow Wilson                    Graduate students that are doctoral           Full details about the application process for both
                      Dissertation Fellowship in            candidates (enrolled in an accredited         fellowships are
                      Women's Studies- encourages           university) completing their dissertation.    available at:
                      original and significant research
                      about women that crosses                                                       
                      disciplinary, regional, or cultural
                      boundaries. Previous Fellows have                                                   For more information about these dissertation
                      explored such topics as                                                             fellowships, please contact
                      transnational religious education for                                                     Ms. Sheila Walker
                      Muslim women, the complex                                                                 Program Associate
                      gender dynamics of voluntary                                                              Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
                      marriage migration, women's role                                                    Foundation
                      in African-American adult literacy,                                                       telephone: (609) 452-7007, ext. 131.
                      women's sports, militarism and the                                                        email:
                      education of American women, and

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                                                      Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
November 05 2007      The Charlotte W. Newcombe              Graduate students that are doctoral              Full details about the application process for both
                      Doctoral Dissertation                  candidates (enrolled in an accredited            fellowships are
                      Fellowships - Designed to              university) completing their dissertation.       available at:
                      encourage original and significant
                      study of ethical or religious values                                               
                      in all fields of the humanities and
                      social sciences, and particularly to                                                    For more information about these dissertation
                      help Ph.D. candidates in these                                                          fellowships, please contact
                      fields complete their dissertation                                                            Ms. Sheila Walker
                      work in a timely manner. In                                                                   Program Associate
                      addition to topics in                                                                         Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
                      religious studies or in ethics                                                          Foundation
                      (philosophical or religious),                                                                 telephone: (609) 452-7007, ext. 131.
                      dissertations appropriate to the                                                              email:
                      Newcombe Fellowship competition
November 30, 2007     Ford Foundation Postdoctoral           U.S. citizens or nationals;member of a         Applications are available through the Graduate
                      Diversity Fellowships-For              minority group that is underrepresented in the Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-
                      postdoctoral study in behavioral       sciences. More information is available at the MAP) of the Graduate School
                      and social sciences.                   National Reseach Council web site.             ( or online at the National
                                                                                                            Research Council web site.
November 30, 2007     Ford Foundation Predoctoral            U.S. citizens or nationals;member of a         Applications are available through the Graduate
Dissertation          and Dissertation Fellowships for       minority group that is underrepresented in the Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-
                      Minorities-For study in reseach-       sciences. More information is available at the MAP) of the Graduate School
                      based programs in the behavioral       National Reseach Council web site.             ( or downloaded from
                      and social sciences.                                                                  the website
November, 2007        National Science Foundation-           Applicants must be US citizens or nationals, For information and application materials write to:
                      Three-year graduate fellowships in     or permanent resident aliens of the US,        The Fellowship Office National Reseasrch
                      science and engineering fields         fellowships are awarded for study and          Council 2101 Constitution Avenue Washington,
                      offered by the National Science        research leading to a master's or doctoral     D.C.20418 or call (202)334-2872
                      Foundation. $14,000 stipend, for a     degree in the scocial sciences. Must be
                      12 month tenure, and tuition waiver    college seniors, first-year graduate student,
                      at U.S. institutions. A $1,000         or have completed a limited amount of
                      Special Internation Research           graduate study in science.
                      Travel Allowance is also available
                      under the conditions specified.

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                                                       Fellowships for Graduate Program Students 2007
November, 2007        Woodrow Wilson-Johnson &                 Students in doctoral programs at graduate      Applications must be filed electronically and are
                      Johnson Dissertation Grants in           schools in the United States are eligible to   available at www.woodrow.or/womens-
                      Women's Health-Winners will              apply. Candidates must have completed all      studies/health. Supporting documents consist of
                      receive grants of $6,000 to be used      pre-dissertation requirements by the end of    graduate school transcripts, letters of reference, a
                      for expenses connected with the          October. Candiates who are within a few        dissertation proposal, a selected bibliography, a
                      dissertation. These may include,         months of completing their work should not     statement of interest in women's health, and a
                      but are not limited to, travel, books,   apply.                                         timetable for completion of the dissertation.
                      microfilming, taping, and computer                                                      Applications will be judged on originality and
                      services. Ten awards will be made                                                       significance to women's health, scholarly validity, the
                      with funds from Johnson &                                                               applicant's academic preparation and ability to
                      Johnson.                                                                                accomplish the work, and whether the dissertation
                                                                                                              will be completed within a reasonable time period.

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