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					                        STIRLING CHILDREN'S PARTNERSHIP

                MEETING HELD ON WEDNESDAY, 30th August 2006

                    Forth Valley College, Stirling Centre , Stirling

Present:            Joan Savage (Chair)            Stirling Council, Children's Services
                    Bill Eadie                     Stirling Council, Children's Services
                    Jill Smith                     Children's Partnerships Officer
                    June Campbell                  Stirling Council, Children's Services
                    Enola Butler                   SPPA
                    Angela Lindie                  SCMA
                    Hazel Fraser                   Stirling Council, Social Work
                    Gail Fertacz                   Forth Valley College
                    Bridget Clark                  Care Commission
                    Heather Douglas                Stirling Council, Children’s Services
                    Paul Dumbleton                 PLUS
                    Mairi Clark                    Independent Private Partners / Mulberry Bush

Apologies:          Theresa MClean                 Forth Valley Primary Care
                    Brenda Simm                    Homestart
                    Lesley Cullen                  Job Centre Plus
                    Anne Currie                    Forth Valley Primary Care

    (1)        Welcome and introductions

               Joan Savage welcomed everyone to the meeting, referring to the framework for
               action, which was circulated and which highlights the two main functions of
               Stirling Children’s Partnership namely; acting as a strategic advisory group for
               early childhood and out of school care and; building and sustaining the capacity of
               the early years and out of school care sector.

    (2)        Out of School Care Support Framework for Disability

               This item was brought forward in order to allow Paul Dumbleton to leave early for
               another appointment.

               Paul outlined the framework for supporting disabled children access Out Of School
               Care indicating that there are growing numbers of children with disabilities
               wanting to access OOSC, mainly as a result of working parents seeking child care
               or parents wanting to access social opportunities for children within their local

               While most disabled children have additional needs, simply appointing a 1:1
               worker to support a child, as is often the first response of OOSC groups, can
               isolate rather than integrate the child and work to de-skill other staff. Following a
               joint review of OOSC services by Stirling Council and PLUS, Paul outlined the
               support and training that is now in place to enable groups to develop plans to
               support the particular needs of each disabled child, enabling full integration into
               each setting.

               Joan Savage confirmed however, that where a child does require 1:1 support
               limited funds are available to provide this. Joan emphasised that whilst the
               underlying premise for OOSC is that parents pay for the service, some children

File Name: D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\851aec9d-db62-4e3a-a223-10221296b253.doc                       1
               may have OOSC indicated as a need in their support package, and for which
               Social Work will cover the costs. However, in the majority of situation it is the
               OOSC setting that requires support to facilitate disabled children access the
               service rather than the child having complex needs.

               Joan thanked Paul for his presentation, and asked that the meeting return to the

    (3)        Minutes of meeting held on 26th April 2006


    (4)        Matters arising

   (4a)        Bridget Clark indicated that as a result of the last meeting, contact between the
               Care Commission and SCP members had improved, with named contacts being
               identified for SPPA and SCMA.

               Bridget highlighted an issue raised by the area manager, Marjory Booth, relating
               to timescales for changing or amending registration details. It is essential that
               providers plan for and inform the Care Commission as soon as possible of
               impending changes to registration, as changes are likely to take in the region of 3
               – 6 months to effect.

               Bridget outlined the assessments that would take place in order to identify the
               level of support that individual establishments would be offered, and expanded on
               the standards and themes that the Care Commission officers would be using
               during inspections.

               One of the main themes is child protection, and Bridget emphasised that
               inspections would look at policies, procedures and training. This topic generated
               much discussion with the following points being raised:

                  There was concern regarding the process for regulating childminders (in
                   particular) who had been barred from childminding, but then applied for
                   nursery posts.
                  There was an acknowledgement that while basic child protection training is
                   essential there are other areas of child protection such as dealing with
                   challenging behaviour, which should be given a high priority.
                  The four levels of child protection and the process that Stirling Council is
                   following to ratify these were outlined by Hazel Fraser. Currently the uptake
                   of both level 1 and level 2 training by Early Years staff in council and partner
                   establishments has been high.
                  A lack of support for management / lead practitioners with a child protection
                   remit, was raised as an issue, particularly within the private sector.

               Heather Douglas informed the group that a ‘live’ pilot of all child care
               establishments in the Stirling Area will take place in September, with the purpose
               of ensuring that child protection procedures across the area comply with current

               Gail Fertacz updated the meeting on the work of the workforce development
               group. Currently an audit tool is being developed to assess the training needs of
               the early years and OOSC workforce, it is hope that this tool will be sent out
               towards the beginning of October. The group is also discussing how the resulting
               data will be dealt with and how it can be used to support establishments achieve
               registration with the SSSC.

File Name: D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\851aec9d-db62-4e3a-a223-10221296b253.doc                         2
               With regard to the implementation of Hall4, Joan Savage confirmed that all early
               years establishments now have an identified link health visitor and proforma have
               been developed and circulated to all establishments to facilitate the sharing of
               information and simplify the procedure for referrals.

               Childminders were identified as one group where procedures for linking with
               health visitors have still to be finalised. Joan will ensure this is on the agenda for
               the next Hall4 implementation meeting.

               Enola Butler confirmed that she has met with Theresa McLean and Agatha Day
               regarding improving the links between health visitors and playgroups.

    (5)        Commissioning of Early Childhood Places

                  Joan Savage reported to the group that the Scottish Executive has increased
                   the advisory floor level for commissioned places by 20.5%. The Executive
                   have indicated that the increase should be used in two ways; to support
                   workforce development and registration with the SSSC; and to ensure
                   commissioned places are provided free to parents. New guidance regarding
                   the provision of commissioned places is due out early 2007.

                  Stirling Council is currently consulting with partner providers regarding criteria
                   for partnership, consultation responses should be returned to Joan Savage by
                   30th September and a full discussion will take place at the commissioned
                   partners meeting in October.

    (6)        Nurture Through Nature

               Joan Savage welcomed Jonathan Sher, Director of Research, Policy and Practice
               Development with Children In Scotland to give a presentation on the Nurture
               Through Nature project. Currently CIS are applying to FLAT, Fund for Learning
               and Teaching, for resources to pilot Nurture Through Nature kindergarten in four
               local authorities in Scotland. More details on the project are attached.

               It was agreed that the proposal be given consideration outside this setting by Bill
               Eadie, Joan Savage and Heather Douglas.

    (7)        Building and Sustaining Capacity within the Early Years and Out of
               School Care Sector

                  Angela Lindie provided an update on the SCMA Scheme of Excellence, which
                   is a recognised award, credit rated and levelled within the Scottish Credit and
                   Qualifications Framework. It sits at level 6 within the framework with 10
                   credits. The award is cross-referenced to the core units of the SVQ Level 3 in
                   Children’s Care, Learning and Development and contributes towards the
                   underpinning knowledge required.

                  Stirling Council is funding SCMA to run a Scheme of Excellence Course in the
                   Stirling area for fifteen childminders. The course starts in September and runs
                   through until June 2007.

                   Jill Smith circulated the August edition of the SCP newsletter, thanking
                   everyone who had contributed. Anyone wishing more copies should email on
                   smithji@stirling.gov.uk Jill also circulated pages from the SCP website which is

File Name: D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\851aec9d-db62-4e3a-a223-10221296b253.doc                         3
                   under construction, any amendments or suggestions should be forwarded to
                   Jill as soon as possible.

                  Joan Savage confirmed that the next partnership meeting would focus on Out
                   Of School Care and also voluntary sector issues. Following discussion the
                   following dates and agenda items were agreed for 2007.

                   March           Wednesday 28th March 2007

                   June             Wednesday 6th June 2007

                   September       Wednesday 12th September 2007

                   December        Wednesday 5th December 2007

                   Agenda items to include –

                       Review of Early Childhood and OOSC Provision, funding and future trends
                       Transition
                       Review of Stirling Council Service Plan
                       Workforce Audit and Review
                       Challenging Behaviour
                       Health Promotion, Care and Health Education

    (8)        Scottish Parliamentary Report on Early Years

               Joan Savage highlighted that the Scottish Executive has circulated for consultation
               the National Review of the Early Years and Childcare Workforce – Report and
               Consultation. Copies can be downloaded from the Scottish Executive website at
               http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2006/07/10140823/0 Stirling Council is
               organising a consultation event to review the proposals in November 2006, all
               partners will be invited to attend.

    (9)        Any Other Competent Business

               There was no other competent business

    (9)        The meeting concluded at 12.30pm

               The next meeting of Stirling Children’s Partnership will be at 9.30am on
               Wednesday 6th December 2006 at Forthbank Stadium, Stirling.

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