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					Oregon Hunter/Jumper Association News: June 2007

Upcoming Oregon Area Horse Shows
May 31-June 3 Rose City Opener, Wilsonville, OR
           Lucy Franklin (503) 539-7710; Shelley Campf (503) 704-7985;
June 3     Avalon Management Local System Hunter Show, Portland, OR
           Jody Phillips (503) 750-7383;
June 7-10 Early Summer Classic #1, Wilsonville, OR
           Mike & Mollie Gallaway (541) 954-5312;
June 13-17 Hood River Classic, Hood River, OR
           Lynn Everroad (541) 354-2009; Caroline Jones (403) 616-7864;
June 20-24 Early Summer Classic #2, Wilsonville, OR
           Mike & Mollie Gallaway (541) 954-5312;
June 23-24 Pax Diem Equestrian Center Hunter Jumper Schooling Series, Eagle Point,
           Martha Brooks (541) 951-2589; Tori Freis (541) 621-3155;
June 27-July 1 The Willamette Classic, Wilsonville, OR
           Lucy Franklin (503) 539-7710; Shelley Campf (503) 704-7985;
July 4-8   Brawley Farms Summer Classic, Jefferson, OR
           Judy Brawley (503) 743-4414; Bob Brawley (760) 801-6655
July 11-15 The Country Classic, Wilsonville, OR
           Lucy Franklin (503) 539-7710; Shelley Campf (503) 704-7985;
July 18-22 Oregon High Desert Classic I, Bend, OR
           Dianne Johnson (425) 823-2802;
July 25-29 Oregon High Desert Classic II, Bend, OR
           Dianne Johnson (425) 823-2802;
July 21    Quarry Ridge Farm Friendship Series Hunter/Jumper Show,
           Battle Ground, WA
           Julia Richard (360) 666-4762;

   Please note that the location of Avalon Management’s June 3 horse show has been changed to
Cornerstone Stables. For a complete listing of the 2007 Oregon area hunter/jumper horse shows,
visit our website

Upcoming Clinic
June 3-4    Lindy Townley Clinic, Rain Creek Farm, Oregon City, OR
            Contact: Vicki Zacharias (503) 631-8000

General Membership Meeting
    An OHJA general membership meeting was held Friday, May 11 at the Eugene Mother’s Day
Classic Horse Show. The following are some of the topics discussed at the meeting:
    (1) JEF raised $750 from concessions sold at the last horse show held at Cornerstone
    (2) An information packet was recently mailed to all members. A copy of the 2007 rules and
        regulations, scholarship information and a letter from President Kathy Hall were
        included in the mailing, along with a form requesting information for the next
        membership directory. Please complete and return the directory information form by
        June 15 to Trish Helmer.
    (3) It’s not too early to plan your barn basket or to donate silent auction items for the next
        OHJA banquet. An award will be given this year for the best barn basket!
    (4) Volunteers are needed to help with JEF fundraisers and OHJA events.
    Thank you to all members who attended the meeting. Please note that general meeting
attendance has been very low over the past several years. All members are strongly encouraged
to attend each meeting. This is your organization. Your presence and participation are very
important to OHJA’s success.
    The next general membership meeting will be held at the Triple Rise Hunter Jumper
Classic 1 Horse Show. (June 7-10) Rule change proposals are being drafted and will be
submitted for vote at the meeting. Please check our website for a draft of the proposals and for
verification of the date and time of the meeting.

   JEF will hold the following fundraisers at upcoming horse shows: Raffles, carrot sales,
priority parking spaces available for purchase at the July Brawley Farms Summer Classic Horse
Show and food and beverages sales at horse shows held at Cornerstone Stables. Your support is
greatly appreciated!
   Updated OHJA membership directories are available for sale. For information about JEF or to
purchase a directory, please contact Sarah Aschwald or Kara Fergusson.

Website Update
   Points accumulated for the 2007 show season are posted on the OHJA website. Please verify
your points and contact Melanie Pennington if you have any questions.
   In addition to the summary of accumulated points, the website currently includes a calendar
of upcoming horse shows, the 2006 Mother and Father of the Year letters, recent OHJA
newsletters, a new photo gallery and a copy of the 2007 OHJA rules and bylaws. If you have
any photos or information you would like to have on the site, please contact Trish Helmer. Your
comments and suggestions are welcome!

Membership Reminders
   Book motel reservations early for out-of-town horse shows.
   Remember to wear sunscreen (and hats!) at all outdoor horse shows. Let’s make this a year
of no sunburns!

Zone 9 Forums
   USHJA members are encouraged to attend the following upcoming Zone 9 forums:
   (1) June 22 at the Early Summer Hunter Jumper Classic 2 Horse Show (Contact: Shelley
   (2) July 18 at the Oregon High Desert Classic I Horse Show (Contact: Dianne Johnson,,
   (3) September 14 at the Northwest Autumn Classic Horse Show.

Education Question and Answer
    The member with the most correct answers to the 2007 education questions will be
announced and receive a gift at the 2007 awards banquet. Member answers to each education
question should be emailed to or mailed to Trish Helmer, 2969
SE 44th Ct., Hillsboro, OR 97123. The correct answer to this month’s education question will be
published in next month’s newsletter.
    June Question: What is the purpose of the Junior Equestrian Fund (JEF)? Name two
requirements in order to qualify for a JEF award.
    May Question: Name five parts of a snaffle bridle.
    Answer: Browband, headpiece (crownpiece), throatlatch, cheekpieces, cavesson noseband,
bit, reins, keepers.

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