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									Volunteer Services

Funding Opportunities in HRM
                       About HRM Volunteer Services
     HRM Volunteer Services supports the work of volunteers and non-profit
       organizations by offering such services as workshops, facilitations,
    consultations, resources, training and other developmental opportunities.

                       HRM Volunteer Services’ Goals:
Deliver coordinated and effective capacity-building and training opportunities
         Respond to the diverse needs for training and development
               Support the development of community leaders

 The following funding opportunities were compiled April 2010 by HRM
Volunteer Services from a variety of sources including staff, the internet and the
Canadian Directory of Foundations & Grants. The funding opportunities listed
    range from local to international funders covering a variety of interests.

                     A reminder about funding opportunities:
    • Many projects depend more on mobilizing volunteers than on funding.
      You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish without money
    •Non-profit organizations get into trouble when they follow the funding
    instead of their mission. It is tempting to apply for a grant even when the
   grant criteria are not aligned with your mission. Resist the temptation and
                make sure the grant purpose matches your purpose.
  •There is no free money. Grantors require commitment and accountability.
      •You must work hard to accomplish the goals outlined in your grant
   application. Be sure to have the capacity B staff, volunteers, time, expertise
                          and passion B to follow through.

                  We hope that you find this resource helpful.
                           – HRM Volunteer Services

4Cs Foundation
4Cs Foundation provides grants for community arts projects and works to
support, train and connect people interested in community arts.
Mail:         Suite 204, 5663 Cornwallis Street
              Halifax, NS B3K 1B6
Tel:          (902)422-4805
Fax:          (902)425-9560

Active Halifax Communities - Good Ideas Funding Program
ACTIVE Halifax Communities has funds available to support local groups and
organizations to increase the number of Aactive@ opportunities available in the
Halifax Regional Municipality to address physical inactivity of children and
youth, and work together to build vibrant, healthy communities.
Mail:        Physical Activity Coordinator
             Findlay Community Centre, 26 Elliot Street, Dartmouth
             Nova Scotia, B2Y 2X7

Allstate Foundation of Canada
Provides grants to charities and not-for-profit organizations that are involved in
variety of activities and/or educational initiatives around crime prevention,
road safety and home safety.

Altamira Foundation
Through the Foundation, Altamira gives disadvantaged children the
opportunity to grow up in a safe environment, access to a good education, as
well as the skills needed to assist them in securing employment and
becoming productive citizens.
Address:     555 Oak Street East,
             3rd Floor North Bay,
             ON P1B 8E3
Tel:         705 840-2872 Toll Free: 1 866 906-5446
Fax:         705 840-0142

American Express Foundation
American Express Foundation supports the areas of community service,
education and employment, and cultural programs. Areas of interests include:
Arts and Culture; Education; Community Services; Child Development;
Child Welfare
Mail:       American Express Co., American Express Tower,
            World Financial Ctr., New York NY 10285-4710
Phone:      (212) 640-5661

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is a federal government
agency. Headquartered in the Atlantic Region, ACOA’s goal is to improve the
economy of Atlantic Canadian communities through the successful
development of business and job opportunities.
Website:    www.acoa

Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation
Grants are usually made for the arts. Grants are also made for research
projects, special projects, operating funds, building funds, emergency funds,
equipment funds and seed money.
Mail:         c/o Montreal Trust
              15 King Street West
              Toronto, ON, M5H 1B4                                              5
Berman Family Foundation
Berman Family Foundation funds charitable and educational purposes.
Mail:     230 Arnold Ave.,
          Thornhill ON L4J 1B9
Phone:    (905) 709-2353

Birks Family Foundation
The Foundation’s primary goals are to support causes in the following areas :
Canadian universities through capital campaigns and other special projects,
Bursary plans at Canadian universities, Hospitals, health services, long term
care institutions and specialized health organizations, Social service agencies
Arts organizations which promote the development and understanding of
Canadian culture
Mail:         The Birks Family Foundation
              606 Cathcart, Suite 534
              Montréal, Québec, H3B 1K9

Boucher-Lambert Fondation
Boucher-Lambert Fondation funds general charitable projects, with primary
interest in hunger and suffering relief, in third world countries and some local
organizations. Interests include: Charitable Foundations, Trusts and Service
Clubs; Social Services; Hospitals; Poverty
Mail:         736, 6e Avenue, Pointe-aux-Trembles,
              Montreal QC H1B 4K5
Phone:        (514) 640-8894

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Foundation
The Foundation is committed to assisting Clubs, Regions and the National
Office with building their capacity to serve young people. Each year, the
Foundation awards grants to Boys and Girls Clubs and Regional offices across
Canada and to the national office on an application basis in support of
innovative solutions to community needs, new program initiatives, research
and strategic planning, and improvements to facilities and equipment
Mail:        Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
             7100 Woodbine Ave., Suite 204
             Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J2
Phone:       (905) 477-7272
Fax:         (905)477-2056

BMW Canada Inc
BMW Canada makes several small donations to different organizations across
Canada. Funding interests include: education, children and youth, safety
issues, and the environment.
Mail:         920 Champlain Court
              Whitby, Ontario, L1N 6K9
Phone:        (905) 683-1200
Fax:          (905) 428-5086

Canada Council for the Arts
The Canada Council for the Arts is a national arms length agency created by
the federal government in 1957 to Afoster and promote the study and enjoy-
ment of, and the production of works in, the arts.@
Phone:        1-800-263-5588 or (613) 566-4414, ext. 4075

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Multiculturalism Program Grant
Funding provided under the terms of the Multiculturalism Program focuses on
initiatives to achieve the following program objectives:
1. Ethno-cultural/racial minorities participate in public decision-making
2. Communities and the broad public engage in informed dialogue and
sustained action to combat racism
3. Public institutions eliminate systemic barriers

Canadian Wildlife Federation
Program is aimed at helping students from grades K-12 working on projects
aimed at recovering and conserving wildlife habitat.
Mail:        350 Michael Cowpland Drive
             Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2W1
Phone:       (613 ) 599-9594 or 1-800-563-9453
Fax:         (613 ) 599-4428

Canadian Youth Business Foundation
The Canadian Youth Business Foundation is a national charity that provides
pre-launch coaching, business resources, start up financing and mentoring for
youth ages 18 – 34 to help start a business.
Mail:        Canadian Youth Business Foundation
             100 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1410
             Toronto ON, M5H 1S3

Canon Canada Inc.
Canon Canada has no formal donations policy and supports a wide variety of
organizations. Funding interests include arts and culture, health and welfare,
athletics, education, community services, and the environment.
Mail:         6390 Dixie Rd.
              Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1P7
Phone:        (905) 795-1111
Fax:          (905) 795-2130

Charity Village
Charity Village links an online database and directory of funding agencies and
foundations of interest to Canadian individuals and organizations, plus online
tools and resources of value to those involved in prospect research and other
areas of fundraising.
Phone:       416-977-7227 or 1-888-977-7640

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation affirms its founder’s vision of a world in
which each of us is in partnership with the rest of the human race. The
foundation seeks to strengthen, in people and their organizations, what Mr.
Mott called “the capacity for accomplishment.”

Citizens Bank of Canada
Citizens Bank has a unique donations policy. The Bank has decided to direct
their annual corporate donations based on input from the community. In order
to be considered for funding your organization must be nominated by a bank
member or VISA cardholder.
Phone:       1-888-708-7800

Commercial Heritage Properties Incentive Fund Process
The contribution program will compensate businesses for a portion of the
costs incurred in restoring heritage buildings. The goal is to encourage the
private sector to invest more in the conservation of built heritage, and to
favour this approach over demolition.
Mail:        Historic Places Initiative
             1747 Summer Street
             Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3H 3A6

Community ACCESS-ability Program
The Community ACCESS-ability Program is one way the Government of
Nova Scotia is demonstrating its commitment to equal opportunity and
improving access to community facilities and venues for persons with
disabilities. Under this program, funds are available for cost shared grants to
community groups for accessibility related capital improvements
Phone:        (902) 424-5965
Community Animation Project (CAP), Atlantic Canada
The project is funded by Environment Canada and Health Canada. CAP aims
to strengthen and support community groups in Atlantic Canada to: identify,
understand, and take action on issues that link human health and the physical

Groups can apply to CAP for training, facilitation or specific resources;
Training - on topics such as pesticides, water quality, air quality, climate
change, and organizational development issues such as fundraising, marketing
and conflict resolution; Facilitation - a professional facilitator to facilitate a
workshop for you or help your group with tasks such as conducting a
visioning exercise or strategic planning; Information - materials such as books
and videos on health/environment issues, or capacity-building topics such as
board development.
Mail:         Environment Canada
              16 th Floor, Queen Square
              Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 2N6
Phone:        (902) 426-2578 or 1-800-663-5755
Fax:          (902) 426-2062

Community Health Board Community Development Fund Grants
The main goal of the Fund is to encourage building local projects that address
the local health needs in their specific region. By creating partnerships with
other local groups, we create local solutions for healthier communities. The
fund is accessed through each area=s Health Board:
Chebucto West Community Health Board
Mail:         3825 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, Nova ScotiaB3L 4R6
Phone:        (902) 424-3390
Fax:          (902) 424-5159

Cobequid Community Health Board
Mail:      40 Freer Lane, Room 3225Lower Sackville NS B4C 0A2

Dartmouth Community Health Board
Mail:      Belmont House33 Alderney Drive, Room 545
           Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaB2Y 4N4
Phone:     (902) 460-6869
Fax:       (902) 460-6847

Eastern Shore - Musquodoboit Community Health Board
Mail:      Room 137, Twin Oaks Hospital7704 Highway #7
           Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia B0J 2L0
Phone:     (902) 889-4118
Fax:       (902) 889-2470

Halifax Peninsula
Mail:      3825 Joseph Howe DriveHalifax, Nova Scotia B3L 4R6
Phone:     (902) 424-3390
Fax:       (902) 424-5159

Southeastern Community Health Board
Mail:      33 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 2N4
Phone:     (902) 460-6888
Fax:       (902) 460-6847

Community Memories Program - Virtual Museum of Canada
 The Community Memories program strengthens the capacity of smaller
museums to create content for the Web by supporting their development of
online local history exhibits. Museums whose proposals are selected are
supplied with user-friendly software and a standard investment of $5,000
Mail:        VMC Community Memories Project Officer
             15 Eddy Street, 4th Floor (15-4-A)
             Hull, Quebec K1A 0M5
Phone:       1 800 520-2446 or (819) 994-1200

Counselling Foundation of Canada
The Foundation was formed to create and enrich counselling programs and
improve the technical skills of counsellors. The object of the Foundation is to
engage in charitable and educational activities for the benefit of people; thus
enabling them to improve their lifestyles and make a more effective contribu-
tion to their communities.
Mail:         18 Spadina Rd., Suite 200
              Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2S7
Phone :       (416) 923-8953
Fax:          (416) 923-2536

Coutu; La Fondation Marcelle Et Jean
The foundation’s purpose is to provide assistance in developing countries, to
help abused women and children, and to fight drug abuse in Canada and Qué-
bec. Interests: United Ways; Abused Women; Child Abuse; Alcohol and Drug
Abuse; International Missions
Mail:         1374 Mont-Royal est,
              Bureau 101,
              Montreal QC H2J 1Y7
Phone:        (514) 527-4510

Daniels Charitable Foundation; The William And Arlene
To fund general charitable purposes. Interests include: Hospitals; Jewish Social
Services; Health Agencies; Poverty; Social Services; Environment
Mail:        30 St. Clair Ave W., Toronto ON M4B 3A1

Department of Justice Canada: Grants and Contributions Fund
The Youth Justice Renewal Fund targets projects that contribute to the
achievement of collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to youth justice.
The objectives of the Initiative are to Enable greater citizen/community
participation in the youth justice system; Increase public confidence in the
youth justice system; Improve public protection by reducing youth crime;
Increase the use of measures outside the formal court process; Reduce the
over reliance on custody; Increase the emphasis on rehabilitation and
reintegration of young offenders; and Target measures for violent offenders.
Mail:        Youth Justice Policy Department of Justice Canada
             180 Elgin Street, 7th floor
             Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
Fax:         (613) 954-3275

Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
Funding preferences include arts and culture, health care, education, children’s
programs, substance abuse, food banks, the disabled, the homeless, medical
research, treatment centres, the environment, youth organizations, public
parks, service clubs, community centres, social services, and crime prevention.
Mail:         165 University Avenue
              Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3B9
Phone:        (416) 362-7231
Fax:          (416) 362-0469

Donner Foundation
The Foundation focuses on specific program interests, among these, research
on public policy.
Mail:        Donner Canadian Foundation
             8 Prince Arthur Avenue, 3rd Floor
             Toronto, ON M5R 1A9
Telephone: 416-920-6400
Fax:         416-920-5577

Eaton Foundation
The foundation funds general charitable purposes in the areas of art, education,
health, and social welfare.
Mail:        250 Yonge St., 11th Floor,
             Toronto ON M5B 1C8
Phone:       (416) 343-3423

Environment Canada Community Programs Resource Materials
A list of fundraising material including a searchable database for granting
called The Green Source A Quick Reference of Available Programs in the
Atlantic Region.
Phone:        426 2578

Fairs Program - Historica Foundation
Historica Fairs has students research an area of Canadian history and present
their discoveries using the medium of their choice. Some students go on to
participate the National Heritage Fair, or add their projects to Historicas on-
line Heritage Fair Showcase.
Phone:       1-877-739-4056

F.K. Morrow Foundation
 The foundation promotes the causes of religion, charity, education and the
interest and welfare of the public.
Mail:        F.k. Morrow Foundation
             3377 Bayview Ave, North York
             ON , M2M 3S4
Phone:       (416) 229-0598

 Ford Foundation
We believe that finding solutions to the world’s most complex problems
requires engaging the people and the communities closest to them, including
men and women from diverse backgrounds and all levels of society. We work
mainly by making grants or loans that build knowledge and strengthen
organizations and networks. These methods of problem-solving reflect our
mission and the diverse ways we support grantees. They also describe a model
of philanthropy that the foundation has pursued since its inception: To be a
long-term and flexible partner with innovative leaders on the frontlines of
social change.
Mail:        320 East 43rd Street
             New York, N.Y. 10017 USA
Tel:         212-573-5000
Fax:         212-351-3677

George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
The goal of the George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation is to enhance the
effectiveness of people and organizations working together to help Canadians
imagine and build a just, healthy and creative society.
Mail:        174 Avenue Road
             Toronto, ON, M5R 2J1
Phone:       (416) 926-0366
Fax:         (416) 926-0370

Georgina Foundation
The Georgina Foundation supports services for Women, Youth/Children,
People with Disabilities, Seniors and established Food Banks for registered
charities across Canada. Over our long history, grants have been made in the
areas of social services, physical and mental health.

Gillette Canada Inc.
Funding preferences are broad-based and may include sports and recreation,
civic projects, arts and culture, education, health and welfare, women and
children, youth, the environment, and social services.
Mail:         4 Robert Speck Parkway
              Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 4C5
Phone:        566-5000
Fax:          566-5358

Halifax Regional Municipality Grants Committee (FLAs not eligible)
The HRM Grants Program is a portfolio which allows the Municipality to
provide tax assistance and grants to homeowners and registered non-profit
organizations throughout the region. The portfolio is administered by staff of
HRM Financial Services and a standing Committee of Regional Council, the
HRM Grants Committee. Contact Info:
Phone:       490-5469

Halifax Regional Municipality Heritage Incentives Program
The Halifax Regional Municipality Heritage Incentives
Program is administered by the Heritage Property Program to encourage the
conservation of privately-owned, municipally registered heritage properties
in residential or commercial use. Within the limits of the annual approved
budget, the Heritage Incentives Program provides matching grants of up to
$10,000 for eligible exterior conservation work.
Phone:        (902) 490-4419

Hal Jackman Foundation
The Foundation advances artistic achievement and increases access to and
appreciation of arts and culture. The Foundation believes cultural activities
are essential tools in fostering vibrant, livable communities.
Mail:         Hal Jackman Foundation
              165 University Avenue, 10th Floor
              Toronto, ON, M5H 3B8
Tel           (416) 350-5877
Fax           (416) 362-7961

Heritage Canada Foundation
Foundation’s mandate is to preserve and demonstrate and to encourage the
preservation and demonstration of the nationally significant historic, archi-
tectural, natural and scenic heritage of Canada with a view to stimulating
and promoting the interest of the people of Canada in that heritage.
Mail:         5 Blackburn Avenue
              Ottawa, ON K1N 8A2
Phone:        (613) 237-1066 or
Fax:          (613) 237-5987

Home Depot Canada Foundation
The Home Depot Canada Foundation is dedicated to supporting Canadian
charitable organizations who share our commitment to developing sustain-
able homes and communities for Canadians. This includes support for afford-
able, sustainable housing projects, and local neighbourhood improvement
projects that improve community facilities, like playground builds or com-
munity centre refurbishments, and/or provide environmental benefits.

Hospital For Sick Children Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to support the Hospital for Sick Children,
primarily for research, capital and equipment, special program needs and
amenities for children. In addition, on a national basis, to provide support for
training at the post-doctoral level in child health, public education and
innovative projects in child care, plus research related to the health of
Mail:         555 University Ave., Suite 1725,
              Toronto ON M5G 1X8
Phone:        (416) 813-6166

Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation
HBC=s History Foundation is a private charitable foundation controlled by
Hudson=s Bay Company. Hbc established the Foundation to advance
knowledge of, and interest in, Canadian history through financial assistance
to qualified recipients.
Mail:         401 Bay St., Suite 2801
              Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
Program provides funding to employers who create constructive working
experiences for unemployed or underemployed individuals less than 30 years
of age. Internships enable young Canadians to acquire work experience on the
labour market in key sectors such as science and technology, and
international trade and development.
Phone:        1-800-935-5555

Hylcan Foundation
The Hylcan Foundation takes special interest in many diverse areas.
Generally they fund health, youth education, welfare, culture and
conservation and wildlife.
Mail:       24 Windsor Ave, Westmount
            QC, H3Y 2L6
Phone:      (514) 369-4731

IBM Canada Ltd
Focus is primarily on preschool and K-12 education and workforce
development, although they do support selected programs in the areas of
health and human wellness and the arts.
Mail:        Corporate Community Relations
             Station A4, Dept DK3 – 3600 Steeles Ave East
             Markham, Ont, L3R9Z7
Phone:       1-887-IBM-GIVE
Fax:         (905) 316-2150

Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc.
Ingersoll-Rand designates portions of its donations budget to education,
national health and welfare, local health and welfare, United Way,
environment, civic causes, arts and culture, and hospitals.
Mail:        51 Worchester Road
             Toronto, Ontario, M9W 4K2
Phone:       (416) 213-4500
Fax:         (416) 213-4616

In Kind Canada
In Kind Canada is a charitable organization that matches material surpluses of
businesses with the needs of charities. Requests can be made for:
Computers/printers and related equipment, business machines and furniture
Mail:       6535 Millcreek Drive, Unit 78
            Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 2M1
Phone:      (905) 816-0990
Fax:        (905) 816-0870
Irving Oil Foundation
Irving Oil believes that “strong, healthy communities don’t just happen on
their own; it takes the gift of time, commitment, and collective effort.” Irving
Oil has been actively supporting communities through programs and partner-
ships, focusing specifically on the areas of Environment, Education, and Com-
munity Need.

There is no deadline to apply for funding but before submitting a full
proposal, send a query letter describing your organization and its work, why
you are seeking support, your expectations of the Irving Foundation, and your
organization’s charitable registration number.
Mail:        Irving Oil Sponsorship and Donations Committee
             10 Sydney Street, P.O. Box 1421
             Saint John, NB, E2L 4K1
Phone:       (506) 632-2000
Fax:         (506) 202-2188
Web site:

IOF Foresters Prevention Of Child Abuse Fund
The purpose of the foundation is to help prevent child abuse, by providing
grants to non-profit organizations, agencies, programs, and qualified
individuals for services related to the prevention of child abuse in Canada; the
emphasis is on funding requests to support volunteer and educational
efforts that help prevent child abuse.
Mail:         c/o Independent Order of Foresters,
              789 Don Mills Rd, Don Mills ON M3C 1T9
Phone:        (416) 429-3000

IWK Health Centre Foundation
The IWK Community Grants Program, by contributes to projects dedicated to
promoting wellness and healthy living among women, children and youth in
our communities.
Phone:     (902) 443-2563

J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
The core purpose of the Foundation has remained constant since its founding:
to improve the quality of life in Canada by building communities that help
people develop their potential and contribute to the common good.
Mail:       Suite 1800, 1002 Sherbrooke Street West
            Montreal, QC, H3A 3L6
Phone:      514-288-2133
Fax:        514-288-1479

JDS Uniphase Canada Inc.
JDS Fitel gives to a variety of causes including education, women and children,
health and welfare, arts and culture, sports and recreation and the
environment. Applications from organizations Canada-wide are welcome, and
will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Mail:        570 West Hunt Club Road
             Nepean, Ontario, K2G 5W8
Phone:       (613) 727-1303, ext. 6486
Fax:         (613) 727-8284

Jackman Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to make donations to charitable
organizations, education, social welfare, hospitals, religious groups, Canadian
culture and heritage, and the communication arts in Canada. Interests include:
Universities; Hospitals; Christian Organizations; Community Services;
Family Services; Arts and Culture; Sports and Recreation; Health Disorders;
Health Care; Mental Health
Mail:        c/o National Trust Company,
             1 Adelaide Street West, Toronto ON M5C 2W8
Phone:       (416) 366-8567

Kaufmann Foundation; The Henry And Berenice
General charitable purposes, interests include: Hospitals; Health Disorders;
Jewish Organizations; Israel; Community Services; Charitable Foundations,
Trusts and Service Clubs
Mail:        4670 St. Catherine St.
             West, Suite 210,
             Westmount QC H3Z 1J5
Phone:       (514) 934-3400

Kid Sport
We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given
the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports.
KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers
that prevent them from playing organized sport.
Mail:        190 - 3820 Cessna Drive
             Richmond, BC, V7B 0A2
Phone:       (604) 333-3650

Kinnear Foundation; The Henry White
General charitable purposes, interests include: Arts; Crafts; Museums;
Universities; Hospitals; Child Development; Physically Disabled Children;
YWCA; Family Services; Recreation
Mail:        Suite 4700, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower,
             T-D Centre, Toronto ON M5K 1E6
Phone:       (416) 362-1812

King Family Foundation
Funding interests include: Hospitals; Health Disorders; Social Services; Youth.
Mail:       433 The Kingsway
            Islington ON M9A 3W1
Tel:        (416) 367-6880
Fax:        (416) 367-6890

Laurentian Bank of Canada
Funding preferences are broad-based and may include youth, arts and culture,
the disabled, minority programs, Aboriginal groups, hospitals, social services,
health and welfare, women and children, the environment, and education.
Mail:         1981 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1550
              Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3K3
Phone:        (514) 284-4500
Fax:          (514) 284-3396

Lawson Foundation
The Lawson Foundation aspires to become a respected source of support for
sustainable community based programs that positively influence the quality of
life for Canadian families.
Mail:         200 Queens Avenue, Suite 511
              London, ON N6A 1J3
Phone:        (519) 667-5114
Let Them Be Kids
The Let Them Be Kids Initiative is a first of its kind, nation-wide program that
helps communities build playgrounds in areas of need, while also
building community capacity amongst citizens and laying a strong foundation
for a brighter tomorrow.
Mail:         PO Box 278
              Blind River ON, P0R 1B0
Phone:        705-356-2112
Fax:          705-356-6701

Leonard Foundation
The Leonard Foundation scholarships are awarded to students enrolled or
enrolling in an accredited undergraduate degree program in a College or
University in Canada. The institutions must be open to all without restriction
except for an academic standard. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or
landed immigrants.

Lions Foundation Of Canada
The foundation funds general charitable purposes.
Mail:       PO Box 907, Oakville
            ON L6J 5E8
Phone:      (905) 842-2891

Madonna Foundation
General charitable purposes, interests include:· Catholic Churches and
Organizations; Private Schools; Social Services; Child Welfare;
Mail:       McCallum Hill Bldg., 1874 Scarth St., 10th Floor,
            PO Box 527, Regina SK S4P 2G8
Phone:      (306) 777-0600

Maurice Price Foundation
The Foundation concentrates on supporting enterprises dedicated to
helping young people reach their full educational potential, to become
productive members of Canadian society. As such, its mandate is education in
the broadest sense, from early childhood intervention preparing disadvantaged
pre-school children to enter the educational system, to enhancing the
University experience in selected programs.
Mail:        Suite 1500, 50 O’Connor Street Ottawa,
             Ontario K1P 6L2
Tel:         (613) 231-8219
Fax:         (613) 788-3662

Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation
To champion effective early childhood programs across Canada that provide
equal opportunities for all children, align with the school system and operate
within a provincial or territorial framework.
Mail:        Suite 1500
             30 St. Clair Avenue West
             Toronto, ON , M4V 3A2

Maytree Foundation
The foundation’s purpose is to provide seed money to fund social service
delivery programs in the hope that these will eventually find support in the
public social service delivery system. Funds are geared to cover a period of
time allowing the project to establish itself and demonstrate its worth.
Mail:         170 Bloor St. West,
              Toronto ON M5S 1T9
Phone:        (416) 369-1955

McCain Foundation
Grants are available for building funds, capital funds, emergency funds,
equipment funds, operating funds, program funds and research projects.
Mail:        The McCain Foundation, C/O McCain Foods Ltd.
             107 Main Street, Florenceville, New Brunswick, E7L 1B2
Phone:       (506) 392-5541
Fax:         (506) 392-8156

Mclean McCuaig Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to promote education at all levels, and to
encourage charitable organizations, especially those oriented toward children
who do not normally receive support from governments or other sources of
public funding. Interests include Universities; Arts and Culture; Children
Mail:        375 Water St., Suite 400,
             Vancouver BC V6B 5C6
Phone:       (604) 687-1144

Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
Funding interests are broad-based and may include the environment, women
and children, arts and culture, health and welfare, education, Aboriginal
groups, social services, and civic causes.
Mail:        181 Bay St.
             BCE Place
             Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2V8
Phone:       (416) 369-7400
Fax:         (416) 369-2125

Metcalf Foundation
The Metcalf Foundation is focused in three specific areas: sustaining the
vibrancy of the professional; performing arts ensuring the ecological integrity
of our natural and working lands; and developing lasting solutions to issues of
Mail:        174 Avenue Rd.
             Toronto, ON, M5R 2J1
Phone:       (416) 926-0366
Fax:         416-926-0370

Minto Foundation Inc.
General charitable purposes
Mail:       300-427 Laurier Ave. West,
            Ottawa ON K1R 7Y2
Phone:      (613) 230-7051

Molson Companies Donations Fund
The purpose of the foundation is to meet the changing needs of Canadian
society while continuing the corporation’s long history of support to charitable
organizations. Interests include: Arts; Performing Arts; Dance; Theatre; Music;
Visual Arts; Historic Preservation; Literacy; Universities; Community
Colleges; Education Research; Basic Science Research; Hospitals; Scientific
Research; Environment; Environmental Resources; Forests; Environmental
Problems; Pollution; Social Services; Community Services
Mail:        Scotia Plaza, 40 King St. West, Suite 3600,
             Toronto ON M5H 3Z5
Phone:       (416) 860-6462

Monsanto Canada Inc.
Funding interests include Arts and Culture, Civic Causes, Education,
Environment, Health and Welfare and Research.
Mail:       2233 Argentia Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 2C2
Phone:      (905) 819-9666
Fax:         (905) 826-4278

National Crime Prevention Centre
Public Safety Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) provides
funding to strategically selected projects that contribute to preventing and
reducing crime in Canada and to increasing knowledge about what works in
crime prevention. In order to achieve its goals, the NCPC identifies specific
priorities for project funding. There are three programs: Crime Prevention
Fund, The Northern and Aboriginal Crime Prevention Fund and the Youth
Gang Prevention Fund

Nature Conservancy of Canada
The Conservancy relies on the best conservation science to identify
ecologically significant areas and threatened landscapes. The Conservancy uses
a number of innovative techniques to protect natural areas, including: buying
land; accepting land donations; joint purchases with other conservation groups;
and negotiating conservation agreements (which allow owners to retain title
and use of the land, while ensuring its protection from development).
Mail:         202 - 26 Bastion Square Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1H9
Phone:        (250 ) 479-3191
Fax:          (250 ) 479-0546

New Horizons
The New Horizons for Seniors Program aims to help seniors and communities
find innovative ways for seniors to continue to play an important role in their
community. The program will fund local projects that encourage seniors to
contribute to their communities through their social participation and active
Mail:        New Horizons for Seniors Program
             c/o Service Canada Metropolitan Place,
             6th floor99 Wyse Rd. P.O. Box 1350
             Dartmouth NS B2Y 4B9
Phone:       1 800 277-9914

Nokia Canada
Nokia donates to a variety of causes. Funding interests are broad-based and
may include the environment, women and children, arts and culture, health
and welfare, education, Aboriginal groups, social services, and civic causes.
Mail:        575 Westney Road , South Ajax, Ontario, L1S 4N7
Phone:       (905) 427-6654
Fax:         (905) 427-6725

Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection
The Department of Health Promotion and Protection provides financial
assistance to municipalities, school boards, health authorities and community
organizations to assist in planning and implementing physical activity, sport
and recreation opportunities. Contact Information:
Mail:        Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection Summit Place,
             5th Floor 1601 Lower Water Street PO Box 487
             Halifax, Nova ScotiaB3J 2R7
Phone:       424-4807 or 1-866-231-3882 (toll free)

Nova Scotia Department of Seniors Positive Aging Fund
The fund assists non-profit community organizations in creating projects that
advance the goals and actions outlined in Nova Scotia=s Strategy for Positive
Aging, with a focus on health, well-being and community participation of
Nova Scotia seniors. Non-profit community organizations that are registered
as a joint-stocks entity, or are in the process of registering as a joint stocks
entity within Nova Scotia. Successful applications will receive a grant of up to
$10,000, covering 100 per cent of project costs.

Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation
The Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation (NSGF) is a not-for-profit, arms-length
government organization that plays a vital role in the independent response to
problem gambling in the province. The Foundation offers three funding stream
to help address problem gambling in Nova Scotian communities: two levels of
project funding for community groups across Nova Scotia, grants aimed
specifically at Nova Scotia Community Health Boards, and research funding to
individuals sponsored by institutions in the province.
Mail:         7071 Bayers Road, Suite 319A
              PO Box 2392, Halifax
              Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3E4
Tel:          902-424-2147
Toll Free:    1-866-424-0963
Fax:          902-424-3601

Nova Scotia Museum Board of Governors - Research Grants
Only individual researchers are eligible to apply for Nova Scotia Museum
Grants. For additional information and application requirements, contact:
Mail:        Research Grant Program, Nova Scotia Museum
             1747 Summer St
             Halifax, NS
             B3H 3A6
Phone:       (902) 424-7370

Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage - Culture Funding

Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage - Heritage Funding

PAINTS (Professional Artists in the Schools)
PAINTS is a program that helps schools throughout Nova Scotia to bring
professional artists (both in visual arts and fine crafts) into their classrooms.
Artists may be members of both Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) and the Nova
Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC).
Mail:        c/o Visual Arts Nova Scotia
             1113 Marginal Road
             Halifax, NS B3H 4P7
Phone:       423-4694 or 1-866-225-8267

Panicaro Foundation
The foundation’s interests include: charitable foundations, trusts and service
clubs; education; oceanography; YMCA
Mail:        41 E. Fable St., Barrhaven,
             Nepean ON K2J 3K4
Phone:       (416) 920-3211

Public Welfare Foundation Inc.
To make grants primarily to grassroots organizations in the U.S. and abroad
with emphasis on the environment, population, the elderly, youth, and
criminal justice; support also for community services, health and education.
Programs must serve low income, disadvantaged populations with preference
to short-term needs.
Mail:        2600 Virginia Ave. NW, Room 505,
             Washington DC 20037-1977
Phone:       (202) 965-1800

reBOOT Canada
reBOOT Canada is a non-profit charity providing computer hardware,
networking and technical support to charities, non-profits and people with
limited access to technology.
Mail:        136 Geary Avenue Suite 110
             Toronto, Ontario, 6H 4H1
Phone:       (416) 534-6017
Fax:         (416) 534-6083

Rosen Foundation; Irving L.
The foundation’s purpose is to provide support in the areas of health and medi-
cine, religion and social development. Interests include: hospitals; seniors
Mail:         2 St. Clair Ave. East, Suite 1400,
              Toronto ON M4T 2T5

Royal Bank Community Donations
RBC is committed to making a lasting social impact through inspired,
responsible giving and by building strong partnerships with the charitable
sector. The Royal Bank has several programs:
1. After School Grants Project which is focused on community based after
school programs across Canada.
2. Children’s Mental Health Project which funds grass roots children’s mental
health programs.
3. Emerging Artists Program encourages young artists to build their
professional careers
4. The Community Blueprint program focuses on support of a broad range of
causes including education, health and wellness, social services, youth,
amateur sports and diversity.

Royal LePage Charitable Foundation
The foundation has Violence Prevention Grants: To educate teens and change
attitudes in order to prevent violence against women and girls; To reach out to
isolated women and girls experiencing violence; and to encourage local
coordination on violence prevention and help groups to work together.
Mail:         133 Richmond St. West, Suite 504
              Toronto, ON M5H 2L3
Phone:        (416) 365-1444
Fax:          (416) 365-1745

Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation
Samuel and Saidye Bronfman shared the belief that community involvement
was vital to the development of society. Both were recognized for their
leadership in advancing social, cultural and educational causes.
Mail:         1170 Peel Street, Suite 800
              Montreal, H3B 4P2
Phone:        (514) 878-5270
Fax:          (514) 878-5299

Shell Environmental Fund
The Shell Environmental Fund (SEF) provides financial support for grassroots,
action-oriented projects that improve and protect the Canadian environment.
Telephone: (403) 691-3904
Fax:         (403) 269-8031

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
SSHRC supports university-based research and graduate training in the social
sciences and humanities.
Mail:        Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
             350 Albert Street, P.O. Box 1610
             Ottawa, ON K1P 6G4
Phone:       (613) 992-0691
Fax:         (613) 992-1787

Sogo Active gives youth the tools to design, change and control their own get
active plan. Its unique approach for inspiring “by youth for youth” group
activity draws on the power of peers reaching out to less active peers,promotes
developing leadership skills, and facilitates breaking down barriers to active
living. In order to be eligible for this funding youth groups must be associated
with a community host (organizations that provide support through facilities
and equipment).
Phone:        (902) 425-1128.

Sprint Canada Inc.
There is no formal donations policy. Funding interests are broad-based and
may include arts and culture, women and children, civics, community devel-
opment, the environment, education, health and welfare, hospitals, relief of
poverty, and social services.
Mail:        Corporate Communications, 2235 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 600
             North York, Ontario, M2J 5G1
Phone:       (416) 496-1644
Fax:         (416) 718-6129

Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship
The Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship is open to a young woman, a
girls’ team, or a sport organization that exemplifies Stacey’s ideals and
qualities. This $2500 scholarship is in her memory. It will be shared by five
recipients. High school and university/college-age women are encouraged to
apply. Consideration will be given to financial need. There is no application
form. Candidates are simply asked to outline how the scholarship will be used
for women and sport.

Starbucks Foundation Grants
The Starbucks Foundation funds local programs that serve low income, at risk
youth through its Youth Leadership Grant Program. Grants range from $5,000
to $20,000 and are given in two areas: Arts and Literacy or Environmental

Strategic Development Initiative
The Strategic Development Initiative (SDI) encourages “partners-in-heritage”
to develop projects that build on a community’s assets and strengths. SDI is a
$200,000 initiative aimed at archives, community museums, municipal
governments, not-for-profit groups, regional development authorities, and
other bodies that are exploring common heritage objectives. Priority is given
to initiatives focused on increased self-sufficiency in the province’s growing
heritage sector.
Mail:         Strategic Development Initiative
              1747 Summer Street
              Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
              B3H 3A6

Tauben Family Foundation; The Julia And Morton
The purpose of the foundation is to support general charitable purposes.
Interests include: Hospitals; Rehabilitation; Nursing Homes; Health
Agencies; Canadian Red Cross Society; Cancer; Cerebral Palsy; Parkinson`s
Disease; AIDS; Heart Disease; Kidney Disorders; Alzheimer Disease; Israel;
Jewish Culture; Jewish Schools; Jewish Social Services; Synagogues and Tem-
ples; Judaic Studies
Mail:         99 Chabanel St., Suite 701,
              Montreal QC H2N 2G6

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is a national
organization, formed by TD Bank Financial Group, with a grassroots focus that
funds local projects dedicated to preserving the environment. We work with
Canadians who are committed to protecting the environment in their own
community and across the country.

Tides Canada Foundation
Tides Canada Foundation’s mission is to support social, economic and
environmental causes by partnering with donors to increase and organize
resources for social and environmental change. Tides Canada works with
donors to support community-based and grassroots organizations through
innovative projects focusing on social justice and environmental fields.
Mail:        804 - 170 Bloor Street West
             Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1T9
Phone:       (416) 481-8652
Fax:         (416) 481-3179

Toyota Canada Inc.
Funding preferences include education, the environment, health and welfare,
women and children, social services, civic causes, youth, and arts and culture.
Mail:       1 Toyota Place
            Scarborough, Ontario, M1H 1H9
Phone:      (416) 438-6320 or 1-800-263-7640
Fax:        (416) 431-1871

Transport Canada
Transport Canada has established a Moving On Sustainable Transportation
(MOST) Program to support projects that produce the kinds of education,
awareness and analytical tools we need if we are to make sustainable
transportation a reality. The MOST Program will provide funding to help
support projects that will: provide Canadians with practical information and
tools to better understand sustainable transportation issues; - encourage the
creation of innovative ways to promote sustainable transportation; and achieve
quantifiable environmental and sustainable-development benefits.
Mail:         Office of Environmental Affairs,
              Sustainable Development Program
              330 Sparks St., Place de Ville, Tower C, 18th Floor
              Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N5
Phone:        (613) 998-6607
Fax:          (613) 993-8674

Tree Canada
Tree Canada is a charitable organization which partners with local volunteers
to improve our quality of life by planting and caring for trees. In your
neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks and in the countryside, Tree Canada leaves
a living, breathing legacy for generations to come.
Mail:         222 Somerset St. West, Suite 402
              Ottawa ON K2P 2G3
Phone:        1-877-666-1444
Fax:          (613) 567-5270

United Way
United Way of Halifax Region works with a volunteer board of directors to
develop the vision for the future, with community leaders to raise money that
is distributed every year to a range of not-for-profit organizations, and with
community volunteers who allocate the funds to ensure money is invested
wisely to make a difference.
Mail:         United Way of Halifax Region
              7th Floor, Royal Bank Building
              46 Portland Street
              Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1H4
Phone:        422-1501
Fax:          423-6837
email: or

W. Garfield Weston Foundation
Donations from the Foundation are directed to specific organizations in the
fields of education, land conservation, and science in Canada’s North. In
addition to its ongoing commitments, the Foundation makes a number of
unsolicited, Trustee Initiated Grants each year.
Mail:         22 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 2001
              Toronto, Ontario, M4T 2S3

Webster Foundation; R. Howard
The foundation’s purpose is to make donations to hospitals, universities and
charitable institutions. Interests include: Hospitals; Universities; Arts and
Culture; Mental Health; Physically Disabled; Children
Mail:        1155 Rene-Levesque Blvd. West, Suite 2912,
             Montreal QC H3B 2L5
Phone:       (514) 866-2424

William H Kaufman Charitable Foundation
William H Kaufman Charitable Foundation primarily funds reproductive
health, education and hospitals.
Mail:        410 Kings Street West
             Kitchener, ON, N2G 4J8

Wood Gundy Charitable Foundation
The Foundation makes donations to worthy charities in Canada’s educational,
research, cultural, medical, youth-oriented and children-related programs.
Mail:        BCE Place, PO Box 500,
             Toronto ON M5J 2S8
Phone:       (416) 594-7000

Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations - Canadian Heritage
 Young Canada Works (YCW) provides wage subsidies to help secondary and
post-secondary students access summer work experience in key cultural and
heritage sectors. Employers are organizations working in the cultural heritage
sector, including national, provincial/territorial, municipal or community
level not-for-profit museums, archives, libraries and other related
organizations or educational institutions, businesses.
Phone:        1 800 935-5555

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