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									                                               School – Not a Waste

Standard Statement(s):                                                              Suggested Level:
3.8.12.B                                                                            Environmental Technology
Apply the use of ingenuity and technological resources to solve specific societal   10th – 12th Grade
needs and improve the quality of life.
                                                                                    Standard Category:
Content Objective(s):
                                                                                    Science, Technology and
At the conclusion of the lesson students will be able to:                           Human Endeavors
Use technology to salvage and reprocess a waste product from school to
improve the quality of life.                                                        Materials:
Maintain a personal journal that details the activities of the project.             Balsa Wood
Create a model of their solution.                                                   Dowel Rods
                                                                                    Craft Sticks
Prepare a group research report that addresses needs, processes and benefits of     Tooth Picks
their solution.                                                                     PVC Pipe, Tees, Elbows
                                                                                    Card Board
Present their solution to the class.                                                Oak Tag
                                                                                    Construction Paper
Assessment Strategies:                                                              Straws
Product assessment                                                                  Glue
Group evaluation                                                                    Coat Hangers
Individual reflection                                                               Masking Tape
                                                                                    Screws and Washers
                                                                                    Paper Clips
Procedures:                                                                         Rubber Bands
                                                                                    Fishing Line
   1. Introduce waste management and its impact on society.                         Instructional Strategies:
   2. State the problem of waste management within the school community.
   3. Present specific assignment.                                                  Cooperative Learning
           a. Each individual will prepare a personal journal detailing             Brainstorming
                personal progress, findings, difficulties, limitations, etc.        Research
           b. Each group will research, develop a model and present their           Personal Reflection
                solution to the problem.                                            Group Presentation
   4. Discussion of assessment.                                                     Writing Across Curriculum
           a. Teacher generated.
           b. Collaboratively prepared.
           c. Rubric example provided.
 PROCESSES                                                                          Related Concepts:
   1. Breakout groups
           a. Brainstorm problems and solutions.                                    Bio-technology
           b. Present rationale to teacher for approval.                            Chemistry
   2. Formal research.                                                              Math
   3. Develop and construct model.                                                  Public Speaking
   4. Prepare presentation.                                                         Info Technology
   1. Deliver presentation and model of solution.
   2. Turn in written research report and journals.
   3. Peer assessment

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School – Not a Waste
                    Beginning             Developing             Accomplished              Exemplary
                        1                     2                         3                     4
                                                              Model clearly
                                                              exhibits a moderate     Model exhibits a high
               Model lacks detail,    Some detail
                                                              amount of detail and    degree of detail;
               accuracy or does       illustrated;
                                                              accuracy; sufficient    accurate portrayal of
               not reflect solution   inadequate portrayal
                                                              portrayal of problem    solution;
               to problem; no         of solution; little
Model                                                         solution;               demonstrate a high
               basis of               demonstration of
                                                              demonstrates a          degree of
               technological          technological
                                                              moderate degree of      technological
               knowledge; no          knowledge or lacks
                                                              technological           knowledge and
               product produced.      ingenuity.
                                                              knowledge and           ingenuity.
                                      Audience has
               Audience cannot        difficulty following                            Information
                                                              presented in logical
               understand             presentation                                    presented in logical
                                                              sequence; at ease
               presentation           because group                                   interesting
                                                              with expected
               because there is no    jumps around;                                   sequence;
                                                              answers to all
               sequence of            uncomfortable with                              demonstrates full
                                                              questions, but fails
               information; no        information;                                    knowledge of topic;
                                                              to elaborate;
               grasp of               presentation has                                presentation has no
                                                              presentation has
               information;           three misspellings                              misspellings or
                                                              two or less
               presentation has       and/or grammatical                              grammatical
                                                              misspellings and/or
Presentation   four or more           mistakes;                                       mistakes; maintains
               spelling and/or        occasionally uses                               eye contact with
                                                              mistakes; voice is
               grammatical            eye contact, but                                audience, seldom
                                                              clear and
               mistakes; little or    most of report is                               returns to notes;
                                                              pronounces most
               no eye contact;        read; voice is low or                           uses a clear voice
                                                              words correctly;
               mumbles and            incorrectly                                     and correct, precise
                                                              information was
               incorrectly            pronounces terms;                               pronunciation of
                                                              complete and
               pronounces terms;      information was                                 terms; information is
                                                              accurate; most
               no presentation        incomplete or                                   comprehensive and
                                                              major aspects of the
               produced.              contained many                                  detailed.
                                                              subject addressed.
                                                              Cooperates and
                                      Usually cooperates
                                                              interacts with group    Cooperates and
               Argues with            with group, but
                                                              in most phases of       interacts well with
Teamwork       partners; workload     some disagreement
                                                              the project.            partners. Workload
               is not shared.         over workload and
                                                              Workload shared         shared equally.
                                                              Apparent point
                                      Some evidence of a
               No apparent point                              made about a single
                                      specific topic;
               or details; confused                           topic; sufficiently
                                      limited content with                            Distinct controlling
               arrangement of                                 developed content
                                      inadequate                                      point; details
               content without                                with adequate
                                      elaboration;                                    specific; sequence,
               attempts at                                    elaboration;
                                      inconsistent                                    structure are logical
               transition; no                                 sequence, structure,
                                      arrangement of                                  and effective;
Report         control of grammar,                            and presentation
                                      content with or                                 evident control of
               mechanics,                                     are evident;
                                      without attempts at                             grammar,
               spelling, usage and                            Sufficient control of
                                      transition; limited                             mechanics, spelling,
               sentence formation;                            grammar,
                                      control of grammar,                             usage and sentence
               errors are very                                mechanics, spelling,
                                      mechanics, spelling,                            formation.
               noticeable and                                 usage and sentence
                                      usage and sentence
               affect meaning.                                formation, a few
               No apparent point      Some evidence of a      Apparent point          Distinct controlling
               or details; confused   specific topic;         made about a single     point; details
               arrangement of         limited content with    topic; sufficiently     specific; sequence,
               content without        inadequate              developed content       structure are logical
               attempts at            elaboration;            with adequate           and effective;
               transition; no         inconsistent            elaboration;            evident control of
              control of grammar,   arrangement of         sequence, structure,    grammar,
              mechanics,            content with or        and presentation        mechanics, spelling,
              spelling, usage and   without attempts at    are evident;            usage and sentence
              sentence formation;   transition; limited    Sufficient control of   formation.
              errors are very       control of grammar,    grammar,
              noticeable and        mechanics, spelling,   mechanics, spelling,
              affect meaning.       usage and sentence     usage and sentence
                                    formation              formation, a few


18 – 20 = A
                                                                                             Total Score
16 – 17 = B
14 – 15 = C

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