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                         Car & Bike Hire FREE Webpage Application Form

Please complete the following information as appropriate to your car/bike hire company and send your
completed form as an attachment by email, together with your photograph (as a JPEG) to: We will acknowledge receipt of your email and your information will be
added to the website as soon as possible.
Please note: You should only type in the grey boxes in the table below and will only be able to insert a limited number
of words, because the display area on the webpage is restricted. Before sending this form, please check that you are
happy with the information you have provided.

    Name                                   Type your car hire business name here
    Location/address                       Type your business address here
    Map Reference                          00 (we will complete this when we receive your form)
    Telephone Number                       Type a contact number here

    General Description, (including        Please complete (This is limited to a maximum of 100 words)
    opening hours, types and range of
    vehicles available, prices, etc.)

Your free webpage includes the opportunity to have one photograph. Please number or name your image before
sending it and also complete the table below.

    Image file number or name                                 Description

                  Before sending this form, remember to SAVE it and also to check it carefully.

Please check that you are happy with the information you have provided. Kano Design/Pefkos Exclusive will not
accept responsib ility for any errors resulting from incomplete information reaching us.

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