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					------------------------------------------------------| New Features in Interspire Website Publisher 4.5.0 | ------------------------------------------------------- Product Rebranding ArticleLive has been renamed to 'Interspire Website Publisher' (IWP) and with this includes a new control panel design. - Logo Editor Quickly create your website logo, make your website look professional. Accessible via the 'Site Design' page in your control panel, select which logo and type in the text you want. - Comment Replying When managing comments in the control panel, click on 'Edit/Reply' and while you edit the visitors comment, you can also add your own reply in straight away. It will also be marked as 'Admin/Author' to differentiate your reply from other visitors. - New Dashboard The home page has been updated with new features. For new customers, there is a 'getting started' guide on what to do first with IWP. There is also a version checking system, site notifications, news from Interspire, and quick links section. - System and Error Logs PHP and MySQL errors are now tracked in the database to allow for quicker resolution of support issues as previous error messages can be seen straight away, reducing the need for replication of problems. - Drag and Drop Category Display Order Quickly change the order of categories by dragging and dropping them on the view categories page. ------------------------------------------------------| Features added in previous version: NX 2.0 | ------------------------------------------------------- Usability Improvements After extensive usability testing, minor usability changes have been made to the control panel interface to make publishing web content easier for non-technical users - Integrated Help and Documentation

Included with Interspire Website Publisher is help documentation on getting started, using the software and modifying / customizing template designs. - SendStudio Integration Interspire Website Publisher now comes with a new panel that has your SendStudio subscription form. The settings for this form are available under a new 'SendStudio' tab on the Settings page in the control panel. - New Article Submission Process The create/edit article screen in the control panel is now all on 1 page, instead of the 3 before. It uses 2 tabs, one with the basic/required options, the second tab with additional options. There is also now only 2 types of articles; A complete article or a short article. A complete article is the old ‘Article with pages’ while a short article is a combination of ‘Summary’ and ‘Summary and Link’. With the short article option, the Link field and attachments are optional, so if you fill it in, it will display, otherwise it won’t. - Design Mode A brand new unique feature that allows for the rapid editing of templates within Interspire Website Publisher. A video and instructional text is provided within the application. You can see the video and enable the option by going to the 'Templates' link in the control panel, then the 'Design Mode' tab. - Advanced Commenting System Comments are now threaded. Website visitors can now reply to other user's comments and have their comments grouped together, so a conversation doesn't get lost. Users can now also include a website when submitting that their name will link to in their post. The author of the blog/article is now also identified so they stand out from the other comments. In the control panel, approving, deleting and approving comments has now been converted to ajax so make the process faster. There is also 2 new anti-spam options. On the settings page, under the

'Misc Settings' tab is the option to limit the number of URLs used within a comment. The default is 2 and will stop any comment from being posted that contains more than 2. You can change this to zero to not allow any. The second option is 'IP Banning'. The IP of each comment is now recorded and it can be blocked via the manage comments page or added in manually through the settings page. - Podcasting Podcasts will be able to be added to both articles and blogs within Interspire Website Publisher. There will then be links to the podcast feeds on the website which users can click to add the feeds straight into iTunes. You will also be able to configure your podcast options from the settings page under a new tab named 'Podcast'. - Article Marketer Integration In our last release we added integration, to automatically accept articles into Interspire Website Publisher. This feature is being extended to Article Marketer ( - Website Tools A brand new section is being added to the control panel. The main tools that are included with release are; Database Backups: You can generate a backup file and download it. Email Users: You will be able to send out a quick email to users within selected groups. Its great for keeping in touch with authors and sending announcements. Maintenance Tools: These are miscellaneous tools used for cleaning up. For Example: Views Count, etc. Recounting Articles in Categories, Reseting Page

There is also an action logging section which notes each users action which can be reviewed for technical support purposes. - Template Selection Changing and selecting your template now takes place on the new 'Templates' page in the control panel. You can quickly see all your available templates

and select one by clicking on the image. - Template Downloader Interspire Website Publisher comes with 1 Default template in order to keep the package zip small as a larger number of template become available. To get new templates in this version, simply go to the 'Templates' section of your control panel then the 'Download Templates' tab. - Template config.php File Each template now has a config.php file. By default they only carry the template version number and name, however it offers an advanced bit of customisation. This file is included before any template is output, so within this file you can run PHP commands to set globals, force config options for a specific template or force the use of different templates for certain content. There are new conditional functions that are available for use within this file. Information about this is available in the template guide via the 'Help' link in the Control Panel - Teaser Images There is now the option to add an 'teaser image' to an article. Traditionally Interspire Website Publisher has always just displayed the author image for each article, now there will be an option to display: No Image, Author Picture or upload a 'teaser image'. - Page & Category Templates When adding or editing pages or categories there is a new option where an alternate template layout file can be chosen for the specific page. This adds a new degree of flexibility for designers and means less fiddling with the PHP code to achieve this ability. - Updated Search Code We've updated the method used for searching to enable Interspire Website Publisher to work with more articles than before. The search is faster and more accurate. You can also search by date and within category descriptions. - Optimizations We've optimized the code to run less queries, faster. We've also halved the

average memory usage to keep Interspire Website Publisher from taking up too many server resources. This also means it will perform far better when your server is under high load.

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