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									Progression to HE
7th July 2010

Lucy Marwood
Student Finance Consultant
East Midlands
                        Aims for Today
1. Recap on recent changes and operational developments for

2. Developments in Practitioner Resources

3. Demonstration of the Student Finance Calculator

4. New Online Application – April 2010 (Including Online Self Service)

5. Key messages and looking ahead to 2011 HE Entrants
SFE background
        2005 Review of student finance

            2006 Ministerial decision

Change of responsibility   New IAG strategy via
for processing to SLC       partner engagement

              Move towards online
Processing: Transition Period to March 2011
Academic    New Students                       Continuing Students
  Year        (Year 1)           Year 2              Year 3            Year 4 plus
2008/09        Local             Local               Local               Local
             Authorities       Authorities         Authorities         Authorities

2009/10    Student Finance       Local               Local               Local
               England         Authorities         Authorities         Authorities

 2010/11   Student Finance   Student Finance         Local               Local
               England           England           Authorities         Authorities

 2011/12   Student Finance   Student Finance     Student Finance     Student Finance
               England           England             England             England
Annual Cycle Changes
 HE finance

 Research                   Applications for student finance

 Y12 ends   Summer   Y13: Autumn   Winter   Spring   Summer   Start HE

 Research               Applications for HE places

  HE choice
Design Concepts of New Service
• Links with the UCAS Application Process
• Further enhancements to online calculator to inform
  choices when applying through UCAS
• Use of Prior Tax Year for all applicants
• Option to review on “current income”
• Simplified evidence requirements
 Key Processing Developments
• Additional assessment staff recruited
• New technology to support contact centre enquiry handling
• Large-scale staff training/updating underway
• Document Imaging technology now in place
• Introduction of automated assessments imminent
• Online self service for application enquiries (cover later)
• Online change of circumstances in time for A level results
Developments in Practitioner
Online support
 parents &                  


Practitioners    Practitioner
                helpline team

                 Local SFC                 See practitioner website
Telephone support

   Assisting a
                  Customer helpline   0845 300 5090

 Explanation of      Practitioner
                                      0845 602 0583
  regulations?         helpline

  Local support   Student Finance     See Practitioner
    needed?         Consultant           Website
Practitioners’ Web Site
  Core resources available
     from Practitioners‟

  Scripted PowerPoint presentations
updated for 2010/11 to help partners to
deliver student finance IAG to students

              Core information contained in
               updated Practitioners‟ Pack
Resources available from Practitioners‟
Website to outline new online application
         Videos can be run over the
          Download a “zipped” folder with Demonstration Account

This „dummy‟ version of the Student Finance Online Service opens in your
browser. You can see every screen of the online application, with extra help
added to explain common problems. Download the files and save them on
to your computer to start.
This demo is for demonstrative purposes, and does not mirror the interactive
nature of the live Student Finance system.
This version of the online application demo
does not contain help videos. This reduces
the file size to make it easier to download.
Videos available separately – see earlier
  Detailed policy and
operational guidance for
  specialist advisers
Demo of the Student Finance
New Online Student Finance
  Application: April 2010
Design Concepts of New Application
• Improved screen layouts and simplified questions
• Improved “sponsor” linking – new applicants will not need
  to use an Alias ID
• Links back to Student Finance Calculator
• Clearer Summary Screen to explain what is happening
  with the application and what to do next
• Evidence screen for customers to track evidence items
New Student Finance Entitlement Letter
                 • Combines former Notice of
                   Entitlement & Payment Schedule
                 • Colour coded to illustrate separate
                   payments to HEI and student
                 • Securely confirms bank account
                 • Provides a breakdown of the
                 • Additional sections to clearly
                   explain next steps to receiving
 Online Self Service
Application Enquiries
Web-based Information Sources
• On the Direct.Gov website, there is a range of information
  and help
• Having applied online, students can check the progress
  of their application through their online account
• Having applied online, students can update their bank
  details/term-time address/other contact details online
• The general position with processing applications and
  other hints and tips are updated regularly on Student
  Finance England's Facebook and Twitter pages
Social Media

Service updates

Deadline updates

Application guidance

Evidence return estimates
Key messages to take away

• Apply early. Its still not too late to apply for support for
  September 2010

• Complete and submit the online application

• Supply the correct information and documentary
  evidence. For 2010/2011 entrants we require financial
  information for the year ended 5th April 2009

• Sign and return the online declaration form
  Looking Ahead
2011/12 and Beyond
As soon as we have more definitive information
     to share with partners we will ………..

……………… please keep us up-to-date with
   any changes to your contact details.
              Thank you
Your Student Finance Consultant
 East Midlands

 • Lucy Marwood

 • Email:

 • Blackberry: 07979 938208

  Please bear in mind that the Customer Support Office and
  Practitioner Support Team will be the first port of call for
  enquiries from customers and partners.

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