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   BACE                                       * an MSTA/NEA Affiliate

Housing Partnership to
  Recruit and Retain
  Member Educators
           THE MOST

         (866) 643-0206

     Owned And Operated By NRT Incorporated
    Table of Contents ········································· 2
    Important Information ··································· 4
    Program Criteria··········································· 5
    Highlights··················································· 6
    Loan Program·············································· 7
    Building Spec Inc.········································· 8
    CreditSmart ················································ 8
    TIP Program ··············································· 9
    NRT Mid Atlantic Title ···································· 9
    Accutech Pest Management····························· 9
    Concierge··················································· 10
    JK Moving ·················································· 11
    Horace Mann··············································· 11
    Relocation ·················································· 11
    Rental Division············································· 12
    Home Buyers ·············································· 13
    Home Sellers··············································· 14
    Other Services & F.A.Q··································· 15
    Our Team & Contact Information ······················ 16
    What We Are Doing So Far················· ············ 17
                            For more information contact:
                          The Maryland Real Estate Team at:
                                     (866) 643-0206
3               or visit us on the web at
               Important Information

    Participants in the Housing Partnership Program between
    TABCO and The Maryland Real Estate Team must meet the fol-
    lowing criteria in order to receive or use any program benefit
    (with the exception of Coldwell Banker’s TIP program, Coldwell
    Banker’s Relocation Services or Coldwell Banker’s Concierge
    Services, which are available through Coldwell Banker Resi-
    dential Brokers):

    •Participant must be a TABCO member.

    •Participant must use The Maryland Real Estate Team for real
    estate services including but not limited to; buying, selling or
    renting real estate. If a TABCO member has an agency agree-
    ment with another realtor or agent, or intends on using a differ-
    ent realtor or agent other than a member of the Maryland Real
    Estate Team, then that member cannot use any facet of the
    Housing Partnership Program.
    Other than using the Maryland Real Estate Team for the real
    estate transaction, participants are not required to use any of
    our partners. A participant can use any lender, title company,
    insurance company, inspection company, or rental community
    etc. that the participant wants to use. The benefits of the Hous-
    ing Partnership Program provided by the Maryland Real Estate
    Team are only offered though our partners. The Maryland Real
    Estate Team and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokers are not
    liable for any transaction involving a participant of the Housing
    Partnership Program and one of the Maryland Real Estate
    Team’s Partners. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokers and The
    Maryland Real Estate Team are not affiliated with nor do they
    endorse any of the partners of the TABCO Housing Program.

    Client Signature:_____________________________________


                                                                      The Maryland Real Estate Team created
                                                                      this program to help stabilize the reten-
                             Educators are the                        tion rate of teachers in Baltimore County.
                                                                      Teachers who live in Maryland cannot
                keystone to our society, and as                       afford to live (either own or rent) in the
                                                                      communities that they help mold.
     a society everyone must take part in ensur-
     ing that our children receive the highest                   Our program is a comprehensive approach to
                                                                 helping teachers achieve home ownership. We
     quality education possible. This program is                 have three divisions, our Rental Division,
                                                                 Sales Division and our Home Ownership Divi-
     designed to help recruit and keep the best                  sion. First we determine when a teacher would
                                                                 be in a position to buy a home. If it is deter-
     teachers in Maryland. We want to                            mined that a teacher would be better off pur-
                                                                 chasing a home in the future, we will place that
     do our part to reward those                                 teacher in our rental division.

     educators who are dedicated                                 One of the unique functions of our rental divi-
                                                                 sion is that we don’t just place a teacher in a
     to teaching our children.                                   rental unit and wait for that teacher to come
                                                                 back to us when it’s time to buy a home.

    When a teacher is ready to buy, they will work with our Home Ownership Division which offers cash re-
    bates through Coldwell Banker’s TIP program just for working with us as well as discounts on other services
    such as title work and home inspections. Our lending programs can help teachers afford up to 30% more
    home than the typical lender.

    We have partnered with local rental communities. This partnership makes it much more feasible for teachers
    to rent in a fantastic, community oriented facility. We offer our own financial consultation to help guide a
    teacher in best preparing for purchasing a home. We will work with a teacher until that teacher is ready and
    able to buy, and then we will help them buy a home.

    Our Sales Division combines all of the savings and cash discounts with one of the most comprehensive list-
    ing programs available. If you buy and sell with us, you will receive cash back at both
    ends that could total $2,000, just for using our services.

    Not only will we make buying a home more affordable, we will make owning one more
    enjoyable. Our Concierge Services will help with most burdens associated with owning a
    home while our Relocation Division will help you and your significant other with the
    transition into a new home. We will assign you a move coordinator, if moving to or from
    another state and provide deep discounts on moving companies on state to state moves.

    But the most beneficial service we provide is the dedication, experience and service of our team members.
    Each person involved in this program believes philosophically in our goal, servicing the housing needs of
    TABCO members.

         “Educating Our Educators on Home                       Members qualify for a special Home
                      Ownership”                                 Paramount Program involving almost
                                                                 every aspect of pest control
     The Maryland Real Estate Team presents a
    comprehensive housing program involving                     Members receive discounts from
    Renting, Buying or Selling/Re-financing a                    Building Specs Inc Program when pur-
    home for Union Members.                                      chasing a home.

    Program benefits and discounts including:                  NRT Mid Atlantic Title Services dis-
                                                                 count for settlements.
        Coldwell Banker Mortgage & Mercan-
                                                               Monthly Newsletter with Market Re-
          tile Mortgage LLC Loan Program (12
          month one point buy down or percent-                   view, Program Updates, Home Owner-
          age of a point over life of mortgage)                  ship Series etc
          used on almost ANY loan program
                                                               Bi-Monthly Subscription to American
          member qualifies for.
                                                                 Living Magazine (only to members who
        We are a qualified CDA loan lender and                 have registered with program)
          we can fulfill education requirements
                                                               Home Ownership Seminars including:
                                                                 How to Buy A Home; How To Own A
        Loan Program Applies to Refinancing                    Home; How To Increase The Value Of
                                                                 Your Home, Etc
        Union Members receive cash rewards
                                                               Financial Planning/Counseling specific
          up to $2000 for buying and/or selling
                                                                 to future home purchase
        Special Union rental discounts; no Ap-
          plication Fee, $99 security deposit and              Home Buyers Division
          7% off monthly rates. Plus we have ne-
                                                               Home Sellers Division
          gotiated the right to break certain leases
          when our members are ready to buy
                                                               Rental Division
          (discount available only through The
          Maryland Real Estate Team Partners)

         Relocation Services (handle relocation
          of out-of-state hires)

        Coldwell Banker Concierge Services

              (direct) 410 919-2600 / (office) 410 224-2200 / (toll free) 866 643-0206 / (fax) 410 919-2628
    First Home Mortgage is committed to the members of TABCO. We are
    happy to join up with the Maryland Real Estate Team to offer substantial sav-
    ings toward your home buying experience.

     First Home Mortgage is a leader in Baltimore County in providing more op-
    tions for today’s homebuyer. Whether this is your first home or your tenth,
    your credit is challenged or excellent, we have an option for you. We have all
    programs from FHA, VA, and state sponsored CDA mortgages with lower
    rates, to no income verification and interest only mortgage.

     We are pleased to offer members a ¾ point (.75) rebate on your loan. This
    rebate can be used to lessen your upfront cash or use it to buy down your
    rate, saving you potentially thousands over the life of a mortgage.

    For Example if you were looking for a $300,000 mortgage your would receive
    a credit of $2,250. You could also use that credit depending on the market
    and program to lower your rate by an 1/8 to ¼%. This rebate is available on
    all programs except for CDA with is already a subsidized program.

    Call us today to explore all of your options and take advantage of being a
    member of TABCO.

    I look forward to speaking with you, Sean Pierpont (301) 220-1520

                                            Wes Tower
                                            Coldwell Banker Home Loans
                                            (office) 410.919.1897

                                                                         (800) 217-7979
                                                We are pleased to announce a partnership with
                                                Todd Stevens of Building Specs Inc. Todd and
    his team are a five star, national Home Inspection Company. In fact, other companies use
    Todd to train their Home Inspectors.
    Building Specs Inc. is giving a deep discount on all inspections, including mold, radon, sep-
    tic and all other inspections that they offer. In addition, Todd will be providing free home
    care and home improvement seminars.
    Beyond the discounts and the seminars, the most attractive attribute of our partnership is
    Todd’s team. They are the most committed inspectors and they pride themselves on not just
    performing a quality inspection, but also educating the buyer along the way.
    Inspections Offered
    Building Specs offices offer a wide variety of inspection and expert services:
       Environmental, Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, Lead Paint, Mold, Radon in Water, Septic,
       New Home Inspections
       Pier and Bulkhead
       Pre-Purchase Inspections
       Pre-Listing Inspections, Pre-Dry-Wall Inspection, Final Walk Through Inspection
       Pool and Spa

                                                         Free Freddie Mac CreditSmart
                                                         training with the intent to help
                                                         teachers understand, build and
                                                         maintain better credit.

                                     Contact the The Maryland Real Estate Team
                                     at 866 643-0206 or visit our website at:
                                     find out more.

          Special Offer to TABCO and BACE members from Accutech Pest

       Accutech Pest Management is pleased to make these Special Offerings to the Customers of The
                                      Maryland Real Estate Team:

                   Discounted property inspections: Whether for pre-listing purposes or
                assessment for your current home, we will inspect for all insects and related
                                            conditions for $45.

           WDI/O (termite) inspections for the purposes of refinance or purchase at a rate of $45.

     Termite Warranty policies. Accutech Pest Management offers a variety of termite programs and all
                                  include annual, renewable warranties.

     Discounts on Accutech Pest Management’s Professional Pest Management Program. Year round,
    guaranteed pest management services with a 15% discount to anyone referred through The Maryland
                                           Real Estate Team.

       Discounts on additional services. As a full service pest management company, Accutech Pest
    Management offers additional services to help keep you pest free. Gutter Cleaning, Moisture Control,
     Power Washing, Exclusion, and minor maintenance are all available at The Maryland Real Estate
                                                Team cost.


                                           Teacher Incentive Program

        410 224 0501

    $150 DISCOUNT AT
                                           *Rebate is available only to buyer(s)/seller(s) who close escrow/proceed to final settlement with The Maryland Real Estate Team, LLC with
                                           Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage acting as their sole and exclusive agent in the purchase/sale of real estate in Maryland.
                                           Buyer(s)/Seller(s) must be eligible to participate in The Maryland Real Estate Team Housing Partnership to Recruit and Retain Member
                                           Educators. The rebate is valid only if the broker commission actually received at the close of escrow/settlement is at least 2.5%. For homes
                                           with a final sales price of $99,999.99 or less, the rebate is not applicable. All buyers, participating in the program as a Buyer, must sign a
                                           Buyer’s Representative Agreement with The Maryland Real Estate Team, LLC with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and all Sellers,
                                           participating in the program as a Seller, must sign an Exclusive Right to Sell Contract with The Maryland Real Estate Team, LLC with
                                           Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage before any rebate will be issued. Participants that are both buying a home and selling a separate home
                                           through The Maryland Real Estate Team, LLC will receive a $1,000 bonus upon proceeding to final settlement for the buying transaction
                                           where The Maryland Real Estate Team and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage are the Broker for the Buyers and a separate $1,000 bonus
                                           upon proceeding to final settlement for the selling transaction where The Maryland Real Estate Team and Coldwell Banker Residential
                                           Brokerage are the Broker for the Seller. Client is not Eligible for program and program rebate if the client currently has a valid, written agency
                                           agreement with another Broker or Realtor. There may be tax consequences to the rebate. If you need tax or legal advice, you should consult
                                           with the appropriate professional. Offer subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice.

                  Coldwell Banker Partners

 The Coldwell Banker
 Concierge™ Program
 introduces you to
 special programs for
 Coldwell Banker cus-
 tomers that can help
 you save time and
 money on a variety
 of goods and ser-         Utility Hookup
 vices that benefit        Connect1...your one stop shop for
 homeowners. These         utility services. This service al-
 centralized services      lows you to connect your utilities
 offer you conven-         and frequently used services like
 ience and peace of        change of address, electric, gas,
 mind before, during       local and long distance telephone
 and after your busy       services, cable & satellite, high
 home buying or sell-      speed internet, newspaper deliv-
 ing experience.           ery and more on one web site:


                                                 JK Moving and Storage is proud to
                                                be a partner with the Maryland Real
                                                Estate Team from Coldwell Banker,
                                                 to provide Maryland Educators an
                                                  exclusive opportunity to have dis-
                                                counted moving services when relo-
                                                   cating locally or long distance.

                                                      800.673.8487 ext. 13053
                                                           On the web @

                                                  Family Owned and Operated

                                                        Homefinding Assistance
Moving Services
Coldwell Banker Mid-Atlantic Relocation will            •Local preview of homes
manage all aspects of an employee's house-              •Access to the comprehensive multiple
hold goods shipment, controlling moving
                                                        list systems
costs while easing the relocation process for
employees.                                              •Mortgage/title/insurance services of-
                                                        fering discounts for transferees
•Personal Move Manager                                  •Contract negotiation
•Coordination of entire move                            •Domestic & international services
•Shipment of household goods (Van/Moving                •Forms and Procedures Review
Line coordination)                                      •Purchase procedures

                                                           Rental Division

               Our program is a process. In many cases, teachers are un-
 able or are not ready to buy a home. We have partnered with local
 rental communities to establish a relationship that works to the benefit
 of our clients. Not only are these communities some of the finest
 around, they offer our clients tremendous discounts and benefits.

 While you reside in one of our rental communities, we will provide fi-
 nancial consultations to help prepare you for home ownership. All the
 while, our agents will stay in touch and are always at your disposal. We
 will help put the pieces together to help each teacher become a home

 The Maryland Real Estate Team in cooperation with The Berkshire’s
 Management Company are part of our program designed to help make
 housing more affordable for teachers.

 In conjunction with the Housing Partnership Program between TABCO
 and the Maryland Real Estate Team, TABCO members will receive a 7%
 monthly discount on rent. Our members will also have all of their appli-
 cation fees waived and need only a $99 security deposit. As members of
 our program, we can negotiate the release of a lease, with 30 days no-
 tice with no penalty to you.

 All members must go through The Maryland Real Estate Team in order
 to receive any of these benefits.

 Our Communities in the Baltimore County region:

    Olde Forge Townhomes in Perry Hall
    Century Apartments in Cockeysville
    Rolling Park in Randallstown
 We offer communities in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties as well
                        Coldwell Banker does not endorse and is not affiliated with The Berkshire’s at Harper’s Mill
                             Discounts subject to change at the discretion of The Berkshire’s at Harper’s Mill
                                         Home Buyers

     Our Home Buyer Division program starts with education. Our Pre-Purchase
     Consultation starts the process of buying a home. Once the process is in motion,
     we do everything we can to reduce the stress associated with buying a home. We
     pride ourselves on communicating with our clients. We offer many different
     methods of keeping everyone on the same page, including access to individual,
     password protected web sites that our clients can access 24 hours a day to stay
     on top of the process. Below are some of the other highlights associated with our

                                    We do the work!
       •We can find out how much the home you are interested in aver-
       aged over 12 months on utilities.
       •We can tell you how much the current owners paid for a home as
       well as other facts contained in public tax records.
       •We do extensive market analysis of the neighborhoods of the
       home you are interested in.
       •We have an outstanding track record for finding the right home
       for our clients.

                                   Technology Helps Us Serve You
                        Once we register you into our program, you will re-
       ceive an email alert as soon as any new home that meets your criteria
       hits the market. That means you know 1st. In
       such a hot market, this vital resource gives you
       a heads up over other buyers vying for the
       same type of property.


                                      Home Sellers

     TABCO members will have one of the most comprehensive listing programs available.
     The program is too extensive to list all of the features here, but below are a few of the

                                    What We Bring
     •24 hour/ 7 days a week access to monitor activity relating to your home through a
     “client only” access on our web site.

      •A virtual tour of your home available on the internet .
      •Buyer’s Match
      •24 hour/ 7 days a week access to brochures of your home.
      •Stunning marketing material.
     •Additional advertising in local newspapers and magazines.
     •Mailings hand written and sent to potential buyers selected through a personalized
     demographic study.

     •We will give your house it’s own web site!
     •All the benefits of the TABCO Housing Program.
     •We will offer our loan program to the buyers of your home which
     will save them thousands of dollars and make your home more af-
     fordable to more buyers.

                                      All options are used at the
                                    discretion of Edward Robinson
                                        unless otherwise stated

                                        Other Services

        Our greatest commodity is our team. Our agents are the finest, most dedicated
          agents in the business. The service oriented philosophy we operate under drives our
          success. As an example, we have incorporated other facets to make life easier for

        Our web site where you can: search for teacher specific educational debt relief;
          search for federal housing programs or housing assistance; search for homes for
          sale through the most updated database available; receive email alerts as soon as
          homes meeting your criteria hit the market, giving you a leg up on other home buy-
          ers; apply for housing with our rental partners directly online or contact us,
          TABCO or the Baltimore County Public Schools system.

        Introduction to the many county and state programs in existence which will aid in
          your pursuit of home ownership.

        Monthly Newsletter updating you on the real estate market and our program.

        Our Monthly Home Ownership series.

        Complete real estate services regardless of what level of pay you are, if you are rent-
          ing, buying or selling. We offer the entire program to any TABCO member.

      Q) Is the program and discounts offered if we are selling a home?

      A) Yes! All of the discounts can be applied to any TABCO member whether buying or selling.

      Q) Can the program discounts be applied to renting?

      A) Renters have their own discounts. The cash back from the TIP program will not be applied
      to renters.

      Q) Can a TABCO member use only parts of the program?

      A) Only if they go through The Maryland Real Estate Team. As an example, members can
         not use our loan program with First Home Mortgage unless they are using The Maryland
         Real Estate Team for real estate services. Members can go through us to use First Home
         Mortgage for refinancing, and get the same benefits, but only if they go through The
      Maryland Real Estate Team.

         For more information contact:

       The Maryland Real Estate Team at:

                  (410) 919-2600

                  (866) 643-0206

                  or visit us on the web at

          Edward H.


     Actual Client Savings October 2005

     $22,799           First Home Mortgage
     $475              First Home Lender Fees
     $1000 Check       From Us After Settlement
     $150              NRT Title Services
     $45               Building Specs Home Inspection
     $75               J. C. Ehrlich Termite Inspection


 “When I was hired as a teacher for Anne Arundel County I was so excited because not only did I land a great
 job, but I also had an opportunity to move from Pennsylvania to a new state. However, my excitement dimin-
 ished as time drew nearer and nearer to the move and I still had no place to live. I had contacted several real-
 estate agents but none were helpful in helping me to find a new home. As new teacher training drew nearer, I
 looked on the TAAAC website and found The Maryland Real Estate Team partnership program. I made one
 phone call and within a few days I was signing a lease for a new apartment. My real estate agent was very
 helpful and paid special attention to my financial needs and to finding an apartment with the amenities that I
 listed as important to me. The process was quick and easy and--best of all--at no cost to me. They even set
 me up with a moving coordinator. I have been living in my new home for a little over a month now and I
 couldn't be happier. I will soon be meeting with one of The Maryland Real Estate Team’s financial advisors
 (again at no cost to me) to help me start planning towards home ownership. When I am ready, my The Mary-
 land Real Estate Team real estate agent will be there to help me find a home for purchase. This is a wonderful
 program and I am so glad TAAAC and their The Maryland Real Estate Team were there to help me find a new

                                                Actual Client Savings September 2005

                                                12,420            First Home Mortgage
                                                $475              First Home Lender Fees
                                                $1000 Check       From Us After Settlement
                                                $150              NRT Title Services
                                                $45               Building Specs Home Inspection
                                                $75               J. C. Ehrlich Termite Inspection



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