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									Sample valuation report outline


Typical valuation report to be provided to clients shall consist of the following topics
and content. However, content of the valuation report will be company-specific and not
be limited with the outline below. The valuation study is flexible and can be modified
according to requests of the client. It is assumed to be around 50 – 60 pages long.

Please keep in mind that a sample, representative valuation report (with full content) is
available upon your request. Please see contact information defined on the website.
Sample valuation report outline


    1. Introduction
        Consists of the scope of valuation study and market research, and provides an introduction to
        the valuation report (“the Valuation Report”).

    2. Executive summary
        Incorporates a brief summary of the Valuation Report for the Company management.

    3. The Company
        This section provides operational and financial figures of the Company which is subject to
        valuation (“the Company”). Background information, investment plans, business dynamics which
        form a basis for the valuation are evaluated in this section.

    4. Valuation
        Summary of valuation results are presented both in numerical and graphical ways, with
        sensitivity analyses on business value.

    A. Attachment

        A.1 Valuation methodologies
            Three types of company valuation methods are studied in detail: (i) Discounted
            Cash Flows Method (DCF Method), (ii) Dividend Discount Model and (iii) Multiple
            Valuation Method.

        A.2 Valuation with DCF Method
            Business value of the Company is determined by using DCF Method, which is quite
            detailed and includes mathematical figures. To use this method, assumptions and
            projections shall be made. In addition, as a result of studying this method, business
            plan of the Company is derived. Consequently, the equity value and the enterprise
            value of the Company are calculated.

        A.3 Valuation with Dividend Discount Model
            Business value of the Company is determined by using Dividend Discount Model.
            This method uses a projected dividend string, which is one of the outcomes of DCF
            Method. This method is regarded as classical and is one of the most practical ways to
            value shares.
Sample valuation report outline

OUTLINE (cont’d)

    A. Attachment (cont’d)

        A.4 Multiple Valuation Method
            This type of valuation is based on comparable data of other public companies and
            other transactions completed in the industry the Company is actively operating and
            provides an indicative value range of the Company.

        A.5 Company financials / actual
            Actual financials of the Company are presented.

        A.6 Company financials / projected
            Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements of the Company are
            projected and analyzed in detail.

        A.7 Market
            Information on market in which the Company is actively operating in, is analyzed in
            detail (market data, dynamics and trends, as well as projections on market size etc.).

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