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					Current Public Area                                                           Revised Public Area                        RED =CHANGES

1. SSCGP Home                                                                 13. Capacity
2. Open Season Information                                                                                  sub Operationally Available By Segment
3. Phone List                                                                                                   Operationally Available By Location
4. Informational Postings                                                                                       Unsubscribed by Location
5. Notices                                                                                                      Contractual Capacity
                                   sub Critical                               12. Affliated Marketer Info changes to Energy Affliate Info
                                       Non-Critical                                                         sub Capacity Allocation Log
                                       Planned Service Outage                                                   Employee Transfers
6.General Information                                                                                           List of Energy Affliates changes to Names and Addresses
7. Instructional Tips                                                                                           Merger Partners changes to Potential Mergers
8. Point Information                                                                                            Shared Facilities
                                   sub Master Receipt Points
                                       Master Delivery Points
9. Rates
10. FERC Filings
11. Order 2004/Non-discrimination Requirements                                14. Index of Customers
                                   sub Contractually Binding Discounts        11. Order 2004/Non-discrimination Requirements changes to Non-discrimination Rqts
                                        List of Energy Affliates                                           sub Contractually Binding Discounts changes to Discounts
                                        Implementation Procedures                                              Emergency Deviations
                                        Waiver Log/Discretionary Actions                                       Implementation Procedures
                                        Parent Company Org Chart                                               Information Disclosure
                                        Voluntary Consent                                                      Waiver Log/Discretionary Actions changes to Tariff Discretionary Actions
                                        Information Disclosure                                                 Voluntary Consent
                                        Emergency Deviations                  5. Notices
                                        Shared Facilities                                                  sub Critical
                                        Employee Transfers                                                     Non-Critical
                                        Merger Partners                                                        Planned Service Outage
12. Affliated Marketer Info                                                   17. Organizational Info changes to Organizational Charts
                                   sub Capacity Allocation Log                                             sub Organizational Charts changes to Charts
                                        Discount Offers                                                        Job Descriptions
                                        Affliated Marketing Companies         18. Imbalance Trading changes to Posted Imbalances
13. Capacity                                                                                               sub Posting Authorization
                                   sub Operationally Available By Segment                                      Posted Balances
                                        Operationally Available By Location                                    Req for Imbal Trd
                                        Unsubscribed by Location                                               Instructions
                                        Contractual Capacity
14. Index of Customers                                                        15. Tariff
15. Tariff                                              16. Transactional Reports changes to Transactional Reporting
16. Transactional Reports                               8. Point Information
                            sub Firm                                                 sub Master Receipt Points
                                Interruptible                                             Master Delivery Points
17. Organizational Info                                 4. Informational Postings
                            sub Organizational Charts   9. Rates
                                Job Descriptions        10. FERC Filings
18. Imbalance Trading                                   2. Open Season Information
                            sub Posting Authorization   3. Phone List
                                Posted Balances         7. Instructional Tips changes to CSI Instructional Tips
                                Req for Imbal Trd       1. SSCGP Home
                                Instructions            19.Downloads
19.Downloads                                            20. Site Map
20. Site Map                                            6.General Information delete

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