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									17/10/2008 - mIRC v6.35 Changes: 1.Fixed nickname bug where very long nicknames (hundreds of characters in length) sent by the server would cause mIRC to crash. 2.Updated to PCRE v7.8 and OpenSSL 0.9.8i libraries. 3.Added Script Editor option to disable line numbers. 4.Fixed /toolbar bug where setting a bitmap for a default button was not working correctly. 5.Added custom dialog support for "rich" editbox property that allows an arbitrary "limit" on the amount of text. 6.Fixed window listbox display bug when moving the horizontal scrollbar all the way to the right. 08/08/2008 - mIRC v6.34 Changes: 1.Fixed if/while bracket priority bug which affected the parsing of if/while statements. 2.Fixed text display bug where the last character in a line was being chopped off. 3.Changed the fast update display method. 4.Fixed tips display bug. 5.Fixed copy messages to query bug. 6.Fixed /drawrot rounding error bug. 7.Fixed treebar/switchbar server sorting display bug. 18/07/2008 - mIRC v6.33 Changes: 1.Fixed $istok() not returning error if too many parameters supplied. 2.Fixed /scon returning wrong error message. 3.Fixed window positions not being saved correctly for certain types of windows. 4.Fixed tab completion issue with long text/identifier values. 5.Fixed Channel Central dialog excepts/invites bug, now looks for +eI modes in the CHANMODES token as well as EXCEPTS and INVEX tokens. 6.Fixed reload logs feature displaying session information twice on reloading a log file. 7.Fixed $calc() returning +/-0 in some situations. 8.Improved handling of hotlinks enclosed in brackets. 9.Fixed server ports bug when using toolbar connect button. 10.Fixed color display bug in tips title/message text. 11.Fixed text display bug due to incorrect text width measurement with some fonts/characters, now using new method to measure text width. 12.Changed $window().sbstate/tbstate to return button status even if the corresponding bar is hidden. 13.Fixed $hfind/$regml regex bug. 14.Fixed channels list window focus bug when getting list. 15.Fixed script editor editbox warning to take account of long wrapped lines. 16.Fixed window focusing bug in certain situations. 17.Fixed /toolbar load/save bug with @window parameters. 18.Fixed /did -d CRLF bug.

19.Fixed picture @window popup menu bug under Vista. 20.Added support for the transfer of files larger than four gigabytes. This required the following extension to the DCC transfer protocol: If mIRC sees that it is sending or receiving a file with a size larger than a 32bit value, it sends and expects to receive 64bit acks. In all other respects, the protocol is unchanged. Note that all previous versions of mIRC are unable to either send or receive such large files. 21.Changed file transfer CPS calculation method, now reflects the real average CPS over the last few seconds. 22.Improved the way the "Total Max Cps" feature throttles transfer speeds. 23.Increased the maximum allowed DCC Send packet size. This may or may not improve speed depending on your connection type. 24.Fixed DCC Send/Get bug where files of zero bytes in size could not be transfered. 25.Changed DCC Send so that it now always sends packets ahead of acks. This means that even if it receives no acks at all, mIRC will still transfer the file. If "Fast Send" is enabled, mIRC will attempt to send packets as fast as it can. 26.Fixed regex identifiers hiding output of called identifiers by default - they now require . prefix in calling alias. 27.Fixed /server switches not being remembered on an automatic retry connection attempt after a disconnection. 28.Fixed server connection not remembering SSL status if you disconnect and then reconnect to a server. 29.Fixed switchbar display button-sorting display bug. 30.Added $window().tbtext for window treebar text. 31.Added /editbox -vqN switches, where -v prevents the editbox contents from being changed and -qN enables/disables/toggles second editbox. 32.Added /var -g switch, sets global variable values. 33.Added $timer().pause property. 34.Added $input() 'm' switch which allows you to include multiple "text" parameters and to display them in a combobox. The first text item is the default item, the rest are the items in the list. 35.Fixed /log on command bug not using logs folder. 36.Optimized text mark/copy routine. 37.Added Track Urls warning when feature is enabled via system menu. 38.Changed unicode display method slightly - mIRC now preloads the cache with the default system unicode font and various other unicode fonts if they are found on your system. 39.Fixed if/while bracket parser bug. 40.Added $chan/query/send/get/chat .idle properties. 41.Added editbox "automatic" lines feature to display/options dialog that dynamically changes the size of the primary editbox to show all of your typed text, up to half the size of the window. 42.Extended /window -eN switch where 0 = single, 1 = multi, 2 = auto, and 3 = default. 43.Changed Control+Home/End key behaviour so that they move the cursor if you are editing text in a multi-line editbox, otherwise they scroll the display buffer. 44.Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8h library. 45.Changed Enter key behaviour in multi/auto editbox so that it sends a line when pressed in the middle of a line. To insert a line you

can use the Alt+Enter key combination. 46.Changed Status Window editbox to reflect single/multi/auto editbox settings. 47.Fixed UTF-8 text-wrapping display bug. 48.Fixed SSL certificate caching bug when maximum cache size exceeded. 21/05/2008 - mIRC v6.32 Changes: 1.Fixed /did -o CRLF bug. 2.Fixed /log -f not being able to handle quotes. 3.Fixed /toolbar default icons bug with toolbar background pictures. 4.Fixed notify icon white pixels bug with a black background in the treebar. 5.Fixed script editor buttons not displaying icons when running under Windows Vista Classic Theme. 6.Fixed listbox height in SSL dialog. 7.Fixed script initialization warning bug. 8.Changed /drawpic bitmap allocation method to speed up @window displays. 9.Fixed $tip help file bug. 10.Fixed /toolbar not being compatible with toolbar buttons bitmap. 11.Updated to PNG 1.2.29, PCRE v7.7, and OpenSSL 0.9.8g libraries. 12.Standardized and extended string lengths throughout mIRC to allow the use of longer variables, channel and nick names, and other items. 13.Optimized $strip() control codes routine, used through -out mIRC. 14.Added "Check for Updates" item to Help menu. mIRC also checks for updates once a day on startup. This can be turned off in the updates dialog. 15.mIRC now displays the wait cursor when dialogs are opened and closed as a busy indicator, mainly for when mIRC is run from a USB drive. 16.Fixed /drawrot -b background color bug. 17.Fixed text display moving backwards bug with certain fonts. 18.Fixed mouse wheel handling to properly process slow/fast scrolling with high resolution mice. 19.Fixed status window log menu bug on a clean install. 20.Fixed blank lines in window listboxes not being displayed correctly. 21.Added /set -k switch, keeps current -uN setting for a variable. Also added $var().secs, returns unset time. 22.Fixed handling of negative range values in token identifiers. 23.Added $reptok() and $remtok() support for N = 0 to apply to all matching items. 24.Fixed $* bug when used with $() identifier. 25.Fixed script editor editbox responding to control+mousewheel to change font size, can only change through font dialog. 26.Fixed /tips setting not being remembered on a restart. 27.Fixed listbox windows display bug when using double-space/paragraph spacing. 28.Fixed double-space/paragraph settings not being set correctly when a window is first opened. 29.Fixed /drawcopy -t bug. 30.Fixed $mp3() handling of unicode tags. 31.Added support for network-specific window position saving.

32.Changed ini update routine, now only writes an item to the file if it is in fact different in the file. This minimizes file updates. Added mainly for USB drive users. 33.Changed reload log feature to only reload a maximum of 500 lines. 34.Changed window buffer routine so that it removes whole lines from the top of the buffer instead of partial lines. 35.Fixed script editor shortcuts not working when other dialogs open. 36.Fixed MDI flickering bug when "Move status window to top" option is enabled in Window Order dialog. 37.Fixed treebar focus bug when selecting item in treebar while mIRC is not active application. 38.Fixed $mp3() handling of malformed mp3 headers. 39.Fixed multi-byte text-wrapping display bug. 40.Fixed minor bug in UTF-8 selective encoding routine. 41.Changed Channel Central design slightly. Checkboxes are disabled if you are not an op and the Excepts and Invites buttons are disabled if numeric 005 does not list EXCEPTS and INVEX tokens. 42.The multibyte editbox is now enabled by default for new installs. 43.Changed tab completion so that it leaves the original text intact if it evaluates to $null. 44.Fixed /drawcopy not reporting an error in some situations. 45.Fixed MDI window background display bug. 46.Added /dialog -g <name> <newname> to change dialog name. 47.Added /menubar /toolbar /switchbar /treebar [on | off] commands and $menubar, $toolbar, $switchbar, $treebar identifiers. Also added $compact identifier to indicate normal/compact mode. 48.Fixed window scrollbar bug with large numbers of lines. 49.Fixed script editor toolbar button not reflecting on/off settings for events in some situations. 50.Fixed text in custom @windows being chopped at tab stops. 51.Added /window -M switch, chops text at tab stops. 52.Fixed random delay auto-op/voice bugs. 01/11/2007 - mIRC v6.31 Changes: 1.Fixed tooltips bug in toolbar. 2.Fixed /background window name bug. 3.Fixed remote.ini scripts folder bug. 4.Fixed dns pool message bug during connect retry. 5.Fixed notify window taking focus every time you connect to a server. The notify window also no longer automatically closes when you disconnect from all servers. 6.Fixed tips control codes bug. 7.Fixed if/elseif error display bug. 8.Fixed /window -dh not hiding desktop window. 9.Changed $tip() $null parameters so that they are now optional. 10.Fixed script editor Windows taskbar display bug. 11.Fixed /dll crash bug with self-calling dlls. 12.Fixed on START event not being triggered before all other events on startup for loaded scripts. 13.Fixed while loop break/continue bugs. 14.Fixed /writeini error handling bug. 15.Fixed ial not being updated by protect/ignore/etc. commands.

16.Added @wid support to /setlayer. 17.Added /tips [on|off] and $tips identifier. 18.Added "Hide tips when locked" option to lock dialog. 19.Fixed editbox/listbox focus bug when switching windows. 20.Fixed $inellipse() bug by enabling floating point consistency option in compiler. 21.Fixed /hinc bug. 22.Fixed -nouninst backward compatibility bug. 23.Fixed flickering in channel nickname, channels list, and all other window listboxes. 24.Changed script editor interface slightly, now cleaner and easier to read. Added Check Bracket/Sort Variables items to Edit menu, line numbers to margin, and enter/home key indentation support. No longer flickers when resized. 25.Updated to PNG 1.2.22 and PCRE v7.4 libraries. 26.Fixed double-click on treebar notify nicks bug, now triggers correct Clicks dialog notify list alias. 27.Fixed on ^filesent/rcvd not /halting text bug. 28.Fixed treebar notify nicks menu not having $1 set as nick. 29.Fixed installer bug with mIRC/help file not being launched on install completion. 30.Fixed unicode encoding bug when pasting large amounts of text. 31.Fixed unicode not being copied to clipboard correctly from a @window with no editbox. 32.Changed right-click behaviour in custom dialog listboxes to allow selecting an item without checking its radio/check box. 33.The default text for /list numerics 321 and 323 can now be halted. 34.Added SSL option to automatically accept invalid certificates. 35.Fixed @window tabs display bug. 36.Tips now shade each alternate message that is added to an existing tip to make it easier to distinguish individual messages. 37.When bars are locked the drag bars are now hidden from view. 38.Added /abook -h switch to open highlight dialog. 39.Fixed background picture display bug when loading large images. 40.Fixed line width/height measurement bug in @windows, now the same as non-@windows. 41.Fixed /splay and /sound error display bug. 42.Fixed saving tray/maximized window state bug. 43.Fixed /drawtext clipping bug when using tabs. 44.Fixed tray icon click multi-monitor bug. 45.Fixed reload log files bug when lock log files option is enabled. 46.Fixed Editor "Monitor File Changes" memory bug. 47.Changed behaviour of "Hide minimized desktop windows" option so that query, message, and chat windows remain visible when they are first opened minimized on the desktop. 48.Fixed /hinc and /hdec maximum value bug. 49.Fixed clipboard handling bug. 50.Fixed $longfn() routine not appending / slash to the result when it is a directory. 51.Updated the mIRC icon and over seventy other icons in the toolbar, switchbar, tray, and window icons. 52.Fixed treebar focus bug when selecting item in treebar while mIRC is not active application. 53.Fixed some settings in editor dialog not being remembered if it

was closed using the cancel button. 54.Fixed favorites dialog gpf bug when editing folder name. 16/08/2007 - mIRC v6.3 Changes: 1.Fixed /var bug when parsing multiple $identifiers() on one line. 2.Fixed /auser bug halting script if user already existed. 3.Fixed /toolbar -fl bug when an item in toolbar.ini contained a popup @menu. 4.Fixed custom DLL delay-unload feature so that it is only applied when mIRC exits. In other cases, the DLL is unloaded immediately. 5.Fixed mIRC always forcing an SSL +port if the last connection was an SSL +port. 6.Fixed popup menu positioning bug when pressing spacebar to display popup close to edge of Windows desktop. 7.Fixed $inroundrect() and $inellipse() bug. 8.When connecting to a round robin dns pool ip address the original connect address is now remembered and the connect message now has "dns pool" appended to it. 9.Fixed round robin dns pool ip address bug with SSL connections not remembering original host address during verification. 10.Fixed /queryrn bug not renaming same name with different case. 11.Fixed right-click popup menu selections not working correctly under Vista in some cases. 12.Fixed Servers List popup menu not displaying items correctly. 13.Fixed firewall password corruption bug. 14.Fixed script editor minimize/restore bug. 15.Fixed $sin/$cos/etc. rounding errors. 16.Fixed ? marked urls being deleted incorrectly while mIRC was running. 17.Fixed color codes not being processed properly in wrapped lines in some situations. 18.Fixed URL links not being opened with default browser under Vista. 19.The -r command line switch behaviour has been changed so that if no path is specified after -r, mIRC will use the executable path. 20.For Vista compatibility, new installations of mIRC now save all settings in the User's "Application Data\mIRC" folder by default. However, if the installer or mIRC find mirc.ini in the same folder as mirc.exe they will use the mirc.exe folder for all settings. Users installing over an old version of mIRC shoul d therefore see no change in behaviour. The installer is now also aware of administrator and standard user accounts and installs mIRC accordingly. 21.Fixed command prefix /!. parsing inconsistencies across routines. 22.Fixed "// echo hello" being parsed as "//echo hello". The parser now halts parsing of empty // commands. 23.Fixed reload logs bug, was loading logs in wrong order. 24.Fixed on KICK event clearing $chan/$nick too early when you are kicked from a channel. 25.Fixed /drawtext color parsing bug in picture @windows.

26.Fixed /toolbar -fs bug, icon size was being saved incorrectly. 27.Fixed servers dialog intermittent gpf bug when sorting servers. 28.Fixed /dcc send -l and -m parsing bugs. 29.Fixed irc:// links not working under Vista. 30.Changed registry handling to ensure that mIRC works the same way whether run under administrator or standard user accounts. mIRC no longer updates the Uninstall section of the registry to point to the currently running mIRC, the Uninstall section is now only set by the installer. Removed -nouninst command line switch since this is no longer applicable. Also irc:// links are now only added to the Current User registry, not the local machine registry and this is only done when mIRC is run, not by the installer. The -service command line switch has been removed from the help file though it is still supported under 95/98/ME. 31.mIRC no longer uses an internal uninstaller, instead the install program now places an uninstall.exe in the mIRC folder. 32.Fixed dialog table definition not being able to call local aliases if dialog was opened from the command line. 33.Extended custom dialog "tab id" parameter to allow id to be an alias/identifier. 34.Fixed comments not being parsed correctly in the users list. 35.Fixed mouse cursor display bug during mark/copy. 36.Added internal U3 support to mIRC. mIRC looks for these command line parameters -appStart, -appStop, and -hostCleanUp, and looks for U3_HOST_EXEC_PATH and U3_APP_DATA_PATH environment variables. 37.Fixed ini storage bug when using -portable switch. 38.Changed -portable command line switch behaviour. Now makes mIRC both 1) avoid use of the registry and 2) use th e executable folder as the mirc.ini folder. 39.Fixed /if parser not reporting invalid operator for => and =<, and added not support for !> !<= etc. 40.Fixed window display bug when rejoining an already joined channel. 41.Fixed /writeini and /remini not reporting an error if they were unable to write to the file. 42.Added support for positioning Treebar at top/bottom of mIRC window. 43.Added support for network specific notify nicks. If no network is specified, nick is used on all networks. Extended command to /notify -n <nick> [network] [note], where -n indicates network has been specified. Also added $notify().network. 44.Changed "Received Files" explorer display to show folders pane. 45.Notify/URLs list windows are now displayed in both the treebar and the switchbar. 46.Changed the way the notify list window is displayed on connect. 47.Added -noreg command line switch to make mIRC avoid use of the registry (to make up for old -portable behaviour). 48.Fixed $input dialog (and other windows) not being centered on desktop correctly if main mIRC window was minimized. 49.Added support for numeric 005 TARGMAX and MAXTARGETS tokens when sending privmsgs and notices in /amsg, /ame, /qme, /qmsg,

/omsg, and /onotice. 50.Fixed notify list routine that was not correctly optimized, may have led to high cpu usage/interface lag for some users. 51.Fixed various dialogs opening centered in main window when opened with keyboard shortcuts, eg. Alt+O, Alt+B, etc. 52.Added support for notify list display in treebar, option enabled via treebar popup menu. 53.Added treebar menu option to use System menus or Window menus for right-clicked treebar items. System menus are the default. Toggle by holding shift key while right-clicking. 54.Added $menutype and $menucontext to supplement $menu. They are available during popup menu creation and indicate the menu type and context of the menu being created. 55.Changed left-click method on treebar items, it takes one click to open and close windows now. 56.Fixed issues with /mkdir and $isdir(). $isdir() will now only accept folder names, whereas previously it was accepting filenames as well. 57.Changed status window icon so that you can now tell when it is connected, connecting, logging on, or disconnecting. 58.Alt+LeftClick no longer changes the status window icon, instead it now adds a down arrow to the button. When clicked it displays a popup menu of hidden windows. 59.The status window title in switchbar/treebar now always shows the network/server name, even when not connected. 60.Added Buffer menu to custom @window system menu. 61.Changed the way files are renamed/copied/deleted to resolve file issues experienced by some users. 62.Fixed favorites menu recent channels history bug. 63.Changed the way $active works, was not consistent before. 64.Changed on ACTIVE so that it always triggers when a window gets the focus, was not triggering in all situations before. 65.Fixed /unload not halting script on error. 66.Added treebar support for spacebar to pop up menu for selected item. 67.Fixed $wrap() bug not handling bold control codes across multiple lines correctly. 68.If an incoming notice is displayed in more than one window eg. in common channels or the active window, windows are now highlighted only if necessary. 69.Added /cnick -f switch that forces the addition of a new entry to the list instead of updating an existing nick. 70.Fixed relative path bug when handling short paths. 71.Improved error handling in /load command. 72.Added Notify and Urls List items to windows order dialog, affects position of these items in treebar. 73.Added support for on ^TABCOMP, triggers before a $id or %var is evaluated. 74.Changed $fserv() to $fserve(), old identifier still supported but no longer documented. 75.Fixed MDI background display flickering bug. 76.The /setlayer command can now set the transparency of the main mIRC window. 77.When in the Script Editor mIRC no longer considers itself the

active application, this allows flash/beep/etc. events to trigger. 78.All buttons that select/display files/folders now display the whole file/path with ellipsis if necessary. 79.Fixed nick color list freeze issue, instead of updating all nicks immediately when colors change, now only updates them when they are visible. 80.Moved highlight dialog to address book and added regex support. 81.Fixed options dialog memory leak. 82.Fixed "Move status window..." bug in Group dialog. 83.Fixed wildcard matching bug. 84.Added support for tips, text balloons that pop up near the Windows tray to notify you of various events such as incoming messages or users in your notify list coming on or leaving IRC. Tips only appear when mIRC is not the active application and are hidden the moment mIRC becomes active. Tips can be configured in the Options/Windows/Options dialog. The Highlight dialog in the Address Book also supports tips for matched items. Tips can also be scripted using the $tip() identifier: $tip(name,title,text,delay,iconfn,iconpos,alias,wid) Returns Nth position of tip if successful, zero if not. name - name of the tip title - title text - text delay - from 3 to 60 seconds iconfn - icon filename iconpos - icon position in filename alias - alias to perform when tip is double-clicked wid - id of window to which tip belongs name, title, text are required. delay, iconfn, iconpos, alias, and wid can be $null. $tip(name/N) can be used to list existing tips. Notes: Right-click in a tip pauses the time-out for all tips. Shift+Left-click in a tip closes that tip. Double-click in a tip triggers the alias if one is defined, or opens the associated window if not. The tip automatically fits the text into it and will at most widen to quarter of your screen width. New tips are queued until older tips time-out. Tips time-out

at a slower rate if they are not at the head of the queue. If no wid is specified, the tip belongs to the status window of the currently active connection. A tip is closed if the window it belongs to is made active or is closed, or if mIRC is made active and the tip belongs to an MDI window. 85.Fixed /showmirc -nt bug minimizing mIRC but not activating the next application window. 86.Fixed $mp3() not handling unicode tags correctly. 87.Added $fullscreen identifier, returns 1 if an application is running in full screen mode, 0 if not. This applies to game and non-game applications. 88.Fixed agent speaking bug. 89.Extended /echo -iN to allow maximum N of 256. 90.By popular request, changed logging method back to old method, no longer uses name.N.log filename format. 91.For new installs the "download" folder is now named "downloads" and a "scripts" folder is created by default. 92.Added $ebeeps identifier, returns sounds enabled/disabled state. 93.Updated tab display routines to use XP/Vista themes. 94.Fixed menubar spaces bug, all scripts are now aligned on load using same align routine as editor. 95.Removed support for mirc.hlp file on F1 key, only mirc.chm is used now. 96.Fixed editor "monitor file changes" bug with .ini files. 97.When run under Vista mIRC now checks for a corresponding virtual store folder at startup. Vista creates virtual store folders for older non-Vista compatible applications, such as older vers ions of mIRC. If mIRC finds such a folder, it displays a dialog box allowing you to retrieve your old mIRC files and settings. 98.Added $sha1(text|&binvar|filename,[N]) identifier, where N = 0 for plain text (default), 1 for &binvar, 2 for fil ename. 99.Updated to PNG 1.2.18 and PCRE v7.2 libraries and to OpenSSL 0.9.8e support files. 100.The about dialog now displays a second page that loads from the mIRC website. No information is sent to the server. 101.Fixed custom dialog icon definitions not setting %var values correctly on exit. 102.Changed compiler optimization settings resulting in slightly larger executable. 103.Added Mode menu item to the View menu in the menubar that allows you to switch between Normal and Compact modes. Compact mode makes mIRC behave like a messenger with the treebar filling the main window, all windows opening on the desktop, and so on. The full versions.txt file has become too large to include in the distribution, so only the version information for the last version or so is being included from now on. You can still download the full versions.txt file from the mIRC website.

28/02/95 - mIRC v2.1a First public release.

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