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									Texas Common Application
 Administrative Overview

       June 15, 2006
•Legislative Mandate
   • SB150 (1997)
   • US Freshman, US Transfer
   • All public Universities in Texas
   •Electronic Version
•Beyond The Mandate
   •International, Grad, Law
   • Scholarship, Housing
   • Fee processing
                      Developed set of questions

                      Collected parameters

                      Wrote instructions

                      Decided on one system
Advisory Committee
                      Contracted with UT Austin to develop

                      Blessed by THECB in April 1998
     Applicant Functions
Through ApplyTexas, applicants can:
• Fill out a new application (admissions,
scholarship, housing)
• Retrieve a saved application
• Submit an essay
• Resubmit an application to a different
• View degrees offered
• View a printable version of your
submitted application
• Easy for applicants to do research, obtain
• Easy for applicants to resubmit application
  to additional universities
• Built in data audits for completeness,
  format of some answers
• “One stop shopping” for applicants
• Online fee processing verifies CC
  payments in real time
     Apply Texas App Cycle
• Each application cycle starts with Summer and
  ends with Spring.

• We currently have open the Summer 2006
  through Spring 2007 cycle

• We plan to open the Summer 2007 through
  Spring 2008 cycle at the beginning of Fall 2006
        Institutional Parameters
• Contact information
•   Available terms/semesters
•   Acceptable majors/programs
•   Fee options specific to the chosen institution
•   University Wide Dynamic Questions
•   Major specific Dynamic Questions
•   Undergraduate Standard Essays
•   Graduate Dynamic Essays
•   University Special Instructions Page
•   Gateway Page
  University Responsibilities
• Update TEST database, keep in synch with

• Making Official Requests (use form)

• Keep Contact Info current in PROD

• Training incoming administrators of ApplyTexas
  Admin. procedures
            Administrative Functions
Administrators’ site
  •Entry screen used for Admissions, Scholarship,
  Housing, and Law
  •Link to FAQ, Changes, and Transmission info
  For each type
  •View apps for your dest
  •Link to Executive Functions menu
  •Link to Payment menu
  •Link to counts
• Administrative- can be shared with anyone
  needing to search
• Executive- “all powerful”
• Payment- only Financial folks
• Security
   – Official contacts
   – Not sent via email
     Administrative Site
          2007-2008 Cycle
• Cycle is Summer through Spring

• Data will be copied from PROD of the
  previous term to TEST of the new term

• Early Fall, 2006 for 2007-2008 cycle (in
     Setting Up a New Term
• Major Listing (review and copy to PROD)
• Fee/Deadline/Messages (review and copy
  to PROD)
• Signing off the semester
• Special Instructions Page (review)
• University and Major Specific Dynamic
  Questions (review)
• Test, Test, Test!!!
      Major Considerations
• College Level Codes

• Adding New Majors

• Phasing Out Obsolete Majors

• Ordering Majors
   Special Instructions Page
• Sam Houston State University

• Baylor University

• University of Texas-Brownsville

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