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                    Welcome to the Summer 2009 Newsletter for Justine Petersen

                                                  Highlights in this issue:

                      q   Justine Petersen & Citi Partner to Deliver a Credit Building Product
                      q   National City Bank Sponsors a Counseling Room
                      q   SWIDA Loan Funds Hit the Streets
                      q   A Place to Call Home

                   Justine Petersen & Citi/Banamex Partner to Deliver a New Credit
                                           Building Product
                 On May 15, Justine Petersen launched a secured credit card with Citi/Banamex
                 USA. This innovative credit building product has a minimum secured deposit of
                 $200.00 and a low interest rate in order to help clients build their credit and
                 increase their credit score.

                 “Our clients are excited about this product. It is an affordable line of credit that gives
                 clients who do not have access to traditional lines of credit the opportunity to build
                 their credit profile,” says Kristin Schell, Justine Petersen’s Credit Builder
                 Manager. Clients participate in a one-on-one credit building session in which they
                 are advised on how to use this card as a mechanism to build good credit and
                 attend 4 one-hour financial education classes over the course of one year.

                 Justine Petersen is thrilled to partner with Citi/Banamex USA to help working
                 families in the St. Louis Metropolitan area to build their credit. For more
                 information about our credit building services or the Citi Banamex secured credit
                 card visit our website.

                                     National City Sponsors a Counseling Room
                                               National City Bank, now a part of
                                               PNC, donated $15,000 toward Justine
                                               Petersen’s Capital Campaign. Rick
                                               Sems, President & CEO of Missouri
                                               Banking and Michele Watts, Assistant
                                               Vice President - Business Banking,
                                               were on site to present the check.

                                            “Justine Petersen is a wonderful
                                            organization that assists many St.
                                            Louis residents to build good credit
                                            and access financing to purchase
                                            homes and start small businesses”,
said Ms. Watts, who recently joined the Justine Petersen Board of Directors to
strengthen the partnership.

CEO Robert Boyle thanked National City for its support of Justine Petersen’s
micro-lending activities and volunteer instructors for its economic education

For more information about Justine Petersen’s Capital Campaign and naming
opportunities visit our website.

                       SWIDA Loan Funds Hit the Street
The Southwestern Illinois Development Authority
(SWIDA) has teamed up with Justine Petersen to
assist Madison and St. Clair County
entrepreneurs with small business loans.

Justine Petersen’s small business department
sees a lot of innovative product ideas, and Lisa
Campbell’s brainchild was no exception. Ms.
Campbell found Justine Petersen online in
January and wowed staff with her expertise in hair
extensions and her excitement for a creative new
product line, Baby Bangs! - a hair/headband
accessory for baby girls.

Ms. Campbell, owner of an established beauty salon located in Alton, IL, was
inspired after the birth of her granddaughter to create a miniature hair piece that
would be suitable for newborns to wear. Being someone who loves to work with
all things “baby,” Ms. Campbell developed Baby Bangs! to embellish the natural
beauty of an infant’s first year, knowing that a baby girl “is, and always will be, your
little princess.” These delicate wigs have been popular with clients for special
occasions, family photographs, or simply as adornment emphasizing the newborn
baby’s gender.

The future is looking bright for Ms. Campbell’s product line. The Tyra Banks show
even has an episode in the works that will highlight the Baby Bangs! accessories.
Furthermore, Ms. Campbell is trying to get these unique hair pieces included as
an item in the gift bags given out to celebrities at such high-profile events as the
Oscars. Find out more about the colors and styles offered by Baby Bangs! at

Justine Petersen has originated $100,000 in 12 micro-loans to Madison and St.
Clair County businesses through its SWIDA partnership. For information on
obtaining a micro-loan visit our website. For information on investing in Justine
Petersen’s Micro-loan Program, contact Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez at or (314) 533-2411 ext. 117.

                                A Place to Call Home
                           Homeownership Opportunities at JP

                                                                 Ms. Maria Parish-Nunley first visited
                                                                 the Justine Petersen offices in
                                                                 March 2007, after hearing about a
                                                                 co-worker that had recently
                                                                 purchased a home with the
                                                                 assistance of Justine Petersen. "My
                                                                 very first visit, the counselor told me
                                                                 it would take me 2 years before I
                                                                 would be ready, and I thought that
                                                                 seemed like a long time. However,
                                                                 just as the counselor suggested,
                                                                 time passed quickly. Before I knew
it, we were moving forward in the process."

By utilizing credit building products offered at Justine Petersen, such as the Credit
Builder Loan and a secured credit card, Ms. Parish-Nunley was able to establish
new credit references and increase her credit score by over 100 points. "The staff
at Justine Petersen had such genuine concern; I knew I was in the right place. And
the realtor I was working with was wonderful, really guiding me into homes that not
only met my desires, but really matched the needs of my whole family."

In June 2009, Ms. Maria Parish-Nunley became a homeowner in the nearby
community of Affton, Missouri and is happy in her new 3 bedroom home. The
family now enjoys peace and serenity in their own backyard. Ms. Parish-
Nunley has also continued working with the staff of Justine Petersen, with
additional services and programs available to homeowners. She explains that she
feels like she has a new support system with the staff of JP and has
been impressed that they did not simply forget her after she had moved in.

Justine Petersen has assisted over 4,000 homeowners in the St. Louis Region for
more than a decade. For additional information about our mortgage services, visit
our website.

 1023 N. Grand Blvd. | Saint Louis, MO 63106
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