Grants for Veterans to Start a Business by gfc14185


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									Programs and Services
   Native Americans

   Nevada District Office
Counseling and Training

Micro-Business & Women’s
 Business Center
• Nevada Microenterprise Initiative
  Veterans only
• Veterans Business Outreach Center
Counseling and Training

Additional Resources
• Nevada Small Business
  Development Centers
• On-line
Certification and
Government Contracting

Government Contracting
• Central Contractors Registry
• Set-Asides Certifications (cont’d)
  • 8(a) & Small Disadvantaged
  • HubZone
Certification and
Government Contracting

• Set-Asides Certifications
  • Service-Disabled Veteran Owned
Procurement Assistance
  • Procurement Outreach Program
Financial Assistance

The Myths?
• Generally no grants to start business
• Government guaranty does not
  overcome bad credit
• Do not need to be turned down for loan
  for assistance
• Must be in operation for 2 years to be no
  longer considered a start-up
Financial Assistance

Basic requirements
  • Counseling required for Start-ups
  • 10-50% injection required
  • Be prepared to pledge available
  • Establish relationship with lender
Financial Assistance

Loan Programs
• MicroLoans
• 7(a)
  •   Patriot Express (Veterans Only)
  •   Community Express
  •   SBAExpress
  •   PLP
• 504
Financial Assistance

Disaster Loans
• Direct loans to small business
  owners or their employers for
  economic injury due to deployment
• Contact counselors for assistance
     •   VBOC
     •   NMI
     •   NSBDC
     •   SCORE
Financial Assistance

Debt Relief for National Guard and
• If your small business has an SBA
  disaster direct or business guaranteed
  loan, you may seek deferral for loan
  repayment, reduction in the interest rate,
  and other credit/financial assistance.
Financial Assistance

Debt Relief for National Guard and
         Reservists (cont’d)
• Disaster loans contact:
   • Customer Service Center
   • 1-800-659-2955
• Guaranteed loans contact:
   • Lender who made loan
More Information

     Nevada District Office
Contact in Clark County:
• Dennis Wengert
• 702-388-6611
More Information

Contact in Nevada outside Clark
• David Leonard
• 775-827-4923

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