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         Group                            Title
Joyce Wilkinson Trust:09/10
Bolton Low Houses         Holiday playscheme
Bolton Low Houses         This grant is specificially for a
Preschool/Playscheme      child with severe learning
Boltons Parish Hall       Landscaping around the new
Committee                 village hall
Caldbeck Scout Group      Running costs

Ireby Women's Institute   Roof timber repair and loft

Kitty Charters Memorial   To purchase two benches in
Fund                      memory of Kitty Charters
Northern Fells Group      Summer activities programme for
                          young people

Rosley Play Area          Play equipment in Rosley

Rosley Playgroup          Continue existing work

Rosley Pre School Group   Assist with the continuance of the
(Busy Bees)               pre school

Thursby Nursery           Playground equipment for outdoor

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Westward Children's    Westward Children's Christmas
Christmas Party        Party

Westward Community     Replacement of notice boards

Westward Parish Room   New work on halls

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For 18 months to 12 years, five days per week.

This grant is specifically for a child with severe learning difficulties. It will be used to
help fund toys and activities to help progress the child's ability, and to help fund
staffing on a one-to-one basis.
Hedge restoration, wild flower planting scheme, pond and general landscaping.

At present we pay £12.50 per week in hall rent; £21.80 per Beaver, Cub, Leader for
Membership of the Scout Association and Insurance; this leaves less than £100
each year to pay for all activities during sessions. Our hall rent is £450 per year, if
you could help us pay this we would have money available to allow us to take part
in more external Cub Scout Association activities. We would like to take all of the
children away to Cub Camp and be able to subsidise any children who find the cost
too high (we always keep the cost to a minimum and charge £25 per child).

We would like the funding to contribute to the cost of carrying out essential building
work to the timbers of the roof of our WI Hall. Whilst doing this we want to install loft
insulation as currently there is no loft insulation. Following a structural engineer's
report, we had to close the Hall on 12th June 2009 as it was considered unsafe and
our insurance company would no longer insure its use for public access. Ireby WI
sees the Hall as a community resource and until its closure the Hall was well used
by the community, details of which are in the enclosed information sheet. The
project is to enable the Hall to continue to be a centre for community activities, and
indeed to continue to expand its use by the local community.

To provide a range of activities for young people from sports to arts and crafts and
outdoor pursuits. To accommodate children with special needs and their carers. To
include two activities for mothers and toddlers. There will also be a day at an activity
centre. Activities will be held in village halls in the Northern Fells area. This builds
on the success of previous summer activity programmes and work has been done
to reach more children and parents.
To provide a fully accessible play area for the children of the parish and as an
additional resource for those attending functions at the village hall. The nearest play
area is five miles away in Hesket Newmarket.
To assist with rental fees for the village hall. They currently pay £11 a week but are
not covering the costs with income. Fees have been reviewed and a meeting was
held where parents agreed to increase them. However the group has been running
at a loss for a number of months.
In order to continue with our lunch clubs this year we need additional income as due
to a dip in the numbers of children attending the pre school our income is now in
deficit. The pre school is a vital service in the community and we would like to
continue and increase the service that we offer.
In the New Year we will have a new purpose built classroom for the Nursery.
However the room has sliding doors out into a free flow covered area of 15 square
metres, then onto a total area of 143 square metres. All this area is safely fenced
within the original funding source. However we need to purchase facilities for this
outside area. It will be great place for "play" and "learning" but it will not be used if
we have no playground equipment. The Early years foundation stage rules need
children to participate in open ended free flow continous play. This is so important
for child development.

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To provide children 0-11 living in the parish with a Christmas party in December
each year. The party includes entertainment, balloon modelling, party games, party
tea, visit from Santa and a gift for each child.
The Rosley notice board is too small and the boards in Westward and Curthwaite
are very old open boards offering no cover to the notices. We have had many
enquiries into how much the cost will be and it appears bout £600 to £800 per
This is an application for the funding to rewire the halls and replace the very elderly
and expensive heating system.

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                                      £500.00 http://www.northernfellsgrou


                                      £200.00 n/a



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