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									Prefix   FIRST_NAME    MIDDLE_NAME LAST_NAME      Suffix Title                                                 Company
Ms.      Melba                     Aguilar               Human Resources Business Mgr                          Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Mr.      Timothy                   Anderson              Dep. Executive Director, Operations                   Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission
Ms.      Amanda                    Baker                 Manager, Airport Security Center                      Maryland Aviation Administration
Mr.      Mark          B.          Baldy                 Airport Security Coordinator                          Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Mr.      Robert                    Bassey                Project Manager                                       FAA
Mr.      Reggie                    Baumgardner           Director - Airport Security                           Indianapolis Airport AuthorityIndianapolis International Airport
Sgt.     Paul          E.          Beauchamp             Airport Security Coordinator                          Kent County Aeronautics BoardGerald R. Ford International Airport
Ms.      Lori                      Beckman                                                                     Aviation Security Consulting Inc.
Ms.      Heidi         Ann         Benaman              Project Manager                                        Faith Group LLC
Ms.      Gloria        G.          Bender               Managing Principal                                     TransSolutions
Mr.      Christopher               Bidwell              Vice President, Security and Facilitation              ACI-NA
Mr.      Scott                     Broyles              President and COO                                      National Safe Skies Alliance
Ms.      Charlotte                 Bryan                CEO                                                    Charlotte Bryan Solutions, Inc.
Mr.      Henry         B.          Campbell             Airport Security Coordinator                           Raleigh-Durham Airport AuthorityRaleigh-Durham International Airport
Mr.      Frank                     Capello              Division Security Director                             Miami-Dade County Aviation Department
Chf.     George                    Centeno                                                                     Los Angeles World Airports
Ms.      Colleen                   Chamberlain          Staff Vice President, Transportation Security Policy   AAAE
Mr.      Michael                   Cheston              Senior Associate                                       Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Mr.      Charles                   Cinquemani           Assistant Vice President                               Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportDepartment of Public Safety
Mr.      Wayne                     Clark                Director, Aviation Security                            Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA)
Mr.      Robert                    Coe                  CEO                                                    Covenant Aviation Security, LLC
Mr.      Liam                      Connolly             Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs                    Regional Airline Association
Mr.      Joel                      Conwell              Emergency Services Manager                             Houston Airport System
Ms.      Mary Jo       Theresa     Coutu                Director                                               LeighFisher
Mr.      Mark          A.          Crosby               Chief of Public Safety and Security                    Portland International Airport
Mr.      Joseph                    DaSilva              Deputy Assistant Federal Security Director             Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Ms.      Lorena                    de Rodriguez         President                                              AviaEd/SSi
Mr.      Mark          L.          DeBeau               Vice President - Public Safety Department              Detroit Metro. Wayne County Airport
Mr.      Alvy          J.          Dodson               Executive Vice President                               Priva Technologies
Ms.      Lisa                      Donovan              Director of Security                                   Broward County Aviation Department
Mr.      Steve                     Draghi               Senior Associate                                       Shen Milsom & Wilke
Mr.      Richard       L.          Duncan               Aviation Security Director                             City of Atlanta Department of AviationHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport
Mr.      Rick                      Eisen                Director of Sales & Marketing                          Assa, Inc.
Mr.      Ricardo                   Esteves                                                                     TSA/DHS
Ms.      Romona                    Fisher               Manager of Airport Security                            Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
Lt.      Tom                       Fitzpatrick          Commanding Officer, Bomb Disposal Unit                 (no company)
         Duane                     Flowers              Director of Business Development                       System DEVELOPMENT.INTEGRATION, LLC
Mr.      Paul          N.          Foster               Aviation Security Manager                              San Francisco Airport Commission
Mr.      David                     Frampton             Director of Government Programs                        SightLogix
Mr.      Brian                     Freeman              President                                              Magel Senstar, Inc.
Mr.      Geoff                     Freeman              Executive Vice President, Public Affairs & Strategy    U.S. Travel Association
Ms.      Karin         E.          Glasgow              Chief of Commercial Aviation Stakeholders Affairs      TSAOffice of Transp. Sector Network Mgt
Ms.      Brigitte                  Goersch              Director of Security                                   Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
         Robert                    Haddad                                                                      Shen Milsom & Wilke
Mr.      G             Michael     Haley                Operations Supervisor-Aviation Security                Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Ms.      Bonnie                    Hankins              Security Manager                                       Sacramento County Airport System
Ms.      Channon                   Hanna                Director, Government and Political Affairs             ACI-NA
Mr.      Doug                      Hofsass              Deputy Assistant Administrator, TSNM                   Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Tom              Hoopes       Senior Intelligence Officer                                     Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Larry            Houle        Vice President, Business Development                            SDI (System Development.Integration, LLC)
Ms.    Cassandra        Jackson      Senior Coordinator, Conferences                                 ACI-NA
Mr.    Thomas           Jensen       Chairman/CEO                                                    National Safe Skies Alliance
Mr.    Cedric      B.   Johnson      Director of Airport Security                                    Maryland Aviation Administration
Mr.    Quinten          Johnson      Senior Security Specialist                                      TranSecure
Ms.    Marta       A.   Kaczmarek    Intern                                                          ACI-NA
Mr.    Lee              Kair         Assistant Administrator                                         Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Nick             Keller       Director of Public Safety                                       Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority
Ms.    Lydia            Kellogg      Director, Public Safety & Security                              ACI-NA
Mr.    Art              Kosatka      CEO                                                             TranSecure
Mr.    David            Kunen        Director, Homeland Security                                     Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC
Mr.    Michael          Lanam        Vice President Aviation & Govt. Services                        HSS
Mr.    Bruce            Landry       Office of Airport Safety & Operations                           FAA
Mr.    Mark             Laustra      VP, Transportation Security                                     Smiths Detection
Mr.    Mark             Leutwiler    Security Operations Manager                                     Port of PortlandPortland International Airport
Ms.    Gail        M.   Levario      General ManagerOffice of Compliance                             Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Paul             Leyh         General Manager, Commercial Aviation                            Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
       Robert           Long         Chief of Police                                                 Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority
Mr.    Steve            Lord         Director, Homeland Security and Justice Issues                  U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Ms.    Dawn        E.   Lucini       Branch Chief of Airport Policy, Commercial Aviation Division    Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Michael          Mann         Sr. Security Consultant                                         Infrastructure Associates, Inc.
Mr.    Douglas          Mansel       Aviation Security Manager                                       Oakland International AirportPort of Oakland
Mr.    Richard     F.   Marchi       ACI-NA Consultant                                               ACI-NA
Mr.    Chris       E.   Martin       Director of Operations                                          Omaha Airport Authority
Mr.    Fred             McCosby      Security programs Manager                                       Savannah Airport Commission
Ms.    Deborah     C.   McElroy      Executive Vice President, Policy and External Affairs           ACI-NA
Mr.    Duane       P    McGray       Executive Director                                              Airport Law Enforcement Agencies Network (ALEAN)
Mr.    James            McGuire      Sr. Vice President                                              TSI
Mrs.   Lezley           Mix          Airport Security Coordinator                                    Kansas City Aviation Department
Ms.    Mary        T.   Moyo         Meetings and Program Coordinator                                ACI-NA
Mr.    Brian            Nadreau      Director                                                        LeighFisher
Ms.    Tona             Napoli       Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Administrator         Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Patrick          O'Brien      Mgr. Airport Physical Security                                  Port of Seattle/Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Mrs.   Melissa          Odegaard     Marketing Communications Manager                                Rapiscan Systems
Mr.    Michael     J.   O'Donnell    Director of Airports Safety & Standards                         FAA
Ms.    Charlotte   S.   Peed         Senior Consultant                                               Rapiscan Systems
Mr.    Greg             Principato   President                                                       ACI-NA
Ms.    Connie           Proctor      Operations Superintendent                                       Salt Lake City Department of Airports
Ms.    Amy              Quam         Assistant Airport Security Coordinator                          City of Bangor Airport Department
Mr.    Scott            Ramsay       Vice President                                                  I-SEC International Security
Mr.    Ian              Redhead      Deputy Director, Ops and Maintenance                            Kansas City Aviation Department
Ms.    Wendy            Reiter       Director, Airport Security                                      Port of Seattle/Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Mr.    Brian       D.   Rumble       Deputy Director of Operations                                   Tampa International Airport
Ms.    Annie            Russo        Senior Director, Government and Political Affairs               ACI-NA
Mr.    John             Sanders      Deputy Assistant Administrator Operational Process & Tech/CTO   Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Gary             Smedile      Director of Business Development                                FirstLine Transportation Security, Inc.
Mr.    Gary             Smith                                                                        Boise Airport
Mr.    Kurt        W.   Sopp         Director - Training, Safety and Security                        Allegheny County Airport Authority Pittsburgh International Airport
       Erin                 Steigerwald      Playbook Program Manager                                    Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Scot                 Thaxton          Assistant General Manager - Operations Improvement Branch   Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Ms.    Mardi        Ruth    Thompson         Deputy Chief Counsel for Regulations                        Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Mr.    Peter                Troyer           Chief of Police                                             Spokane International Airport
Ms.    Renee                Tufts            Airport Security Manager                                    Philadelphia Division of Aviation Philadelphia International Airport
Ms.    Faith                Varwig           Principal                                                   Faith Group LLC
Ms.    Cheryl               Vauk             President & CEO                                             Productive Solutions
Mrs.   Karen                Warnick-Elinan   Government and Security                                     SITA
Mr.    L.           Clint   Welch            Manager, Aviation Security and Public Safety                San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
Mr.    Walter       T.      White            Director of Operations & Public Safety                      Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
Ms.    Holly        E.      Woodruff Lyons   Republican Staff Director                                   House Transportation & Infrastructure CommitteeSubcmte on Aviation
Ms.    Jacqueline           Yaft             Deputy Exec Director                                        Los Angeles World Airports
Mr.    Donald       R.      Zoufal           Safety & Security Executive                                 SDI (System Development.Integration, LLC)
City                 State
DFW Airport          TX
Minneapolis          MN
BWI Airport          MD
Washington           DC
Washington           DC
Indianapolis         IN
Grand Rapids         MI
Castle Pines North   CO
West Linn            OR
Fort Worth           TX
Washington           DC
Alcoa                TN
Vienna               VA
RDU Airport          NC
Miami                FL
Los Angeles          CA
Alexandria           VA
Mc Lean              VA
DFW Airport          TX
Jacksonville         FL
Bolingbrook          IL
Washington           DC
Houston              TX
Burlingame           CA
Portland             OR
Fort Lauderdale      FL
Tucson               AZ
Detroit              MI
Mansfield            TX
Fort Lauderdale      FL
Princeton Junction   NJ
Atlanta              GA
New Haven            CT
Arlington            VA
Reno                 NV
Philadelphia         PA
Chicago              IL
San Francisco        CA
Princeton            NJ
Herndon              VA
Washington           DC
Arlington            VA
Orlando              FL
New York             NY
Columbus             OH
Sacramento           CA
Washington           DC
Arlington            VA
Falls Church     VA
Chicago          IL
Washington       DC
Alcoa            TN
BWI Airport      MD
Tallahassee      FL
Washington       DC
Arlington        VA
Charleston       WV
Washington       DC
Leesburg         VA
Burlington       MA
Denver           CO
Washington       DC
Pine Brook       NJ
Portland         OR
Arlington        VA
Arlington        VA
Charleston       WV
Washington       DC
Arlington        VA
Houston          TX
Oakland          CA
Washington       DC
Omaha            NE
Savannah         GA
Washington       DC
Old Hickory      TN
Vienna           VA
Kansas City      MO
Washington       DC
Burlingame       CA
Arlington        VA
Seattle          WA
Arlington        VA
Washington       DC
Arlington        VA
Washington       DC
Salt Lake City   UT
Bangor           ME
Lakeville        MN
Kansas City      MO
Seattle          WA
Tampa            FL
Washington       DC
Arlington        VA
Kansas City      MO
Boise            ID
Pittsburgh       PA
Arlington      VA
Arlington      VA
Arlington      VA
Spokane        WA
Philadelphia   PA
Saint Louis    MO
Reno           NV
Arlington      VA
San Diego      CA
Memphis        TN
Washington     DC
Los Angeles    CA
Chicago        IL

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