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									Assigned Unit ___________                                                                       Date:
Deposit Amt. ____________
                                        Ridgeland Heights Apartments
                            985 East 16th Street • Holland, Michigan 49423 • (616) 392-1723

                                                Rental Application

All persons to reside in this unit (use full legal names & state relationships to Tenant):

(Last)         (First)   (Middle)              Relationship              Soc. Security Number           Date Of Birth

(Last)         (First)   (Middle)              Relationship              Soc. Security Number           Date Of Birth

(Last)         (First)   (Middle)              Relationship              Soc. Security Number           Date Of Birth

(Last)         (First)   (Middle)              Relationship              Soc. Security Number           Date Of Birth

Total Number of Residents

Present Address and Telephone Number:                                         Current Rental Rate $ _____________

(Street Address)                                                         (Telephone Number)             (Years There)

(City)                              (State)                     (Zip)    (Current Landlord)             (Landlord's Phone Number)

Your reason for moving?

Have you ever been evicted?

When would you like to move in?

Do you have any pets?                                                   What Kind?

Do you have any musical instruments?                                    What Kind?

Do you have any campers?                                                What Kind?

Do you have any motorcycles?                                            What Kind?

Vehicle Model                                  Year             Color                  License Plate Number

Driver's License Number:                                                 Name:

Driver's License Number:                                                 Name:
                                                                     Name # 2       (Spouse only. If not related by marriage, please
Income/Employment Information:                                                      complete separate application.)

Name # 1:

Source of income/employer                                            Source of income/employer

Address:                                                             Address:

Telephone:                                                           Telephone:

Position:                                                            Position:

How long employed:                                                   How long employed:

Income per month:                                                    Income per month:

Other income per month:                                              Other income per month:

Total monthly income:                                                Total monthly income:

Where do you bank?       # 1:                                        Checking                    Yes          No

                         # 2:                                        Savings                     Yes          No

CREDIT REFERENCES:                                                   PERSON TO NOTIFY IN EMERGENCY

#1 Name:

#1 Name:                                                             (Name)                                        (Telephone)

#2 Name:

#2 Name:                                                             (Address)

The Landlord reserves the right to return any deposit without stating a reason for doing so. No tenancy is created by this
application nor until lease in form satisfactory to Landlord is duly executed by Landlord and Tenant. I hereby authorized
the management to investigate my past history for the purpose of determining approval of this application for residency.
The Consent includes any history of residency, employment, credit, or any other references that management deems necessary.

Signature of applicant                                               Signature of co-applicant

Receipt of the deposit set forth is hereby acknowledge. Said deposit will be returned to applicant if application is not
approved, otherwise same shall be retained and applied as indicated.

                                                                     Signature of Piper Realty Agent

SECURITY DEPOSIT ACCOUNT:                                            RENT ACCOUNT:

SECURITY DEPOSIT DUE:                                                RENT DUE:

SECURITY DEPOSIT PAID:                                               RENT PAID:

DUE AT MOVE-IN:                                                      DUE AT MOVE-IN:

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