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									                            Improving Employee Development
                                     September - December 2010

Human Resources
Employee Learning and Development
       A Message from the Employee Learning and Development Team
       The Employee Learning and Development Team understands that individual job roles will change as UNC Charlotte
       grows. Whether you are being challenged to embrace a new way of processing information, the re-organization of
       your unit, or personnel changes in your department or a department you work with closely, we hope you will seek to
       acquire, improve and master skills that will help you grow within your job and reach your developmental goals.

                Crystal Garris                                                                                        Julie Laytham
                Employee Learning and                                                                          Employee Learning and
                Development Specialist                                                                         Development Specialist

We are pleased to announce that selected Employee Learning and Development programs will now be held in the Foundation Building (see page
29 for map). We are excited to offer programs in this new, state-of-the art training location! As we make this transition, when you complete the
online workshop registration form, please note Item 3. Item 3 will identify the location of the program. For a complete listing of Fall Employee
Learning and Development programs, please see page 5. New programs are highlighted below.

Certificate in Grants and Contracts Administration
This program was one of several begun as part of the Research Administration Project (RAP). The Project’s initiatives focused on easing the admin-
istrative burden on faculty in the management of their grants and contracts, and helping faculty successfully obtain and conduct the research and
projects funded by their grants and contracts. With that goal in mind, we now have a certificate program for departmental administrators. For
the 2010-2011 academic year only, participants will be required to have completed the first five of the eight prerequisites prior to enrolling in the
Certificate in Grants and Contracts Administration. The last three prerequisites can be completed concurrently during the year. For the 2011-2012
academic year and beyond, all participants will have to complete all eight prerequisites prior to enrolling in the program. See page 8 for a listing
of prerequisites and programming information.

Change Management
Human Resources is launching its newest core competency development series, Change Management. Understanding Organizational Change
will serve as the prerequisite to all future Change Management workshops. This series will focus on how to constructively and collaboratively
accept challenges to the status quo to improve performance and enhance the campus culture. During Change Management workshops, we will
explore potential barriers and thus, strategies to acknowledge and understand the changes our university faces. We plan to offer this prerequisite
workshop twice during the Fall semester - details are on page 20. Be sure to complete Understanding Organizational Change in order to attend
two new workshops we will be offering in the spring: Ready, Set, Go for non-supervisory employees and Managing Change for supervisors.

                                 Health and Wellness
                                 In light of recent legislation requiring the State Health Plan to develop a Comprehensive Wellness Initiative UNC
                                 Charlotte has chartered an Advisory Committee to the Chancellor for Employee Health and Wellness (ACCEHW).
                                 The wellness initiative is designed to encourage employees to take responsibility for their health and well-being
                                 by engaging in healthy behaviors. In support of this initiative, Employee Learning and Development will now be
                                 offering a new set of workforce development workshops centered on Health and Wellness. This semester we will
                                 feature Fit in Fitness and Healthy Holiday Appetizers. Both programs are endorsed by ACCEHW. See page 12 for
                                 dates and times.

Managing Processes for Operational Excellence
A new leadership workshop is being offered for employees and managers to learn process improvement. By understanding the management of
business processes, you will be able to determine which processes use significant time and resources. These processes are good candidates for im-
provement. A definition of process management and its importance will be explored during this workshop. See page 18 for a course description.

Personal Safety Awareness
Police and Public Safety work to assure safe working conditions, and that begins with personal awareness. In the newest 49erConnect module,
you will learn how to identify dangers and improve upon workplace safety. Instructions for accessing Personal Safety Awareness can be found
on page 28.

Employee Learning & Development Overview
                           Aligning with operational objectives

Workforce Development - Personal Effectiveness
UNC Charlotte offers a wide range of training to equip employees with the necessary skills to become capable,
competent, satisfied, and productive.

    New Employee Development
    The university’s onboarding and orientation experience ensures that new employees are successfully integrated
    and engaged in the university’s culture, mission, vision and policies and procedures.
         •	 New Employee Orientation

    Career Development - Four Certificate Programs
    The goal of UNC Charlotte’s certificate programs is to help employees acquire and improve skills that will
    enable them to meet and exceed organizational goals while progressing through a career path.
         •	   ASPIRE - Staff Development
         •	   Certificate Program in Grants and Contracts Administration - NEW
         •	   LEAD - Front Line Management
         •	   PAC - Administrative Support Personnel

    Health and Wellness - NEW
    Educational workshops that support healthy life style choices are featured in three specific areas.
         •	 Physical, Nutritional and Emotional Wellbeing

    Professional Development
    Many professional development workshops are available and have been designed to strengthen the depth,
    quality, and range of employee skills in targeted areas.
         •	 Computer Skills Training
         •	 Professional Development Skills

    Leadership Development
    To develop leadership competencies a number of learning opportunities are available to assist with the
    growth of university leaders and their departmental units.
         •	 Leadership Development Skills

Organizational Development - Group Effectiveness
UNC Charlotte offers training in specific competencies to ensure our long range ability to cope with change
effectively, resolve problems and contribute to the health of the organization.

         •	   Change Management - NEW
         •	   Communication
         •	   Customer Service
         •	   Diversity
         •	   Organizational Awareness
         •	   Teamwork

                                   Methods of Training


►Online Learning

UNC Charlotte Policy & Procedure Training                    Human Resources Department      
Professional Development                   ITS Department
Supervisory Skills

                                                On Demand

                                        Recommended Books and Audio Resources
                                         View page 11 of catalog for a current listing.

        Workforce Development - Personal Effectiveness                     Organizational Development - Group Effectiveness
New Employee Development                                  Page       Change Management                                               Page
  Methods of Training                                       4          Understanding Organizational Change - NEW                      20
  New Employee Orientation                                  6        Communication

 General Information                                      29           Business Communications Writing Class                          20
Career Development                                                     Communication Curriculum                                       20
 ASPIRE                                                    7           Presentation Skills/Toastmasters International                 21
                                                                     Customer Service
 Certificate in Grants & Contracts Administration - NEW    8
 LEAD                                                      9           Customer Service Counts                                        22
 PAC                                                      10           Customer Service Curriculum                                    22
Health and Wellness                                                  Diversity

 Fit in Fitness - NEW                                     12           Diversity Curriculum                                           22
 Healthy Holiday Appetizers - NEW                         12           Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R.                                    22
Professional Development - Classroom                                   Meet on Common Ground                                          22
  Leading at The Speed of Trust - REVISED                 12           Mixing the 4 Generations                                       23
Professional Development - Online Learning                             Religion in the Workplace                                      23
 Administrative Support Curriculum                        14           Why Diversity Matters                                          22
                                                                     Organizational Awareness
 Business Analysis Curriculum                             14
 Business Law Curriculum                                  14           Auxiliary Services                                             24
 Consulting Skills Curriculum                             14           Banner Financial Services                                      24
 e-Learning Curriculum                                    14           Budget: Understanding Your General Fund                        24
 Finance and Accounting Curriculum                        14           Business Continuity Plan                                       24
 Foundation Skills Curriculum                             14           Facilities Management                                          25
 Human Resources Curriculum                               15           Faculty Recruitment and Hiring                                 25
 Industry Foundations Curriculum                          15           Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)                                25
 Knowledge Management Curriculum                          15           Fire Extinguisher Training                                     26
 Management Curriculum                                    15           Fixed Assets - REVISED                                         26
 Marketing Curriculum                                     15           Fraud Awareness - NEW                                          26
 Operations Curriculum                                    15           Hazardous Waste Training                                       26
 Personal Development Curriculum                          16           Hiring Procedures for Employing Students                       26
 Project Management Curriculum                            16           Internal Auditing Issues                                       27
 Program/Portfolio Management Curriculum                  16           Mail Services: Copy and Business Mail 101                      27
 Sales Curriculum                                         16           Materials Management and Accounts Payable 101                  27
 Strategic Planning Curriculum                            16           Personal Safety Awareness - NEW                                28
Leadership                                                             State/University Revenues                                      28
  Handling a Difficult Discussion                         17           Travel and Complex Payments                                    28
  Leadership Curriculum                                   17
  Managing Processes for Operational Excellence - NEW     18           Team Building Curriculum                                       28
  Targeted Selection                                      18
  Workers’ Compensation                                   19
                                                                                              Note: Italic print identifies online learning.

                                        New Employee Development

                       New Employee Orientation

Coming onboard with UNC Charlotte involves
completing two components of New Employee
Orientation (NEO):
 •	   Six online 49erConnect modules (20 minutes each)
 •	   Two days of classroom training

The goal for each new employee is to complete six
online modules within the first 30 days of employment
followed by attending the classroom portion of NEO.               NEO Classroom Training

                                                                  Upon arrival at UNC Charlotte, each employee will visit
NEO Online 49erConnect Modules                                    the Human Resource office in the King Building Room 222.
                                                                  At that time, each employee will receive:
1. General Information                                            •	   Instructions for completing the NEO online
The guidelines regarding employment and employment                     49erConnect modules
forms necessary to complete hiring will be covered.               •	   How to access the New Employee website
2. Welcome to the University!                                     •	   The date and time to attend classroom orientation
During this module employees will learn about UNC
Charlotte’s administration, vision and history. Also              What’s covered in the NEO classroom session?
included in this module is an overview of our working
environment and basic work responsibilities.                      The following are introduced/reviewed in NEO:
3. Benefits and Services                                          •	   The University’s focus, history, organization and culture
State employees will learn about their basic benefits             •	   Highlights of theDiversity: Just be F.A.I.R.
                                                                                        campus community
including services and facilities here on campus.                 •	   A campus tour (transportation provided)
4. Employment Policies and Procedures                             •	   NEO online modules
This training highlights university policies and procedures       •	   Environmental Health & Safety
related to employment for both SPA & EPA employees.               •	   Police and Public Safety
5. Safety - The Right to Know                                     •	   IT Support and Training (University Computing 101)
This module will introduce employees to their                     •	   Diversity, Effective Communication and Customer Service
individual safety responsibilities, how to report an              •	   HR/University Policies and Procedures
on-the-job injury/illness, how to respond to an                   •	   Environmental sustainability at UNC Charlotte
emergency, UNC Charlotte’s safety training programs,              •	   Employee Benefits
and familiarize employees with the Hazard
Communications Right-to-Know procedures.                          Dates:      By Invitation Only - NEO is offered every 1st & 3rd
6. Time and Attendance Reporting                                              Tuesday and Wednesday of each month.
The process of recording employee’s work hours on time                        8:30am - 4:30pm
sheets and completing leave slips will be discussed, as                      Attendance is required on both days.
well as different types of employee leave.                        Location: Varies - see pages 30 & 31 for locations.

                                                           Career Development


Aspire is the ideal program for employees wanting to learn more about why and how university policy is administered.
It is a professional development program designed to enhance the knowledge of staff or faculty members on university
policies, state regulations, communication skills, and preparation for a leadership role. Aspire is a great program for
employees in their first year of employment and will acclimate employees to the university culture. This program is offered
over a span of three weeks. Attendance at each session is necessary to obtain credit for completion.
Week 1       Thursday        10/14/10 8:15am - 12:00pm                        Time & Attendance, Communication/Interaction/Coaching
             Friday          10/15/10 8:30am - 12:00pm                        Performance Management
Week 2       Thursday        10/21/10 8:30am - 12:00pm                        Disciplinary and Grievance, Equal Employment Opportunity
             Friday          10/22/10 8:30am - 12:00pm                        Diversity
Week 3       Thursday        10/28/10 8:30am - 12:00pm                        Unlawful Workplace Harassment, Disability Awareness
             Friday          10/29/10 8:30am - 12:00pm                        Safe Workplace Program
Location: Foundation Building - Room 205

                                                      Recent ASPIRE Graduates

                        March 2010 Graduates                                                               April 2010 Graduates
    (Graduates listed alphabetically - not all graduates are photographed.)         (Graduates listed alphabetically - not all graduates are photographed.)

  Jessica Barton, Luis Chalco, Arveta Ellis, Janelle Hall, Tracy                    Alisha Aycoth, Genise Black, Sherry Bruce, Carol Correll,
  Hux, Brenda Musselman, Tim Overcash, Lee Ann Parker,                              Kristin Culver, Renetta Darity, Meagan Flood, Latoya
  Marie Rutherford, Linwood Sanders, Angela Smith, Carrie                           Hayward, Maria Henderson, Rachel Holloway, Sandra Leeds,
  Smith, Kaye Thompson, Michele Wallace, Lauren Williams.                           Kimberely Lord, Leiu McCutcheon, Alice Patterson, Carol
                                                                                    Ross, Toryn Stark, Steven Tillman, Kimi Tippett, Rebecca
                                                                                    Urquhart, Judy Vitallo, Tracy Worthey.

                                                Here’s what people are saying about ASPIRE...

        - “Great experience - Made new friends and enjoyed receiving new information.”
        - “Thank you very much! I have learned so much and feel much better equipped to do my job.”
        - “Very well organized curriculum. All instructors were experienced, knowledgeable and well-prepared.”
        - “I wish I had taken this within my first 6 months of employment!”

                                                 Career Development

             Certificate Program in Grants
                                                                    Certificate Prerequisites
             and Contracts Administration                           1. Banner
                                                                        Introduction to Banner Finance - FIN101 A&B
Intended Audience for the Certificate                                   Requisitioning/Receiving - FPO201 A&B
The 28-hour Certificate is intended for staff in academic               Financial Departmental Administration - FDA301

departments (or similar units) whose job responsibilities           2. Materials Mgmt (Purchasing) and Accounts Payable 101

include providing financial and administrative support              3. AP: Travel and Complex Payments

for grants and contracts to Principal Investigators, Dept.          4. Budget: Understanding Your General Fund

Chairs, and other administrators and staff. The Certificate         5. EPA Staff: Recruitment and Hiring

is intended to provide departmental staff with a core               6. Fixed Assets

knowledge about grants and contracts in general, and                7. Hiring Procedures for Employing Students
                                                                      (online 49erConnect)
about the administration of grants and contract at UNC
                                                                    8. Employment & Payment of Non-Resident Aliens
Charlotte in particular. The Certificate is designed to be of
most use to staff who are new to grants and contracts
                                                                    Dates/Times and Locations
administration at the department level, including:
                                                                    Certificate program consists of 8 sessions over 2 semesters.
•	   New UNC Charlotte staff who are employed in
                                                                                All sessions meet from 8:30am - 12:00pm.
     departments that manage and administer grants and
                                                                    October 13, 2010 - Session 1 - Macy 201
                                                                      Introduction to Research Administration, Pre-Award
•	   Existing UNC Charlotte staff whose departments
     anticipate that they will have grants and contracts to           Overview and Developing a Proposal.
     manage and administer in the future;                           October 27, 2010 - Session 2 - COED 007
•	   UNC Charlotte staff who wish to prepare themselves               Computer Lab Training on the functions of NORM and
     for employment in departments that manage and                    the shared Research drive.
     administer grants and contracts.                               November 17, 2010 - Session 3 - Macy 201
Requirements to Receive the Certificate:                              Negotiations and Contracting, Subcontracting, Data
•	   Attend and participate in all eight sessions of the              Security, Material Transfer and Confidentiality Agreements,
     Certificate Program                                              Intellectual Property, and Conflicts of Interest.
•	   Complete the online evaluation of each session, and            February 9, 2011- Session 4 - Macy 201
     complete the overall Certificate Program evaluation              Compliance and Getting started in Post Award.
     that will be administered at the conclusion of the             February 23, 2011 - Session 5 - Macy 201
     Certificate                                                      An overview of the OMB Circulars (A-21 and A-110).
•	   Achieve a satisfactory score on each of the Learning           March 9, 2011 - Session 6 - Macy 201
     Assessments administered as part of the Program                  Monitoring grant budgets for personnel and
Orientation and Selection:                                            non-personnel payments.
Employees interested in attending the program must                  March 23, 2011 - Session 7 - Macy 201
attend the Grants & Contracts Administrative Orientation.             Charging salaries to sponsored projects (release time
Participants will be asked to bring to Orientation their              and special payments including summer salary) and
HR transcript and Banner Training completion dates.                   Maximus effort reporting and certification
Program participants will be selected by Ellen Zavala.              April 20, 2011 - Session 8 - Macy 201
Date:         Wednesday, 9/29/10, 9:00am - 10:30am
                                                                      Technical and financial reporting, project close-outs,
Presenter: Ellen Zavala, Office of Research Services
                                                                      record retention, and common audit problems.
Location:     Colvard North 5092

                                                            Career Development


 Higher education at a public university is a unique environment. Being on the front line of UNC Charlotte management
 requires a good understanding of the university’s environment, protocols, traditions and unique vernacular. LEAD is the first
 tier of university training provided to assist management as they endeavor to accurately execute university policies and
 procedures. LEAD is structured to introduce management to the resident expert for each critical operating area. A popular
 advantage to attending LEAD is the opportunity to meet and work with other university colleagues.
 Attendance in LEAD is by invitation only.

 Week 1      Thursday        9/9/10        8:00am - 12:00pm                Time & Attendance, Classification and Salary Administration,
                                                                           Workplace Safety, Workplace Violence Prevention
             Friday          9/10/10       8:10am - 12:00pm                EEO Compliance, Aids Awareness, The Sobering Facts, Diversity
 Week 2      Thursday        9/16/10       8:10am - 4:00pm                 Performance Management
 Week 3      Thursday        9/23/10       8:10am - 4:00pm                 Interaction Management
 Week 4      Thursday        9/30/10       8:10am - 12:00pm                Unlawful Workplace Harassment, Disciplinary & Grievance
 Location: Colvard North 2058
                                                         Recent LEAD Graduates

                       Fall 2009 Graduates                                                           Spring 2010 Graduates
 (Graduates listed alphabetically - not all graduates are photographed.)          (Graduates listed alphabetically - not all graduates are photographed.)

Donald Abernathy, Carolyn Aguiar, Mary Alice Boyd,                            Carolyn Blattner, Bill Cooksey, Dawn Corbin, Nathan Delcamp,
Tracy Breslin, Michael Burriello, Cecilia Hamilton, Terry Hill,               John Hardin, Sharon Harrington, Michael Harris,
Ryan Holt, John Ives, Henry James, Neil Jones, Donna Kaber,                   Semira Jakupovic, LaCrystal Jones, Gail Keene, Valorie McAlpin,
Samuel Lopez, Bonnie Morton, Beverly Setz, Becky Smith,                       Richard McDevitt, Celina McPhail, Neal Miller, Warren Monk,
Darrell Steele, Stanley Trulove.                                              Great Nothnagel, Ashley Oster, Bill Pace, Judith Rowles,
                                                                              Donna Seamone, Christina Veith.

                                                         Career Development

PAC was developed in response to a need to strengthen
the depth and quality of support given by                                 Program for Administrative Certificate
administrative staff to managers of departments and                                      (PAC)
units. The program is designed to provide participants
with a strong understanding of UNC Charlotte’s policies
and procedures. All participants are required to
attend a “core” group of workshops which will equip                            Required “core” Workshops
them with the knowledge needed to become a well                                1. LEAD
informed support person. Participants are required                                  (supervisory staff - A series of workshops over 4 weeks)

to choose elective workshops that are directly                                 or
related to their specific job responsibilities. Credit                              ASPIRE
                                                                                    (non-supervisory staff - A series of workshops over 3 weeks)
will be given for any workshop listed that was
taken during the past two years. Program participants                          2. Budget: Understanding Your General Fund

are expected to complete the program over three                                3. Classification/Salary Administration

semesters. An open book assessment will be                                     4. FMLA (online 49erConnect)

given at the close of the third semester. At the                               5. Fixed Assets

completion of the program participants will receive                            6. Internal Auditing Issues

their certificate.                                                             7. Materials Management & Accounts Payable 101
                                                                               8. Workplace Ethics

Program criteria: This program is open to full                                 9. Computer Courses - 8 hours
                                                                                    (available through UNC Charlotte’s ITS Department)
or part-time SPA employees whose primary duties
include administrative support to Senior Administrators,                            Credit for Archibus and Banner courses will count!

Deans, Departmental Chairs, & Department Heads.
                                                                               Electives (Choose at least 5)

PAC Orientation: Interested participants must attend                           1. AP: Travel and Complex Payments

this introductory orientation.                                                 2. Auxiliary Services
                                                                               3. Business Continuity Planning (online 49erConnect)

Date:          Friday, 9/24/10, 9:00am - 10:30am                               4. Conference & Event Planning

Presenter: Crystal Garris, HR                                                  5. Customer Service Counts (online 49erConnect)

Location:      Colvard North 5092                                              6. Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R.
                                                                               7. Diversity: Meet on Common Ground
              Recent PAC Graduates
                                                                                    (prerequisite: Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R.)
                                                                               8. Diversity: We need to M.E.E.T. - Supervisors only
                                                                                     (prerequisite: Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R.)
                                                                               9. Faculty/Staff Recruitment
                                                                                    (mandatory if employed in an academic area)
                                                                               10. Facilities Management Services
                                                                               11. Student Employment (online 49erConnect)
(Graduates listed alphabetically - not all graduates are photographed.)
                                                                               12. Targeted Selection behavioral-based interviewing
Cathy Bolen, Marion Cantor, Susan Carter, Vikki Cherwon,
Micki Crowder, Kathy Edwards, Shashi Gnanasekaran, Carol                       							(Targeted Selection is currently available for Supervisors only)
Hartley, Becca Hefti, Melanie Hill, Kristie Honea, Julie
Hughes, Michele Kohan, Leiu McCutcheon, Robin Moose
Nancy Osvai, Karen Swan, Patricia Teal, Shannon Zurell.

                                             Career Development

On Demand
 Career development can occur at your own pace and at a place that is conducive to your busy schedule.
 Consider checking out some of the following titles from various sources.

Best Sellers - NEW
Citizens Marketers                                                                        McConnell & Huba
The Ultimate Question                                                                     Reichheld, Fred
Megatrends 2010                                                                           Aburdene, Patricia

Atkins Library
Business Ethics: Making a Life, Not Just a Living                                         Akner, Eugene
Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand                                      Arruda, Dixon
Coaching Basics: A Complete How-to-Guide to Help You Understand the Value of Coaching Haneberg, Lisa
Go Put Your Strengths to Work                                                             Buckingham, Marcus
Good to Great                                                                             Collins, Jim
Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team                                                Lencioni, Patrick
The 4-Hour Workweek                                                                       Ferriss, Timothy
The Secrets to Masterful Meetings                                                         Wilkinson, Michael
The Total Money Makeover                                                                  Ramsey, Dave

Human Resources Library
8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness                                                Covey, Stephen
7 Habits of Highly Effective People                                                       Covey, Stephen
7 Habits of Highly Effective Families                                                     Covey, Stephen
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High - NEW                   Patterson, Grenny,
                                                                                          Switzler, McMillian
First Things First                                                                        Covey, Stephen
Influencer - NEW                                                                          Patterson, Grenny,
                                                                                          Switzler, McMillian
Principled Centered Leadership                                                            Covey, Stephen
The Power Principle                                                                       Lee, Blaine
Who Moved My Cheese?                                                                      Johnson, Spencer
Be Prepared to LEAD                                                                       Toastmasters International
Effective Communications                                                                  CRM Learning
Supervising for Quality                                                                   Toastmasters International
Who Moved My Cheese?                                                                      Double Take Productions

Audio Tapes
7 Habits of Highly Effective Families                                                     Covey, Stephen
Balancing Work & Family                                                                   Covey, Stephen
First Things First                                                                        Covey, Stephen
The Road Less Traveled                                                                    Peck, Scott M.

                                  Professional Development - Classroom

            NEW!                                                                                            REVISED

                                                                 “Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. Nothing is as
                                                                 profitable as the economics of trust. Nothing is as relevant
                                                                 as the pervasive impact of trust.” - Stephen M.R. Covey

                                                                 Why has “trust” been identified as the key leadership
                                                                 competency for our new, global economy?

Sitting at the computer for long periods of time can             By attending Leading at the Speed of Trust, you will gain
cause stiffness and the Fit in Fitness workshop                  insight to the trust competency and how to build upon
will feature demonstrations of exercises that can                this skill. The Five Waves of Trust model will be explored
be completed at your desk or home, with no equipment.            and will serve as a metaphor for how trust operates
Customized features of the website will be            in our lives. You will learn:
previewed so you can log your daily nutrition and                •	   The economics of trust and its effects on speed and
activity and receive a progress score. You’ll feel better             cost in relationships and organizations
when you “Fit in Fitness”!                                       •	   How to assess your credibility based on
Date:        Wednesday, 10/20/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm                     character and competence
Presenter: Sophia Jordan-Marshall                                •	   The 13 behaviors common in people with high-trust
             Recreational Services                                    relationships
Location:    Foundation Building - Room 205                      •	   The taxes and dividends that flow from
                                                                      organizational trust
                                                                 •	   How to be an effective leader by inspiring and

                                                                      extending trust, plus how to restore lost trust

                                                                 Program participants will be provided the option to
                                                                 complete a Speed of Trust Index (SoTi) at the conclusion
                                                                 of the workshop.
Chartwells’s Executive Chef Roger Lademann and Chef              Dates:         Wednesday and Friday
Shawn Kravis will host an educational workshop on                               11/10/10 and 11/12/10
healthy seasonal appetizers!                                                    plus
                                                                                Wednesday and Friday
Date:        Tuesday, 10/19/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm                                 11/17/10 and 11/19/10
Presenters: Roger Lademann and Shawn Kravis                                     8:30am - 12:00pm each day listed above
             Chartwells Chefs                                    Presenters: Cindy Edwards and Julie Laytham
Location:    Student Union Building - Crown Commons                             Human Resources
             Meeting Room 140B                                   Location:     Foundation Building - Room 205

                                          Professional Development - Online

                                                                     ►	Skillport Online

                                                                          Professional Development Series
                                                                      ITS is pleased to bring SkillPort online learning to UNC
                                                                      Charlotte faculty, staff, and students. Our catalog features
                                                                     the Business Skills Curricula, and details for each curriculum
                                                                      are listed throughout the catalog. Topics include:

                                                                     •	    Administrative Support Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Business Analysis
                                                                     •	    Business Law Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Communication Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Consulting Skills Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Customer Service Curriculum
                                                                     •	    e-Learning Curriculum
Information & Technology Services (ITS) at UNC Charlotte             •	    Finance and Accounting Curriculum
provides a range of services, including computer training,           •	    Foundation Skills Curriculum
computer hardware and software support, web services,                •	    Human Resources Curriculum
telecommunications, and network access to various data               •	    Industry Foundations Curriculum
systems. ITS training offerings and online registration              •	    Knowledge Management Curriculum
can be found at:                           •	    Leadership Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Management Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Marketing Curriculum
             What’s New in ITS Training....                          •	    Operations Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Personal Development Curriculum
Office 2007....                  Archibus Training....               •	    Project Management Curriculum
Training Opportunities           FAM training presentation           •	    Program/Portfolio Management Curriculum
Help Center                      Training documentation              •	    Sales Curriculum
                                                                     •	    Strategic Planning Curriculum
Microsoft Office 2007 Quick Source guides....                        •	    Team Building Curriculum
What’s New in Word 2007
What’s New in Excel 2007                                             All Skillport Modules can be located at this link:
What’s New in PowerPoint 2007                                   

SAS Classes: please email

Course Information     E-Training             Banner Training
Course schedule        Skillport classes      Getting started
Register for courses ITS classes              Banner classes
Course Catalog         Skillport course       Documentation
                       catalog                Test Instances

                                       Professional Development - Online

►	Administrative Support Curriculum                               ►	e-Learning Curriculum
                                                                               e-Learning Foundations

 Advanced Skills for Administrative
 Support Professionals
                                                                  ►	Finance and Accounting Curriculum
 The Effective Administrative Support Professional
 Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals

                                                                    Accounting 101
                                                                    Accounting 102
                                                                    Advanced Business Finance
                                                                    Auditing: A Practical Approach
                                                                    Managerial Accounting
                                                                    Practical Budgeting Skills for Business
                                                                    Fundamental Finance for non-Finance Professionals
                                                                    Finance & Acct. Essentials for non-financial Professionals
►	Business Analysis Curriculum
  Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

►	Business Law Curriculum
 Fundamentals of Business Law

►	Consulting Skills Curriculum
                                                                  ►	Foundation Skills Curriculum
 Consulting with the External Client
 Consulting with the Internal Client                     
 Internal Consulting for the Technical Professional                Basic Business Math Skills

                                      Professional Development - Online

►	Human Resources Curriculum                                    ►	Management Curriculum            
Behavioral Interviewing                                         360-degree Performance Appraisal
Recruiting & Retention Strategies for Tight Labor Market        Managing Contractors & Temporary Employees
HRCI/SPHR                                                       Managing Technical Professionals
Managing Diversity in the Workplace                             Moving from Technical Professional to Management
Effective Hiring and Interviewing                               The Fundamentals of Business Crises Management
HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources                     Effectively Managing Top Performers
HRCI Professional in Human Resources                            Advanced Management Skills
Recruiting and Retention Strategies                             Moving into Management
                                                                Crucial Skills for Tomorrow’s Managers
                                                                Problem Performance Management
                                                                Using Change Process to Support Employees
                                                                Effective Delegation
                                                                Facilitating Successfully
                                                                Coaching with Confidence
                                                                The Essentials of Mentoring
                                                                Appraising Performance
                                                                Managing Organizational Change
                                                                Business Coaching Essentials
                                                                Essentials of Hiring and Interviewing

                                                                ►	Marketing Curriculum

                                                                Competitive Marketing Strategies
                                                                Online Branding Strategy
►	Industry Foundations Curriculum                               Product Management Essentials
                                                                Strategic Brand Management                      Strategic Marketing in Action
Industry Overviews
Industry Overview Series                                        ►	Operations Curriculum
                                                                ISO 9000:2000 Overview
                                                                Lean Manufacturing
                                                                Logistic Management
►	Knowledge Management Curriculum                               Managing Customer-Driven Process Improvement
                                                                Six Sigma: Green Belt                      Six Sigma: Champion Training
Achieving Measurable Performance                                Supply Chain Management
Impact from Training                                            Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
Knowledge Management Fundamentals                               The Foundations of Six Sigma
The 21st Century Learning Curve                                 Six Sigma: Black Belt

                                    Professional Development - Online

►	Personal Development Curriculum
Achieving Organizational Excellence Through
Critical Thinking
Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
Fast-tracking Your Career
Living A Balanced Life
Working without a Net - The Business of Risk
Take Control of Your Time by Working More Effectively
Business Ethics
Handling Organizational Change                               ►	Program/Portfolio Mgmt. Curriculum
Decision-making and Problem-solving for Business
Doing Business Professionally
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance                               Program Management - Standard
Diversity in the Workplace                                      Portfolio Management

Telecommuting and the Remote Employee                           Program Management - Second Edition

Generating Creative & Innovative Ideas
Managing Your Career
Effective Time Management                                     ►	Sales Curriculum
Problem Solving and Decision-Making Strategies
Dealing with Organizational Change                   
                                                               Territorial Account Sales Skills
                                                               Field Sales Skills
►	Project Management Curriculum
                                                               Inside Sales Skills                     Sales Management
Project Management Essentials                                  Sales University Communication 101
Project Integration Management                                 Sales University Sales Manufacturing: A Success Model
Project Scope Management                                       Sales University Sales Math 101
Project Time Management                                        Professional Selling in the Knowledge Economy
Project Cost Management                                        Selling at the Executive Level
Project Quality Management                                     Strategic Account Sales Skills
Project Human Resources Management
Project Communications Management
Project Risk Management
                                                              ►	Strategic Planning Curriculum
Project Procurement Management
Project Management for IT Professionals             
Project Management Professional Responsibility                Strategic IT Planning
Strategic Project Management for IT Projects                  Systems Thinking in the 21st Century
Project Management for Non-Project Managers                   The Fundamentals of Globalization
Managing Software Project Outsourcing                         Moving From an Operational Manager to
Project Management Foundations                                a Strategic Thinker
Project Management Essentials                                 Leading and Implementing Sustainable
                                                              Green Business Strategies

                                             Leadership Development

Nobody likes having difficult, even uncomfortable conversations with employees. The easy way out for many people is to
simply avoid the conversation in hopes that the problem – whether it involves performance, behavior/attitude issues, personal
hygiene or something else – will just go away. The result: problems magnify and the supervisor’s credibility suffers. If you’re a
supervisor or manager you must be prepared to have difficult, even uncomfortable conversations with employees. It’s part of
the territory. This workshop provides you with a systematic approach for handling the conversations and issues that people
frequently avoid or execute with disappointing results. The workshop’s focus is about managing the difficult conversation and
increasing the likelihood that it will be productive and have a positive outcome. Tools, techniques and conversational
processes will be illustrated to increase your effectiveness when faced with a difficult conversation.

Date:        Tuesday, 11/9/10, 9:00am - 11:30am
Presenter: Jeanne Madorin, Human Resources
Location:    Foundation Building - Room 205


    	►Leadership Curriculum
         Business Execution
         Leading from the Front Line
         Leading the Workforce Generations
         Succession Planning for the Business Environment
         Moving from Management to Leadership
         Leadership Essentials

                                                Leadership Development

                                                       !                      Targeted Selection
                                                                               Competency and Behavioral
                                                                               Based Interviewing

Tired of operating in crisis mode on a daily basis?
Do you spend more time fixing problems than you do
completing tasks? Learn a new way of managing                            Targeted Selection is the

processes using a “systems” approach. When a process                     most proven and accurate behavioral-based interviewing

fails to perform as required, a gap, a crisis, or a fire occurs.         system used today. One of the primary advantages to

These terms imply a sense of urgency. System Maps                        tapping into this training is that Targeted Selection will

provide an aerial view of your processes prior to diving
                                                                         teach you how to use the competencies listed in a specific

into the detailed tasks. The systems approach is a                       job position as the foundation to construct interview

fundamental shift in looking at your areas of responsibility.            questions. As a participant in this workshop, you will learn

You’ll be glad you are a part this shift!                                three critical skills when interviewing potential candidates
                                                                         for competency-based positions. You will learn how to:
  As a result of this training, you will be able to:                      1) Select appropriate interview questions based on position
  •	   Examine & define the business processes in your                        competencies
       area                                                               2) Gather pertinent information from candidates using the
  •	   Apply System and Process Maps                                          STAR method
  •	   Identify performance gaps                                          3) Evaluate the information gathered to make an accurate
  •	   Create a flow chart or map of your processes                           hiring decision.
  •	   Identify who does what and when
  •	   Apply the basics of a top-down flow chart, a process              Targeted Selection is a product of Development
       map, and cross-functional map                                     Dimensions International (DDI).
  •	   Evaluate various process maps
                                                                         Dates:       October Session - Wednesday and Thursday
                                                                                      10/06/10 and 10/07/10
                                                                                      8:30am - 4:30pm each day listed above
                                                                         Location:    Colvard North 5092


                                                                         Dates:       November Session - Wednesday and Thursday
                                                                                      11/03/10 and 11/04/10
                                                                                      8:30am - 4:30pm each day listed above
                                                                         Location:    Foundation Building - Room 205
 Date:         Thursday, 12/2/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
 Presenter: Carol Lee, Financial Services                                Presenter: Kieffer Gaddis, Teresa Newman and
 Location:     Foundation Building - Room 205                                         Tracy Worthey

                                            Leadership Development

This course is for New Supervisors and will provide an overview of the State of North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation
Program as defined by the Workers’ Compensation Act. It is an introduction to the workers compensation system,
the basics of claims management, rehabilitation and return to work responsibilities for supervisors. Participants will learn
about the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and employees in the event of a claim, understanding what is an
accident under the Act, primary coverage, conditions of coverage, employees and supervisors roles and responsibilities
in reporting accidents, obtaining treatment and successful return to work.

Dates:     Wednesday, 10/06/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Presenter: Angela Allen, Environmental Health & Safety
Location: Colvard North 2058

This course is designed for supervisors whom have previously participated in Workers’ Compensation Training for
Supervisors courses. This course will provide a more in-depth look at claims issues. Topics of will include Accident
Investigations, Complex Claims issues, and Return to work. Participants will receive information to enhance the
knowledge, skills and capacity to facilitate effective Return to Work for more complex cases. Participants will learn
about the importance of accident investigation and processes for performing workplace accident investigations.

Dates:     Wednesday, 12/01/10, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Presenter: Angela Allen, Environmental Health & Safety
Location: Colvard North 2058

                                               Organizational Development


                                                                     In this workshop, you will practice ways to make your
                                                                     letters, memos, and emails readable, usable, and accurate.
                                                                     You will learn a simple organizing pattern as well as
                                                                     strategies to help readers focus on important information.
                                                                     Some helpful suggestions will be offered regarding the
                                                                     most common grammar mistakes made in typical
What is the common denominator to these UNC Charlotte                documents.
         •	 49erMart	(e-Procurement)                                 Dates:       Monday and Wednesday
         •	 Web-Time	Entry                                                        10/25/10 and 10/27/10
         •	 Research	Administration	Project                                       9:00am - 12:00pm each day listed above
         •	 Banner                                                   Presenter: Dr. Meg Morgan, English Department
If your answer is “change” you’re right. Change is no longer         Location:    Foundation Building - Room 205
just an initiative or an event, it is a constant. Although we
may appreciate the things that stay the same, we know
that across campus change will come to us and it will come             ►	Communication Curriculum
Understanding Organizational Change is the introductory                 Anger Management in the Workplace
workshop to our newest competency development series,                   Business Grammar Essentials
Change Management. This workshop will be offered                        Business Writing Essentials
as blended learning - each participant will be required to              Effective Use of Feedback for Business
complete a one hour Skillport module that overviews the                 Email Essentials
following three core concepts and attend a classroom                    International Communications
session:                                                                Telephone Skills for Business Professionals
        •	    What is organizational change?                            How to Write an Effective Internal Business Case
        •	    The types of organizational change                        Business Interpersonal Communication Skills
        •	    Reacting to organizational change                         Effective Listening
During the classroom training we will explore our current               Working With and Managing Difficult People
organizational changes and the common stages                            Giving Successful Presentations
employees move through as change is embraced.                           The Effective Business Meeting
Gaining knowledge of the change process will help                       Conflict in the Workplace
you to react smarter, adapt faster, and work together as                Getting the Results You Want: Negotiating to Win
the university moves into new levels of service.                        Emotional Intelligence at Work
Dates:              Thursday, 10/21/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm                 Communicating Assertively
                    or                                                  Professionalism and Business Etiquette
                    Friday, 12/10/10, 9:00am - 11:00am                  Building Improved Work Relationships
Presenters: Crystal Garris and Julie Laytham                            Obtaining Results Without Authority
                    Human Resources                                     Constructive Feedback and Criticism
Location:           Foundation Building - Room 205

                                               Organizational Development

                                                                          A stepping stone on the road to success for the staff,
                                                                          faculty, students, and alumni of the University of
                                                                          North Carolina at Charlotte.

UNC Charlotte has an official chapter of Toastmasters International, the premier worldwide organization dedicated to public
speaking and leadership. All UNC Charlotte staff and faculty members, students and alumni now have the exclusive opportunity to:

•	   Discover how more than 200,000 Toastmasters worldwide are honing their communication skills in a fun, supportive, motivating
•	   Learn tried-and-true ways to deliver effective presentation, to think on your feet, and to provide constructive feedback to your
•	   Meet exciting colleagues from your campus community
•	   Succeed as a public speaker, leader, and communicator

                           ...all in a fun, supportive and motivating environment on campus at UNC Charlotte.

                       Program Information                                                        Logistics
Toastmasters will give you the skills and confidence you need         What: UNC Charlotte Toastmasters
to effectively express yourself in any situation. You will:
                                                                      Who: All UNC Charlotte staff and faculty members, students, and
•	   Become a better listener                                               alumni
•	   Comfortably give and receive constructive evaluations
•	   Effectively develop and present ideas                            When: Every Friday at 12:00pm for the Fall
•	   Give better professional presentations
•	   Easily lead teams and conduct meetings                           Where: Student union Room 200
•	   Hone management skills
                                                                      How: It’s easy. Visitors are always welcome. Just show up to a
             You already have some or all of these skills.            meeting or contact us @
              At Toastmasters, you will enhance them!                 or join our Facebook page which is U.N.C. Charlotte Toastmasters.

                                          Organizational Development

►	Customer Service Curriculum

 What do you say when your customer is disappointed
 or you can’t say yes to their entire request? This module
 will explore ways to help you meet the needs of our
 internal and external customers by practicing practical
 and specific UNC Charlotte customer service strategies.

                                                                   In this workplace diversity workshop, you will learn the
        Recommended!               Customer Service Counts!
                                                                   definition of diversity, recognize that diversity is different
                                                                   from EEO and affirmative action, and understand what it
                                                                   means to be culturally competent and how to use that
 Managing a Customer-focused Department
                                                                   ‘awareness’ to be more effective in the workplace.
 Frontline Call Center Skills
                                                                   You will become more aware of who we are as employees,
 Inbound Call Center Management
                                                                   learn the F.A.I.R. (Feedback, Assistance, Inclusion, Respect),
 Internal Customer Service
                                                                   approach and how to apply it in our workplace relations.
 Internal Customer Service Agent Skills
                                                                   Date:        Tuesday, 9/28/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
 IT Infrastructure Library Foundations
                                                                   Presenter: Crystal Garris, Human Resources
 Measuring Customer Satisfaction
                                                                   Location: Colvard North 5092
 Technical Support Agent Survival Skills
 Customer Support, Professionalism
 Customer Support, Skills
 Customer Support, Process
 Excelling at Customer Service
 Customer Service Representative, Professionalism
 Customer Service Representative, Skills
 Customer Service Representative, Process
 Customer Service Fundamentals

                                                                   Following the introductory workshop, Diversity: Just be
                                                                   F.A.I.R., you may want to take the next step in diversity
►Diversity                                                         training. You will learn how to recognize, respond to, and
                                                                   resolve difficult interactions that can stem from individual
                                                                   and cultural differences. Meeting on Common Ground will                        provide practical exercises for respecting one another.
 The Reasons Why Diversity Matters                                  PREREQUISITE: Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R. or Skillport
 Changing Corporate Culture                                         online module: The Reasons Why Diversity Matters
 Planning a Diversity Initiative                                   Date:          Friday, 11/05/10, 9:00am -12:00pm
 Diversity: The Future                                             Presenter:     Julie Laytham, Human Resources
                                                                   Location:      Foundation Building - Room 205

                                           Organizational Development

This is the first time in history we have had four generations of individuals actively working together at the same time in the
workplace. Each generation has its own shared history, common biases and core beliefs. The question is, “How do we learn to
work together more effectively in light of these differences?” During this workshop, you will learn how to work more
effectively together despite our diverse backgrounds by gaining insight into: what each generation is looking for, how to
interact more respectfully with each other, and what information each uses in making decisions and what is important.

         PREREQUISITE: Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R. or Skillport online module: The Reasons Why Diversity Matters

Date:         Friday, 12/03/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Presenter: Julie Laytham, Human Resources
Location:    Foundation Building - Room 205

With Charlotte’s growing religious diversity, many are wondering how to create a workplace environment that is sensitive to
these differences. The purpose of this workshop is to educate and offer a perspective on the need for religious differences.
It also provides suggestions on what we can do at UNC Charlotte to help everyone feel included.
As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:
    •	   Explain what is legal and what is smart relative to religion in the workplace
    •	   Determine where the university stands
    •	   Identify what you can and cannot do
    •	   Apply your knowledge to case studies
    •	   Discuss situations and identify the appropriate response

         PREREQUISITE: Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R. or Skillport online module: The Reasons Why Diversity Matters
Date:         Thursday, 11/11/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Presenter:    Jesh Humphrey, Office of General Counsel
Location:     Foundation Building - Room 205

                                                  Organizational Development

The “4 W’s” of each service will be explained: What is the
service? Where is it located? When is it open? Why would
I use it or need to know about it? Employees an overview
of Parking Services, 49erCard, Vending, Insurance Services,
Bookstore, Copy Center, Food Services, & Trademark/License.
                                                                                This workshop is designed for employees who
Date:           Wednesday, 10/20/10, 9:00am - 11:00am
                                                                                are new to the responsibility of monitoring General
Presenter:      Ray Galleno, Auxiliary Services
                                                                                Fund (state) budgets. It is also for those employees who
Location:       Colvard North 5092
                                                                                wish to have a “refresher”. Topics covered include:
                                                                                a definition of the General Fund; the budget process for
                                                                                both state and the University; how to do budget revisions;
                                                                                an explanation of budget pools; and Budget Office
Introduction to Banner Finance – FIN101                                         contacts. Sponsored Programs and Grants information
This class is for users who need to look up and view                            will be addressed in the Certificate Programs in Grants and
 financial information such as budgets, expenses,                               Contracts Administration. For hands-on training on Banner
 and encumbrances.                                                              forms, see the Banner Financial Services course descriptions.
Banner Requisitioning and Receiving – FPO201                                    Date:         Thursday, 11/04/10, 9:00am - 11:00am
 This class will only be offered until the entire campus is on                  Presenter:    Ken Smith, Sandra Leeds and Carrie Smith
 49er Mart. This class is for users who are responsible for                                   Financial Services
 purchasing goods and services or are designated as a                           Location:     Colvard North 2058
 departmental receiver.
Financial Departmental Administration – FDA301
This class is for users who have departmental financial
 responsibilities; including, grants administration, use of
 Finance reports, or initiate financial paperwork.
Banner Finance One-on-One
 For users who have Diversity: Just be F.A.I.R.
                    already attended FIN101 and feel
 they still need additional one-on-one instruction, please                                        ►Business Continuity Plan
 contact the help desk to request a Banner Finance
 One-on-One session and someone will contact you.
49er Mart Training                                                    
The 49er Mart system, UNC Charlotte’s web based                                 Disaster strikes! What are you suppose to do? Who can
 eprocurement system, is currently being rolled out                             you turn to for help? During this online module you will
 to campus in waves and training is being conducted by                          learn what is needed to keep the University in operation
 invitation based on the implementation schedule.                               in case of disaster. Business Continuity Planning will
 Please contact your Business Manager for information on                        familiarize you with the basics of how the University
 when your department is going live.                                            responds to emergencies and how we rebound and
Please access the links below for more information:                             resume our operations. It is appropriate for all managers
Banner Training                                                                 and supervisors, and employees at any level who have
                                                                                direct responsibility for maintaining the Business
49er Mart Training                                                              Continuity Plan for their department or work unit.

                                            Organizational Development

This workshop provides an overview of services available to the campus community through Facilities Management. Topics
will include items such as: creating a work request through the Archibus work management system; how to arrange Motor
Fleet reservation; informal project requests; etc.

Date:        Tuesday, 11/30/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Presenter: Mel Witherspoon, Facilities Management
Location: Colvard North 5092

 This session will focus on the procedures required for the recruitment and hiring of our faculty. It will be particularly
 helpful for academic department administrators, college business managers and college personnel administrators. New
 department chairs will also find this useful. Because of state and federal regulations, we have a set procedure to follow when
 filling a faculty vacancy. This session will explain the recruitment, selection, and hiring process, including using the on-line
 application system. We will cover which forms to use and explain the flow of these forms through the various university
 offices. Your questions will be welcomed.
 Date:         Wednesday, 9/22/10, 9:00am - 11:00am
 Presenter:    Ramah Carle and Dawn Tench, Academic Affairs
 Location:     Colvard North 5092

          ►Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


           Learn the details of the Family Medical Leave Act and
           how it applies to employees.

                                            Organizational Development

                     ►Fire Extinguisher Training

                                                                   “Yes. We’re from Internal Audit and we’re here to help.”
                                                                   As part of the “new” internal audit culture, your Internal
                                                                   Audit Department wants you to know we are here to
                                                                   help you by providing information and tips that will assist                  you in doing your job better. Participants of this session
                                                                   will gain a better understanding of what fraud is, how it
This module will introduce you to all aspects of fire              affect us daily and what to do if we suspect fraud at work.
evacuation procedures as well as familiarize employees             As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:
with types, uses, and limitations of a fire extinguisher.          •	       Define fraud
This training will also include hands-on fire extinguisher         •	       Identify fraudulent activities
demonstrations when requested. Please contact the                  •	       Identify appropriate internal controls that deter fraud
Safety Office for scheduling information.                          •	       Take appropriate steps when fraud is suspected
                                                                   Date:              Tuesday, 10/12/10, 9:00am - 11:00am
                                                                   Presenter:         Tom York, Internal Audit Department
                                                                   Location:          Colvard North 5092

                                                                                      	►Hazardous Waste Training

                                                                   Participants who complete this module will be able to:
                                                                   •	       Define hazardous waste
                                                                   •	       Explain the regulatory requirement for hazardous
                                                        !                   waste handling
                                                                   •	       Handle hazardous waste safely
                                                                   •	       Identify the major components of the
                                                                            University Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan
The class will educate you on how to:
                                                                   •	       Handle a hazardous waste spill safely
•	   Acquire items costing over $5000 via the 49erMart
•	   Process annual inventory procedures
•	   Dispose of assets
•	   Follow policies for fixed asset gifts and grants
                                                                   	►Hiring Procedures for
Even if you have attended this class before, it has
been updated to include the new E-procurement                           Employing Students
Date:         Thursday, 12/09/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm                 This module will cover the types of on-campus student
Presenter:    Aaron Helfenberger, Andrea Horne, and                employment, the steps in hiring, and how to supervise a
              Karen Worthy, Fixed Assets                           student employee.
Location:     Foundation Building - Room 205

                                            Organizational Development

 “We’re from Internal Audit and we’re here to help.” As part of the “new” internal audit culture, your Internal Audit Department
 wants to reduce the mystery behind Internal Audit activities and provide tips that will help you do your job better. This
 informative session will provide participants an overview of Internal Audit operations and lessons learned from recent audit
projects that will greatly reduce your anxiety during an unexpected visit from an Internal Auditor. You’ll get to meet your
 Internal Audit Department staff as well as have a chance to ask questions on topics that concern you. If you’re new to the
 campus or have been around awhile, there is something here for everyone. As a result of this workshop, participants will be
 able to: identify the Internal Audit processes and evaluate unit operations against known audit findings.
Date:           Tuesday, 10/12/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Presenter:      Tom York, Internal Audit Department
Location:       Colvard North 5092

Get the latest information on how to use the Mail and Copy Centers on campus. As a result of this workshop, you will able to:
•	    Keep abreast of the USPS regulations
•	    Describe the Bulk mailing process on the UNC Charlotte Campus
•	    Identify what’s new in Mail Services (i.e. things to look forward to - PO Boxes/Passports)
•	    Describe the steps to mailing on and off-campus
•	    Log on to the Mail Services web site and review the updates
Date:           Wednesday, 12/01/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Presenter:      Horace Lytch and Laura Rice, Mail Services
Location:       Colvard North 5092

 This workshop provides the latest information regarding the university’s purchasing policies & procedures as well as the
 procedures for invoice payments on purchase orders and Direct Pay Requests. The workshop topics are listed below:
 •	   Consultant Services
 •	   Direct Deposits and Electronic invoices (United Parcel Service, Staples, Telecom)
 •	   How receiving and problems with the purchase order can delay the processing of payments
 •	   How and who should complete an Interdepartmental Invoice
 •	   Printing and Promotion
 •	   Receiving and Stores - material handling and the purchase of office supplies and software
 •	   Sole Source Purchases
 •	   State Term Contracts
 •	   Surplus Property
 •	   Unauthorized Purchases
 •	   UNC Bookstore payments
 Dates:         Thursday, 11/11/10, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
 Presenters: Doug Pierce, Materials Management and Lucy Mullens, Accounts Payable
 Location:      Colvard North 5092

                                            Organizational Development

      NEW!         ►	Personal Safety Awareness
The UNC Charlotte campus has grown into a city within a
city and in many ways functions like one. Within any city
or campus environment, individuals need to become
aware of personal safety guidelines and resources. This
online module is presented by campus Police and Public
Safety. The purpose of this workshop is to:
        •	 Raise	personal	safety	awareness	among	                   Part I - For those who are NEW to Travel
             employees at UNC Charlotte                             This workshop is designed to ‘introduce’ participants
        •	 Identify	situations/behaviors	on	campus	that             to the basic requirements of the Travel and Complex
             pose a threat to personal safety                       Payment Department. An overview of the North
        •	 Identify	on-campus	counseling	and	safety				             Carolina Budget Manual as it relates to travel policies,
             resources                                              together with an examination of the Travel Procedure
                                                                    Manual, will be presented. Those attending can expect
►	State and University Revenues:
                                                                    to learn the central rules, regulations, and policies that
  The Mystery Behind Your Paycheck                                  make up the travel process. A portion of the workshop
 As a state employee have you ever had these questions?             will be dedicated to gaining practical experience in
 •	     How are state budgets funded?                               completing and submitting a travel authorization
 •	     How do my tax dollars figure into the equation?             and a travel reimbursement form.
 •	     Why can some departments on campus spend money
         when others are restricted?                                Date:          Friday, 10/08/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
 •	     How does all this impact my paycheck?                       Presenter:     John Ives and Cathy Galleno
 During the Chancellor’s Budget Convocation in the                                 Travel Department
 spring of 2009, an in depth explanation of how state               Location:      Colvard North 5092
 revenue is allocated to universities and how this impacts
 payroll is reviewed. This timely information has been              Part II - Advanced training in Travel Procedures
 put on a webcast for your viewing. In the webcast, you             If you are already comfortable with completing travel
 will learn answers to the question of how your tax dollars         forms and need more in-depth travel training then
 figure into state budgets; and VC Beth Hardin will discuss         this workshop is designed for you. A comprehensive
 the different streams of money the university receives, the        presentation of Travel and Complex Payment Department
 difference between general and non-general funds,                  rules, regulations, and polices will be given.
 and how all this ultimately affects your paycheck.                 We will discuss many OSBM topics concerning travel
 This is a great 10-minute overview of the budgetary                and the appropriate use of funds. Those attending
 process you can review as often as you like.                       can expect to learn Travel and Complex Payment Dept.                         audit requirements and documentation procedures.
                                                                    The use of practical examples will demonstrate how
►	Team Building Curriculum                                          to effectively complete and submit various travel and                         complex payment items for processing.
 Making Teams Work: Capitalizing on Conflict
 Participating in Teams                                             Date:         Thursday, 11/18/10, 9:00am - 12:00pm
 High-Performance On-site and Virtual Teams                         Presenter:     John Ives and Cathy Galleno
 Optimizing Your Performance on a Team                                             Travel Department
 Leading Teams                                                      Location:      Foundation Building - Room 205

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                                                                                                   Field 4                                                                               T ennis                                   Lot 19
                                                                                                                    R ec. Field 3
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                                                                                                                                                                      14                 Courts
                                                           R ec. Field 5
                                                                                                                    General Information                                    Phil
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       To                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            15
Training Center Location
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            46                                                38
                                                                                                                                                                                         17                                                                                                               42

     X = Foundation Building - Building 71                                                                                                                                     X = Colvard North 5092 and 2058 - Building 32
                          .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              39
                                          Toby Creek Rd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        L
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          12                                  16 ot                             S
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                                                                                                                                                 7A                                 Co                         Dec                                         4a
                                  Lot 27 Future                 64                                                                                                                     ne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  k2                   5
                                                                                                                                                      18                                          k1
                                                                                                                                                                           Univ                                                                                        4b
                                                                                                                                                                               ers                                                              11                                     1
                                                                                               A                                                                                  ity                                                                                                                              35
                                                                                          t9                    E         F
                                                                                     Lo               B
                                          54                                                         A
                                                                                                                C                                                                                                                                                                               2             16
                                                                                                                          D                                                                                                                           32                      13                                                 45                   Van L
                                                                                t9                              504
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10                   8

                                                                                                                                                                                         502                                                                            19                     9

                                                                                                                                                                501                                                                                                                                                              48




                                                                                                                                                                                         MS                                                                                    51
                                                                                                                                                                 29                        U


             ll o
      Chan ce

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            East Deck 1

                                                                                                                                          Lot 8A

                                                                                Lot 8

                                                                                                                                                                 ise Rd
                                                                                                                                                           High-R                                                                                                                               Mar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      y Ale              .
                                                                                                                                       T ennis Co                                                                                                                                                             x ander Rd
      To Harris Blvd.


                                                                                                                              University City Blvd.                                                       Entrance
                                                                                                                                                    (US 49)

     Lot 101

How to Contact Us
  Academic Learning
EmployeeBuildings and Development                       Services - Places of Interest                                                                                                                                                                             Campus Housing
     4a Resources
HumanAtkins                  63 Health & Human Services   General                                                                                          Administration                                         Places of Interest                                   535   Cedar Hall                                  541    Pine Hall
     16 Barnard               1 Kennedy                    39 Auxiliary Services Building                                                                  48 Cato Hall                                               Susie Harwood Garden                             543   Elm Hall                                    502    Sanford Hall
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte46 Barnhardt
     17 Belk Gym              2 Macy                                                                                                                          Admissions                                              Van Landingham Glen                              560   Greek Village                               503    Scott Hall
920168 Bioinformatics City Boulevard
                             20 McEniry                        Student Activity Center                                                                     11 King                                                                                                     538   Hawthorn Hall                               537    Sycamore Hall
     38 Burson               18 Memorial Hall                  Halton Arena                                                                                   Registrar                                           64 Harris Alumni Center                              536   Hickory Hall                                544    Witherspoon Hall
Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001
     42 Cameron Hall         62 Motorsports                 5 Cone University Center                                                                       36 Reese                                               13 Belk Tower                                        504   Holshouser Hall
     52 College of Education 51 Robinson Hall              4b Counseling Center                                                                               Student Accounts                                    54 Bissel House                                      505   Hunt Village
     32 Colvard              19 Rowe                      55a Facilities Management                                                                                                                                   Chancellor's Residence                           545   Laurel Hall
      8 704-687-2276 12 Smith
Phone: Denny                                               23 Facilities Operations                                                                        Dining Services                                        71 Foundation                                        546   Lynch Hall
         704-687-3239 41 Storrs
Fax: 57 Duke Centennial Hall                                   Parking Services                                                                            31 Cafeteria Activities Building                       44 Irwin Belk Track                                  542   Maple Hall
   45 Fretwell                                    10 Winningham                       37 McMillan Greenhouse                                               34 Prospector                                              & Field                                          513   Martin Village
   35 Friday                                      56 Woodward Hall                    49 Miltimore-Wallis Center                                           29 Residence Dining Hall                               14 Receiving/Stores                                  501   Moore Hall
Employee Learning
    9 Garinger                              & Development                       Manager: Police
                                                                                     55b Vacant                                                            69 Student Union                                       15 Summer Programs                                   540   Oak Hall
   58 Grigg Hall                                                                                                                                                                                                  43 Wachovia Field House                              524   Phase III

Employee Learning & Development Specialist: Crystal Garris

Employee Learning & Development Specialist: Julie Laytham
Workshop Suggestions

We value your feedback! In order to provide effective, motivational, and educational development sessions for university
staff, we need to hear your perspective. Please take time to communicate with us. What workshops would you like us to offer
in the future? (Topics, ideas, former sessions to re-create, etc...) What other resources should we add? (Speakers, videos, writ-
ten materials, etc...) Your feedback will help us improve our services to you and you may email us at

Accessing Your HR Training Transcript
Employees can view and print their own training transcript of workshops attended through Human Resources. To view
individual transcripts you may access either the Banner Self Service website or 49erExpress. Here are the steps:
1.	 Access Banner Self Service and enter the “Employee Secure Area”
2.	 Log in and select the “Employee” tab
3.	 Select the “Human Resources Training Courses Completed”

1.	 Access 49er Express and log in
2.	 Select the “Banner Self Service” link select the “Employee” tab
3.	 Select the “Human Resources Training Courses Completed”

                                                      General Information

Sunday           Monday                      Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday               Saturday
         5                      6                              7                          8                         9                    10                  11
                   LABOR                                                                            LEAD                       LEAD
                    DAY                                                                           8am - 12pm               8:10am-12pm
                                                                                              Colvard North 2058         Colvard North 2058

         12                   13                           14                         15                       16                        17                  18
                                                                                              Colvard North 2058

         19                   20                           21                         22                       23                        24                  25
                                                NEO                       NEO                        LEAD                        PAC
                                          8:30am - 4:30pm           8:30am - 4:30pm               8:10am-4pm                 Orientation
                                         Colvard North 5092            Atkins 121              Colvard North 2058          9am-10:30am
                                                                                                                         Colvard North 5092
                                                                    Faculty Recruiting
                                                                        and Hiring
                                                                       9am - 11am
                                                                   Colvard North 5092

         26                   27                           28                         29                       30
                                           Just be F.A.I.R.        Grants & Contracts               LEAD
                                             9am-12pm                9am-10:30am                8:10am-12pm
                                         Colvard North 5092        Colvard North 5092         Colvard North 2058

                                                                                                                                              1               2

          3                         4                          5                          6                         7                         8              9
                                                 NEO                       NEO                Targeted Selection         Travel & Complex
                                           8:30am - 4:30pm          8:30am - 4:30pm            8:30am-4:30pm             Payments - Part I
                                          Colvard North 5092            Atkins 121            Colvard North 5092            9am-12pm
                                                                   Targeted Selection                                   Colvard North 5092
                                                                   Colvard North 5092

                                                                     Workers Comp
                                                                     Colvard 2058
         10                    11                           12                        13                       14                        15                  16
                                           Fraud Awareness          Grants & Contracts              ASPIRE                    ASPIRE
                                              9am-11am                  Macy 201                 8:15am-12pm               8:30am-12pm
                                          Colvard North 5092          8:30am-12pm             Foundation Bldg 205       Foundation Bldg 205

                                        Internal Auditing Issues
                                          Colvard North 5092
         17                    18                           19                        20                       21                        22                  23
                                                NEO                         NEO                     ASPIRE                    ASPIRE
                                           8:30am - 4:30pm           8:30am - 4:30pm             8:30am-12pm               8:30am-12pm
                                         Foundation Bldg 205            Atkins 121            Foundation Bldg 205       Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                     Auxiliary Services
                                          Healthy Holiday               9am-11am                Understanding
                                             Appetizers             Colvard North 5092          Organizational
                                             2pm-4pm                   Fit in Fitness              Change
                                           Student Union                   2-4pm                  2pm-4pm
                                         Meeting Room 140B         Foundation Bldg 205        Foundation Bldg 205

         24                    25                           26                        27                       28                        29                  30
                Business Writing                                     Business Writing               ASPIRE                    ASPIRE
                  9am-12pm                                             9am-12pm                  8:30am-12pm               8:30am-12pm
              Foundation Bldg 205                                  Foundation Bldg 205        Foundation Bldg 205       Foundation Bldg 205

                                                                    Grants & Contracts
                                                                        COED 007

                                               General Information

Sunday        Monday                  Tuesday                     Wednesday                    Thursday                      Friday              Saturday
         31                  1                          2                             3                           4                          5               6
                                         NEO                            NEO                 Targeted Selection           Common Ground
                                    8:30am - 4:30pm               8:30am - 4:30pm             8:30am-4:30pm                9am-12pm
                                  Foundation Bldg 205                Atkins 121            Foundation Bldg 205         Foundation Bldg 205

                                                                 Targeted Selection               Budget
                                                                   8:30am-4:30pm            Colvard North 2058
                                                                Foundation Bldg 205             9am-11am

          7                  8                            9                         10                       11                          12                 13
                                   Handling a Difficult       Leading @ Speed of Trust Religion in the Workplace Leading @ Speed of Trust
                                      Discussion                   8:30am-12pm                9am-12pm                8:30am-12pm
                                     9am-11:30am                Foundation Bldg 205      Foundation Bldg 205       Foundation Bldg 205
                                  Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                                             Materials Mgmt
                                                                                                and AP 101
                                                                                            Colvard North 5092

         14              15                         16                              17                       18                          19                 20
                                         NEO                            NEO                   Travel & Complex        Leading @ Speed of Trust
                                    8:30am - 4:30pm               8:30am - 4:30pm            Payments - Part II            8:30am-12pm
                                  Foundation Bldg 205                Atkins 121                  9am-12pm               Foundation Bldg 205
                                                              Leading @ Speed of Trust      Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                 Grants & Contracts
                                                              8:30am-12pm Macy 201

         21                  22                     23                              24                       25                          26                 27
                                                                                          THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY

         28                  29                     30                                1                           2                          3               4
                                        Facilities                 Workers Comp                Managing                     Mixing the
                                      Management                 Colvard North 2058           Processes for               4 Generations
                                       2pm-4pm                       10am-1pm                  Operational                  9am-12pm
                                   Colvard North 5092                                          Excellence              Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                    Mail Services              9am-12pm
                                                                     2pm-4pm               Foundation Bldg 205
                                                                 Colvard North 5092

          5                   6                           7                           8                           9                      10                 11
                                         NEO                            NEO                    Fixed Assets              Understanding
                                    8:30am - 4:30pm               8:30am - 4:30pm               9am - 12pm               Organizational
                                  Foundation Bldg 205                Atkins 121             Foundation Bldg 205             Change
                                                                                                                       Foundation Bldg 205

         12                  13                     14                              15                       16                          17                 18

         19                  20                      21                             22                       23                          24                 25
                                                                                                                          WINTER BREAK

         26                  27                     28                              29                       30                          31
              WINTER BREAK           WINTER BREAK                  WINTER BREAK               WINTER BREAK                WINTER BREAK

                                                   General Information


Online registration is the preferred method, but you may also register by inter-campus mail (hard copy) or by sending
an email to Please register only once.

Registering online - go to and select Training and then Training Catalog & Registration.

Submitting your registration for a training workshop (whether electronically or in written form) will indicate to us that
you have received permission from your supervisor to attend professional development training.


1.      Please print or type all required information on the registration form. Return the form to the Human Resources
        Department, 222 King Building. Please feel free to copy the registration form for additional workshops.

2.      Due to limited space, workshops generally are filled on a “first come, first serve” basis; therefore, it is to your
        advantage to return the form promptly.

3.      Any participant requiring special accommodations to attend a Human Resources Staff Development workshop
        should contact our office at extension 7-4273 for arrangements.

4.      Registrants will receive notice of either “confirmation or wait-listed” prior to the workshop date.
        NOTE: Attendance Cancellation - If you are unable to attend, please call extension 7-4273 so availability can be
                                            made to another employee.

                                             There is increasing demand for our workshops and many times we have a
                                             waiting list. If you can not attend the session(s) you have registered for,
                                             please cancel your registration. If we do not receive your cancellation, we
                                             will follow-up with you and your supervisor.

                                                 Training Registration Form
     Name                      _______________________________________________________________________

     Email                     _______________________________________________________________________

     Your telephone #          _______________________________________________________________________

     Department                _______________________________________________________________________

     Are you a supervisor?     Yes ______ No ______

     Workshop Title             _______________________________________________________________________

     Workshop Date             _______________________________________________________________________

     Workshop Time             _______________________________________________________________________

     Your Signature            _______________________________________________________________________

     Submitting your registration form for training (whether electronically or in written form) will indicate to us that
     you have received permission from your supervisor of your plans to attend professional development training.

     Return this form to: Training Team, Human Resources Department, 222 King Building.

                                       General Information

         Three special Training Opportunities available
          through the Office of State Personnel (OSP):

1.   Frontline Leadership
     A number of courses in a series for front line supervisors, open enrollment, taught at Raleigh &
     Greensboro. Total class time = 48 hours plus online activities, cost $250 per person.

2.   Certificate in Public Supervision (CPS)
     To earn a certificate in the program, you must first complete Frontline Leadership, two electives and
     designated human resource management courses. Sessions taught at State Personnel Center in Raleigh.

3.   Certified Public Manager Program
     An in-depth, comprehensive, competency-based developmental program for managers. Sessions are
     taught over a two year period and the location of training classes is at State Personnel Development
     Center in Raleigh. Each university nominates one participant per year.

     For further information about any of these courses, please see

           Human Resources Employee Learning & Development Catalog
                                 Fall 2010

       Thank you for your interest in professional development opportunities
     offered by the Human Resources Employee Learning & Development Team.

Our goal is to provide high-quality learning and development events for campus staff.
       If you have comments and suggestions please feel free to give us a call.
                   We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!

                                   Crystal Garris
                                   Julie Laytham

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