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									                                   Teacher Bulletin
                                   ONTARIO SECONDARY SCHOOL LITERACY TEST, 2008–2009
                                                                                                                                      Januar y 2009

The purpose of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is to ensure that students have acquired the essential
reading and writing skills that apply to all subject areas in The Ontario Curriculum up to the end of Grade 9.

 Quick Facts                              Reading Selections and Questions                          ■   The Sample Test Booklets, 2008 (sessions 1
                                          The following types of reading selections are                 and 2) provide an example of the OSSLT
 Administration Date                                                                                    with a Student Answer Sheet.
 The morning of Thursday,
                                          ■ information paragraph                                   ■   The Getting Ready Guide gives students
 April 2, 2009.
                                                                                                        tips and strategies to help them successfully
                                          ■ news report

 Booklets                                                                                               complete the test.
                                          ■ dialogue
 There are two test booklets                                                                        ■   The Released 2008 OSSLT Items with
                                          ■ real-life narrative
 (sessions 1 and 2).There is one                                                                        Answer Key and Scoring Guides show
                                          ■ graphic text
 Student Answer Sheet for all                                                                           students the types of questions on last
 multiple-choice responses.
                                          The reading selections are followed by multiple-              year’s test. The released student responses
                                          choice and/or open-response questions.                        and rubrics provide the scoring criteria
 Field Test                                                                                             and show the qualities of different
 Field-test selections and questions      Writing Tasks                                                 student work.
 are embedded in the test.They            Students will have multiple opportunities                 ■   EQAO’s Provincial Report on the Results of
 do not count toward the                  to demonstrate their writing skills in                        the 2007–2008 Ontario Secondary School
 student’s score.                         several formats:                                              Literacy Test contains suggested strategies
                                          ■   Short-writing tasks require a response in                 for instruction.
 Duration                                     six lines.
 Students will complete each                                                                             Guidelines for Administering
                                          ■   The two long-writing tasks are                             the OSSLT—General Steps
 test booklet in 75 minutes, plus a           ◆ a news report (one page) and
 questionnaire. A break is provided                                                                       For Principals             For Teachers
                                              ◆ a series of paragraphs expressing an
                                                                                                         1. Complete SDC            1. Review the guides.
 between booklets.                              opinion (two pages).                                        information.            2. Organize the
                                              Multiple-choice questions that test                        2. Read the guides.           classroom.
 Reporting                                ■
                                                                                                         3. Plan the                3. Check to see if you
 The student’s outcome will be                writing skills are independent of the
                                                                                                            administration             have received correct
 reported as one literacy result              reading selections.                                           (including identifica-      Student Tracking
 on the Individual Student Report.                                                                          tion of students with      Sheets and student
 Provincial, board and school             To Learn More                                                     special needs and          packages.
                                          The following educator and student resources                      English language        4. Administer the
 reports provide combined scores.
                                                                                                            learners).                 assessment.
                                          are available on the EQAO Web site:
                                                                                                         4. On the morning of       5. Return all assessment
Test Content                              ■   The OSSLT Framework assists educators                         the administration of      materials to the
                                              in understanding the purpose of the test                      the test, distribute       principal.
The test consists of 47                                                                                     materials and Student
                                              and the connection between the test and
operational test questions.                                                                                 Tracking Sheets.
                                              the curriculum.
Eight of these are open-                                                                                 5. Monitor the
response questions that are               ■   The Planning and Preparation Guide                            administration of the
scored with rubrics. The rest                 contains information about reading                            assessment.
are multiple-choice questions.                selections, types of questions and                         6. Return the materials
                                              writing tasks.                                                to EQAO.

EQAO conducts province-wide assessments at the primary, junior and secondary levels to measure student achievement against curriculum
expectations. The data can be used as an additional tool to direct improvements in education at the individual, school and provincial levels. For access
to the OSSLT Framework, which shows how the test reflects curriculum expectations, and other useful educator resources, visit www.eqao.com.
Professional Responsibilities for the Administration of the OSSLT
EQAO relies on principals and teachers in the development, administration, scoring and reporting of the OSSLT.

Principals are responsible for                         Principals and teachers are responsible              ■   Once the test materials have been opened,
ensuring that                                          to ensure the fair and consistent                        no one may use information from the test to
                                                       administration of the test as outlined in                provide instruction on any concept or item
■   they and the teachers administering the test
                                                       the administration guide.These procedures                being tested prior to, during or after the
    have read the 2008–2009 administration
                                                       must be followed:                                        administration of the test.
    guide and board direction/policy.
                                                                                                            ■   During the test, no one may explain, define
■   all students eligible for the test are             Before the Administration                                or provide examples of reading vocabulary
    accounted for, including those writing with        ■   Ensure that all materials and types of               or writing terminology to students, including
    accommodations and special provisions, and             materials ordered have been received.                those with accommodations.
    those deferred or exempted.                        ■   Student test packages must not be opened         ■   During the test, nothing may be said or
■   any student receiving an accommodation                 prior to the administration of the first              done to influence student responses,
    has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)                 test session.                                        including, but not limited to, actions such
    that outlines the accommodations that              ■   Only staff members administering the test            as drawing a student’s attention to an
    are necessar y for and consistent with
                                                           may have access to test materials.                   unanswered question.
    regular classroom assessment practices
    used for the student. The student must             ■   Teachers administering the test may receive      ■   At no point during or after the test may
    normally receive the accommodation for                 the student test materials no earlier than the       anything be said or done to encourage
    all forms of assessment, including                     morning of the day the administration begins.        students to alter or revise their responses.
    summative assessment work.                         ■   Scribes and prompters may have access            ■   No one may read, review or correct student
■   complete and accurate information is provided          to the test materials only during the                work during or after the administration. This
    to EQAO for each student eligible to write             administration sessions.                             includes darkening, rewriting, editing,
    the test, including those writing with accom-      ■   Staff preparing test materials for assistive         erasing or altering student work in any way.
    modations or special provisions, and those             technologies may have access to the              ■   Each test booklet must be completed in one
    deferred or exempted.                                  materials no earlier than 48 hours prior             continuous session. A session may not be
■   complete and appropriate test materials are            to the start of the administration.                  interrupted by lunch or by any other school
    ordered for each student, using the EQAO           ■   Test materials must not be copied in any             programming. A session may include water-
    SDC system, including, if necessary,                   way for any reason. The only exception is            fountain, stretch and washroom breaks.
    additional materials requested after receipt           for the preparation of test materials for        ■   At the end of each session, the test booklets
    of the initial shipment.                               students using assistive technologies (no            must be collected and stored in a secure
■   all material necessary for the preparation for         earlier than 48 hours prior to the start of          place without review.
    and administration of the test is provided to          the administration).                             ■   After a test session has ended, booklets
    all participating teachers and support staff.      During and After the Administration                      must not be returned to students for further
■   all teachers and other personnel (e.g., scribes,   ■   Only staff members administering the                 review, correction or completion.
    prompters and principals themselves) partici-          assessment may have access to test materials.    ■   Once both booklets are completed, they
    pating in, preparing for and administering         ■   Unused test packages (e.g., for absent               must be collected and stored securely,
    the test have received training this year and          students) must not be opened for any reason,         without review, prior to the return of
    follow this year’s administration guide and            except with EQAO’s permission.                       materials to EQAO.
    the Guide for Accommodations, Special                                                                   ■   All test materials, used or unused, must be
                                                       ■   Student test materials must not be
    Provisions, Deferrals and Exemptions.                                                                       returned to EQAO.
                                                           removed from the classrooms during
■   all test materials are kept secure prior to,           the administration.                              ■   Student responses must not be copied in
    during and after the administration.                                                                        any way for any reason. The only exception
                                                       ■   All classroom materials containing reading
■   the locations and conditions for writing               or writing content of an instructional nature        is for the recommended photocopying of
    the test allow each student to work                    must be removed from view or covered. No             the Student Answer Sheets prior to returning
    independently of every other student and               additional tips or reminders may be posted in        them to EQAO.
    conform to EQAO requirements as defined                 the classroom, written on the blackboard or      ■   Any circumstances that may affect the
    in the administration guide and the Guide              handed out to students.                              scoring of student work (e.g., package ID
    for Accommodations, Special Provisions,                                                                     number issues) or may have affected the
                                                       ■   Only those individuals directly involved in
    Deferrals and Exemptions.                                                                                   validity of any student performance (e.g., a
                                                           the administration and testing activities
■   there is no deviation from EQAO guidelines             (e.g., scribes and prompters) may enter the          discussion between two students during the
    and instructions without explicit written              testing room.                                        test) must be documented and reported to
    direction from the relevant supervisory                                                                     EQAO on the Issues Envelope.
                                                       ■   Students must be supervised at all times
    officer and EQAO’s Chief Assessment Officer.
                                                           during the administration. This includes
■   any breach or suspected breach of security             students with accommodations or special
    is reported to EQAO immediately.                       provisions and students who require
                                                           additional time to complete the test.

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