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									Introduction of CINOP GLOBAL

  Washington, June 8 2007

 Public-Private Partnerships
        in Education
Learning by connecting people
 CINOP Delegation

    Herman van Holt
         Managing Director

         Kirsten Jense
International representative

              Henk Kok
    International consultant
      Who we are

        Established expert centre

        and consultancy agency

              in the field of

Vocational and Adult Education & Training

   and Human Resources Development

       with partial public funding
         Facts & Figures

• 180 employees: researchers, consultants,
  coaches, trainers
• Turnover 2006 US$ 23,50 million
  - governmental sector (37%)
  - educational sector (39%)
  - corporate sector (24%)
• 900 projects annually
• International projects 25%
• ISO 9001 certified
• 4 Divisions (see hand-out)

• Roots CINOP in the Netherlands
• Expansion, sharing expertise in Europe :
   – e.g. National Agent for Leonardo da Vinci
• Globalizing for some years, now also
  sharing expertise worldwide
  CINOP’s Mindset

  Contribution to change, development, growth



Taking into account                                        Taking into account
                      Business                 Technical
                      support                   support

                                                             Source: Zjev van Dun, CINOP 2007
How do we make our contribution?

Analyze/research – design – development –
     implementation – monitoring – evaluation

Support planned and unplanned change

Make use of (the transfer of) experience, expertise
AND the local habits

Communication (Listen, Listen……)
And at a more specific level

• Formal AND informal learning
• Working AND learning
• Skills AND knowledge
• In person AND through ICT-support
• Focus on the development of
• Focus on innovation
              Where to find us

CINOP active in various places

                 Slovenia                              The
          Uganda                                   Netherlands

  Zimbabwe                          Portugal
                              The Dutch Antilles       Zambia



   Tanzania                                        Indonesia
Projects / roles in The Netherlands

•   Centre for APL
•   National authority on literacy
•   National authority on EQL
•   Knowledge centre VET
•   Project management innovation and
    implementation of carreerpath-development
    in 8 sectors, e.g. construction
Projects in Europe
-government related-
• National Agency Life Long Learning program in EC
• Leonardo for transnational cooperation in innovation
  and quality improvement of VET
• National delegate for European Network on lifelong
  guidance policy
• Expert partner for the EC as to VET and HRD
• National coordinator for ReferNet consortium
  (reference information on VET, also research and
• Member of UNESCO, networking and support role
Leonardo da Vinci programs 1

• Funding:     • EC
• Objective:   • Improve vocational training
• How:         • Share expertise, work and
                 learn together
               • Many organizations and
                 SME in 32 European
               • Fund projects
Leonardo 2

What does a National Agency do:
 – Manage the funds in full project life cycle:
   Call for Proposals, advise applicants, award
   projects, monitor, audit, close projects
 – Organize valorization of results Transnational
   mobility and Pilot products: quality and
   impact on organizational, regional, sectoral,
   national, transnational level
Leonardo 3

Program perspectives:                 Focus:
– Individual and personal               –   Sustainability
  competences                           –   Innovation
– VET in relation with enterprises,     –   Dissemination
– Employability of European             –   Exploitation
– Lifelong learning
– New forms of ICT
– Participation of SME’s and
– Prevention of inequality and
Leonardo 4: Thematic monitoring

1. VET and the labor market
2. Development of competences and
   skills within companies, in SME’s, at
   sectoral level
3. Quality of VET systems and practices,
   continuous training of teachers/trainers
4. Transparency of qualifications, validation
   of formal and informal learning
5. E-learning
Theme 2: Development of
competences and skills
• Studies show: discrepancy between skills
  of employees and needs of companies:
  skills gaps
• Experience from various projects
• Recommendations on how to make
  products accessible to SME‟s and how to
  involve SME‟s
• New projects to build on the experience
Some of the recommendations

• Projects should contribute to the key
  issues on the demand side, tuning
  training tools and support systems to the
  barriers, possibilities and limitations in
• Work from an understanding of skill
  development in companies (esp. in SME)
• Be sensitive to the culture: one size does
  not fit all
Example of a project in theme 2

• ROC Midden Nederland (college for
  vocational education, 28000 students)
• Placement support
• Consortium of 7 countries
• Variety of organizations
• European induction assistant
• Support materials, multilingual
• Personal development plan
Projects in Europe
-not (directly) government related-
• Eastern Europe:
   – Projects in innovation of education and development, so
     (new EC) countries can catch up with the rest of Europe
   – Projects in technological development through ICT-and-
   – Projects to support the development of SME, through the
     development of entrepreneurship (in 15 European
     countries, and extending this to Africa)
Projects outside Europe

• Sub-Sahara Africa
   – VET, capacity building, curriculum development,
     enhancing the quality
• Indonesia
   – Developing technical schools, through a quality
     impulse on the didactical concept and the training of
• Libya
   – Developing the qualification framework structure in a
     new VET system and new curricula
In the hand-out

•   More information on projects
•   Contact information
•   Some screenshots
•   Some links
•   E-mail addresses
•   Please mail us if you would like to receive
    the presentation (digital) or other
Additional and more
detailed information
for hand-out
         CINOP, what’s in a name?

Centre for Innovation in Education and Training

• International Centre of Expertise:
  for Vocational and Adult Education & Training
• Innovation:
  create organizational and learning solutions and
  set new standards
• Education and Training:
  life long learning in a knowledge and skill based
          We are…

• A pro-active and reliable partner for those who
  need solutions in vocational education, in
  company training, VET research, ICT and
  business management

• A partner for governments, teachers, trainers,
  consultants, businesses, professionals,

• Active: we design, develop, implement, monitor,

• Productive: we develop curricula, quality
  assurance systems, organisational structures and
  cultures, strategies, policies, competencies

• Supportive: we train, coach and guide
         How do we do what we do?

• By listening carefully to the
  „problem/opportunity owner‟

• By then asking and listening again

• By developing solutions, processes and
  projects in close partnership with all involved

• By thinking ahead, thinking along, thinking

• By being supportive and provocative
         Centre of expertise

Type of services
• Policy advice and research at macro level
• National qualification structure design
• Scenario studies and monitoring
• Integral project management
• Development of models for quality
• Implementation and dissemination of results

• Ministries of Education, Science, Labour,
  Justice, International Affairs and Economic
         Division 2
         Innovation of education

Type of services
• Design, development, implementation,
  monitoring and evaluation of curricula and
  education related organisations
• Support of individual or organisational
  learning processes
• Training of teachers, trainers and managers
• Project management of educational or
  organisational changes
• Implementation of innovations

• Schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities
• Governmental and Educational organisations
        Division 3
        Human Resource Development

                                          CINOP HRD
Type of services
• Accreditation of prior learning (APL)
• Career management
• Competence management
• E-learning (ICT)
• Knowledge management
• Project management

• Sector organisations
• Companies
• Non-profit organisations
      Division 4
      CINOP International

Type of services
• Program management
• Strategic policy development
• Capacity development
• Project and program management
• Curriculum development
• Training of teachers/trainers
• Management development

• Governmental Authorities
• The European Commission
• Schools, Colleges and Polytechnics
• Sector committees and associations
           Activities of CINOP (1)

1. Project title: Development of the technical,
   vocational and entrepreneurial training
   system in Zambia
2. Client: TEVETA
3. Challenge: train TEVETA staff to maintain links
   between the training provision and the labour
   market, provision of high quality training which
   meets the demands of different target groups
4. Our solution: strategic leadership in the
   development of the training system, staff
   training (design of modular curricula, quality
   assurance), set up training programmes and
   instruments, project management
5. Budget: € 1,4 Million
         Activities of CINOP (2)

1. Project title: Development of a business
   management system at vocational
2. Client: Ministry of Education South Africa
3. Challenge: strengthen the vocational sector
   in South Africa by piloting the development
   of a business management system at three
   Colleges that would improve governance,
   planning and management and enhance the
   flexible delivery of programmes
4. Our solution: information and system needs
   analysis, systems development, policy
   planning, infrastructure development and
   implementation, staff training
5. Budget: € 2 Million
        Activities of CINOP (3)

1. Project title: International literacy
   campaign in the Netherlands
2. Client: Government
3. Challenge: reduction of illiteracy in the
   Netherlands                                   National campaign
4. Our solutions: organisation of a national            battle against
   campaign with goodwill ambassador              illiteracy with Her
   Princess Laurentien and regional publicity         Royal Highness
   actions                                      Princess Laurentien
5. Budget: € 400,000 yearly
        Activities of CINOP (4)

1. Project title: National Qualifications
   Framework development in the Dutch
2. Client: Government
3. Challenge: how to structure the education
   and training activities in the Antilles and how
   to harmonise the VET system with the needs
   of lower qualified youngsters to keep them in
   training activities
4. Our solution: development of a qualification
   structure and curriculum development,
   training of teachers, research and
   stakeholders interviews and conceptualization
   culminating in policy advice
5. Budget: € 300,000
         Activities of CINOP (5)

1. Project title: Enhancing the quality and
   relevance of the VET system in Tanzania
2. Client: National Council for Technical
   Education (NACTE)
3. Challenge: To build capacity of NACTE to
   provide the needed guidance and support to
   technical institutions towards attaining quality
   education and training
4. Our solution: Development of a strategy to
   come to an effective system of support and to
   build capacity of NACTE to facilitate
   development of demand driven competence
   based modular curricula at technical institutes
5. Budget: € 900,000
         Activities of CINOP (6)

1. Project title: Capacity Building and
   curriculum development in the VET
   sector Public Services
2. Client: Tanzania Public Service College
3. Challenge: To build capacity of TPSC to
   provide the needed guidance and support to
   curriculum development on a competence
   based approach
4. Our solution: Development of a strategy at
   college-level TPSC to build capacity and
   facilitate development of demand driven
   competence based modular curricula at
   Public Service sector.
5. Budget: € 990,000
           Activities of CINOP (7)

1. Project title: Training Lab.
   New Approaches and Systems for Lifelong
2. Client: ISQ, Portugal
3. Project activities:
   • contribution to the design and equipment of
       the „pilot‟ multifunctional/multipurpose
       training room
   • contribution to the design of the
       methodological guide for Trainers support in
       the domain of the computer driving license
         Activities of CINOP (7)

   • Survey of training experiences based on
     “trainees centred” approaches in the
   • participation in the ilot course „Andragogic
     Training for Trainers‟.
   • drawing up the Report of Good Practices
   • dissemination of the project results.
   • Contribution to the project Management and
4.   Budget: € 530,000
        Activities of CINOP (8)

1. Project title: Indonesian Polytechnics
   Entrepreneurial Skills Development
   Project (ESDP)
2. Client: Asosiasi Politeknik Indonesia (ASPI)
3. Challenge: Development and implementation
   of Entrepreneurship and Quality Management
   System training programs and curriculum
   training programs
4. Our solution: Labour market analysis,
   curriculum development and training
5. Budget: € 2,2 million
         Activities of CINOP (9)

1. Project title: Capacity Building of Staff at
   Koforidua Polytechnic Automobile
   Engineering Department to improve
   Automobile Engineering Education in
2. Client: Koforidua Polytechnic
3. Challenge: Development and implementation of
   HND automotive engineering curriculum
4. Our solution: curriculum development, building
   an automotive environment, engineering en
   teaching training of the staff
5. Budget: € 1 million
         Activities of CINOP (10)

1. Project title: The organization of European
   Study visits focusing on priorities in VET
   and labour market developments
2. Clients: European Commission and Dutch
3. Challenge: to bring participants in contact with
   prominent European key experts from
   educational and research institutions as well
   as labour organizations
4. Our solution: to design and implement a
   variety of activities like working visits,
   presentations, discussion sessions and expert
5. Budget: € 150.000 yearly (since 1993)
             Our international network

• ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ National Agency EU
  funded programme
   Pilot projects to innovate European training systems,
   stimulation of student and apprentices mobility, etc.

   Programme perspectives:
    –   Individual and personal competences,
    –   VET in relation with enterprises,
    –   Employability of European citizens.
    –   Lifelong learning,
    –   New forms of ICT
    –   Participation of SME’s and enterprises,
    –   Equal opportunities for men and women,
    –   Prevention of inequality and exclusion.
          Our international network

• Euroguidance and Ploteus network
  Promotes an European dimension in guidance
  and promotes learning possibilities throughout
       Our international network

• CEDEFOP: National contact point for
  Refernet and European study visits
• Promotes the knowledge of, and
  comparability of training
• systems throughout Europe, using in-depth
  comparative analyses
• Member of UNESCO education commission
  and UNEVOC network
          Our Partners

•   Copenhagen DC / Denmark
•   Louis Berger / France / Romania
•   Class Management/ Romania
•   TEVETA / Zambia
•   PriceWaterhouseCoopers / Tanzania
•   Deloitte / Zambia
•   Emin Senver, Turkey
•   Innovam / The Netherlands
•   Facet / The Netherlands
•   Hanze University / The Netherlands
•   DEVOTRA, the Netherlands
•   University Fontys / The Netherlands
•   Edburgh Consultants, The Netherlands


CINOP Global

Herman van Holt, managing director
Henk Kok, international consultant
Kirsten Jense, international representative
Phone +31 73 68 00 687

Make your connection with CINOP!

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