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 Let’s RAISE the bar this year with
What Defines a Fundraiser at
Any time a club/organization collects money,
       it is considered a fundraiser.
This means that fundraisers are:
           • Selling of printed materials, political materials,
             student produced goods, and student produced
           • Selling of tickets and/or the charging of
             admission to public activities or events
           • Soliciting of voluntary contributions
           • Collection of dues and the selling of other goods
             and services
      • If money needs to be collected for an event or trip
        Traditional Ideas
•   Bake Sales
•   T-Shirt Sales
•   Candy Grahams
•   Flower Grahams
•   Candy Sales
•   Pasta Dinners
   Recent Creative Ideas!!!
   St. Jude’s Cannoli Sale
         Car Smash
         Fish Sale
  Expressions Donations
     Dance Workshop
  Chocolate Lollipop Sale
Pampered Chef Catalog Sales
    Soul Dinner Plates
    Yankee Candle Sale
    Bowl-A-Thon Event
So now that you have

IDEAS for fundraising,

     lets find out

 HOW to fundraise!
       The “Rules” of Fundraising
1. Fundraising Request Forms must be submitted at least 15 days prior to
   the proposed activity
2. No expenditures are to be made from cash collected.
3. All money collected through the fundraising activity must be deposited
   in the organization’s account located in the Business Office within 24
   hours after the collection of funds.
4. An explicit statement identifying the sponsoring club/organization and
   the intended recipient of funds must be displayed and visible to
5. A copy of the Financial Report and a copy of the completed deposit slip
   must be submitted to the Office of Student Life within 3 business days
   after the event.
          Step 1: Finding a Date
   • Meet with your club or organization and decide on a
          type of fundraiser and the date
   • Check that date on the online fundraising calendar by
          1. Going to
          2. Click on Student Life
          3. Click on Clubs and Organizations
          4. Click on Fundraising
          5. At the bottom of the page click on
          Fundraiser Event Calendar

*NOTE* Fundraisers do not appear on the calendar until AFTER
they are approved, so even though a date appears to be open, it
      could mean that a club has just submitted paperwork.
Step 2: Booking Your Fundraiser
All fundraising request forms are now submitted
electronically. You can submit your fundraising request
form by:
      1. Going to
      2. Click on Student Life
      3. Click on Clubs and
      4. Click on Fundraising
      5. At the top of the page click on
         “Fundraising Activity Form”
   Step 3: The Other Paperwork…
                           (to hold a fundraiser)
If your fundraiser is in the
Morrill/Jennings Breezeway:
No other paperwork needed!

If your fundraiser is in the Adanti
                                        If your fundraiser is in the Adanti
Student Center and it does NOT
                                        Student Center and it DOES require
require police coverage:
                                        police coverage:
A Student Center Facility Usage Form
                                        A Student Center Facility Usage Form
is needed
                                        AND an on campus facility usage form
If your fundraiser is at the Moore      is needed
Fieldhouse or at Jess Dow Field
                                        If your fundraiser is anywhere else
A on campus facility usage form is
                                        on campus:
needed AND a letter must be attached
from either Mr. Tony Aceto or Joe       A on campus facility usage form is
Hines stating you have permission to    needed
hold a fundraiser
If you are going off campus for a
fundraiser, you must complete:
   • All “typical” fundraising paperwork

   • An Off Camus Facility Usage Form

   • Assumption of Risk Forms for all students
   traveling off campus

   • A Travel Authorization may be needed depending
   on the location

   • If you are doing it at a business like Stop and
   Shop or at Pep Boys you must submit a letter from
   the business stating that you have permission to
   hold a fundraiser at their location
   Step 4: After the Fundraiser
Within twenty-four (24) business hours of the collection of
funds, be sure to deposit the money collected into your
club/organization’s account at the Business Office.

Within three (3) business days after the event, be sure to
submit the Financial Report as well as a copy of the
completed deposit slip to the Office of Student Life.
 Step 5: The Donation (optional)
• Have your club/organization vote on an amount and an
organization to donate your money

• Call the organization and ask for them to send you a W-9 so
you can make a donation

• Fill out a Payment Request Form to the organization your
club/organization would like to donate the money to

• Have the president and treasurer of your club/organization write
a letter stating that your club/organization unanimously voted on
(insert date) to donate (insert amount) to (insert location). Attach
this letter to the Payment Request Form


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