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					                                               St. Mary of the
          April 26, 2009                       Immaculate Conception
      Third Sunday of Easter

Parish Staff
Father Mark P. Vander Steeg
David De Young
Deacon                            Ext. 201               Bailey Bauer                        Benjamin Kellner
Christine Wert                                       Matthew Blumenberg                      Meghan Kempen
Women’s Life Coordinator          Ext. 210
Jon McCarthy                                           Audrey Bohman                         Taylor Kerscher
Youth Events Coordinator          Ext. 237
                                                        Casey Breidel                        Lindsey Kettner
Anita DuBois
Business Manager                  Ext. 200              Jennifer Bright                       Jenna Krueger
Lisa VandenLangenberg                                 Brennan Danielski                      Bradley Leeman
Financial Assistant               Ext. 211
Tammy Krueger
                                                      Elizabeth Dickhut                        Colin Leidall
Parish Secretary                  Ext. 205              Sarah Dickhut                          Laura Lynch
Debra Fuller
Catholic School Principal         Ext. 233               Hailey Ebben                       Amanda Peterson
Yvonne Ziegler                                           Ryan Ebben                            Lauren Reigel
School Secretary                  Ext. 212
                                                         Jennifer Fabel                    Phillip Schumacher
Luke Gietman
Director of Religious Education   Ext. 207            Rachel Fassbender                       Travis Seidler
Catherine Ebsch                                        Chelsea Franczek                      Natalie Shofner
Elem.& Middle School Formation    Ext. 202
Sue Brockman                                              Sarah Fuller                      Samantha Steede
Faith Formation Secretary         Ext. 208
                                                        Alex Griesbach                        Mitchell Sunde
E-mail Addresses:
1stInitial/LastName@stmarygreenville.org                 Rebecca Hart                        Jacob Wickham
                                                     Addison Hellenbrand                     Jon Wunderlich
Baptism                                                  Brooke Huss                         Taylor Wyngard
Please call us when you are expecting.                  Jennifer Jahns
Please call a minimum of six months
in advance.                                               “And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been
Adoration of Jesus                                         poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been
Tuesday           5:00 pm-6:15 pm                                      given to us.”              Romans 5:5
Saturday          2:00 pm-3:30 pm
Tuesday           5:00 pm-6:15 pm

Celebration of the Mass                        N2385 MUNICIPAL DRIVE • GREENVILLE, WI 54942
Saturday evening 4:00 pm                        (920) 757-6555 • Email: parish@stmarygreenville.org
Sunday 7:30 am (Rosary before Mass)
       10:45 am (Rosary before Mass)
                                                       WEBSITE: www.stmarygreenville.org
Daily Mass Schedule—See inside                 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-4:30 pm and Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Holy Day Mass Schedule—See inside            In an emergency, please contact Fr. Mark at 757-5663 or on his cell (920)609-4630
 School News

                                                      EARTH DAY—2009
                                             St. Mary School participated in different activities for Earth
                                             Day, April 22. The third grade class provided a “Pledge of
                                             Allegiance to Earth” for the school’s Morning Prayer.
                                             Different classes went outside to pick up trash around the school. Various
                                             students were going to turn off the lights tonight as well as pick up trash
                                             around their neighborhood. The four year olds were going to plant flowers,
                                             turn off the water, turn off the lights, and even vacuum the house to help keep
                                             our earth clean!

 Faith Formation—Youth / Children
                 St. Mary’s Steeplechase—Part Deux               SHINE Stock Sale
                 Join others on an expedition of faith and                         The SHINE work trip will be selling stock after
                 history in our own Diocese. We will explore                       all Masses this weekend and next weekend.
                 some of the most beautiful churches in the                        The stock sale is for those who would like to
                 area. High School students and young adults                       financially support the SHINE youth trip—a
                 are welcome to come along. Departure will                         week of prayer and service for teens. For
                 be Thursday June 25 from St. Mary’s at                            those who buy stock, we will pray for you on
                 8:00am and returning at 5:30pm. There is                          the trip or for anyone you would like us to pray
                 no cost for this trip. Please contact Luke if                     for. We will also be having a dinner after the
                 you would like to go along—757-6555 ext                           trip with a slide show and the students will tell
                 207 or lgietman@stmarygreenville.org.                             us all about their trip. Thank you in advance
                                                                                   for your support.
Dead Theologians Society
If you haven't heard already we are moving                  Vacation Bible School
DTS to St. Mary's. Let everyone know that                   Mark your calendars now for St. Mary’s Vacation
the last dates will be, MAY 9TH, AND MAY                    Bible School. Scheduled to take place from
23RD. We will meet at St. Mary's at 7pm                     June 15-19 from 9:00am to 12:15pm. Stu-
so that if you want to go to St. Ed's for                   dents entering kindergarten thru the 5th grade
mass that will still work. Then we will be                  are encouraged to come. Price for VBS is $35
breaking for summer. Tell everyone you                      and includes a t-shirt. Registration forms are in
know that we are moving to St. Mary's!                      the Narthex. Please contact Sue Brockman at
                                                            ext. 208 if you would like to volunteer to help.
                                                            Adults as well as middle and high school students are welcome!
             Defending the Faith
             Coming this summer to St. Mary’s is a way for high school students to learn how to defend the Catholic faith by
             discussing the central tenants of our faith. Some of the topics to be discussed are, Scripture and Tradition, What is
             Purgatory and the Real Presence. Come join other high school students from our area for evenings of learning about
             the faith, fun and snacks. Tuesdays this summer after the 6:30pm Mass. Contact Luke at 757-6555 ext 207 or
             lgietman@stmarygreenville.org with any questions. More information to follow.

 4 │ St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception • Greenville, WI
Faith Formation—Adults

  Women’s Spring Retreat!                                                              Catholicism 101
                                                                                     Whether you are a “cradle Catholic,” a recent
       Retreat Leader: Father Mark Vander Steeg                                       convert, or just interested in learning more
                                                                                     about the Catholic Faith, this study is for you.

                    THIS Tues April 28th                                               Deacon Dave will be leading a discussion
                                                                                           following a DVD presentation by
                    With option for an overnight stay                                     Jeff Cavins on the evening’s topic.
                    There is still time to sign up—call                             World-renowned author and theologian Jeff Cavins
                                                                                     explains the basics of Catholicism and makes the
                         Chris TODAY!                                               Catholic Faith come alive as he tackles many of the
                                                                                      tough questions people have about the Catholic
                       “Appointment with God:                                        faith. Using plain language and engaging stories,
                                                                                       Cavins brings the most difficult concepts to life.
                         Growing in Prayer”
                                                                                                   Monday Nights
      Sessions on Prayer. Mass will be celebrated.                                                   7-8:30pm
    Meals are included. Nature trail near by for walking.                                   •   Prayer - April 27
                   All women welcome!                                                       •   The Sacraments - May 4
                                                                                            •   The Mass - May 11
              One day option w/o Dinner $35                                                 •   Mary - May 18
        One Day w/Dinner & Evening Session $45.                                             •   The Papacy - June 1
  Overnight option includes both days and all meals $65.
                 (We will finish by noon on Wednesday)                                                 $20
                                                                                                   For Materials
   To be held at the Elizabeth Ministry Retreat Center in Kaukauna
                                                                                     You are welcome to come to one or all sessions.
     Call Chris Wert for more information or to register                                Registration forms are in the Narthex.
       757-6555 x210 or cwert@stmarygreenville.org                                  Call Chris Wert for more information or if you are
                                                                                   in need of babysitting services — 757-6555 x210.

                               “The Battle At Hand”                                                              Thursday
                            Adult Faith Night Speaker: Fr. Samuel Martin                                         April 30th
                         Spiritual Warfare in the Life of the Christian                                           7:15pm*
                         “For, although we are in the flesh, we do not battle according to the flesh, for        *Please note the new
                        the weapons of our battle are not of flesh but are enormously powerful, capable            beginning time
                          of destroying fortresses. Look at what confronts you.” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4, 7a)

                          We will examine the very real battle that continues between good and evil. Who is at war and
where do we stand on the battlefield? Knowing the tactics of the enemy and the abundance of weapons of grace we have
 available to us are things that every Christian needs to know. This evening of teaching and discussion is intended to
              strengthen you to engage in the daily spiritual battles with confident hope in Christ’s victory.
                                            All are invited. Refreshments will be served.

                                    Please call Chris Wert for more information at 757-6555 x210

5 │ April 26, 2009 • Third Sunday of Easter

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