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					Winners Circle –
Airport Success Stories
Airport Minority Advisory Council Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana
June 3, 2008

Patrice Gilmore
Diversity Coordinator
Patrice Gilmore

                   Diversity Coordinator
                   Manages Diversity Program in Raleigh, North
                    Carolina office
                   8 years of construction industry experience as
                    Project Engineer and Project Manager
                   120 employees
                   10 active construction projects
                   Representing over $190M in contracts with public
                    and private clients (including fee and GCs)
                   $27M spent with S/DBE subcontractors and
Organizational Chart

                           Precon Director & Project Executive

          Precon Manager          Diversity Coordinator          Project Manager

         As Diversity Coordinator, I am your liaison between the
         Preconstruction Manager and Project Manager. These
               individuals issue and award subcontracts.

    Who is Bovis Lend Lease?
    Past/Current Aviation Experience
    How Our Diversity Program Works
    How We Find S/DBEs – Outreach/Prequal/Procurement
    Best Practices - Who We’re Looking For & How to Position Yourself
    The S/DBE Partnering Process
    New Aviation Opportunities
Who We Are?

  #1 Construction Manager in the US, Building, Design & Construction,
  Established presence in 21 offices in North and Latin America
  2,900 Employees
  $3.4 Billion in Revenues, Fiscal Year Ending June 2006
  Provide delivery through sector specialization, strong technical
   services combined with local delivery experience
  Technical Service Group — Unique in-house capabilities, providing
   benchmark technical skills and vast specialized industry experience
2007 and 2006 Industry Rankings

Engineering News Record                                        Modern Healthcare
Top 400 Contractors (May 2007)                                 Construction & Design Survey (March 2007)
Top 400 Contractors — Ranked 6th                               Construction Manager — Ranked 3rd
Top 100 Contractors (Based on New Contracts) — Ranked 3rd
Top 50 in Domestic General Building Contractors — Ranked 2nd

Top 100 Construction Management Firms (June 2006)
At Risk — Ranked 2nd
Fee Only — Ranked 9th

Top 400 Contractors (October 2006)                             Building Design & Construction
Top 400 Contractors — 7th                                      Giants 300 (July 2006)
Top 100 Contractors (New Contracts) — 7th                      Construction Manager — Ranked 1st
Top 50 in Domestic General Building — 3rd
Top Multi-Unit Residential Contractors — 1st                   General Contractor — Ranked 2nd
Top Healthcare Contractors — 4th
Core Services

   Construction Management
   Program Management
   Project Management
   General Contracting
   Design/Build
   Technical Consulting Services
   Owner’s Representative/Staff
Area of Operation

  Atlanta, GA
  Boston, MA
  Charlotte, NC
  Chicago, IL
  Columbus, OH
  Dallas, TX
  Los Angeles, CA
  Las Vegas, NV
  Miami, FL
  Nashville, TN
  New York, NY
  Orlando, FL
  Princeton, NJ
  Raleigh, NC               Americas
  San Francisco, CA
  Tampa, FL
  Upstate NY                2500 Staff
  Washington, D.C.          20 Offices
  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Mexico City, Mexico
  São Paulo, Brazil
Market Sector Experience

                           Education, Higher
                           Retail and
                           Senior Living
                           Sports and Leisure
Past Aviation Experience

   Airport Terminals
      O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois
      LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment Program, Queens, New York
      Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, Oakland, California
      Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado
      DHL Airways, Inc., Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International
        Airport, Cincinnati, Ohio
      Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Baltimore, Maryland
      Reno Cannon Airport Phase 1, Reno, Nevada
      McGhee Tyson Airport — Renovation and Expansion, Knoxville,
      Tampa Airport, Tampa, Florida
      Newark International Redevelopment, Newark, New Jersey
      Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, New York
      Columbia Airport Expansion, Columbia, South Carolina
Bovis Lend Lease Diversity Program

 Purpose and Objectives
    Provide fair and equal opportunity for
     HUB firms
    Promote the diverse utilization of HUB
     firms on all projects
    Reduce the barriers that HUB firms
    Encourage second-tier participation

 Implementation – centered around
  three key principles:
    Outreach
    Procurement & Reporting
    Training & Development
Bovis Lend Lease Diversity Program

           OUTREACH                          PROCUREMENT
         To inform the S/DBE               Maintain clear and constant
              community                  communication with HUB firms
         of work opportunities           during pre-bid/post-bid activities

             S/DBE Database
                                           Online Prequalification Process
        Apprenticeship Programs
                                              Bid Package Development
         Contractor Open House
                                              Reduced Barrier Packages
        S/DBE Outreach Sessions
                                           Explain Public Bidding Process
             HBCU Recruiting
                                           Create “Open Door” Atmosphere
        Mentor-Protégé Program
                                            Advise Unsuccessful Bidders
       On-site Technical Assistance
                                         One-on-One Scope Review/Page Turn
    Community Organization Involvement
Bovis Lend Lease Diversity Program

          REPORTING                          TRAINING &
    inform stakeholders of S/DBE            DEVELOPMENT
         participation results          provides access to information
                                        and education that encourages
                                        continual growth of HUB firms

       S/DBE Participation Reports              Bidding for Success
      1st/2nd Tier Utilization Report               Scheduling
      General Conditions Purchases           Understanding Contracts
        S/DBE Reporting Database         Marketing & Business Development
         Pay Application Tracking          Developing a Safety Program
Subcontractor’s Best Practices

                PRE-BID                                          BID
   ■ Know your strengths – have a targeted
     approach - Network, network, network!!!!   ■   Understanding bidding documents –
                                                    thorough page turn with project team
   ■ Have appropriate marketing materials
                                                ■   In-depth Estimating and Bid
   ■ Be honest about your company’s
     position – financial, technical,
     administrative                             ■   Assessing costs of work to ensure a
   ■ Understanding document development
     (SD, DD, CD)                               ■   Be prepared to address
   ■ Finding project advertisements and             ■ Past references
     invitations to bid                             ■ Safety record
   ■ Be responsive                                  ■ S/DBE participation
   ■ Ask questions                                  ■ Work experience
Subcontractor’s Best Practices

              POST-BID                               CLOSEOUT
   ■ Understanding WHAT the contract       ■ Where do we go from here?
     includes                                 ■ Was the job profitable? Why or why
   ■ Safety program                             not?
   ■ Mobilization costs                       ■ Planned vs. Actual analysis of entire
   ■ Proper documentation
                                              ■ Are you looking to the next project
       ■ Insurance certificates
                                                on the horizon?
       ■ Schedule of values
                                              ■ Do you have a place for your
       ■ Pay applications                       employees in the meantime?
       ■ RFIs/change orders/submittals        ■ Review your ―Lessons Learned‖.
       ■ General correspondence –             ■ Rate your relationship with your
          document, document, document!!        client, vendors, JV partners – would
                                                you do it all again?
Contact Information

                  PATRICE GILMORE
                 Bovis Lend Lease, Inc.
              8540 Colonnade Center Drive
                       Suite 201
                   Raleigh, NC 27615

                    T: 919.841.5190
                   M: 919.395.5631

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