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									                                                       RCPT 314 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (Poor Example)

STUDENT BEING EVALUATED                     Jay Jack                                    DATE 11/10/08 Mid-Term Score                 x      Final Score

Please rate “performance criteria” by placing # in blanks below and add numbers for total score to be placed in mid-term or final score”.

 Criteria                  Unsatisfactory 1                      Poor 2                                   Fair 3                         Good      4                  Excellent 5
Quality of Work        Products and work is typically      Turns in work but needs            Work is acceptable or average.    Work above average. Few           All products perfect. Group
                       unacceptable. Second and third      significant revisions. Group       Others must occasionally refine   changes are required.             uses work as model. No
                       drafts if completed are not         cannot count on quality – must     the final drafts. Has some        Has others proof work to          mistakes – very accurate.
                       acceptable. Work completed at       always follow up to ensure a       trouble doing work on their       ensure quality. Group is          Others do not need to proof
                       programs or during planning are     quality product __x__              own. ____                         proud to include work in          work and rewrite. ____
                       not acceptable. ____                                                                                     programs plans and
                                                                                                                                presentations. ____

Dependability           Not reliable and not on time.      Not always on time.                On time with few exceptions.       On time. Participation above     Always on time. Consistently
                        Does not contribute to group.      Participation lacks. Needs to      Participation acceptable. Could    average. Very active member      participates in all meetings
                        Non-functional group member.       step it up and contribute more.    speak up more and take on          in the group and at programs.    and programs on a leadership
                        Appears to have no regard for      Does not make deadlines.           more. Tends to wait until the      Makes all deadlines. ____        level. Turns in work before
                        deadlines. ____                    ____                               last minute – stressful for                                         deadlines. ____
                                                                                              others waiting on work. __x__
Work habits             Very poor performance. Even        Others must ask for                Contributes when asked.            Contributes significantly to     Extremely hard worker. Role
                        when confronted does not           contributions then will perform.   Needs some motivation from         group. Others do not have to     models positive work ethic.
                        change behavior. ____              Appears to be focused on other     others. Does not always stay       follow up. Stays focused in      Inspires others to work hard
                                                           things. Easily distracted. ____    focused or on task _x___.          classes. Stays on task ____.     and to be proud. Does more
                                                                                                                                                                  than most. ____

Relationship with       Selfish. Not a team player.        Tends to focus on own work         Attempts to be productive          Works hard to get along with     Role models ideal
others                  Obvious disregard for others       and issues. Not always             group member. Not always           others. Flexible. Willing to     communication skills. Deals
                        ____                               considerate of others. Difficult   thinking with a team approach.     confront problems out in the     with conflict appropriately.
                                                           to work with at times. __x__       However, accepts feedback          open. A team player ____.        Always a team player. Keeps
                                                                                              and will adjust behavior. ___                                       group together. ____

Initiative              Appears to not care. Takes no      Always have to be reminded.        Occasionally needs to be           Acts without reminders from      Always thinking ahead.
                        initiative. Reminders do not       Only do what is asked or           reminded. Does not mind            others. If an issue or problem   Always acts without
                        help or change behavior. ____      necessary ____                     taking on additional tasks.        arises – they address it         prompting from others. Able
                                                                                              Tends not to challenge self and    immediately. Willingly tackles   to anticipate issues and
                                                                                              sticks with aspects of program     challenging aspects of program   problems before they occur.
                                                                                              planning and program               planning and implementation.     Role model. Readily accepts
                                                                                              implementation where               ____                             challenges and will take on
                                                                                              comfortable. __x__                                                  assignments where others are
                                                                                                                                                                  hesitant. ____
Program                 Always stands back. Does not       Tends to stand back. More of       Participates in all programs.      At most programs, will step up   Consistently a leader during
Performance             participate. Does not contribute   an observer. Occasionally will     Rarely takes on a leadership       as a leader. Comfortable         programs. Enthusiastic.
                        to programs. ____                  take on an active role during a    role but will if needed. Not       serving participants. Great      Excellent with the public. Very
                                                           program. ____                      always comfortable. Not willing    attitude and keeps patience.     comfortable in front of crowds.
                                                                                              to step up unless asked. __x__     ____                             Effective with groups. ____
Judgment and            Makes no attempt to apply       Relies on others – does not       Displays reasonable judgment.      Act quickly and not afraid to     Able to solve problems quickly
common sense            judgment during programs and    make decisions unless             Attempts to solve problems as      share opinion. When in            and effectively. Has natural
                        planning sessions. ____         pressured to do so. Not           best as possible. Not always       leadership position – does not    ability to deal with problems.
                                                        comfortable solving problems.     aware of all factors when          hesitate to act. Makes sound      Others rely on this person’s
                                                        ____                              making a decision. ____            decisions. Able to problem        judgment – look to this person
                                                                                                                             solve or seeks help to solve      for their valuable opinion.
                                                                                                                             problems. __x__                   ____
Supervisory ability     Makes no attempt to be a        Did not take on a formal          Has taken on formal leadership     Gladly takes on formal            Natural leader. Able to use
                        leader and does not show        leadership role such as a         role. Does not always use          leadership role. An obvious       appropriate leadership style
                        leadership potential. ____      supervisor. But, does show        appropriate leadership style but   leader. Effective at delegating   when needed. Has respect of
                                                        leadership ability during         learns from mistakes. Does not     and getting things done. Group    peers and participants. Role
                                                        programs, planning and class if   always share leadership            members respond favorably to      model. Delegates, keeps
                                                        asked. ____                       responsibilities when co-          leadership style. Works hard to   others well informed and is
                                                                                          leading. __x__                     mesh with other leaders. ____     organized. Works effectively
                                                                                                                                                               with co-leaders. ____
Administrative          Shows no concern for class      Not real clear how class          Will check syllabus when           Understands class syllabus but    Understands the class
ability                 requirements. Does not          requirements are structured.      needed. Not perfectly clear on     occasionally has to be            syllabus and expectations
                        produce products or other       Relies on others to create        class requirements but will find   reminded about the process for    perfectly – understands
                        class related paperwork. ____   products, meet deadlines, etc.    out. Does not always complete      grading, assignments,             grading, assignments,
                                                        Better working with people as     all administrative tasks           evaluations, etc. Does above      deadlines and serves as
                                                        opposed to workshop               associated with a program –        average job of putting program    source of information for
                                                        paperwork. ____                   needs reminding. __x__             plans together. ____              others. Ensures program
                                                                                                                                                               plans are perfect. Effectively
                                                                                                                                                               performs all administrative
                                                                                                                                                               tasks. ____
45 -- 41 = A     40 – 36 = B     35 – 32 = C         31 – 27 = D        26 and below = F

                                               Strengths                                                                   Improvements
Quality of Work       Keep up good work.                                                        Can’t think of anything

Dependability         You made most of meetings, maybe missed one. You turn things in           Give others a break if they are late.
                      on time.

Work habits           You work best out of class. You talk about others things and that         Watch personal conversations.
                      gets us off topic.

Relationship with     You get along great with others. You are a good person.                   Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have a problem.

Initiative            Good in this area.                                                        No comment

Program               You are great at programs. Keep it up.                                    You were late for one.

Judgment and          Good here                                                                 No comment
common sense

Supervisory ability   Waited until all positions were taken. Speak up and participate more.     Work on your supervisor skills.

Administrative        I know you don’t like paperwork. Don’t let your attitude show it brings
ability               down the group.

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