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                                              CTN’s Newsletter for Northern California Catholic Schools • September 04

                                              HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL SUMMER BREAK
                                                          WELCOME BACK!
                                              We have made some exciting changes to our website that will make it easier for teachers
When things go wrong, as they                 at member schools to find exactly what they need. We have expanded our collection
sometimes will,                               of streaming video content and added over 40 new links to expand the breadth of our
When the road you’re trudging seems           Curriculum and Catholic Resource area. Some highlights are listed below:
all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts          Streaming Video
are high                                      We now have a collection of religion videos online for your use. Enter the streaming video site
And you want to smile, but you have to        and type in the keyword area “catholic” and approximately 20 videos will be available for
sigh,                                         CTN members’ use. This library of Catholic videos will be expanded throughout the year.
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest! if you must–but never quit.

Life is strange, with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won if he’d stuck
it out;
Stick to your task, though the pace
seems slow -
You may succeed with one more blow.

Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt -
And you never can tell how close you
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest
hit -
It’s when things seem worst that YOU

~ from the Book of Virtures by William
Bennett, submitted to CTN by Ken
Willers, Principal at St. John’s School,
San Francisco                                 Curriculum and Catholic Resource Area
                                              We have created Religion Curriculum Correlations for grades K-8 that identify the outcomes
         NEW TEACHERS                         to be completed by CTN videos, scripture references and websites. This information is
                                              available in a folder called “Religion Correlations”. This document will be a great time saver
Visit our website at           for all Religion Teachers. A special thank you to Diane Farhner, a teacher at St. Raymond
New teachers will love all the resources      School in the Archdiocese of San Francisco who completed this project over the summer.
available! Ask our experts to help you
with your fact finding by using our           We have also posted a selection of Middle School lesson plans in a folder called “Streaming
RESEARCH DESK.                                Lesson Plans”. These lesson plans encompass a variety of subject areas and identify specific
                                              streaming video clips to enhance a classroom lesson - check them out for yourself.
1. Visit our home page
2. Click on the Research Desk button          The Religion Correlation and Middle School Lesson Plans folder will be available for use in
3. Enter the info about your school and       early September. Your streaming video password or school passcode can be used to gain
   the topic you’d like help researching      access to Streaming Video, the Research Desk and the Curriculum and Catholic resource
    September 2004

                    F        ocus	on                F        aith	         by K atie	 M cMaster
       Catholic Identity at the Start of the School Year
       Our Catholic schools are faith communities centered on Jesus in the Holy Eucharist; communities in which faith is integrated with life.
       Teachers must accept the responsibility for incorporating and integrating Catholicism into their classrooms. Remember the words of
       Pope John Paul II from his encyclical Catechesis Tradendae, that in the classroom, “You are Christ’s instruments. It is Christ who is
       taught and it is Christ alone who teaches.”

          Easy Ideas to Make a Classroom Catholic:

          • Let posters and bulletin boards reflect the diversity of         • Create subtle reminders with banners on classroom
            God’s creation. Be sensitive to racial balance and                 computers: “Make God Smile,” “Jesus Is Present,” or
            body styles.                                                       “God Will Always Love You.”

          • Affirm positive messages on posters and bulletin                 • Create a hero bulletin board with the biography of a
            boards.                                                            saint.

          • Keep a neat classroom. God’s universe is orderly.                • Post the parish or school mission statement as well as
                                                                               daily or special prayer intentions.
          • Establish a prayer corner with contemporary statuary
            and a Bible.
       Lesson Plan with icebreaker activities helps students get comfortable with one another. This activity uses the book The Giving Tree and
       includes a discussion about giving.
       Level: Gr.1-4

       How to Make a Prayer Corner
       Everything that goes there should be as beautiful as you can make it. Invite every student to be responsible for the upkeep of the
       prayer corner. Try and make sure nothing distracts from the prayer corner. Remember to keep the Bible prominent during all your
       teaching time. Children are influenced greatly by the way you revere and love your Bible.

       Articles to include when designing a prayer corner:

       • A cross

       • An image of Mary

       • A candle

       • A bowl of holy water

       • An alms box

       • Seasonal items to add and take away                                                         an example of a simple prayer corner
                                                                                                        made by teachers and students
       Decorating your Classroom
       Remember that when decorating your classroom you are teaching an aspect of a way of life and all these things must support the
       Catholic way of life. Making a classroom physically Catholic means to remind students visually of their faith and it’s teachings.
       Decorating the classroom will help lead your students to joy and wonder which leads to thanks and praise.                        
       Communities of catechists who share free resources and ideas           Web page with clip art for classroom newsletters
       for the classroom teacher.                                             Level: Teacher
       Level: Teacher

Video Highlights from CTN’s Library
Grades K-2                                      Grades 3-5

Davey & Goliath                                 Working Together: You Bug Me                     Math Works:
School, Who Needs It?                           Broadcast Video                                  Identifying the Problem
Broadcast Video                                 GET-009 (15:00)                                  Broadcast Video
DG-065 (30:00)                                  A variety of situations show children who are    MW-002 (15:00)
A lovable boy and his faithful dog have ex-     irritated with the behavior of someone else.     Problems can be solved by restating the
citing adventures that teach religious values   To solve the problem, they learn to identify     problem, changing the context, discarding
while entertaining young viewers. Davey         what annoys them and develop strategies to       unnecessary information and indicating what
gradually learns to understand his relation-    deal with it effectively, as suggested in the    is given and needed.
ship with God, to get along with others, and    book Angel Child, Dragon Child.                  Mon., 9/13 10:45-11:00 Ch. 12
to understand himself as a growing person.      Wed., 9/13 1:30-1:45 Ch. 12                      Tues., 9/14 9:45-10:00 Ch. 10
Discussion Guide Available                      Fri., 9/17 10:25-10:40 Ch. 10
Tues., 9/7 10:30-11:00 Ch. 10                                                                    Math Works:
Wed., 9/8 1:00-1:30 Ch. 12                      Looking From The Inside Out:                     Place Value In Decimals
Thurs., 9/9 9:00-9:30 Ch. 12                    That’s Me                                        Broadcast Video
Fri., 9/10 12:30-1:00 Ch. 10,                   Broadcast Video                                  MW-004 (15:00)
           1:45-2:15 Ch. 12                     IO-002 (15:00)                                   A mistake in a grocery order is corrected by
Mon., 9/13 8:20-8:50 Ch. 12                     Iris loses confidence when she compares          learning the relative size of numbers to the
                                                herself to her gifted older sister. With help    left and right of the decimal point. An athlete
Getting Along: It’s Mine                        she learns to build her self-esteem by accept-   shows how decimals figure in scoring.
Broadcast Video                                 ing a new challenge - sharing her art to help    Mon., 9/27 10:45-11:00 Ch. 12
GET-002 (15:00)                                 someone else.                                    Tues., 9/28 9:45-10:00 Ch. 10
Sam and Laura get into an argument over         Tues., 9/14 11:20 Ch. 10
sharing crayons. The story Jamaica’s Blue       Fri., 9/17 1:25-1:40 Ch. 10
Marker helps them realize that sharing can
                                                                                                    Multimedia Kit
become a positive experience.                   Discovering Simple Machines: Com-
                                                                                                    Level: Grades K-3
Mon., 9/13 9:25-9:40 Ch. 12                     pound Machines
Wed., 9/15 9:15-9:30 Ch. 10                     Broadcast Video
                                                DSM-001 (10:00)
The Gospel According To St. Ber-                Summarizes
nard: You Can Handle Anything                   the information
Broadcast Video                                 presented in the
SB-001 (25:00)                                  series. “A machine
Bernie arrives at a family picnic where         is a devise or tool
Daniel has just broken his arm. He teaches      that does one or
Daniel and Jennifer that God is always there,   more of these                                       Includes:
caring for us and listening to our prayers.     three things: makes work easier, makes work         • Video: Insects: The Children’s Video
Thurs., 9/9 11:35-12:00 Ch. 12                  faster, or changes the direction of a force.           Encyclopedia - Vol. V in the Tell Me
Mon., 9/13 8:55-9:20 Ch. 12                     Two or more machines used together make a              Why series
                                                compound machine.” (Teacher’s Guide, p. 1)          • Book: Curious Kids Guide Insects
Story Circle: Charlie Needs a Cloak             Fri., 9/10 9:00-9:10 Ch. 10                            and Bugs
Broadcast Video                                 Mon., 9/13 11:05-11:15 Ch. 10                       • Book: Miss Spider’s Tea Party by
SF-031 (8:00)                                                                                          David Kirk
When Charlie’s old cloak becomes torn and
tattered, he spins a new one, showing how
cloth is made from wool.                                    CTN’s Top Ten Most Requested Multimedia Kits
Mon., 9/13 1:40-1:48 Ch. 10
Wed., 9/15 8:50-8:58 Ch. 12                        • California Missions                     All Multimedia Kits are available for 2-week
Thurs., 9/16 9:05-9:13 Ch. 10                      • Insects                                 loan. To borrow CTN kits, please call our main
Fri., 9/17 11:05-11:13 Ch. 10                                                                office number: 650-326-7850
                                                   • Human Body
                                                   • The Rosary                              or leave a message with Scheduling:
Reading Rainbow:
                                                   • Island of the Blue Dolphins             650-326-7850 ext. 12
Little Nino’s Pizzeria
Broadcast Video                                    • Solar System
                                                                                             We deliver loan items via UPS and ask that
RR-002 (30:00)                                     • What Every Teacher Should
                                                                                             you call and schedule a pick up to return a
Tino helps out at his family’s restaurant and        Know About ADD
                                                                                             video promptly as we often have waiting lists.
learns about teamwork. LeVar talks with            • Sacraments - Celebration of
families that operate their own businesses.          Life                                    Visit CTN¹s Web site at and
Wed., 9/15 9:35-10:05 Ch. 10                       • Alexander Calder                        click on “Multimedia Kits” to see an updated
Thurs., 9/16 1:05-1:35 Ch. 10                      • Diego Rivera                            list of kits in our library. There is no charge to
Fri., 9/17 11:30-12:00 Ch. 10
                                                                                             member schools for shipping videos and kits.

                                                                                                                               September 2004

Grades 6-8                                                                                          Professional
History’s Ancient Legacies: Pompeii                The Human Body Systems:                          Learning Disabilities and Discipline:
Broadcast Video                                    The Respiratory System                           When the Chips are Down
WH-046 (25:00)                                     Broadcast Video                                  62:00 min.
Pompeii was buried beneath a mountain of           HBS-002 (24:00)                                  Loan Only
ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.            The lungs and air passages that make up the      In this award-winning program from PBS,
This video takes students back to the city as it   breathing system are responsible for getting     Richard Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed. uses the anal-
was, and then compares the original city with      oxygen to the body and removing carbon           ogy of poker chips to explain self-esteem.
the latest views of the ruins. Uses superb 3D      dioxide. Explains the respiratory system and     The more poker chips a person has, the
graphics and computer animation,                   all of its organs and parts.                     better the person’s self-esteem. How do you
Wed., 9/8 1:45-2:10 Ch. 10                         Mon., 9/13 11:10-11:34 Ch. 12                    get poker chips? By experiencing success.
Thurs., 9/9 11:05-11:30 Ch. 10                     Tues., 9/14 9:00-9:24 Ch. 10                     Lavoie compares the large supply of poker
                                                                                                    chips that football star, “Joe Cool” has ac-
                                                   Religions of The World: Buddhism                 cumulated to the few poker chips that “Larry
                                                   Broadcast Video                                  Learning Disabled” has because he doesn’t
                                                   WR-001 (28:00)                                   appear to be good at anything. Lavoie tells
                                                   Shot on location in India, Nepal, Thailand,      teachers and parents that their job is to make
                                                   and Japan, this program explores the history,    sure that all students have more poker chips
                                                   development, art, and influence of Bud-          at night than they did in that morning. The
                                                   dhism in the world. Topics include the Noble     video identifies three common factors that
                                                   Eightfold Way, the teachings of the Buddha,      will help teachers and parents figure out how
                                                   the concept of karma, the importance of          to create “winning” opportunities.
                                                   compassion and the relationship between          Includes a Discussion Guide
                                                   Buddhism and Hinduism.
                                                   Tues., 9/7 1:30-1:58 Ch. 12                      Ennis’s Gift
Building Connections To The Past:
                                                                                                    30:00 min.
Egyptian Culture
                                                   Religions Of The World: Islam                    Loan Only
Broadcast Video
                                                   Broadcast Video                                  In this film you’ll
BC-002 (15:00)
                                                   WR-003 (28:00)                                   meet actors, scien-
Explains the ancient
                                                   Islam is the world’s fastest growing, and        tists, business lead-
Egyptians’ search for
                                                   perhaps most misunderstood religion. This        ers, a polar explorer,
immortality, the tech-
                                                   program gives an introduction to the Muslim      a teacher and dozens
nique and mystique
                                                   faith, its foundations, and its past and pres-   of others, both children
of mummification,
                                                   ent influences on the world. Islam is a faith    and adults, who have
and the incredible
                                                   that, although the world’s youngest, has         one thing in common:
precision of pyramid
                                                   attracted more than one billion followers. The   they all have learning
construction. Describes
                                                   video highlights Islamic practices in India,     differences.
the history of hiero-
                                                   Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.
glyphics, a form of
                                                   Tues., 9/21 1:30-1:58 Ch. 12
writing which was lost
for thousands years
                                                      Alexander Calder
until the Rosetta Stone was
                                                      Multimedia Kit
deciphered in 1822.
                                                      Level: Grades 6-12
Mon. 9/13 8:45-9:00 Ch. 10
Wed., 9/15 9:50-10:05 Ch.12                           Includes:
                                                      • Video: Alexander Calder, American Masters Series, WNET (60:00). Includes archival
     BROADCAST	AND	VIDEO                                 footage of Calder at work, scenes from his
       	LOAN	REQUESTS                                    famous circus events, and interviews with
                                                         other artists who evaluate his contribution to
                                                         American Art.
• Broadcast videos may be scheduled at
                                                      • Video: Mobile, by Alexander Calder,
  alternate times by calling CTN at
                                                         National Gallery Program, AHA-018
  650-326-7850, ext. 12 or by email to                                     (24:00) – a documentary shows the creation
                                                         and installation of the giant mobile in the East
• Loan videos and kits may be borrowed
                                                         Wing of the National Gallery of Art.
  for 2 weeks and should be returned to               • Book: Alexander Calder and His Magical
  CTN.                                                    Mobiles, by Jean Lipman. A treasury of
• Videos may be duplicated unless noted                   favorite works by Alexander Calder is
  otherwise.                                              accompanied by the story of the artist’s life and career.
• CTN staff are available to assist you from          • Book: Calder’s Circus This book documents Calder’s “Circus Years” and the Circus
  7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.                                   figures themselves.
• UPS return label included with each video           • Exhibit Leaflet: “Alexander Calder 1898-1976” San Francisco MOMA
  at no cost to you.

September 2004

                                      NEW VIDEOS ... NOW AVAILABLE
  New Videos for Grades K-3                      New Videos for Grades 4-6                        New Videos for Grades 6-8
  All About Neighborhoods                        Ancient Chinese Inventions                       Great Age of Exploration
  (10:00) Broadcast or Loan                      4-part series                                    (1400-1550)
  Level: Grades 1-3                              (26:00 Each) Broadcast or Loan                   (33:00) Broadcast or Loan
  Take a trip through American                   Level: Grades 5-8                                Level: Grades 6-12
  neighborhoods and elsewhere in the world       This 4-part program recounts the dramatic        This two-part program takes students
  and explore their wonderful diversity! This    story of the rise and fall of an empire, an      through the history of the Great Age of
  program explains that neighborhoods            empire that at its prime spawned incredible      Exploration, focusing on the period from
  are where people live, learn, play, and        inventions that sparked the dawn of our          1400 to the mid-1500’s. Using animated
  work. They are also places where people        modem world. The story of the genius of this     maps and “on-location” video, students
  move in and out, and change. The video         astonishing civilization is told by traveling    learn about the shift from the Medieval
  stresses that neighborhoods must work          back in time to witness China’s inventions       to the Renaissance era and the trade of
  together and follow neighborhood rules         and how they were used.                          Asian luxury goods. Topics also include
  and community laws in order to make the                                                         Prince Henry the Navigator, the early
  neighborhood a good place to live, work,       Part 1 - Weaponry, Agriculture, &                slave trade, the voyages of Christopher
  and play. Lively music and poetry are          Games                                            Columbus and other explorers.
  integrated into the program making it an       The Chinese developed intricate crossbows
  enjoyable and educational experience.          far ahead of their time, fleets of paddle        Exploring the Renaissance
                                                 boats, curving iron plows, wheelbarrows,         (20:00) Broadcast or Loan
  Native American Folktales                      folding umbrellas, conveyor belts,               Level: Grades 6-8
  (22:00) Broadcast or Loan                      restaurants, golf, chess, kites, hot air         Provides excellent insight into the
  Level: Grades 1-3                              balloons, and parachutes.                        “rebirth” of Europe, or the Renaissance.
  This video uses music and colorful                                                              Marvelous innovations in art, literature,
  animation to present four tales from four      Part 2 - Magnetism, Seismometry,                 communications, architecture, science,
  different Native-American groups:              Shipbuilding                                     religion, and explorations helped make
                                                 Impressive achievements included a device        this a “rediscovery period.” A review of
  “The Boy Who Loved Bears” comes                for indicating the direction and force of        the 1400 years prior to the Renaissance
  from the Pawnee, a Plains group. This          an earthquake, odometers, the compass,           is a significant portion of the program.
  beautiful tale helps youngsters understand     gimbals, intricate differential gears, double    Students meet great figures such as
  the significance of bears in Pawnee culture    action piston bellows, continuous flame          Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Galileo,
  and recognize the deep bond between            throwers, and rudders, bulkheads, and fore       Raphael, da Vinci, Martin Luther, and
  Native Americans and nature.                   and aft sails to enable a ship to sail against   Henry VIII, and many others.
                                                 the wind.                                        Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans,
  “The Turkey Girl” comes from the                                                                student activities, discussion questions,
  Pueblo culture of the Southwest. It shows      Part 3 - Astronomy and                           and script available
  the importance of trust in Pueblo culture      Chronograph
  and explains why turkeys flee when             After experiments with sundials, water and       Civilizations In Conflict:
  humans approach.                               candle clocks, the Chinese developed the         Byzantium, Islam, and the
                                                 world’s first accurate clock involving an        Crusades (330-1453 A.D.)
  “Storytelling Stone” from the Seneca           escapement device. Their mathematicians          (18:00) Broadcast or Loan
  tribe of the northeastern woodland area,       calculated pi; their astronomers recognized      Level: Grades 6-8
  explains how stories first came to humans.     the egg yolk shape of the earth and              Filmed in eight different countries, this
  The stone tells the young man how to           developed an accurate system for measuring       program examines the historical era
  receive tales. After learning to give thanks   the movement of the stars.                       that lasted from 330 to 1453 A.D. and
  and make sacrifices for the stories, the                                                        focuses on the southern and eastern
  youngster becomes the first person to hear     Part 4 - Printmaking, Armaments,                 regions of the old Roman Empire. The
  them. In time, he passes along the stories     & Rocketry,                                      program examines three main subjects:
  to others.                                     Government                                       first is the rise and fall of the world’s first
                                                 Chinese inventions                               Christian state, the Byzantine Empire;
  “Pelican Girl” comes from the Pacific          and discoveries that                             second is the growth of the Islamic
  Coastal Miwok group. It is a cautionary        are covered include                              civilization; third is the Crusades, a series
  tale that encourages children to obey          gunpowder, bombs,                                of conflicts involving Islam, Byzantium,
  tribal rules. Pelican Girl has just become     shrapnel, underground                            and Catholic Western Europe, that
  a woman, and, according to the ways of         and sea mines, aerial bombs and muskets          spanned three centuries. The rich visual
  her people, must not pick berries or bend      (fire lances), rockets, cannon, immunization,    imagery of the live-action video is
  down for several weeks. But she forgets        paper, printing with movable type, modem         enhanced by the use of animated maps
  and the results are tragic.                    books and bookstores, civil service exams        and historic artwork, which combine to
                                                 and playing cards.                               bring this important era of history to life.

    To schedule or borrow a video, call CTN at 650-326-7850 ext. 12. You may also email

                                                                                                                            September 2004

  Back to School Hardware Specials

  LCD PROJECTOR SPECIAL                                                            PROJECTOR SCREEN SPECIAL
  Hitachi CP-S235SER                                                               Dalite
                                             DE       ,
                                                 LIV 025.0                                                                $8
                                                    ERE    0                                                                      0

  • 1600 Lumens
    Perfect for the classroom
  • Warranty                                                                       • Wall and ceiling mountable
    3 year next day loaner                                                         • 70 x 70 Model B
  • My memory                                                                      • Matte white
    4 user presets, perfect for multiple users
  • Progressive Scan Technology                               Troxell Communications is one of the nation’s largest Audio Visual Dealers.
     Ideal for brilliant DVD reproduction                     They have been supplying educational institutions for more than 45 years.

  Low cost ownership!                                                                Troxell Communications
  $175.00 replacement lamps                                                1-800-578-8858

                            New Ways to Use Digital Video in the Classroom
With digital video versatility abounds! You are not limited to turning off the lights and projecting video to the whole class. Here are a
couple of examples of how you can break that mold:

    • Divide your class into learning stations. In small groups, have students rotate through your stations in timed intervals.
      Use a streaming video clip at one or several of the stations.
    • Students or teachers can build their own interactive multimedia quizzes in PowerPoint.

Here is how you can hyperlink one slide to another:

    • Embed your unitedstreaming video clip and write your question and multiple-choice answers below it.
    • Create a new slide for each of the multiple-choice answers.
    • For the wrong answers, embed a video that gives a hint at the correct answer and list the question and answers again for a
      second chance. For the correct answer make a congratulatory slide.
    • To link each answer to the appropriate slide, highlight one answer at a time, click on Insert, select Hyperlink and the Insert
      Hyperlink box will appear.
    • Click on Bookmark on the right side of the Insert Hyperlink page.
    • Select the PowerPoint page you wish to link to this answer.

       Have You Discovered Kathy Schrock’s
              Guide for Education?
This awesome site contains over 2000 education related links. The site can be
found in CTN’s Curriculum and Catholic Resources area of our website. Click on
“Education Portals” and then on “Discovery School.”

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for
enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the
best sites for teaching and learning. The sites are easy to access by subject. Take
a look at Kathy’s Picks for the month and content rich sites. The Teacher’s Corner
provides you with critical evaluation tools, bulletin board ideas and slide shows for
teaching and much more.


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