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					Immigration Orientation
  International Student and Scholar Services
   Florida International University
            Division of Student Affairs
                    Miami, FL
       Office of International Student & Scholar Services
    The Office of International Student & Scholar Services provides
advising services to international students and scholars on immigration,
legal, personal, cultural, social and financial issues. The Office seeks to
 promote ethical, professional, and academic excellence and serves as a
             resource to the University and the community.

  The Office of International Student & Scholar Services will be the
    premier resource on international education, immigration and
     cross-cultural issues for the University and the community.
                                   Director: Ana M. Sippin, Ed.D.
                                     Associate Director: Ted Randall

  ISSS at University Park Campus   Coordinator:    Rajesh Ahuja
     Graham Center, GC 355
        Miami, FL 33199
                               SEVIS Coordinator: Evelyn Rodriguez

    Program Assistant: Laura Duberti Cronin
                                                       Hours: Mondays – Friday
  Office Assistant:   Alicia Camblor                     8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

   Secretary: Margarita Zapata                      Closed on weekends & holidays

       Graduate Assistant: Jennifer Camacho
                                                           Phone: (305) 348-2421
Student Assistant: Lissan, Yordana, Gabby,
                                                            Fax: (305) 348-1521
               Carolina, Lakera
                                                  ISSS at Biscayne Bay Campus
                                                  Wolfe University Center (WUC) 363
                                                           Miami, FL
  Director: Nancy Hernandez

 Assistant Director: Anoush McNamee
            Coordinator: TBA
            Senior Secretary: Georgia Zavalis

                                   Graduate Assistants: Franklin Soares
Hours: Mondays – Friday
  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Closed on weekends & holidays              Student Assistants: Andre Dawson
              Phone: (305) 919-5813
               Fax: (305) 919-4824
  ISSS New International Student
     Immigration Orientation

 ISSS Services
 Immigration Documents/Terminology

 SEVIS Regulations
 Medical Insurance Requirement
 Hurricane Preparedness
 Rights and Responsibilities
                 ISSS SERVICES
I. Immigration Information/Procedures

Immigration Regulations & Updates
School Transfer / Level Transfer
Change of Status (COS)
Program Extension
Employment (on – campus & Practical Training)
                 ISSS SERVICES
            II. Issuance of I-20 & DS-2019

Change of Major (undergraduate student only)
Change of Program / Level (Graduate students only)
Reinstatement OR Restart F-1 by Travel
Visa Renewal
For use of Dependent(s): “Dependent” status is limited to
spouses and children below 21 years of age.

Any other “Reportable Action”
                     ISSS SERVICES
          III. Letters and Certification
Full-time Enrollment Letter
Social Security Letter – (A letter from on-campus employer
must be submitted with request)

Dollar Exchange (Estimate of Expenses)
Approval for Concurrent Enrollment (Concurrent
enrollment with schools such a MDC, BCC, etc.)

On-campus Employment
Change of Address
Foreign Government Forms – (Only if form is in English)

IV. Cultural Adjustment
V. Personal Concerns
                      ISSS SERVICES
                      VI. Programs
                     Orientations
                     Welcome Dinners
*ISSS sponsors       Peer Mentors
these programs in
                     Options After Graduation *
with other           Immigration Attorney Sessions*
University           Non-Resident Tax Workshops* (Spring only)
private firms or     International Education Week / International Week
government           International Students Club (
                     International Honor Society (Phi Beta Delta)
                     Cultural & various Heritage events
Appointment Policy
 ISSS works on an appointment schedule so advisors can give full
attention to students’ questions and concerns

 Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Walk in and on-the-
spot appointments should be avoided except in case of emergency
 “Walk- in Wednesday” are available on specific Wednesdays each
term in order to answer your immigration questions

You must bring your immigration documents or other
documents pertinent to your appointment
                 Walk-in Wednesdays*

 WALK-IN WEDNESDAYS is a new ISSS service.

 An ISSS advisor will be available to answer general questions every
   Wednesdays* at UP from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and at BBC from 2:30 p.m.
   to 4:00 p.m.

 For complicated advising cases, the ISSS Advisor will schedule student for
   the next available appointment for further detailed advising.

 Immigration benefit applications (Employment/Practical Training,
   Reinstatement, etc.) require an appointment. Benefit applications will
   NOT BE accepted during Walk-in Wednesdays.

*Check ISSS Office for the Walk-in Wednesdays schedule each term*
             FIU International Student Statistics
Top 5 Countries of Origin (Overall)
                                                                 1. Jamaica                                 277
                                                                 2. China                                   268
  Degree-seeking: 2720
                                                                 3. Venezuela                               265
  Total countries
  represented: 125                                               4. Colombia                                212
                                                                 5. India                                   171

Top 5 Countries (Undergraduate)                                 Top 5 Countries (Graduate)
(BA/BS/BBA)                                                     (MS/PhD/EdD)

 1. Venezuela                       219                             1. China                    180
 2. Colombia                        141                             2. Jamaica                  166
 3. Trinidad/Tobago                102                              3. India                    140
 4. Jamaica                           87                            4. Colombia                   66
 5. Argentina                         68                            5. Venezuela                  39

Source: Office of Institutional Research. Statistics as of March 2007 as reported in “Open Doors Data 2006-2007”.
    SEVIS and DHS

Student and Exchange Visitor
Information System
    Electronic information system
    (tracking entries/exits, presence in
    the U.S. non-immigrants in F, M &
    J visa categories.

                DHS has the following units that deal with non-immigrants in
                the U.S. under its organization structure:
                    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) -
                    regulatory and enforcement body
                    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) – customs
                    and border functions including all Ports of Entry (POE).
                    U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS) –
                    immigration & naturalization processing

Form I-20
Certificate of
Eligibility for
Nonimmigrant (F-1)

  Form issued to fully
  admitted, degree
  seeking students
  Must be presented at
  POE to be admitted
  into the U.S.

F- 1 Visa
Stamp issued by a
U.S. Department of                          DONALD

State Consular post
abroad allowing
entry into U.S.

 Issued to student on F-1 status for the purpose of pursuing a full
 course of academic study.

Form I-94
Arrival and
Departure Record

 Card issued at POE
 to foreign visitors (all
 non-U.S. citizens) into
 the U.S.

       It is important to keep this card safe because it shows the length of
       time permitted and authorized to stay in the U.S.
              Immigration Terminology
Designated School Official (DSO)
  Person (s) who administer the F-1 visa program in a University
Duration of Status (D/S)
  A notation specified on a student’s Form 1-94
  Bearer of I-94 authorized to remain in U.S.:
       Until completion of program
       For periods of authorized optional practical training
       For 60 days after completion of the above, to depart the U.S.
       For only 15 days if he/she is authorized by DSO to withdraw from classes

School Transfer
 Must request SEVIS record transfer from FIU to another institution or
 when changing from one degree level to another at FIU
 Procedure must be completed within 15days of class start date or before
 the end of 60 day grace period (if not, student will be out-of-status)
             Immigration Terminology
  F- 1 status
      Authorization by DHS to be in the U.S. for the principal
      purpose of pursuing a full course of study

      Remain in the U.S. longer than the authorized period of time
      Fail to meet requirements or violate the terms of visa

Important Reminder: There are rules and regulations that define what F-1
students can and cannot do (students must abide by them in order to remain
in status and in the U.S.
     Immigration Terminology

Change of Status (COS)
  Immigration application procedure to change non-immigrant status
  Applicant must be in valid status prior to submission of application
  ISSS will assist with applications for COS to F-1, F-2 or J-1
  Application is made with USCIS Vermont Service Center
   Immigration procedure an F-1 student may apply for when
   falling out-of-status (i.e. violates law/regulations)
   Application is made with USCIS Vermont Service Center

   Available only for students who have been out-of-status for
   less that 5 months at the time of application
SEVIS Regulations

  required NO LATER THAN 30 days after
  session start date each semester

         1. Enrollment status
         2. Current address of each enrolled student
         3. End date of student’s current semester
         4. Start date of student’s next semester
SEVIS Regulations
   Reporting Requirements

  required WITHIN 21 days from occurrence of the event as

           1. Failure to maintain status or complete program
           2. Change of student’s or dependent’s legal name
           3. Change of student’s or dependent’s address
           4. Graduation prior to program end date indicated on I-20
           5. Disciplinary action taken by school against student as a
              result of student being convicted of a crime
           6. Any other notification request made by SEVIS with
              respect to status of student.
SEVIS Regulations
Full-time Enrollment Requirement

  Undergraduate Students: (B.A., B.S.)
     12 undergraduate–level credit hours (Fall & Spring)
     Exception (student’s last semester of registration prior to graduation
     or completion of degree.

  Summer, optional except for the following cases:
     Students admitted in Summer are required to enroll for 12
     undergraduate-level credit hours OR
      Students completing degree during or by end of summer term.
     Exception (student’s admitted for Summer B are required to enroll
     for at least 6 credits)
SEVIS Regulations
Full-time Enrollment Requirement

  Graduate Students: (MA, MS, MBA, PhD, EdD)
     9 graduate–level credit hours (Fall & Spring)
     Exception (student’s last semester of registration prior to graduation
     or completion of degree.
     Completion of all coursework with only thesis
      or dissertation credits left to be done. (ISSS Approval Required)

  Summer, optional except for the following cases:
     Students admitted in Summer are required to enroll for at least 6
     graduate-level credit hours OR
      Students completing degree during or by end of summer term.
SEVIS Regulations
Full-time Enrollment Requirement

Graduate Students: (MA, MS, PhD, EdD)

Thesis and Dissertation full-time enrollment (after course work is done)
*** Per University Graduate School (UGS) Rules and immigration regulations

Student is subject to 9 credit hours course load until Master’s Thesis proposal
 is approved (“Form M2” approved by UGS) or Candidacy is reached for
 doctoral students (“Form D3” approved by UGS)
SEVIS Regulations
Full-time Enrollment Requirement
    Graduate Students: (MA, MS, PhD, EdD)

Thereafter, student must register for 3 credit hours of “Master’s Thesis” or
 “Dissertation” to be considered as enrolled full-time. (Requires an ISSS-
 approved “Advancement to Thesis or Dissertation” form.)

 On final term, when thesis or dissertation defense is set and must be completed,
  student may enroll for 1 credit hour of “Master’s Thesis” or “Dissertation”.
  Enrollment will meet immigration requirements but will not meet UGS full-time
  enrollment requirement*

* NOTE: Students receiving assistantships must register for at least 9 credit hours each
Fall and Spring semesters to meet the terms of their contracts.
  SEVIS Regulations
On-line or Distance Education
           On – line or Distance Education as defined by SEVIS:
                "a course that is offered principally through the use of
               television, audio or computer transmission including open
               broadcast, closed circuit, cable, microwave, or satellite,
               audio conferencing, or computer conferencing.”

          Only one on-line course (3 credits) will be counted toward the full –time
          course load requirement

                                           i.e.: GRADUATE
                                           6 credits on campus + 3 on-line = 9 credits

9 credits on campus + 3 on-line = 12 credits
  SEVIS Regulations
On-line or Distance Education

                       IMPORTANT REMINDER:

 A student who violates the on-line course load regulation must apply for
 reinstatement, if eligible, or restart his/her F – 1 status by
 travel and reentry with a new I – 20 and obtain a new I - 94.

SEVIS Regulations
Reduction of Course Load (RCL)

 Students MUST obtain DSO approval for RCL before dropping
 any courses.
 RCL may be possible only under the following:
  Academic Difficulties
  Medical Conditions
  Completion of Course of Study

 A DSO may allow an F – 1 student to engage in a reduced course
 load. RCL is restricted to:
 at least 6 credit hours for undergraduate students
 at least 5 credit hours for graduate students
SEVIS Regulations
RCL – Academic Difficulties

  RCL for academic difficulties is limited to one term only
  (usually the initial term or enrollment) for each program
     Limited to the following situations:
     Difficulty with the English language or reading requirements
     Unfamiliarity with U.S. teaching methods*
     Improper course level placement*

     (*students who have never attended a school in the U.S.)

  Requires completion of ISSS “Request for RCL due to Academic
  Difficulties” and submission of supporting documentation
SEVIS Regulations
RCL – Medical Conditions

Allowed only for grave and compelling medical conditions that
require a student to reduce or interrupt his/her course of study

   Requires DSO authorization for each semester not to exceed a
   total of 12 months for each program level

   Requires completion of ISSS “Request for RCL due to Medical
   Conditions” and supporting documentation from a U.S. - based
   and U. S. – licensed medical doctor or clinical psychologist
   recommending RCL or no course load
SEVIS Regulations
RCL – Completion of Course of Study

    Limited to the following:
        Graduate students:
        Pure course work option and Project option: only on last
       Thesis option: only after Thesis proposal is
       approved and thereafter, enrollment for 3 credits of
       “Master’s Thesis” is required.
       Dissertation option: only after Candidacy is reached
         and thereafter, enrollment for 3 credits of
        “Dissertation” is required.
SEVIS Regulations
RCL – Completion of Course of Study

       IMPORTANT REMINDERS for Graduate students:

    Graduate students receiving Teaching or Research
    assistantships must register for at least 9 credit hours
    each Fall and Spring semesters

    Summer registration of at least 6 graduate – level credit
    hours also required if assistantship is provided for that term

    After reaching the Thesis or Dissertation stage of your
    program, you are subject to continuous enrollment until
    degree completion
SEVIS Regulations
Grace Periods
  60 - day grace period
     An F – 1 student who has remained in valid status and completed
     his/her degree and any authorized Optional Practical Training is
     given an additional 60 – day period to prepare for departure from
     the U.S. or transfer to another school.
  15 – day grace period
    An F – 1 student authorized by a DSO to withdraw from classes
    will be allowed a 15 – day period for departure from the U.S.
    (excludes school transfer eligibility). NOTE: Students not
    registered by end of Late Registration for the term are NOT eligible
    for this benefit.

 *** Students who are out-of-status are not eligible for any grace
 period. Students dismissed due to academic or disciplinary reasons
 are not be eligible for any grace period.
SEVIS Regulations
Travel and Reentry

   To re-enter the U.S., you need:

 A valid passport
 A valid F – 1 or J – 1 visa stamp in your passport
 Your FIU SEVIS I – 20 or DS-2019 with valid signature of
  an ISSS advisor. Signature is valid for one year only.
SEVIS Regulations
Travel and Reentry

You must request an ISSS advisor’s signature on your I – 20 at least 2 weeks
 before your intended travel abroad
If you need to renew your F1 visa, you MUST reverify funding. A new I-20
 must be issued to reflect any change in costs and/or funding source(s)
If you are out - of - status, you will need a new SEVIS I – 20 issued for
initial attendance. Upon reentry and full-time enrollment for classes, your F-1
status restarts
For complete TRAVEL ADVISORY, please check:
SEVIS Regulations
On-Campus Employment

  Basic Guidelines:
     Student MUST maintain valid F - 1 status
     (i.e., meet full – time course load requirement,
     valid I - 20, etc.)

     Work LIMITED to 20 hours/week (part - time) in
     Fall/Spring semesters and 21 hours or more per
     week (full - time) in Summer term or school breaks.
SEVIS Regulations
On-Campus Employment

 Examples of valid on-campus employment
  I. Administrative/Academic/Support Service units
         a. Graduate Assistant (Teaching or Research)
         b. Computer Lab Assistant
         c. Learning Center Tutor
  II. Outside contractor/firm at FIU (Work MUST be on
  school premises AND services rendered directly to students)
         a. Cashier in the cafeteria
         b. Sales Associate at the Bookstore
Practical Training

 Practical Training is employment related to student’s major
   or field of study. Authorization through USCIS or by an
   ISSS Advisor is required (whether work is paid or not).

 Eligibility Requirements
  Student must be maintaining valid F-1 status at time of
  Student must have “lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis”
   for at least “one full academic year” (two consecutive
   semesters of full-time enrollment).
  Student must have viewed the ISSS Online Practical
   Training Workshop for detailed information and application
SEVIS Regulations
Practical Training

   2 Types of Practical Training
      Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
      Optional Practical Training (OPT)

    Detailed information and application procedures are
    covered in the ISSS Online F1 Employment
    Training Workshop. It is required that all students
    view the online workshop and follow the application
    instructions before any CPT authorization or OPT
    recommendation can be given.

     Who is RESPONSIBLE for
making sure you follow immigration laws
      and remain in valid status?

          YOU ARE!!!!
                     Insurance Requirement

 All International Students or Scholars (F-1, J-1, and visa holders) are
   required to be insured under the policy or an alternate insurance plan
   which meets requirements from August to August.

 Students and Scholars in J-1 status are required to purchase coverage for
   their dependents.

 The Office of International Student and Scholars Services will check for

 Those out of compliance will not be eligible to enroll for classes.
                    How Do I Enroll?

 Graduate Assistants with at least a .5 appointment
  automatically are enrolled in the plan with UNICARE
 Enroll on-line at or complete
  application – include family members to be insured.
 Money orders/cashier’s checks are made payable to Unicare
  Life & Health.
 You may also pay by Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) on
 Payments accepted at ISSS Monday-Friday 9:00-4:30 pm
               When will Coverage Begin?

 Coverage began on May 1, 2007 if you paid
  before that date or the day after you pay if after
  May 1st.
 Coverage will end on August 19.
 You will receive an Identification Card about 3-4
  weeks after you enroll. ID cards are mailed once
  per year after the initial enrollment.
 Please keep your Identification Card with you at
  all times.
                  What do I do if
                I am Sick or Hurt?

 Go to FIU University Health Center(UHC) (if you are in
  the Miami area and eligible to use Student Health).

 If you need treatment not available at UHC, they will
  refer you to an appropriate provider (PPO).

 If UHC is not available to you, go to a provider that is in
  the participating network(PPO). You may go to the UHC
  for follow-up treatment as applicable.
            Insurance Benefits
 Policy Year Deductible : $100

 Co-Payment Office Visits: $20 in network

 Co-Insurance: Pays 80% in network, 60% out of network

 Prescription Drugs: 20% co-payment

 Outpatient Hospital: 80% after deductible

 X-Ray & Lab: 80% after deductible

 Paid services provided at University Health Services

  reimbursed at 100%
             Insurance Companies

Insurance Carrier         UniCare Life & Health

Benefit & Claim Questions UniCare Life & Health

Enrollment Questions      Hill, Chesson and Woody
Hurricane Preparedness
What is a Hurricane?
A hurricane is a type of tropical
storm with winds exceeding 74
miles per hour

            Hurricane Watch: Indicates that a hurricane
            condition is a strong possibility and may threaten the
            area within 36 hours

      Hurricane Warning: Indicates that a hurricane is
      expected in 24 hours or less
Hurricane Preparedness
 Heed the Warning!

 Plan ahead where you would go
 (choose a few places like an out of
 town friend’s home or a designated

 Take the phone numbers of these      IMPORTANT REMINDER:
 places with you                       All students are required to follow
                                       the instructions of University
                                       officials in the event of an
 Take all important documents         emergency.
 with you in a plastic sealed          “FIU-HELP” line (305)-348-4357
 envelope/container to protect from
        Rights & Responsibility

  It’s time to review and complete your
      “Acknowledgement of Rights &
Do NOT forget: You ARE RESPONSIBLE for
    making sure you are in compliance with
 immigration regulations and that you remain in
                  valid status.
 From all of us at ISSS

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