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									The Voice Over IP Advantage
Replace Your Business Lines with Voice over IP (VoIP)
Service and Reduce Your Expenses

Are you looking for ways to reduce voice expenses to meet your business
objectives? Voice Over IP (VoIP) is one way you can start lowering your                                     KEY BENEFITS
costs by leveraging your Internet connection for your voice services. All
you have to do is to replace your existing analog lines with Airband’s VoIP                           • Lower Cost of Ownership
lines. Your current phone system, its features and functionality will remain
the same while you enjoy lower monthly service rates.                                                • More Call Features Per Line
No Upfront Capital Cost: There is no need to upgrade your phone system to                               • Investment Protection
realize cost savings. You are simply switching out an expensive voice line
with a more economical VoIP service.
More Call Features Per Line Without the Up-Charge: Most local phone
company lines offer up to 4 calling features with additional fees. With                                   About Airband
Airband’s service, you enjoy a standard set of 8 calling features with no
additional up-charge. Line features such as speed dial, call forwarding,                         Airband Communications is the largest
three-way calling and voice mail are included in one low monthly rate.                           fixed wireless provider of business data

Easily Scalable: As you add employees, additional lines can be easily                            and voice services in the United States.
provisioned. Airband can also adjust your Internet bandwidth to                                  The company offers a comprehensive
accommodate your voice requirements on an as needed basis.                                       portfolio of Internet access, Voice over IP,
                                                                                                 and private IP VPN services. Airband ‘s
Standard Package                                                                                 network bypasses the local phone
 •   Five lines minimum                                                                          company to provide more affordable
 •   200 free continental US long distance minutes per station                                   services and faster installation timeframes.
 •   911 support
                                                                                                 At Airband, we’re known and respected for
 •   One free directory listing per customer
                                                                                                 our local support staff, exemplary service

Line Features                                                                                    and customer responsiveness.
                                                                                                 Thousands of companies already depend
 •   Call forwarding
 •   Call park/pick up                                                                           on us nationwide. For more information,
 •   Call waiting                                                                                please visit
 •   Caller ID
 •   Speed dial
 •   Three-way calling
 •   Remote access call forward (optional)
 •   Voice mail (optional)

Additional Services
 • Toll-Free numbers
 • National Toll-Free directory listing
 • Analog/Fax Lines

  14800 Landmark Blvd., Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75254   TOLL-FREE   866 843 2263

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