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									MAY 2009

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Inside this issue:            Dear District 5 Neighbor,
Zoning Code Update 2         From June 1st to June 15th only, Denver is issuing FREE construction permits to
Westerly Creek Public 2
                             homeowners and licensed contractors making qualified home improvements or
Meetings                     repairs to existing one and two family dwellings, which can increase the value of
                             your home.
6th Avenue Pkwy      3
Irrigation Project
                             The HOME RENOVATION BONANZA is offered in order to encourage the
Hangar 2 Plan        3       improvement of existing 1 and 2 family homes, raise property value and encour-
Moves Forward                age homeowners to stay in existing homes.
School Carnivals -   4
May 16th
Feast on The FAX     4
Solid Waste Meeting 4

Leetsdale Living     5
Streets Survey               A variety of home improvements are covered by the Home Renovation Bonanza:
4th Annual           5                •   Basic Interior Remodel of existing 1 or 2 Family Dwelling (existing
Colfax Marathon                           Kitchen, Bath or Bedroom)
Used Book Sale &     6                •   Basement Remodel of existing 1 or 2 Family Dwelling
SCFD Free Days                        •   Residential 1 or 2 Family Roof Covering Repair or Replacement
FREE Natural Areas 7                  •   Wall Insulation
                                      •   Replacement of water heaters
                                      •   Change out central heating and air
Contact Me:
Marcia Johnson                        •   Residential Photo Voltaic Systems
City Council District 5               •   Stucco or siding home exteriors
6740 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
                                      More questions? Email ResidentialPermits@DenverGov.Org or call
Phone: 303.355.4615                   (720) 865-2710.
                                                                                                            MAY 2009

                    Zoning Code Update Public Meetings
Over the last several months, I have been telling you about our zoning code update and the importance of staying informed
and involved. There is a great deal of information now available at www.newcodedenver.org. The Zoning Code Up-
date team will also be hosing a series of community meetings this May. These meetings will cover:
•   Reports on the purpose and progress of The New Zoning Code.
•   An introduction to the new context and form-based approach.
•   How these approaches better support Denver's adopted plans, i.e. Blueprint Denver.
•   How the new code will be easier to use and understand.

                                               Tuesday - May 12, 2009
                                                         5:30 pm
                                               Denver Convention Center
                                         Next to the Big Blue Bear on 14th Street

                           Wednesday - May 13, 2009               Tuesday - May 19, 2009
                           6:30 pm                                6:30 pm
                           Place Middle School                    Denver School of the Arts
                           Auditorium                             Concert Hall
                           7125 Cherry Creek North Dr             7111 Montview Blvd.

                           Thursday - May 14, 2009                Thursday - May 21, 2009
                           6:30 pm                                6:30 pm
                           Lake Middle School                     Abe Lincoln High
                           Auditorium                             Auditorium
                           1820 Lowell Blvd.                      2285 S. Federal Blvd.

           Westerly Creek Community Meeting - June 9th
  Please join me, the Westerly Creek Connection citizen group, and the Urban Drainage &
Flood Control District to discuss the Westerly Creek major Drainageway planning study and
                                   the future of the Creek.

                                Tuesday, June 9th from 6-8 pm
                   Martin Luther King Library at 9898 E. Colfax Avenue in Aurora

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                                                                                                                 MAY 2009

       6th Avenue Parkway Irrigation Project is Underway
                                                                  If you’ve ever driven or walked down 6th Avenue Park-
                                                                  way in the heat of summer, you are well aware of how in
                                                                  need of a new irrigation system it is! For years, the mil-
                                                                  lion plus dollar project has been delayed for lack of fund-
                                                                  ing, but, as you can see today, it is finally underway.

                                                                  In 2007, Denver voters approved the Better Denver Bond
                                                                  Program, which allocates funds directly to infrastructure
                                                                  maintenance projects such as the 6th Avenue Parkway
                                                                  Irrigation Rehab. Construction is expected to last ap-
                                                                  proximately three months, and span from Colorado Blvd
                                                                  to Quebec Street. The irrigation on Clermont Pkwy
                                                                  from 6th to 3rd will be included. Crews will be working
                                                                  one section at a time, beginning to limit impact to grass
                                                                  and trees while irrigation is out.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Matt Wilgenbusch in the Parks & Recreation Department.

                                 Hangar 2 Plans Move Forward
Article courtesy of the “Lowry Link”
Last month, the Denver Landmark Commission approved the latest re-
development concept for Hangar 2. Presented by Hangar 2 Partners -
consisting of Larimer Associates and Hartman Ely - the concept restores
the hangar with a self-storage facility in the interior. The blonde brick
buildings on either side will be converted into retail and office spaces.

The proposal also provides storage and parking for the Wings Over the
Rockies Air & Space Museum and creates four small-scale restaurant
buildings along the south and west edges of the property, which will
aptly be named “the Lowry Dining District.” In contrast to typical retail
centers, the plan for these 10 spaces is to create purposefully establish-
ments that house a variety of restaurants, from Bohemian coffee shops
and upscale neighborhood bars to higher-end restaurants.

The Hangar 2 Partners aim to create a vibrant retail and restaurant dis-
trict for the Lowry neighborhood. The area would serve as a center of gravity for Lowry neighbors to gather and act as its
“Main Street,” much like Denver’s South Pearl or South Gaylord.

Through 2009, Hangar 2 Partners will work with the Lowry community to refine the design and complete the approval
process for the project. As part of that refinement, the Partners and the Lowry Community Master Association will host a
community meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20th at the Eisenhower Chapel in Lowry to discuss the
development and answer any questions. It is anticipated that construction will begin mid-2010.
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                                                                                                               MAY 2009

                             Philips Elementary School
                          Carnival & Fundraiser - May 16th
Philips Elementary School will be hosting a carnival fundraiser on Saturday, May 16th, from 11 am to 2 pm, to raise
money to enhance the library and update the computer lab. All the booths and games have been created
by Philips’ teachers - such as football toss, obstacle course, face painting, ring toss, hula hoop contest,
cakewalk, and other games of chance.

Come on down and enjoy some games and great food, while helping support one of Park Hill’s great
neighborhood schools! For more information, please email Michael Gropper or call (720) 424-4885.

                        Montclair International School
                        Carnival & Street fair - May 16th
Denver Montclair International School will host their annual Carnival and Street Fair, the “International Bash,” on Satur-
day, May 16th, from 11 am to 5 pm, at 206 Red Cross Way, just two blocks east of the Lowry Town Center.

The International Bash carnival and street fair will feature live music, dance and food from French, Spanish, Asian and
American cultures. There will be carnival games, face painting, arts and crafts, bungee jumping, inflatable rides, and a
climbing wall. DMIS students will be performing Tai Kwon Do, Karate and several international dances.

                               4th Annual Feast on The FAX
                                Tuesday, June 9th from 5 -9 pm
The FAX Partnership will once again host the popular “Feast on The FAX” this June. The Feast is a great opportunity to
                         explore the diverse culinary treasures that The FAX has to offer!
Tickets are $20 per person in advance. Please contact one of the registered neighborhood association representatives listed
       below, so their organization can benefit from ticket sales. You can also purchase tickets at any King Soopers.

                 Karen Kidneigh (303) 322-5802)
                                                                Historic Montclair
                                                                Shadron Noonan (303) 825-2133
                 Mayfair Neighbors
                 Jake Flint (303) 321-3212
                                                                Greater Park Hill
                                                                Susan Barden (303) 320-0709
                 East Montclair
                 Jan Franklin (303) 377-4895

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                                                                                                                MAY 2009

                             Leetsdale Living Streets Survey
Do you live or work near Leetsdale Drive? Do you ever travel on Leetsdale – for any reason? If so, please take a few
minutes to complete this brief survey, concerning Leetsdale Drive for the Living Streets initiative.

If you own a business on Leetsdale, please complete this alternate business survey. On their webpage, click on “Click Here to
Take the Survey” - do not click on the tree.

By creating “Living Streets” – streets that are designed for pedestrians, bikes, and transit, not just for cars – we can make
our communities safer, improve public health, increase investment and property values and sales. The City and County of
Denver is studying how pedestrian, bike and transit infrastructure improvements could enhance commercial corridors like
Leetsdale. Your participation in this brief survey is critical to the success of this effort.

      4th Annual Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon
Come celebrate the revitalization of America's longest continuous street - Colfax Avenue. Join Denver, Aurora, and Lake-
wood on Sunday, May 17, 2009 for the fourth annual Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon.

The Colfax Marathon wants YOU! For those who want to participate but aren't up to running, The Colfax Marathon
wants YOU! To help reduce costs, we need volunteers, so please sign up now to join the fun! Volunteer on your own or
gather a group and work together.

The route in 2009 will follow the redesigned route that received rave reviews last year with both the full and half-
marathons beginning and ending in Denver's beautiful City Park. The course highlights interesting historic sites along Col-
fax and, of course, views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. For children age 4 and up, a 1/4 mile run, 1/2 mile run, and
marathon mile run, and will be held in conjunction with the marathon on Saturday, May 16, 2009.

The Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon is a wonderful way to celebrate one of our city's most unique assets. To sign
up as a marathon participant, register a relay team, volunteer, or to learn more about the race, please visit the Marathon

                    Solid Waste Public Meeting - June 16th
Denver’s Public Works invites your participation and feedback regarding the City’s Solid Waste Master Plan.
Please attend their presentation, June 16th at 6:30 pm, at National Jewish Health, 1400 Jackson Street. For more informa-
tion, please contact Terry Ruiter or call (720) 865-3136.

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                                                                                                            MAY 2009

                                 Denver Public Library's
                               34th Annual Used Book Sale
                                  June 12th - 14th, 2009
Mark your calendar for the Denver Public Library's three-day book sale this June! The Used Book Sale will
run from Friday, June 12th - Sunday, June 14th, and will be held on the north lawn of Denver Central Library at 14th &
Broadway. More than 80,000 books will be available, including children's books, non-fiction and fiction books, along with
CDs, DVDs and books on tape. The fundraiser is hosted by the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation.
Buyers' Bargains
•  Hardbound Books: $2
•  Paperback Books: 50 cents
•  “Better Books” are priced individually and often include new and collectible books
•  Teachers receive a special 25% discount

Sale Schedule
Public Sale Hours are as follows:
•   Friday, June 12, 10 am - 4 pm
•   Saturday, June 13, 10 am - 4 pm
•   Sunday, June 14 - 10 am - 3 pm

Books are collected year-round from generous donors and decommissioned materials from the Denver Public Library. The
Library accepts donations of books in good condition, and donations are tax-deductible. For books donations details, con-
tact Hannah Miles or call 720-865-2045.

                                  Upcoming SCFD Free Days
                     Visit the SCFD website for more information about the 2009 SCFD Free Days

Denver Zoo                                                   Denver Botanic Gardens
Next Free Day is Wednesday, October 7th                      Friday, June 5th (at Chatfield)
Denver Museum of Nature & Science                            Monday, July 20th

Sunday, May 31st                                             Denver Art Museum
Wednesday, June 10th
Monday, July 13th                                            Saturday, June 6th
                                                             Saturday, August 1st
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Thursday, May 21st - “Quilters”

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                                                                                                           MAY 2009

          Register now for FREE Natural Areas Programs!
Denver Parks & Recreation’s Natural Areas Program is hosting a series of FREE programs this summer and fall. Please
call (303) 455-1623 to register to attend, as space is limited.
Western Wildflowers
May 30th at 8 am
                                                                          Busy Beaver
Babi Yar Park - Havana & Parker Rd
                                                                          August 25th at 6 pm
Wild in the City - Denver Zoo                                             Westerly Creek Park - MLK & Beeler St
June 9th at 6 pm
Westerly Creek Park - MLK & Beeler St                                     Grasses of the Prairie
                                                                          September 8th at 6 pm
Busy Beaver                                                               Babi Yar Park - Havana St & Parker Rd
June 23rd at 6 pm
Bear Creek Park - Hampden & Sheridan Blvd                                 Prairie Dogs
                                                                          September 22nd at 6 pm
Wild in the City - Denver Zoo
                                                                          John F. Kennedy Park - Kenton & Dartmouth
July 7th at 6 pm
Bear Creek Park - Hampden & Sheridan Blvd
                                                                          For the Birds
Prairie Dogs                                                              October 6th at 6 pm
July 21st at 6 pm                                                         Bear Creek Park - Hampden & Sheridan Blvd
Rosamond Park - Tamarac & Quincy St
                                                                          Coyotes in the City
Wild in the City - Denver Zoo                                             October 20th at 6 pm
August 12th at 6 pm                                                       Eisenhower Park - Colorado & Dartmouth Ave
Parkfield Natural Area - 53rd & Chambers

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