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									Welcome To First
School Supplies

   12 #2 Pencils
   2 boxes 16 ct. Crayola Crayons
   1 5” Pointed Fiskar Scissors
   2 Wide-ruled Composition Book (70 page)
   2 Spiral Notebooks
   1 9X12 Assorted Construction Paper - Loose
   1 box Crayola Classic Broad-tip Washable Markers
   6 Pocket Folders w/ Brads-different colors
   1 Elmer’s White Glue 8 oz.
   2 Glue Sticks
   1 Plastic Supply Box 9” X 6” X 2”
   2 boxes 200 count Kleenex Tissues
School Supplies
       Please bring in all supplies as soon as possible.

   Usually around January or February your child
    will require some supplies to be replenished.

       Look for the Teacher’s Wish List in the First Grade
        Newsletter each week.
        It will list a supply we need in 1st grade. If you are
        able to send it, it will be greatly appreciated.
Classroom Comfort

 Werecommend leaving a
 sweater or sweatshirt at
 school. The classroom
 does get cold.
Self-Manager Program
• Each child is expected to follow the
  7 virtues.
• If they get less than 4 N’s in a five
  day period : Your child can become a
• Self-Managers are rewarded with
  special privileges and celebrations!
Self-Manager Folder

   The Self-Manager folder will be
    sent home daily for parent
    initials or signature.
   A Reading list will also be sent
    in the Self Manager Folder
   The folder needs to come back
    to school each day.
This Year . . .
 • Our four Units of Study in Social Studies
   are: Citizenship and Government in our
   Community, Cultures of Our Community,
   Our World, and Changes in Our World.
 • In addition Core Knowledge topics such as
   Virtues, Ancient Civilizations and the
   American Revolution will be explored.
   The primary focal points at Grade 1 are building
number sense through number relationships, adding and
 subtracting whole numbers, organizing and analyzing
  data, and working with two-and three-dimensional
                  geometric figures

Math Investigations games
 will be coming home.
 Please save the game pieces
 for future use. They will be
 using these pieces again
 later in the year.
         Reading/Language Arts
 During the Reading/Language Arts block
   your child will participate in the Four
  Blocks Model: Guided Reading (small
  group), writing, SSR, and working with
This is a great opportunity for your child to
 have small group instruction and receive
       instruction on his or her level.
 Word Wall Words
• The word wall words will
  be sent home weekly on
  the back of the
  newsletter. It will list the
  words and word family for
  each week.
• 15 minutes of reading is required each
• Rewards will be given to responsible
• There will also be daily academic
  homework listed on the newsletter.
Book Orders

   Book orders will come
   home monthly. This is a
   great way for you to
   purchase inexpensive
   books to add to your
   child’s library.
           Bronco Folders
• Your child will bring home the Bronco
  Folder every day.
• Please check it for graded papers and
  notes DAILY.
• Encourage your child to keep it cleaned
  out and organized.
• The folder needs to come back to school
  each day.
• A newsletter will be sent home every
• Please review it with your child. It will
  include important information about what
  is happening in the classroom and at the

• Your child will be able to check
  out one or two library books on
  our assigned day.
• At the discretion of the teacher
  the children may go to the
  library an additional one or two
  times a week.
• We will rotate through Music, Computer
  Lab and PE.
• Please remember to have your child wear
  appropriate shoes on PE and Music days.
Hopefully we will have at least 2 this
If you would like to chaperone you
must have a completed and cleared
DPS form on file in the office 2 weeks
prior to the trip.
NEISD Electronic Communications System
Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Permission Form

Please fill out an AUP form.

We are planning to use a lot of technology in the classroom, and we would
like to integrate that on to our school’s web page.

The AUP form gives permission for your child to access the Internet, and for
us to display their work on the district web site.
It also gives permission for photographs and videos of your child to be
displayed by NEISD on the Internet. We will only use your child’s pictures to
showcase their accomplishments!
We hope that your child never gets sick and
has to miss school. But, in the event of illness
or family emergency, we understand.
Please send a note with your child on the day
he or she returns.

Speak to your child’s teacher about how they
would like to handle completing his or her
missed work.
          Lunch Money
Lunch Money can be paid on-line into
      your child’s account through
 neisd.net, or you can send the money
  to the school. It can be turned in to
   the cafeteria before school starts.
Tentative Classroom Schedule
          7:45      Dismiss to Class
       7:45-8:05    Morning Activities
          8:05         Tardy Bell
       8:05-8:15    Announcements
       8:15-9:45          Math
       9:45-10:35       Specials
      10:35-11:45   Guided Reading
      11:45-12:30        Lunch
      12:30-12:50       Studies
       12:50-1:30        Writing
       1:30-1:50        Recess

                      Working With
       1:50-2:50    Selected Reading
          2:50          Dismissal
Email Us!
   Feel free to email any questions or concerns you
    may have.
   We try to read email daily and reply as soon as
   Our emails are:
             Mrs. Armstrong     larmst@neisd.net
             Mrs. Blaschke      cblasc@neisd.net
             Mrs. Guthrie       jguthr1@neisd.net
             Mrs. Nolder        lnolde@neisd.net
             Mr. Swanson        rswans1@neisd.net
             Ms. Ulrich         sulric@neisd.net
Your Email
   Please make sure your child’s teacher has
    your email address.
   This is a great way for us to communicate
    with you.
       Mark Your Calendars…

Mandatory Parent-Teacher Conferences
 will be held September 29th, 30th, and
 October 1st.
We are going to have a
wonderful year of

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