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Viridian To ECMB From Kim Oswald on Behalf of the ECMB Evaluation Committee Date December 10 2007 RE Evaluati by etn99274


Architects Market Research Report document sample

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To:     ECMB
From: Kim Oswald, on Behalf of the ECMB Evaluation Committee
Date:   December 10, 2007
RE:     Evaluation Committee Report

Progress on the following program evaluations has been achieved in November:

Standard Practice in C&I Design RFP
RLW was selected to complete this study that focuses on the architects, designers, and suppliers
who are important players in the design process to determine: (1) when in the design process
efficiency decisions are made (2) what players are most involved in the decisions (3) how the
utilities can support efforts to increase efficiency. RLW has completed analysis of the overall C&I
new construction market. Interviews have been completed with architects, engineers and building
owners – with more pending. RLW planned to provide an initial summary report during
November; however the schedule has slipped somewhat due to difficulties in completing these

Residential Lighting Persistence - Regional
A regional Evaluation Working Group is now conducting a study of the persistence of CFLs placed
under direct install programs. Nexus Market Research is conducting the study. Data have been
collected and NMR is in the midst of the inspection and interview process. As of the end of
November, about one half of the data has been collected; mostly due to difficulties connecting with
direct install sample. NMR anticipates that field work will be completed toward the end of January.

Demand and Energy Savings in Residential Lighting - Regional
Since most lighting going into homes both now and in the future is purchased through markdown
programs at point of purchase, it is especially difficult to determine (1) who is buying (2) what
products (3) installing them in what sockets, if any, and (4) using them for how many hours per
day. This study will develop an initial sample and develop means for the program managers and/or
evaluators to continue developing samples. Then the study will determine energy savings and
coincident demand savings for the lighting installed. The contract was awarded to a team made up
of Nexus Market Research, RLW Analytics and GDS Associates. Sites are currently being
recruited and on-site work should begin shortly.

Ductless Heat Pumps: Energy and Demand Savings; Customer Satisfaction
An RFP to capture information on the efficiency performance and ambient characteristics of
Ductless Heat Pumps in CT was nearly completed when other New England utilities became
interested in partnering in the study. Two bids were submitted on November 8. Because of their
better understanding of the technology being installed in New England, RLW Analytics was
selected to complete the study. The kickoff meeting was held on December 6.
ISO M&V Requirements
A study of ISO M&V standards has recently been initiated. The study is important to the ECMB
and to the Companies for assessing savings from the programs offered as resources to the FCM
since the ISO standards do not supply clear direction on how monitoring can be completed.. Most
of the ISO M&V requirements entail the specifications and compliance of the measurement
hardware itself. The remaining requirements affect the methods by which the equipment and
resultant data are employed. A key component of this project is attaining consensus on a definitive
interpretation of these published requirements.
RLW was selected by the regional Evaluation Working Group to conduct this study. The total,
not-to-exceed cost of the project, $24,000 is to be divided between the regional utilities. Under the
costing structure of the regional group, the total cost to UI will be no more than $1,304 and to
CL&P, $5,283. The savings in participating with the Regional Group and the advantages of being
able to offer a consensus document to ISO are substantial.

C&I Spillover and Free-Ridership Study
The Regional Group will, led by NGRID, will be releasing and RFP in the beginning of December
timeframe to assess free-rider and spillover factors for the energy efficiency measures and
programs offered to the Sponsors’ commercial and industrial customers. The resulting study would
be complete by the end of the summer of 2008.

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