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									                                       Employer Lynx, Inc.

                                           The Lynx Link
                                                                 Summer 2004                               Vol. 3, No. 2

Employer Lynx, Inc.
                                         Employer Lynx Introduces New
Private Investigation                    Website
Pre-Employment Screening
                                            “Our new website is up and             offers to help employers choose the
                                         running,” says K.J. Smith, director of    very best candidates to fill open
K.J. Smith                               operations for Employer Lynx, Inc.        positions. But Employer Lynx has
Director of Operations/P.I.
                                         and private investigator. “I’m very       added Client-Vendor Screening and
Nevada Private
                                         excited about this,” she says, and has    Tenant Screening. Just as the company
Investigator License #793
                                         good reason to be. The site is full of    provides you with the latest and most
                                         information, is easily navigated and      thorough information available to help
                                         brings the convenience of the Internet    you hire employees, it also can help
                                         to Employer Lynx clients."                you find the right clients to rent to and
                                            “Service is our passion, and this is   to do business with. You choose what
                                         one more tool to help our clients. It’s   you want to know. The professionals at
                                         convenient and available 24 hours,        Employer Lynx will pull information
                                         everyday,” K.J. says, as she points out   from all available, reliable sources and
                                         new features that are very client-        give you the information you need to
                                         friendly.                                 make smart decisions.
                                            Clients can download forms easily         The website also has handy links
                                         and quickly, giving them clean, clear     that can put you in direct touch with
                                         forms immediately. For clients with       other services, including TransUnion
         IN THIS ISSUE                   multiple offices, those forms can         Credit Reporting, the Nevada
                                         be emailed, reducing the fax factor       Legislature, Pro-Group Management,
Employer Lynx Introduces                 that sometimes renders forms all          the Nevada Association of Employers,
New Website                        1&2   but unreadable. K.J. also points out      the Retail Association of Nevada, and
                                         that contracts can now be signed          other associations and government
Question Corner With Terri         2     and issued directly on the computer,      agencies that business owners can
                                         eliminating the need to fax a hard        use. The quarterly newsletter is also
FCRA Rules for Using Credit              copy.                                     available to download.
Reports                            3        The website also has detailed            As K.J. says, this is just one more
                                         information about the major products      tool to help their clients, but she
Protecting Your Bank Account       4     that Employer Lynx offers.                remains loyal to the personal service
                                            Employer Lynx clients are familiar
          Background checking is         with the full-service background
             our only business.                                                                   New Employer Lynx Website
                                         investigations that the company
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Employee Issues

  New Employer Lynx
  continued from page 1
                                               Question Corner With Terri
                                               The Criminal History Report
  that the company takes pride in.
                                                  I’m sure the Criminal History is one of the most important sections of
  “We’re only a phone call away,”
                                               your background investigation. I would like to pass on some information
  she says, and reminds everyone
                                               about this search.
  that when you phone Employer
                                                  We search the specified court for all Felony & Misdemeanor records for the
  Lynx, you’ll reach a real person
                                               last seven years. Each record is searched by name first and then confirmed
  who is there ready to answer your
                                               by DOB and Social Security number, if possible. Some records contain name
  questions. And if you want your
                                               only and should be used with care. We report everything found during this
  forms faxed to you, that, too, is
                                               time frame except “Dismissed Cases” and “Traffic Misdemeanors.”
                                                 Occasionally we receive information that records exist “outside of the seven
     Call them at 775-883-3733, email
                                               year search.” We will inform you that they exist, i.e. “(1) Possible Record(s)
  them at employerlynx@pyramid.
                                               Found prior to 1997,” but will not list any further information.
  net, and definitely visit the website at
                                                  Dismissed cases are not reported because guilt is not proven. Some
                                               counties list all traffic cases (stop sign violations, speeding, seat belts, etc.) as
     “We’re always going forward,
                                               misdemeanors. We will not report these in the criminal history, but we will
  looking for better ways to help our
                                               report it in abbreviated form in the driving history section.
  clients,” K.J. says.
                                                  I’m sure many of you have seen the phrase, “Pending Verification at the
                                               Mercy of the Court.” This is our way of alerting you that the search will be
                                               delayed. Some court records are only released by the court clerks, who have
                                               their own rules and regulations. We will furnish you with the information as
                                               soon as the court releases it.
                      Employer Lynx, Inc.
                                               Following are some legal phrases frequently used in court records:
                      Background checking
                      is our only business.    Nolo Contendere – “I will not contest.” This has a similar legal effect as
                                               pleading guilty.
  Employer Lynx News is published quarterly,
  February, May, August and November.          Nol Pros – Prosecuting officer will not prosecute further.
  Questions for the staff are invited.
                                               Dismissed Without Prejudice – Case can be tried again at a later date.
  K.J. Smith, Director of Operations/P .I.
  Terri Brown, Senior Office Assistant         Stricken With Leave – Judge removed case from docket while reserving the
  Lori Wildman, Office Assistant               right to recall or reinstate at a later date.
  Lisa Bard, Office Assistant
  Brenda Clayton, Office Assistant               I hope this has been helpful. If you have questions, others probably have
                                               the same ones. Please call us with your questions—775-883-3733—and let
  Address: 309 East John Street, Suite 4       us answer them in the newsletter. We will use your company name and your
  Carson City, NV 89706
  Phone: 775-883-3733
                                               name and title in the article with your question and the answer.
  Fax: 775-883-8755
  Toll Free: 800-909-5969
  Design, editing & layout by Joan Morrow

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Problem Solvers

  FCRA Rules for Using Credit Reports                                                     Thieves Target
  Employers have the right to use credit reports when making decisions about              Online Banking
  hiring or promoting employees, but employers must meet certain standards
                                                                                             The next time your bank encour-
  as set forth by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA
                                                                                          ages you to use the convenience
  requires that this notice be provided to inform those who use consumer
                                                                                          of their online banking, ask them
  reports of their legal obligations. This section sets forth the responsibilities
                                                                                          what they're doing to protect your
  imposed by the FCRA on all users of consumer reports.
  (Please see #4 for employer purposes.)
                                                                                             A new report by Gartner, a
  Obligations to All Users of Credit Reports                                              market research group, found that
  Users Must Have a Permissible Purpose                                                   about 1.98 million people reported
                                                                                          that they had money stolen out of
  Congress has limited the use                     with a business transaction that       their checking accounts. Avivah
  of consumer reports to protect                   is initiated by the consumer.          Litan, a Gartner researcher, says
  consumers’ privacy. All users must               Section 604 (a) (3) (F) (i)            online banking shoulders most of
  have a permissible purpose under             7) To review a consumer’s account          the blame for the thefts.
  the FCRA to obtain a consumer                   to determine whether the                   These statistics coincide with
  report. Section 604 of the FCRA                 consumer continues to meet the          increased reports of phishing, the
  contains a list of the permissible              terms of the account.                   online practice in which thieves
  purposes under the law. These are:               Section 604 (a) (3) (F) (ii)           steal consumers' user names and
  1) As ordered by a court or federal          8) To determine a consumer’s               passwords by imitating email from
     grand jury subpoena.                         eligibility for a license or other      legitimate financial institutions.
         Section 604 (a) (1)                      benefit granted by a                    Gartner released a study in May
  2) As instructed by the consumer                governmental instrumentality            reporting 1.8 million consumers
     in writing. Section 604 (a) (2)              required by law to consider an          had fallen for the scam in the last
  3) For the extension of credit as               applicant’s financial                   year. Citibank, alone, suffered 16
     a result of an application from a            responsibility or status.               phishing attacks per day in April, an
     consumer, or the review or                    Section 604 (a) (3) (D)                increase of about 400 percent from
     collection of a consumer’s                9) For use by a potential investor         March.
     account.                                     or servicer, or current insurer,           Tech scam artists also write
         Section 604 (a) (3) (A)                  in a valuation or assessment            Trojan horse programs and keylog-
  4) For employment purposes,                     of the credit or prepayment risks       gers to steal passwords and account
     including hiring and promotion               associated with an existing credit      information. Litan says these meth-
     decisions, where the consumer                obligation.                             ods could account for at least half
     has given written permission.                 Section 604 (a) (3) and (E)            of the account takeovers.
         Section 604 (a) (3) (B) and 604 (b)   10) For use by state or local officials       Barry Mew, U.S. Postal Inspector,
  5) For the underwriting of                       in connection with the                 says that online thieves also capture
     insurance as a result of an                   determination of child support         images of cancelled checks that are
     application from a consumer.                  payments, or modifications and         made available to online bankers,
         Section 604 (a) (3) (C)                   enforcement thereof.                   allowing them to make authentic-
  6) When there is legitimate                      Sections 604 (a) (4) and 604 (a) (5)   looking counterfeit checks.
     business need in connection

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Consumer News

 Online Banking Theft – Protecting Yourself
    If you are one of the millions of      report the problem within 60 days,      institution to find out if they need
 people who love the convenience of        you're liable for $500 of the theft.    more information from you.
 online banking and bill paying, what      After that, you're on your own.           If you do discover a problem,
 can you do to protect yourself?           Relying on federal regulations to       contact your financial institution
    For the most part, checking            protect you may mean all you get is     immediately. Close all accounts,
 accounts don't receive the same           an empty bank account and a lot of      including checking, credit/debit
 protection that credit cards receive.     debt.                                   cards and other loan accounts.
    While a consumer's liability for          If you use online banking, check     Contact the fraud departments of all
 credit card theft is limited to $50,      your statements often to see if there   three credit bureaus and ask them
 checking accounts don't fare so well.     is any unusual activity. And don't      to tag your file with a "fraud alert"
 The FDIC's consumer protection            directly answer through a provided      and a victim's statement." Finally,
 rule governing electronic funds           link any email that purports to be      report the theft to the Federal Trade
 transfers and debit cards, Regulation     from your financial institution–        Commission's online ID Theft
 E, requires a consumer to report a        never share private, sensitive          Center.
 problem within two days to protect        information this way. If you are          Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank
 themselves from liability. If you don't   curious about the email, go directly    of America offer their online
 make the two-day deadline but do          to the bank's website or call the       customers zero-liability protection.

                                   Employer Lynx, Inc.

Employer Lynx, Inc.
309 East John Street, Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89706

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