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									                                           Join AARP Today.
                                       Simply fill out this form and mail it to:
                                             AARP Membership Center
                                             PO Box 93109
                                             Long Beach, CA 90809-9861

                1 year/$16.00                                    3 years/$43.00                        5 years/$63.00
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      Check or money order enclosed, payable to AARP. (Send no cash, please.)
      Charge my credit card:                                  MasterCard                   Visa        Discover     Amex

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AARP is for people 50 or older. You may also call 1-888-OUR-AARP to apply. Dues are not deductible for income tax purposes.
One membership also includes spouse/partner. Annual dues include $4.03 for a magazine subscription and $3.09 for AARP
Bulletin. Dues outside U.S. domestic mail limits: $17/1 Year for Canada and Mexico, $28/1 Year for all other countries. Please
allow six weeks for delivery of your Membership Kit. PLEASE ENCLOSE YOUR PAYMENT WITH THIS APPLICATION.


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